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Sr  .net  Developer Resume

Bloomington, IL



  • Around 8+years of professional experience as a Dot Net Developer in various environments experienced working with Web Applications and win forms.
  • Exceptional working knowledge on JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ajax, JQuery, Interactive Design
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues for both HTML & CSS
  • Heavy experience with user experience design for date driven, data centric applications. Familiarity with the difficulties of displaying and condensing large data sets.
  • Skilled in conceptual development of Web based Projects including Project Strategy, Functionality, Information Architecture, Navigation Systems, Storyboard & User Flows, HTML, lesson plans and Animations.
  • Experience in developing Screen recordings and demos, Presentations, Software Simulations, Quizzes, Scenario based training, and Podcasts using Adobe Captivate CS3.
  • Experience in instructional design for e learning products.
  • Working closely with clients to develop project scopes, associated timelines, and expected deliverables.
  • Hands on experience in ASP.Net, C#.Net, web service, VB.Net, ADO. NET, SQL SERVER 2005/2008.
  • Substantial knowledge in CSS, jQuery, Java Script.
  • Experience with AJAX Library/AJAX Toolkit and creating high responsive User Interface MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional.
  • Experienced in building and implementing C#.Net, VB.Net and ASP.Net applications.
  • Experienced in creating 3 tier architecture for websites and web applications.
  • Experienced in converting business requirements into Technical Specifications.
  • Successfully handled complex modules in a project, and rapidly evolving requirements.
  • Effective communication skills and record for coordination between globally located teams.
  • Project delivery under stringent timelines and high pressure.
  • Adept in providing Analytical Support to key business Applications /solutions
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, especially with regards to presenting findings to both technical and non technical audiences
  • Thorough understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), involved in various phases like Requirements, Analysis/Design, Development and Testing.
  • Experienced in database programming using SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 ,
  • Experienced in Logical and Physical Database design & development (using SQL Server Enterprise manager
  • Extensive experience with T SQL in constructing Stored Procedures, Functions, Tables.
  • Proficient with SQL Enterprise Manager, SQL Query Analyzer, scheduling jobs with SQL Server Agent.
  • Exceptional ability to learn New Concepts and Skilled at accessing client needs, working in a group, suggesting solutions that enhance efficiency and maximize performance.
  • Having Knowledge in Web Services, WCF.
  • Experienced in all phases of SDLC.
  • Involved in Project Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, implementation and support of software applications.
  • Has solid Experience in developing WCF Services using C#, SOAP, UDDI and XML.
  • An active Team member of Business Continuity Planning Team at Wells Fargo.



Operating System,Windows 98/2K/XP/Win7

Mobile/Web Design Technologies

HTML/HTML5, XML, XHTML, CSS3, JSP, WPF, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery Mobile UI, JavaScript and CSS Polyfills, Modernizr and JSON, Responsive Web Design, box model, float, overflow, Firebug, Chrome Dev Tools, FireSizer, flex grid layouts, YepNope.js, Polyfills, Respond.js

. NET Technologies

ASP.NET2.0/3.0/3.5, ADO.NET, Web Services, WCF, Ajax, JQuery NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5 and MVC, Visual Studio 2005/2008/ 2010
IIS 7.0/6.0


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Visual Studio, Web 2.0, CorelDraw XI, fireworks and MS office,


C#.Net, VB.Net, Visual Basic 6.0 and embedded Visual Basic 3.0, JAVA and PL/SQL

Projects Involved:

Client: Confidential,CA

Role: Sr .Net Developer


  • Designed the complete solution using N tier Architecture model and design patterns mainly Abstract Factory and Singleton.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology to practice based methodology for modeling and documentation of software based systems.
  • Using advanced level of HTML, XML, XHTML, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS and pure CSS layouts Infrastructure to run a large suite of tests across hundreds of servers in parallel, both nightly and on demand.
  • Used Model View Control (MVC) software architecture in web applications to view the html. Good knowledge on c, c++.
  • Implemented Site core for better content management solutions
  • Hands on experience on ecommerce.
  • Hands on experience with SDLC.
  • Developed all the Business Logic for all the modules in a separate Business Layer in C# and this was implemented using WCF.
  • Hands on experience with the content management.
  • Configured Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service to authenticate clients with Windows credentials for intranet applications for login validations.
  • Used Expression Blend for Effective Look and feel of the web portal.
  • Used ASP.NET Page lifecycle Techniques and handle a control's initialization, instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering
  • Used ASP.NET Application life cycle event handlers to create handler methods and Global.asmx pages.
  • Used VB.Net, ADO.Net and PL/Sql Procedures in order to access the oracle database for the front end presentation.
  • Wrote PL/SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers
  • Implemented features of ASP.Net AJAX such as Calendar Controls, Repeater Control, and Validation controls, Dataset, Security using forms authentication.
  • Developed the data layer class, Business layer class using C# which is reusable for data transactions of entire project.
  • Designed and developed UI for Tax application using latest Silverlight 2.0 and ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 tools (Master pages, themes, site navigation maps).
  • Designed different components using C# language and used Exception handling, Error providers to handle exceptions.
  • Extensively used XML and XSLT in Common Ordering Gateway systems in order to process input and output.
  • Worked with custom controls and defining layouts using Silverlight.
  • Worked on Grid view using ADO.NET and retrieved data from SQL server using quires.
  • Created data access layer to communicate with the SQL Server Database with ADO.NET objects.
  • Implemented Queries using LINQ for effective access with database and easy handle of file operations and XML.
  • Used ASP.Net web application in LINQ to SQL for database connectivity.
  • Developed the necessary Stored Procedures and created Complex Views using Joins for robust and fast retrieval of data in SQL Server using T SQL.
  • Involved in testing of application by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and End User Support.
  • Designed and implemented Data Integration and ETL processes with SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages to make data available for reporting purpose within a data warehouse Environment.

