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.net Lead Resume

Role Net, L


  • Over 10 years of experience in all aspects of software development life cycle (SDLC) starting from requirement analysis through development and deployment.
  • Experience in System Analysis, Design, Development and implementation of various applications including Web Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5/ 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 , C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design of Software along with Design Patterns like Model View Controller (MVC), ASP.NET MVC 3.0/4.0 and Business Modeling.
  • Full understanding of Agile (Scrum), Test-driven Development (TDD) and Waterfall model with exceptional analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience working with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)/Web services, WPF, AJAX, Visual Studio 2008/2010 and SQL Server 2008.
  • Worked extensively on Relational Databases using SQL server 2005/2008 and Oracle 10g along with writing of complex Database Queries, Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions using T/SQL and SSIS.
  • Experience working with Crystal Reports and SSRS.
  • Excellent skills in web technologies like Java Script, Jquery, JSON, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XML, XAML, XSLT, Web Services and SOAP
  • Good experience in using ADO.NET objects such as SQL Connection Object, SQL Command Object, Data Reader Object, Dataset Object and Data Adapter Object.
  • Experience in using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) in .NET objects to query and retrieve data.
  • Experience in dealing with Java, Unix Shell Scripting, Apache Hadoop components like HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive QL, HBase, Pig, Big Data and Big Data Analytics.
  • Experience in working with version control tools like Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS) and extensive experience developing distributed applications on multiple platforms.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks/Multitask and execute them to perfection and able to work in a high pressure environment and capable of working in a team and as an individual
Technical Skills:

.NET Technologies
.NET Framework 4.5/ 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 /1.1, SQL Server 2012/2008, C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net

Design Pattern
MVC4, MVP, Abstract Adapter Pattern, Singleton Pattern, Factory Pattern, DI

Web Services
Web Services, Window Services, WCF (Hands on Web, Window and rest services with WCF), ASP.NET Web API 2.1. Face book SDK/WEB API, OAuth 2.0,Twitter /Sound Cloud/Echonest APIs

Bigdata Hadoop
Hadoop Eco systems -HDFS, MapReduce, Hive , Pig , Sqoop ,HBase.

Programming Paradigm
SOA, OOP, Agile

Programming Languages
C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, C++, C

Content Management System

Razor Engine, SQL Developer, Flex, Telerik.

Linq to SQL (.dbml files)

Scripting Languages/Mark up
JavaScript, JQuery,Jquery Plugin, MVVM with Jquery, SASS, XSLT

Web Servers
Internet Information Server 6.0/7.0

Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 , T-SQL,MS-Access,SSIS

Testing Framework
.Net Unit test Project, NUNIT

Versioning Tool

Reporting Tool
SSRS, Crystal Reports

Operating Systems
Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2008 R2


Employment History:

Confidential, Columbus, OH
Role: .Net Lead

Confidential is the primary application used to process financial transactions (deposits, withdrawals, payments, official items) in the branch. It’s a front end and supporting infrastructure (touch point) used by the banks Tellers. TECS communicates with the native CICS programs for inquires and posting of various transactions. Tellers can select the options from quick picks menu and process transactions. TE is the combination thick client with ARGO and Alogent client server and the host side is BTL (mainframe).
The Device Interface Manager (DIM) acts a Bridge Pattern between Teller Express and specific device plug-in implementations.

  • Involved in code development and code review
  • Build flexible data models and seamless integration points
  • Involved in performance tuning actions
  • Involved in deployment activities
  • Coordinate with other developers and software professionals

Technologies: C#.Net, SQL server 2008, ARGO, JavaScript

Confidential is a tool that is used by bankers to help most valued customers pay their overdraft items if any. This tool allows for the banker to see accounts overdrawn for a particular day for their branch.

