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Senior Software Architect Resume

Westford, MA


Synopsis of industry keywords contained within all the various contract assignments in the resume. 16/32/64 bit C/C++, ASP.NET, C#.NET, 16/32/64 bit MASM, ADO, ASP, ASP.NET, ATL 3.0, BIOS, CAB (Composite UI Application Block), COM, Course Development, Crystal Reports, DCOM, DDE, DDK (16/32/64 bits), Debug API, Device Driver (16/32/64 bits), DPML, Embedded Control, Enterprise Library, Fax driver, FDA compliance, FrontPage, FTP, GINA, GUI, Image Capture, Industrial Optics, InstallShield, IIS, Live Video, MFC, MFC internals, MBCS, Multithreading, MVC, MVVM,.NET, OCX Controls, Perforce, PIC, Pkcs#11, Pneumatics, PowerBuilder, Prism, Profiling API (.NET), Project Lead, Project Management, Refactor, Robotics, RPC, RS232, SmartCard, SQL Server, Stepper Motors, Sybase, TFS API, UI, Unicode, Unity, VBA, VB Script, Vision Recognition, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Test, VMWare, WATIR, WCF (Windows Communications Foundation), Win32 SDK, Windows 1, 2, 3, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7), Windows In ROM, WinForms, WinSock, WiX, X Windows, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML.


Operating Environments: .NET (1 to latest), NET Compact Framework, Windows (1.1 to latest), VAX VMS, UNIX Sunos, Confidential Primos, Raytheon Raytel.

Languages: C#, Visual C++, C, Visual Basic, Java, PowerBuilder, Ruby, Pascal, FORTRAN, 80xxx, x64, 6502, 68000 and IBM 360 assembler.

Database Experience: Access, CodeBase, Crystal Reports, db2, dBase, dbVista, Gupta, Ingress, ODBC, Power Builder, Oracle, SQL Server/T-SQL (First to latest), Sybase and various proprietary databases.


Consultant to Confidential in Westford, MA as a Senior Software Architect

Confidential manufactures medical laser devices.

  • System architect responsible for designing, documenting and implementation of library code for next generation platform products.
  • Primary target platform for next generation products was MVVM/Prism/Unity.
  • Re-architect GUI portion of the current PicoSure device to conform to WPF/MVVM/best practices.
  • Developed multiple new products, internal applications, research tools and utilities utilizing MVVM/Prism/Unity.
  • Rewrote embedded PIC code controlling a variable aperture laser handpiece.
  • Rewrote embedded PIC code controlling a scanning laser handpiece.
  • Project lead supervising a small team of programmers both locally and at a remote location, working on a combination of WinForms, WPF and embedded projects.
  • Set up TFS build and release process.
  • Sanity check of the development/QA/Release system.
  • Responsible for product release builds.

Keywords – 21 CFR Part 820, .NET 4, C#, Embedded device, ISO 13485:2003:Medical Devices, MVVM, PIC, Prism, SQL Server/T-SQL, Unity, XAML, WiX, WinForms, WPF

Consultant to Confidential in Chicago, IL as a Senior Software Engineer

Confidential is a small software company that specializes in PBX software

  • Ported an existing PBX product written in C to Managed C++/CLI and C# modules.
  • Replaced MySQL functions with ADO.NET and Entity Framework to Microsoft’s SQL Server.
  • Created SQL Server tables and stored procedures.

Keywords - .NET 4, C++/CLI (Managed C++), C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server/T-SQL

Consultant to Confidential in Brighton, MA as Software Architect/Business Analyst

Confidential is a company that specializes in the rep Confidential of cell phones.

  • Analyzed business requirements with an eye towards tracking a device rep Confidential status.
  • Designed rep Confidential process procedures to handle all cases from when a device was presented by a customer, repaired, part order, customer notification and device pickup by customer.
  • Created SQL Server tables and stored procedures.
  • Created enterprise application to track and report on device and customer information

Keywords - .NET 4, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server/T-SQL, WinForms

Consultant to Confidential in Norwood MA as a Senior Software Engineer

Confidential specializes in rating roofing designs and materials for insurance purposes.

  • Software was written in C# using CAB framework and third party controls.
  • Debugged and added new features to existing programs.
  • Created SQL Server tables and stored procedures.
  • Wrote applications using TFS API’s in order to manage source code Changesets and branch merging.
  • Development was in C#.NET 4, VB.NET and T-SQL.

