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. Net Developer Resume

La Ca, Usa


Seeking a position as an architect/lead developer in .Net technology.


Confidential, Madison, WI, USA

Senior .Net Developer for a Healthcare company (ASP.Net , C#, VB.Net, ADO.NET, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Telerik Controls for ASP.Net, Telerik Kendo UI HTML5 Controls, TFS – Team Foundation Server, Classic ASP, Oracle, SQL Server, Scrum/Kanban, WCF Web services, AJAX-Enabled Web Services, LINQ, Entity Framework, MVC3 )

  • Developed new functionality using C# and ASP.Net. Also, some pages in classic ASP.
  • Maintained existing ASP.Net and Winforms apps. Optimized a lot bottlenecks in an existing customer-facing web app like timeouts and orphaned data.
  • Used Visual Studio 2010 and also Visual Studio 2012 for development
  • Database programming in SQL Server 2008 R2 including stored procedures and UDFs
  • ADO.Net programming against SQL Server 2008 R2 and also Oracle
  • Used DevArt’s Oracle dotConnect ADO.Net provider
  • Javascript,jQuery, jQuery UI and HTML used extensively
  • Developed WCF and AJAX-enabled webservices for ASP.Net pages
  • Used Telerik RadControls for ASP.Net AJAX and HTML5 Kendo UI
Confidential Valley View, TX, USA

Architect and Senior Net Developer (n-tier Development, LINQ, C#, Winforms, Web services -WCF, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, DevExpress Controls, Telerik Controls for Winforms/ASP.Net, Vault Source Control, SOA based WCF)

  • Architected and developed a ‘Supply Chain Management’ application in C# and Winforms from scratch including requirements documentation to final go-live.
  • Integrated this application with JD Edwards ERP application
  • Used VS 2008 and also VS 2010 for development.
  • This project involved designing/developing backend and frontend.
  • Backend developed using WCF web services and SQL Server 2005.
  • Frontend developed in Winforms using third party controls from Telerik and DevExpress.
  • Modules implemented in this application were – ‘Forecasting’, ‘Customers’, ‘Warehousing’, ‘Bill-of-Materials’, ‘Production Planning’, ‘Sales Orders’, ‘Vendors’ , ‘Purchase Orders’ , ‘Security’ and ‘Notifications’.
  • Developed complex database stored procedures, views, table valued function and scalar function in SQL Server 2005 as part of this project.
  • Implemented and used compression message encoder as part of WCF development in this project.
  • Created a custom logging solution in this project.
  • Implemented Custom Reporting solution in Winforms as well as in ASP.NET.

Confidential, Plano,TX, USA

(Microsoft Gold Partner)

Senior . Net Developer (VB.Net, C#, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript,)

  • Developed ‘Relocation Star Application’ using ASP.NET AJAX using VS 2005 and VS 2008 with VB.Net as the development language.
  • Used VS 2008 in recent development on ‘Relocation Star Application’.
  • Developing and maintaining customized “Relocation Star Application’ using VB.Net 2005, ASP.Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. Created ASP.Net pages and also user controls in this application using ‘Microsoft Enterprise Library 2006 and also 2007’.
  • Upgraded an existing ‘Business Metrics’ ASP.Net application written in C# and using SQL Server 2005.
  • Created a .Net Winforms listener to incoming messages from IBM’s WebSphere (like Microsoft’s MQSeries). Used Visual Studio 2005 and .Net 2.0.
  • Developed infrastructure for security in ASP.Net 2.0 using C# with Visual Studio 2005 as development environment. Development included specialized membership provider, a custom roles solution, custom web server security controls, and special base pages classes.
  • Developed ASP.Net Web Services for security and data layer to the security service.
  • Developed generic logging solution that is re-usable across all types of applications in .Net 2.0 and C#.
  • Used Enterprise Library’s ‘Data Access Application Block’ in development of generic security and logging infrastructure.
  • Did database design for a generic logging infrastructure solution in SQL Server 2005, and database design for a generic security infrastructure.
  • Developed console applications in .Net 2.0 to create custom event logs/assign special permissions on windows registry keys, using Visual Studio 2005.
  • Used Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) throughout for source control and other project related activities.
  • Developed a re-usable windows service template in C#/ .Net 2.0 using Visual Studio 2005, with a decoupled implementation architecture.
  • Created requirements, design and implementation documentation, including class diagrams and sequence diagrams.