Environment: Windows 2003/2008, .Net 3.0, Visual Studio 2005/2008, Sql Server 2005/2008, Pl/Sql, C#, Asp.Net 3.0, WCF, Silverlight, Linq, Ado.Net, Ajax, SSIS ,XML, HTML, SOAP, XAML, IIS , JavaScript, Css, Web Services

Confidential,Bloomington, IL

Project: ECS (Process Automation and Data Tools)
Role: Sr. Dot Net Developer


  • Built N tier architecture for presentation layer, the Business and Data Access Layers and were coded using C Developed application logic using C
  • Worked intensely on the User Interface and Business logic.
  • Involved in creating rich and interactive UI using CSS, javascipt, ajax , angular JS WPF
  • Developed Web Forms using ASP.NET with C#, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Used Visual Studio 2008 .NET Framework 3.5
  • Used Visual Studio 2005 .NET Framework 3.0
  • Used MVC2
  • Created event driven Web Forms using ASP.NET and implemented Form Validation
  • Wrote Business Logic classes using VB.NET
  • Wrote classes using C# to handle database operations
  • Used AJAX Control Toolkit extended controls for better user experience and to achieve desired functionality.
  • Developed web service interfaces for client and policy using WCF, C# and Biztalk.
  • Developed orchestrations, schemas, maps and custom pipelines using Biztalk. Experience with JQuery .
  • Participate in software designs as it pertains to layered architecture such as SOA in .Net 4.0
  • Experience in LINQ for querying different datasets
  • Worked with Entity Frame Work ,connected to relational data by writing LINQ to SQL queries
  • Experience in WCF
  • Designed custom master pages and custom page layouts
  • Used sessions for security and proper navigation.
  • Generated downloadable Excel sheet to the browser for reporting
  • Generated downloadable CSV files to the browser for communicating with external application
  • Used Web Service to identify the user access rights and provide them access.
  • Used Web Services to coordinate with external applications
  • Developed Web Service to share application features
  • Developed Prototype of SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Worked on the entire project from development to deployment.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test driven development approach. Created and maintained project tasks and schedules.
  • Performed TDD and Pair Programming with regular pair rotations
  • Experience in Agile methodology
  • Involved in coding member validation business functionality using WCF and client front end layers using WPF and Silver light.
  • Implemented Object relational mapping using N Hibernate and ORM tools
  • Actively participated in effort estimation
  • Actively involved in Requirement Analysis to automate the processes
  • Involved in Coding and Reviews
  • Responsible for Delivering quality product
  • Worked on WPF and Win forms
  • Responsible for maintaining track of Requirements
  • Assisting DBAs in SQL Queries and its performance tuning
  • Communication with End Users/Customer and writing Minutes of Meeting
  • Involved in Defect Prevention Activity
  • Responsible for Coordination with Offshore team
  • Knowledge sharing within and outside the team
  • Training the trainers of the applications


IIS 7.5, IIS 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2008/2005, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, XSLT, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Windows Server 2008/2003 R2, SQL Server 2005, DB2.

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Net Developer ,Houston, TX.