Keywords - .NET 4, Agile, ASP.NET, C#, CAB, Embarcadero ER/Studio 7.5, SQL Server/T-SQL, TFS API, WinForms

Consultant to Confidential in Boston MA as a Senior Software Engineer

Confidential makes high performance software for the financial industry.

  • Software was written in C# using CAB framework and third party controls.
  • Debugged and added new features to existing programs.
  • Made performance and resource consumption reporting programs.
  • Created a variety of utility programs to meet the needs of internal development and automated QA.
  • Created programs that emulated UI actions based upon a controlling script file.
  • Use the Debug API to monitor application events and create memory dumps.
  • Used WinDbg to process the memory dumps and extract meaningful data.
  • Created SQL Server tables and stored procedures.
  • Development was in C#.NET 4 and T-SQL.

Keywords - .NET, Agile, C# 4, CAB, CLR Profiler, Debug API, Powershell, Profiling API, SQL Server/T-SQL, WinForms

Confidential - Waltham, MA - Principal Software Engineer

Verdasys specializes in security related software products that monitor the movement of data on client machines and determines through the use of intelligent rules whether or not to allow an operation. User events are reported to a central server which generates reports on usage and rule violations. Monitoring is accomplished by hooking both user mode and kernel functions and subclassing windows. The rules that determine disallowed operations are downloaded from a central server management console application to the user’s machine. The drivers filter disk, USB, Bluetooth and network functions. The central server is a .NET 3.5 web application. The majority of the agent software is VC++.

  • Wrote new programs, added functionality to existing drivers, services and applications, fixed bugs and solved customer problems.
  • Used DLL injection, import address table modification, export address table modification to intercept functions.
  • Intercepted the CreateWindow SDK functions to enable automatic subclassing of all windows so could monitor window events.
  • Software worked on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to the latest release, in 32 and 64 bit versions as well as on Citrix Server, both 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Wrote an MSGina replacement to provide proof of concept for a Bluetooth related second factor authentication add on for Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server and XP.
  • Wrote a Credential Provider to provide proof of concept for a Bluetooth related second factor authentication add on for Vista and Windows 7.
  • The primary working environment was C++ and C# in Visual Studio. The primary debugging environment involved creation of a virtual machine that executed the software and then kernel debugging in WinDBG or user mode debugging Visual Studio IDE.

Keywords - .NET, ASP.NET, ATL, C#, C++, Citrix, DDK, device driver, MFC, Perforce, web application, web service, Win XP, Vista, VMWare, Win32, Windows 7, WinDBG, x64

Confidential -Worldwide-Boston, MA - Senior Software Engineer/Architect/Project Lead

Confidential specializes in large scale disaster impact analysis for re-insurance companies and government agencies. While there, worked on a number of projects.


Confidential is a .NET 3 environment designed to be the host in which code modules implementing the functionality of all existing company product lines will be ported. Before Confidential , the individual applications were standalone projects that had been developed in whatever language or platform the developer was most comfortable, resulting in a chaotic development environment and non-uniform user interface.

  • Was a system architect, project lead and mentor.
  • Determined what features must be provided to meet the needs of the various products to be hosted.
  • Designed the hosting environment, documented how to port existing projects into Confidential .
  • Created a library of custom controls and integrated third party controls into the user interface
  • Worked with UI designers to implement the storyboard appearance in actual code.

Keywords - .NET 3, Agile, Architect, CAB (Composite UI Application Block) , Enterprise Library, Project Lead, SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory), UI, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF (Windows Communications Foundation).


Confidential is a program designed to reduce the work load on intelligence service analysts. It contained mechanisms to display social networks, encapsulate intelligence reports, timeline plot activities, display risk analysis, and identify the most critical members in a plot.

  • System architect, project lead, and mentor for the project which was developed in Visual Studio 2005 C#.NET.

Keywords - Architect, C#, Project Lead, UI, Visual Studio 2005, WinForms.

Confidential -Burlington, MA - Principal Software Engineer/Project Lead

Confidential makes customer support applications for both providers and customers of pre-paid cell phone service.

  • Project lead responsible for porting their existing customer support UI and web services tool box from ASP/Javascript and Visual Basic to ASP.NET/Javascript and C#.NET as well as created extensive documentation on both the development environment and the production software.
  • Assembled a nightly build and auto test application using a combination of scripting tools and NUnit.
  • WATIR and Ruby scripts were used to drive a series of regression tests to ensure continued web functionality as code changed.