  • Developed .NET applications on .NET Framework 4.0 Followed the Agile methodology with Scrums.
  • Developed and consumed WCF Services to achieve Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and communication between heterogeneous applications.
  • Designed rich user interface with n tier Architecture.
  • Writing stored procedures, views, cursors to manage the performance of the flow between front end and back end.
  • Implemented WCF Contracts such as Service Contract, Operation Contract, and Data Contract.
  • Implemented Generics for creating object collections
  • Implemented client side validations using Java Script and server side validations by using .NET validation controls
  • Developed XML Web Services using WCF, C#.NET with multiple bindings and address and hosted them on IIS and tested them by generating the proxy class files based on the web services and consumed in web application.
  • Well Organized Implementation of caching, session management Techniques.
  • Worked on Cascading Style Sheets and XML-Schemas.
  • Worked on Pop-up windows using Jquery.
  • Streamlined Deployment of Application on Test and Production Server.
Technologies: ASP.Net, C#.Net, Jquery, SQL server 2008.

Confidential is a repository that stores all forms of communications, promotions, brochures and instructions send to the branches from the bank's end in one location. This site can be used by banker across the country to look up any communications/promotions/brochures sent out to the customer.

  • Developed user interfaces and client displays.
  • Engaged in code review and testing
  • Involved in performance tuning actions
  • Managing Service Requests until their successful completion
  • Implemented best practices, standards and procedures including quality and delivery methodologies.
  • Performed complex analysis, designing and programming to meet business requirements.
  • Closely involved with the database team in developing stored procedures, functions, views, triggers on SQL Server to accomplish the desired functionalities

Technologies: ASP.Net, C#.Net, Jquery, SQL server 2008

Confidential , NJ
Role: Module Lead
Confidential and modeling platform leveraging big data technologies that will enable more efficient access to Confidential vast global datasets and reduce cycle time for fulfillment of client requests. The platform addresses acquisition of datasets, the most time consuming and challenging obstacle to analytics and modeling. Nielsen analytics platform must handle extreme volumes of disparate data while providing a flexible and scalable solution that can keep pace with the rapid evolution of consumers and markets.

  • Analyzed the requirements from the customers and participated in Agile Scrum Methodology
  • Explored and Implemented Hadoop ecosystem components
  • Used to manage and review the Hadoop log files.
  • Responsible to manage data coming from different sources.
  • Supported Map Reduce Programs those are running on the cluster.
  • Involved in HDFS maintenance and loading of structured data.
  • Written MapReduce job using Java API.
  • Experienced in managing and reviewing Hadoop log files.
  • Created complex hive table and executed complex hive queries on Hive warehouse.
  • Developing Scripts and Batch Job to schedule various Hadoop Program.
  • Experienced in creating Hive tables, loading with data and writing hive queries which will run internally in map reduce way.
  • Implemented Partitioning, Dynamic Partitions, Buckets in HIVE
  • Shell scripting for work flow configuration.
  • Prepare cluster metrics (CPU and Memory utilization report) weekly and monthly.
  • Prepare PI computations jobs status
  • Big Data, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, ORACLE 11g R2, Impala, Microstrategy, Netezza, Java, TIBCO MFT and Unix Shell Script.
Confidential , NJ
Role: Module Lead
Confidential is Citi’s primary corporate e-banking platform for cash and trade applications. The current SME version of the CitiDirect application implemented for Confidential BE 1.2 application clients needs to be enhanced to increase the client satisfaction, enrich the user experience and to be on par with the other cash management products offered by competitive Banks. This Release is targeted to allow business to achieve ultimate goal: activation of inactive LCB customers, start process of introduction platform for existing CitiDirect Classic customers and on-boarding of new customers.

  • Involved in development and support
  • Engaged in code review and testing
  • Involved in documentation activities
  • Involved in supporting other developers throughout the project phase
  • Involved in deployment activities
  • Developed solutions to improvise performance and scalability of systems.
Technologies: ASP.Net, C#.Net, MVC, Jquery
Confidential , London
Role: Sr. .Net Developer
Confidential eService applications team delivers a series of customized, online applications that enable our clients and partners to work collaboratively with BT. They deliver a diverse, bespoke range of information sharing and Contract Management tools, principally:
  • Genesis MAC - Service requests and Move, Add & Change requests
  • EQMS - Electronic Quality Management System (document management system)
  • Engaged in coding, review and testing
  • Responsible for report generation
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Supported other developers throughout the project phase
  • Involved in deployment document creation
Technologies: VS 2010, C#.Net, JQuery and SQL Server 2005

Confidential, India
Role: Sr. .Net Developer
Confidential web based application is used to manage the appraisal operations processed on all the employees employed to an organization. This web application is segregated into two major modules Administration and Tracking .This system tracks the status of all the employees appraisal process by providing timely notifications(i.e., when there is a delay on process) through email alerts and ensures all the process to be completed by the month of October for every year. The system provides a role based driven approach model. This proposed system provides timely and faster accessibility of information to the Human Resource Department and stimulate further operations Payroll .