  • Analyzed the client s requirement and was involved in designing and developing the User Interface Application using .NET
  • Used ASP.NET MVC, Master Pages, User and custom controls in developing the front end application.
  • Used C# in developing the business logic and implemented the Object Oriented Programming Functionalities.
  • Used LINQ was used as a middle ware component encapsulating the business logic.
  • Experience in web development using Classic ASP for dynamic UI behavior
  • Experience in supporting .net applications in post production so that issues are troubleshoot , fixed and resolved
  • Used VB.NET as a code behind for all the web pages.
  • Experience in working with EDI application where increases the customer service improvement and decreased costs
  • Experience in creating .net 4.0 application implementing WCF services and workflow foundation classes for n tier applications
  • Experience in development of web application using Classic ASP implementing asp server controls
  • Extensively used XML and XSLT in Common Ordering Gateway systems in order to process input and output.
  • Developed the reusable framework for the application using the ASP.NET MVC Framework 2.0.
  • Experience in creating .net 4.0 web application implementing dynamic language runtime, globalization and localization
  • Effectively used Jquery a concise JavaScript Library for traversing HTML document, event handling and AJAX interactions.
  • Worked in MVC 4 architecture to create web applications using ASP.NET and Sql Server
  • Experience in creating EDI application with accurate and timely data which is critical for implementation of 'just in time' inventory and manufacturing
  • Client side validations were performed using Java Script and .NET validation controls.
  • Designed a rich user interface using WPF
  • Used Ajax in order to provide pleasant client side experience with Jquery, Java script and JSON.
  • Implemented agile methodologies and Web Services in the application.
  • Experienced in development work around developing interfaces into various components of client infrastructure using REST and SOAP APIs.
  • Experience in developing web applications using cold fusion markup language to run in various framework
  • Experience working with Team Foundation Server2008
  • Constructed web pages encapsulating the business logic in order to provide separation of data and presentation layers.
  • Experience with REST web services in .Net technologies (i.e. JAX RS, Spring Rest, etc
  • Designed a rich user interface application by creating 2D and 3D graphics using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Created database tables using SQL Server 2005 and used Stored Procedures, Triggers and Cursors for all views of the Registration From and Search Engine Module.
  • Maintained documentation of website and developed complex reports based on RDLC and Infragistics.
  • Created and deployed class libraries and used view state for the dynamic controls to speed up the application.
  • Installing and Configuring IIS 7.0
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) were used to attain uniformity through all pages.
  • Experience in developing cold fusion components with typical features and functionality provided by object oriented languages
  • Used Visual Source Safe for Version Control.
  • Involved in production support of the application.
  • Participated in various Clients meeting with the team and the Project Manager to discuss improvements/amendments in the development of the application.


C#,, ASP.NET MVC,.NET 3.5, WCF, LINQ, Visual Studio.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML,XHTML,XML, XSL, XSLT, MS SQL Server, IIS 6.0/7.5, Windows Server 2003/2008, Crystal Reports, CSS, Windows, Team Foundation Server 2008.

Client: Confidential,Harrisburg, PA

Role: .Net Developer


  • Defining the project architecture, design strategies (OOPS) and patterns (MVP/MVC
  • Preparing architecture document, High Level Design (HLD) document.
  • Involved in Design, Documentation, Coding in .NET Application using CNET.
  • Developed Data Access layer (DAL) for communicating SQL Server.
  • Designed various reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Used Ajax, JQuery , JavaScript, CSS and various web controls to present data to users in a much comfortable environment.
  • Developed the application in ASP.NET and involved in writing CNET classes.
  • Used agile methodology like Scrum.
  • Designing Technical Framework and identifying Non Functional Requirements.
  • Developed reports using Visual Studio and Crystal reports
  • Defining UI Prototype and presenting to client to have better user experience.
  • Designing Data Access, Exception Block using CAB.
  • Developed tool in C# Winform to capture traceability from Use case to System Requirement.
  • Designing the architecture using
  • Application Controller with WCSF pattern,
  • BizTalk server as part of the communication to mainframe system and messaging (MQ Series) to external systems
  • LINQ to Objects for WCF service call.
  • SSRS for SQL Reporting services.
  • SQL Server (OUTPROC) Session State Management.
  • AJAX for rich user experience in designing the screens.

Environments:.Net 3.5(ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, Win Form), SQL Server 2005(SSIS, SSRS), WCF, WPF, WCSF, LINQ, CAB, Visual Studio 2008, Ajax, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, MS Enterprise Library, SharePoint, TFS, N unit, BizTalk Server 2009, MS Visio, IIS 6.0, SSRS, Windows Server 2003/ Windows XP.

Client: Confidential

Project: Customer Profile Management
Location: Chennai, India
Role: .Net Developer


  • Worked as an individual resource from Infosys gathering requirements and effort estimation for UI creation of enrollment forms.
  • Worked on enrollment form UI creation, validations and implementing various business requirements using JavaScript extensively from scratch.
  • Worked on developing and configuring mails which are sent out to users who enroll into the EDC marketing program.
  • Worked as a senior team player in implementing the new business requirements.
  • Worked on the look and feel of the existing enrollment forms of specific marketing programs.
  • Worked on effort estimate and schedule of the whole project.
  • Worked as a part of Infosys team in setting up business mails which is sent out to users upon specific events.
  • Involved in providing workarounds for business requirements which would obstruct the existing logic of the marketing programs.
  • Provided technical support for production tickets.
  • Worked on renewal logic of marketing programs which would enable existing users to renew their contracts with Intel.
  • Implemented the renewal logic on the enrollment forms thereby enabling users to renew their data available in the CPM system.
  • Involved in requirement analysis and effort estimate along with customer.
  • Provided an alternate solution for look and feel of enrollment form which was accepted by customer as better solution.
  • Worked on the validations and business requirements which would enable a dealer to add a subcontractor as a licensee for the OLO marketing program.
  • Designed and developed ASP.NET pages including Master and Navigation page
  • Developed service contract, operation contract & data contract classes to support communication between Agents to Insure.NET using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through WCF web services through CNET.
  • Developed a Win forms application in C# that manages the user roles, survey, rules and used it to pull out the profile placed from the SQL database using ADO.NET
  • Design and develop web application in C#, ASP.NET.

Environment: ASP.NET2.0, SQL Server 2005, XML, HTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XSLT, DotNet 3.0 (C#.net), , Crystal Reports, Java Script, SQL 2000, Flash.

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