Keywords - ASP.NET, C#.NET, NDoc, NUnit, Oracle, Perforce, Project Lead, Ruby, UI, WATIR, web application, web service, WinForms

Confidential -Marlboro, MA - Consulting Software Engineer/Architect

Confidential is a startup company that makes a laboratory instrument that determines the chemical composition of compounds. The device is composed of multiple cooperating subunits, some of which were controlled by an embedded 16 bit standalone computer and others using standard Windows PCs.

  • Taking into account the desired customer goals, available resources, hardware limitations and budgetary limitations, devised a series of upgrades and bug fixes that enabled the system to function in the desired manner.
  • Wrote a VB control that made use of a Visual Studio 6 C++ DLL that communicated across WinSock to a dedicated DOS 16 device controlling the various mechanical and electrical devices comprising the instrument.
  • Used both Borland C and MSVC 1.52 to rewrite the embedded device’s software and created an InstallShield project to install the software.
  • Documented and organized the source code management system and put a procedure in place to organize revision management.

Keywords - 16 and 32 bit C, C++, Architect, COM, embedded controller, InstallShield 11, UI, Visual Basic, WinSock.

Confidential -Burlington, MA - Senior Software Engineer/Architect/Project Lead

Confidential provides identity and Confidential management functionality through software and hardware.

  • Architect, management and project lead of a single sign on product.
  • Was responsible for implementing new features, managed the design and implementation of internationalization of the entire code base, documentation, organization of cross product development and fixing bugs in the existing software.
  • The software suite was a set of cooperating software modules including a replacement for Microsoft’s GINA, services, control panel applets, COM clients and servers and applications.
  • The development environment was MsDev 6 (Win32, STL, and MFC) and Developer’s Studio 2003 (C++/MFC and C#).
  • Communications with smart card devices was across the industry standard PKCS#11.
  • Perforce was used for source code management.

Keywords - Architect, C++, C#, COM/DCOM, InstallShield, MFC, MsGina, Perforce, Pkcs#11, Project Lead, SDK, Services, SmartCard, STL, UI.

Confidential -Waltham, MA - Project Manager/Lead Software Engineer/Architect

Confidential manufactures a line of machines that analyze blood chemistry.

  • Managed, staffed and was project lead of a small team of high level programmers.
  • Refactored and upgraded the existing CCX product line’s software, including the underlying architecture and UI.
  • Created formal documentation of the system’s functionality.

Keywords - Architect, ATL, C++, COM/DCOM, MFC, Project Lead, Project Management, Refactor, Sybase, UI.

Confidential -Albany, NY - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential makes “Human/Machine Interface” (HMI) software. This software monitors and controls large scale manufacturing systems such as a car assembly line plants, oil rigs and nuclear power plants.

  • Developed new features, modified existing toolset components and implemented bug fixes to the HMI toolset.
  • Toolset included multiple VC++ and VB applications,
  • XML was the primary means of data communications.
  • Added new and modified existing SQL tables and stored procedures.
  • High level resource that would be temporarily reassigned to problem areas as the need arose. This reassignment included being sent overseas to customer sites.

Keywords - COM/DCOM, MFC, Refactor, SQL Server UI, VB, VC++, XML.

Confidential -Lexington, MA - Architect/Project Lead

Confidential a medical device startup, developed a computer driven device that detected cervical cancer through the analysis of visible light and laser stimulated bioluminescent spectrum.

  • Multiple projects in multiple capacities, including project management, project lead, design, implementation and documentation of medical device and research software. Broadly speaking, the projects can be classified into three separate groups; software controlling a medical device, software to assist in research of data extracted from a medical device and live camera display for an SBIR program. In common with all of these various projects was the necessity to comply with the FDA’s CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for complete documentation, historical tracking and testing in order to meet the needs for validation and verification of all development efforts.


Confidential was a medical instrument that used both visible light and laser stimulated bioluminescence to find suspected cervical cancer tissue.

  • Implemented UI and multi-threaded application framework responsible for free running image display, data image capture, laser bioluminescence spectral capture, algorithm analysis, results display, data serialization and hard copy.
  • Keywords - Architect, ATL/COM/DCOM, FDA compliance, Multithreading, UI.


Confidential was a research program used to experiment with various algorithms to manipulate the spectral data.