Confidential Del Monte, Miami, FL, USA

. Net Developer (C#, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript,)

  • Developed an ASP.Net based web application over an existing transportation planning system in C#. The application is called FIG (Freight Invoice GUI), which is used to track and capture carrier invoices of planned loads.
  • Application was based on an Oracle database. (Oracle 9i was used).
  • Implemented client-side searching of datagrid among various other notable server side and client side features in this application.

Confidential. Fortworth, USA. Net Developer

(C#, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript,)

  • Developing an ASP.Net based web application, in C#, for document management in large corporations.
  • Writing ADO.Net code as a DAL layer to access document images/data in a SQL Server 2000 database.
  • Developing new stored procedures in SQL Server 2000 for reading/writing document images/user and document data.
  • Implementing a role-based authentication system for the ASP.Net application with password encryption in database.
  • Converted the existing DAL to a web service
Confidential Dallas, USA. Net Developer

(C#, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript,)

  • Developed an ASP.Net based web application, in C#, for viewing specialized transaction reports.
  • Used extensively ASP.Net’s datagrid for reporting purpose. Implementing

filtering of grid records based on start and end dates. Also, implementing custom paging for these reports.

Confidential LA, CA, USA. Net Developer

(C#, ASP. Net, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript, VB.Net)

  • Developed an ASP.Net application, written completely in C#, for a client in California. The application was called ‘Virtual Property Builder’. The user could, using this application, manage existing or new Virtual Properties.
  • Wrote the Specs and Design document for the ASP.Net application. Detailed design of various pages, user controls, application authentication and authorization.
  • Used Visual Studio 2003 Professional as IDE for development. Used IDE debugging for code as well as SQL Server stored procedures. Created/Worked with multi-project solution in Visual Studio, and most important, made sure that user controls of one project could be freely used in other projects in a solution (this is quite uncommon as its not easily achieved in Visual Studio).
  • Developed a custom Data Access Layer (DAL) using ADO.Net. Developed special classes to access user related data used in authentication and admin module, as well as classes for data for virtual properties. ‘Userdb’ and ‘PropsAccess’ were some of these classes.
  • Implemented forms based security and password encryption. Implemented MD5 hashing for making user passwords secure. Also implemented roles for users and application access based on roles. Developed an embedded login page with an embedded login user control rather than a separate login page.
  • Integrated other standard applications with Virtual Property builder. Made a forums and knowledge base applications completely integrated with current application, so that all three applications had a single security login/logout workflow. Also integrated the database of all three applications into a single database.
  • Extensively used data readers and datasets in custom DAL.
  • Developed ASP.Net user controls/Web forms with .Net Data Binding . Some examples are : Used binding in ‘Props.ascx’ for properties datagrid, and in ‘Builder.ascx’ for multiple dropdowns. Developed different features, some of which are: dynamic dropdowns, elements transfer between listboxes and custom paging for Properties datagrid so that every page contained an equal number of rows excepting the last page.
  • Wrote client-side functions in JavaScript for data validation/user messaging/ other uses.. Example: wrote a JavaScript function to allow collapsible panels with complete client side functionality.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2000. These stored procedures were for selecting and updating data for user and virtual properties.
  • Did Database Design in SQL Server 2000 for a client in California. Did some optimization of existing database design.