  • Involved in DB designing and development
  • Engaged in coding, review and testing
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Responsible for report generation
  • Involved in supporting other developers throughout the project phase
Environment: ASP.Net, JavaScript, C#.Net and SQL Server 2005
Confidential should be the easiest automotive management software in the market. VMS empowers anyone in the repair shop to use regardless of computer experience. VMS will easily handle tedious and time consuming tasks, such as automatically calculating correct price markups on parts and routinely reminding your customers about preventative maintenance. It effortlessly enters information into an invoice as you build work orders, so you don't have to repeat any typing. VMS keeps your technicians working on vehicles, not paperwork.

  • Designed front end and back end
  • Involved in coding, review and testing
  • Engaged in integration testing and QA release
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Responsible for report generation
Environment: ASP.Net, C#, VB. Net, AJAX, XML, Web Service and SQL Server 2005

The client of this project is an owner of Transport Company in Confidential. The purpose of this project is to track trucks location in road, provide online status for customers. This project also includes Payroll and Billing system. It also controls resource allocation (Driver and Equipments) for each trip. To get the current location of a truck we used to methods - Driver Log (Manual) and Satellite Data. To track the vehicle using satellite we used Web Services offered by @Road. Using @Road web services we get details about the vehicles Latitude, Longitude and vehicle movement status. We also used PC*MILER®|Connect to get the maps of USA roads. Using PC*Miler Connect we calculate the shortest distance and preferred path extra.

  • Designed front end and back end
  • Involved in coding and testing
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Supported other developers throughout the project phase
Environment: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, Web Services, Java script, SQL Server 2000

This Project is tracking the Manufacturing Process of Plastic Company. It starts manufacturing based on the work Order from Raw Materials to Finished product of Plastic. Production Line involves various modules of manufacturing. One module’s finished is used as Raw material for following process. User can make the order online and know the status of the work order at any time. The customer can place the order and it will be entered in the system and. According to the requirement, the raw materials will be sent to the process. It also handles the information of every product's stage. The amount will be collected according the clients requirements of the product’s measurement such as thickness, length and etc.

  • Designed front end and back end
  • Involved in coding and testing
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Supported other developers throughout the project phase
Environment: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.NET, JavaScript, SQL Server 2000

This application is developed to improve the quality and management of the healthcare systems. The receptionist registers the patient details, gives appointments to the patient, administers the inpatient and outpatient records, maintains bed allotment for the patient, maintains bill settlement; allot doctors timing for the trainee doctors. Admin looks after the employee details and the salary details. Inventory manager keeps track of the item details, purchase details, stock maintenance etc., Librarian keeps track of the books stored in the hospital library, reference type etc.,

  • Designed front end and back end
  • Involved in coding and testing
  • Integrated various components of various key modules of the project
  • Responsible for report generation
Environment: ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, ADO.NET, Java Script, SQL Server 2000

The scope of this assignment is to study the core business processes of Agency Management Systems. This product is customized software gives complete solution for all Agencies. The main Modules are Master, Inventory, Accounts and Reports. The Master module consist details of Agency, Customers, Vendors, Products and Sales Area. The Inventory module consist details of purchase order, Purchase Return, Sales Order, Sales Return, Line Sales and stocks. The Accounts module consist details of ledger, Vouchers and line sales. The Reports module has all the required reports.

  • Designed front end and back end
  • Requirement gathering and system design.
  • Involved in coding and testing
  • Database Table Design, Creation of Views, Stored Procedures
Environment: ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000.

Confidential, India
Role: .Net Developer
Designed, coding and implemented of user interface using ASP.NET, Visual Basic 7, Crystal reports, HTML, Java Script and SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed components using C# and VB.NET to accomplish resource management and Time sheet, resource wizard and forum wizard modules.
  • Involved in Report Wizard module which generates Crystal Reports and Sql Server Reports.
  • § Involved in the concept generation and the web content of the Intranet.

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