  • Designed, implemented and documented the Confidential application and UI.
  • The spectral data was displayed in 2D line graphs.
  • The algorithm data was displayed as overlays on the image or as 3D graphs.
  • Algorithms were specified through a scripting language.
  • Keywords - Architect, ATL/COM/DCOM, FDA compliance, GUI, InstallShield 6.3, MFC, Multithreading, ODBC, Project Management, SQL Server, Stored Procedures, UI, XML.


The Confidential was a custom control that displayed image data.

  • Design, created and documented the control which was used in multiple applications, including VB and Access.
  • This control displayed layered bitmaps, solid and translucent masks, alpha channel merging, collected annotation from a user and displayed informational overlays upon the images in addition to passing on user originated mouse events to the containing programming.
  • Keywords - ActiveX, Architect, ATL/COM/DCOM, FDA compliance, Intel Image Processing Library, MFC, UI, VB, VC++.


Confidential was a program designed to meet an SBIR contract’s requirements to research the effects of acetic acid over time on cervical tissue.

  • Designed, implemented and documented the application.
  • Recorded and saved still and live camera images from a stereoscopic colposcope.
  • Provided the means whereby to collect and save user image annotation.

Keywords - Architect, FDA compliance, GUI, live video/image capture, MFC, Multithreading, Project Lead, Project Management, UI.

Confidential , MA - Architect/Project Lead

Confidential provided a number of software products aimed at providing services for insurance companies.

  • Was involved with multiple projects in multiple capacities, including interfacing with customers, software deployment, project lead, project management, programming in Visual Basic, Visual C++, web site development, web application development, Visual Interdev, internationalization, QA and documentation.


This application acted as a central switchboard to route and translate data packets from any source to any destination.

  • Project management, design, QA, implementation and documentation of the system architecture for an automatic transaction routing system.
  • The central application provided a UI and routed transactions from multiple COM input servers to multiple output COM servers.
  • Each COM server was responsible for reading from and writing to a particular transport mechanism, including SQL Server via ADO, MS Confidential via ODBC, IBM MQSeries server, Microsoft’s MSMQ and FTP file transfers
  • Acted as the project manager and Confidential representative to the software suite’s customers.

Keywords - ADO, Architect, ATL 3.0, COM, DCOM, Event Logging, FrontPage, FTP, InterDev, MFC, MQSeries, MSMQ, Multithreading, ODBC, Project Management, SilkTest, SQL Server, UI, Unicode, XML.


Project management, design, and implementation of an automated build system.

  • The system did everything necessary in order to automatically build the entire product line from the latest sources, create installation software, install and execute a set of test scripts in order to verify that the resulting build has the baseline functionality.
  • In the event of a build failure, email is generated to notify the appropriate parties of the failure conditions.

Keywords - Project Management, SourceSafe, InstallShield 6.1, MFC, InterDev, FrontPage, SilkTest, Visual Basic.


This project automated customer helpdesk tracking, fulfillment of hardcopy documentation and customer sales campaigns for a customer call in service center.

  • Project management, design, QA, implementation and documentation of the system architecture.
  • The documents could be Word mail merge form letters or insurance forms produced by proprietary software.
  • Software monitored the contacts database in order to determine the appropriate next step in the customer campaign.

Keywords - Architect, COM, MFC, Pivotal Database, Project Management, SilkTest, UI, VBA, Word Macros.


Confidential was a distributed web application that provided the means wherein multiple insurance underwriting agencies could be asked to return a policy quote for a customer.

  • Project management, design, QA, implementation and documentation of the system architecture.
  • Web service was implemented in a combination of ASP, VBScript and JavaScript.
  • Keywords - ADO, Architect, ASP, ATL, COM, FTP, InterDev, JavaScript, MFC, Project Management, SQL Server, SilkTest, UI, VBScript, web application, XML.

Organization of legacy code

  • The company had a suite of legacy code whose source code control needed to be re-organized and modified so that bug fixes and revisions could be tracked.

Keywords - 16 bit C/C++, MASM, MFC, InstallShield 6.1, SourceSafe, Visual Basic.


  • Various small projects such as internal web sites and special application programs.

Keywords - Architect, Crystal Reports, FrontPage, IIS, Microsoft Project, Outlook macros, UI, Windows Scripting.

Confidential -Boylston, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential manufactures greeting cards and announcements and has an online presence whereby customers can order and view stationary, greeting cards, announcements and specialty printing. The customer specifies what is to be on the cards, the ink and font face. A proof is constructed and displayed. Payment was by credit card, billing or COD.