Confidential ,Minneapolis, MN, USA

Senior Net Developer

(C#, ASP. Net, ADO. Net, HTML, JavaScript, VB.Net)

  • Developed and implemented a custom SQL Server-based OMS (Order Management System) application. This application was developed using C#, VB.Net, ADO. Net, XML, HTML and JavaScript technologies.
  • Developed web forms/user controls using Visual Studio.Net Professional as the IDE. Some of the pages were for local inventory (Linv.aspx), global inventory (Ginv.aspx), and catalog search based on specific parameters (CatSearch.aspx), user profile (Profile.aspx), and financial reports (FinReps.aspx).
  • Used XML files for user role based menus and user home page assignment, using ‘XMLTextReader’ class of Net framework. This allowed us to display different menus for users with different roles and also assign different homepages to users.
  • Wrote special functions in JavaScript for client-side validation of user data. Some of these functions were for checking of format of search parameters, selection of search parameter from a large dropdown list using text entry in a text box and numeric entry validation.
  • Customized web.config for the OMS application. Defined new settings under application settings for various application related settings. One important setting was ‘ApplicationSkin’ which determined the style sheet to use for the OMS application, allowing easy change of application’s appearance from time to time. Also, other settings were ‘PageSize’, ‘AppName’ and ‘CartSize’.
  • Wrote new classes using C# as the programming language. Some of these classes were ‘StartInquiryCP’, ‘CreateQuoteCP’ and ‘SaveCP’ among quite a few classes written by me.
  • SqlDbadapter, SqlDbconnection, SqlDbReader, SqlDbCommand in ADO.Net was used in accessing SQL Server database in these classes.
  • Used ‘application caching’ for datasets to improve application performance.
  • Documented ‘Use Cases’ for various workflows during design phase.
  • Did SQL Server 2000 database development of SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • This application allowed customers to view local and global inventory, place orders, check order status, request quotes, views, view/edit profile, search different catalogs, view detailed product information and view different types of customer reports. .
  • Used Visual Source Safe technology for source control throughout this project.
  • Use Case design methodology used during design phase
  • Modified existing VB.Net code for data access classes.
  • Accessed Java web service from VB.Net data access layer to get special data from mainframe system.

Confidential Dallas, TX, USA

Senior Consultant

(Java Development and other Supply Chain technologies)

  • Implemented i2’s ‘Intelligent MarketPlace Store Front’ for a client in USA. During this implementation, non-standard functionality was developed in Java, JSP and HTML. This Java development was for a year and half approximately.
  • Implemented i2’s “Production Scheduler’ software for a major European steel manufacturer in Germany. This project involved a lot SQL development.
  • Trained in following supply chain products: ‘CRM’/ ‘Intelligent MarketPlace Store Front’, ‘Factory Planner’, ‘Demand Fulfillment’, ‘Supply Chain Planner’, and ‘Transportation Optimizer’.

Confidential Dofasco Hamilton, Canada

Automation Analyst (Visual Basic development and Support)

  • Developed ‘Process Documentation’ software to automate documentation. The language used for this software was Visual Basic.
  • Maintained/supported major enterprise planning software called ‘Production and Planning System.
  • Documented in detail an enterprise software called – Production and Planning System.

Confidential India

Systems/Production Engineer

  • Supported Oracle-based MRP system (Materials Resource Planning) used to streamline the manufacturing facility.
  • Used the above software to schedule production and plan materials.
Confidential India Software Manager (‘C’ and Oracle)
  • Project Manager in various software development projects.
  • Worked closely with clients to identify their requirements.
  • Helped guide the development projects in ‘C’, Foxbase and Oracle.
Confidential India Programmer/Analyst (‘C’ language and Oracle)
  • Documented client requirements and also wrote the design/specs document.
  • Developed custom software in ‘C’, Oracle and Foxbase.


  • Net development in C# and VB.Net
  • ADO.Net
  • ASP.Net
  • HTML, JavaScript, XML
  • Crystal Reports
  • Windows Forms in .Net
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design of Systems
  • Java Development, JSP
  • Relational databases – SQL Server and Oracle
  • Designing Databases, SQL, Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2000/Oracle.
  • CRM, Storefront, Production Scheduler implementation.
  • Factory Planner, Demand Fulfillment implementation knowledge.

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