  • Added the ability for a customer to save and restore the order state so that a customer could resume a partially completed order.

Keywords - ASP, JavaScript, Microsoft Interdev, SQL Server 7, UI, VBA, VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual C++, web application.

Confidential -Franklin, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential makes top of the line PC board paste depositors.

  • Ported the vision system from Cognix running in DOS to ITEX running under Windows NT 4.0.

Keywords - Industrial Optics, Pneumatics, Robotics, Stepper Motors, UI, Vision Recognition, Visual Basic, Visual C++.

Confidential -Burlington, MA - Architect/Senior Software Engineer

Confidential makes a variety of card and key fobs that display a pseudo-randomly generated numerical sequence designed to provide an extra level of user authentication security.

  • Project management for all of the software components and made modifications to some of the hardware for a Fob manufacturing robot.
  • Organized the development of a suite of Windows NT tools needed to manually build and program the security devices.
  • Porting an existing suite of DOS 16 programs into a Windows environment.
  • Created a web server based tool to allow Sun and IBM systems to Confidential NT based tools.
  • Rewrote the MFC CRecordSet class to fix a bug in the SQL Server 6.5 cursor library.

Keywords - Architect, ASP, COM, Event Logging, Industrial Optics, ISAPI, MFC, NT Device Driver, OLE, Pneumatics, Project Management, Robotics, RPC, SQL Server, Stepper Motors, UI, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Vision Recognition.

Confidential -Hudson, MA - Project Manager/Senior Software Engineer

Confidential was a major manufacturer of computers and software.

  • Project manager of an integrated bug tracker and automated test scripting system.
  • Implemented a scripting system that captured QA key and mouse motions so that developers could duplicate the bug.

Keywords - Project Management, InstallShield, MFC, UI, Visual Test, and Visual Basic.

Confidential -Waltham, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made streaming video software for both consumers and suppliers of content.

  • Customized Confidential ’s internet videophone for PictureTel.
  • Designed, documented and implemented a streaming media creation program for internet web sites.

Keywords - Image Capture, MFC internals, Microsoft Video for Windows, Multimedia, TAPI, UI, Win95.

Confidential -Cambridge, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential was a startup that commercialized Kerberos, a secure data communications system.

  • Ported the Kerberos library, its client and server applications from UNIX to windows.
  • Among the applications were FTP, Telnet and RPC.
  • Created a replacement for MsGina.

Keywords - Clear Case, FTP, MsGINA, Kerberos, Perl, RPC, NT, Telnet, UI, UNIX, WinSock.

Confidential -Newton, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential makes an expert system.

  • Modified, updated, fixed bugs and added new features to an existing expert systems product.

Keywords - UI, Visual Basic

Confidential -Danvers, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made an IBM compatible BIOS and a variety of utility applications for major computer manufacturers.

  • Modified Compaq Presario's fax user interface to use multibyte character sets (MBCS) and accept input via the MLE so as to work with the Japanese character set.
  • Created a Win32 DLL to work as an interface between voice recognition, fax and telephone answering services.

Keywords - Fax, MFC, SDK, DDK, Win32, MBCS, MLE, UI.

Confidential -Marlboro, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential was a major manufacturer of computers and software.

  • Implemented TCP/IP, CTerm, LAT and Telnet communications for a Windows in ROM PC.
  • Wrote a replacement for Program Manager with specialized configuration setup applets.
  • Internationalized for French, German and Spanish.
  • Implemented Kermit protocol and user interface for a VT240 terminal emulator for Window, Power Book, and Confidential Alpha.

Keywords - BIOS, C, C++, Confidential Pathworks, Kermit, Masm, NT, ROM Windows, TCP/IP, Terminal Emulator, UI, WinSock.

Confidential -Danvers, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made an IBM compatible BIOS and a variety of utility applications for major computer manufacturers.

  • Created an automated fax registration program for Eclipse Fax.
  • Added a DDE interface to Eclipse Fax.
  • Wrote Home Office, a replacement user interface for Program Manager.
  • Created an automated build system.

Keywords - C, C++, DDE, DLL, Fax, MFC, Perl, SDK, UI.

Confidential -Cambridge, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made workflow management software.

  • Converted DLLs originally written in Borland 3.1 C++ to MSVC C++ DLLs.
  • Created a new user client interface in MSVC C++ that communicated over PCNFS or Netware to a server back end.
  • Wrote an installation program using InstallShield.
  • Created an automated system for constructing the nine distribution disks required for a client installation.

Keywords - Clear Case, Borland 3.1, C++, InstallShield, MFC, MSVC 1.5, UI.

Confidential -Huntsville, AL - Vice-president

Confidential was a small family owned aerospace subcontractor.

  • Vice president in charge of computer operations.
  • Responsible for hardware specification, purchase, and maintenance of everything computer related.
  • Specified all computer related aspects in contract submissions.

Keywords - Computer management, project management.

Confidential -Lexington, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential is a financial institution. Confidential was developing an operating environment that hosted a set of tools that composed an extensive financial and securities applications suite.

  • Designed and created a task manager, scheduled job launcher, calendar and multiple automated test suites.
  • The task manager provided a means whereby user supplied data could be associated with an application for use when the application was later invoked.
  • The scheduled job launcher associated a time and repeat conditions with a task, launching the job at the appropriate time and rescheduling the job in an appropriate manner, taking into account holidays.
  • The test suite provided a means whereby the individual modules could be functionally verified without requiring human intervention.

Keywords - SDK, DLL, ODBC, SQL, Gupta, Microsoft Visual C++, UI.

Confidential -Danvers, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made an IBM compatible BIOS and a variety of utility applications for major computer manufacturers.

  • Created a phone centric program that combined fax, voice answering, data communications and personal info rmation manager all into one application.
  • Created a Program Manager like application to launch and monitor the fax driver, fax user interface, voice answering program and accessories.

Keywords - FAX, SDK, DDK, XBASE, DLLs, UI.

Confidential -Braintree, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential is a large financial institution.

  • Created a transaction monitoring program that provided various degrees of detailed information on the state of financial transactions from an external location, through various Confidential facilities and on to the final external destination.
  • Trades information was stored on multiple UNIX Oracle servers and a Sybase DB hosted on an IBM mainframe.
  • Information on the transactions was presented to the user in increasing levels of detail.
  • The PC application user interface was built using PowerBuilder.
  • Assistant routines were created with C and C++ and placed into DLL's that were called from the main application.

Keywords - C, C++, PowerBuilder, Oracle, Sybase, UI, UNIX.

Confidential -Billarica, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential was a fax manufacturer.

  • Created a fax printer driver and test programs to insure functionality.

Keywords - C, device driver, MASM, DDK.

Confidential -Boston, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential is a major investment company.

  • Wrote multiple Windows applications that facilitated institutional portfolio management.
  • Wrote a toolbox of controls to be used to collect and validate of user input on accounts, securities and transactions.

Keywords - C, dbVista, DLLs, SDK, UI.

Confidential -San Jose, CA - Senior Software Engineer/Architect

Confidential was a small software house selling a database product.

  • Designed and implemented a cross tabulation module, report generator, label printer, color and font specification system.

Keywords - Architect, C, dBase file formats, SDK, UI, XBASE.

Confidential -Cambridge, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential is a drug company.

  • Created a Windows based X windows server and a test program to exercise its functionality.

Keywords - C, SDK, TCP/IP, UI, X Windows.

Confidential -Auburndale, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential made software for insurance companies.

  • Designed and prototyped a method that enabled a user to launch and manage multiple Windows applications.
  • Ported a number of applications to PenWindows.
  • Altered existing applications to use a proprietary method of handwritten character recognition.
  • Extensive DDE additions and bug fixing in the existing product line FormLink.
  • Designed an application to display and accept user input of insurance industry standard Acord forms.

Keywords - C, dbVista, DDK, SDK, DDE, DLLs, handwritten character recognition, Project Management, UI.

Confidential -Framingham, MA - Senior Software Engineer

Confidential was a computer manufacturer.

  • Developed a Windows program to read dBase files and produce a layout of computer configurations based on the projected items to be sold to a customer. The salesperson could then further manipulate and annotate the resulting image and give the customer a printed copy.

Keywords - C, SDK, UI.

Confidential -Sudbury, MA - Software Engineer

Confidential was a network company.

  • Wrote a dual protected mode/real mode DECnet compatible network driver.

Keywords - C, device driver, DDK, SDK and DPMI.

Confidential -Boston, MA - Software Engineer

Confidential sold software products designed for high level corporate executives.

  • Provided a number of image manipulation functions.
  • Created special purpose tools as required for documentation such as a screen grabber that also captured the cursor.

Keywords - C, SDK, UI.

Confidential -Auburndale, MA - Software Engineer

Confidential made software for insurance companies.

  • Implemented a Windows program that created the data entry forms used by FormLink.

Keywords - C, Desktop Applications, DLL's, SDK, UI.

Confidential -Marlborough, MA - Software Engineer

Confidential was a major manufacturer of computers and software.

  • Engaged in an OEM adaptation of Windows 2.0, Win286 and Win386.
  • Designed and implemented Windows drivers.
  • Created automatic test programs to verify the drivers.

Keywords - C, Device drivers, DDK, DLLs, MASM, RS232, SDK, UI.

Confidential -Lincoln/Burlington, MA - Instructor

  • Taught advanced practical programming
  • Responsible for developing and presenting the course syllabus.

Keywords - C, course development, MASM

Confidential -Cambridge, MA - Software Engineer I

  • Ported a Macintosh graphics library to Windows.

Keywords - C, SDK

Confidential -Woburn, MA - Software Engineer

  • Developed a customized Windowing user interface for a 2kx2k graphics workstation.
  • Implemented TCP/IP transport between scanner, optical disk jukebox, laser printer and VAX devices.

Keywords - C, DOS, MASM, TCP/IP, UI.

Confidential -Framingham, MA - Software Engineer

  • Developed a laser disk recorder/player device driver.
  • Wrote C, BASIC and FORTRAN libraries to interface application programs with the Confidential operating system.
  • Created automated test programs to verify functionality of device drivers and library code.

Keywords - BASIC, C, Device drivers, DOS applications, Fortran, libraries, MASM

Confidential -Lowell, MA - Software Engineer

  • Engaged in OEM adaptation of the preemptive multi-tasking version of MSDOS4.
  • Created an expanded memory ramdisk device driver that took into account task switching.

Keywords - C, libraries, MSDOS 4 operating system port and applications, and MASM

Confidential -Acton, MA - Software Engineer

  • Wrote a VT240 emulator.
  • Implemented video, print, RS232 serial port drivers.
  • OEM adaptation of GWBASIC, Windows 1 and 2.
  • Ported 1-2-3, Symphony, DESQ, DRI's GSX and LOGO to Rainbow.

Keywords - Applications, C, device drivers, DDK, MASM, RS232, Windows SDK, UI.

Confidential, NH – Embedded Software Engineer

  • Implemented ROM software for a streaming tape recorder.
  • Made a number of interface modules for use in a production environment for the purpose of interfacing a computer with various test equipment.

Keywords - 6502 assembler, RS232, IEEE-488

Confidential, MA - Software Engineer

  • Implemented automated test programs for the Patriot missile’s ground and Confidential component PC boards.

Keywords - FORTRAN, Raytel, RS232, IEEE-488

Confidential -Cambridge, MA - Hardware/Software Engineer

Confidential made smart point of sales terminals.

  • Designed and prototyped a 68K based computer.
  • Designed and prototyped a bitsliced 144k baud six channel serial port card.

Keywords - 68000 assembler, AMD 2901 microcode, RS232, Z80 assembler

Confidential -Waltham, MA - Hardware technician

Confidential was a solar cell research company.

  • Built and documented a robotic solar cell masker.

Keywords - robotic manufacturing machinery, metal work

Confidential -Hingham, MA - Hardware technician

Confidential was a manufacturer of fire alarms.

  • Performed hardware engineering tech functions on analog and digital electronics.

Keywords - hardware technician

Confidential -Marlborough, MA - Hardware technician

  • Repaired PDP-11 magnetic memory.
  • Analog and digital electronics repair.

Keywords - hardware technician

Confidential -Milford, MA - Hardware Engineer

  • Prototyped a switching power supply and other hardware devices.
  • Analog and digital electronics.

Keywords - hardware technician

Confidential -Newton, MA - Hardware Engineer

  • Built a laser ranging and directional measuring device.
  • Digital electronics.

Keywords - hardware technician

Confidential , MA - Hardware EngineerI

  • Was a prototyping and rep Confidential tech.
  • Wire wrapped computer boards.
  • Digital electronics.

Keywords - hardware technician

Confidential -Atlanta, GA – Owner/Hardware Engineer

Confidential was a small company that catered to the needs of professional musicians.

  • I owned and operated my own small electronic rep Confidential business.
  • Analog electronics.

Keywords- hardware technician

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