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Senior .net Developer Resume

Fairfax, VA


  • 10+ years of IT experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of web/business applications using Agile Methodologies like Scrum.
  • Extensive knowledge of applying Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) for modeling a system as a group of interacting objects and implementing the system using Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Experience in web development using ASP, Visual Basic, ADO, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script and VB Script.
  • Expertise in developing N-tier flexible and highly scalable web applications using Visual Studio.NET 2008/2010, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, ADO.NET 2.0/3.5, VB.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
  • Implemented AJAX functionality to improve the responsiveness.
  • Involved in developing and organizing Custom Error pages and Exception Handling.
  • Experience in using WCF services to store files in a repository, using a file storage service and hosted the service using multiple end points. Also used WCF for coding Business Layer
  • Creating web services for the different processes for easy customization of each customer.
  • Experience in using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) query and retrieve data from different data sources (LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to SQL).
  • Firm understanding of RDBMS and experience with writing Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions using MS SQL Server.
  • Experience in dealing with different databases like DB2, MySQL, Oracle.
  • Experience in converting applications in classic asp to asp.net.
  • Experience in creating and consuming Web Services.
  • Worked on .NET Security features such as Authentication & Authorization, Windows Based Authentication, Forms based Authentication, Authorizing Users and Roles.
  • Extensively worked on SQL Queries, Stored procedures, Triggers using T-SQL in MS SQL Server.
  • Ability to work with source management tools like Team Foundation Server (TFS), Subversion (SVN) and Visual Source Safe (VSS).
  • Acquainted to working with SSIS packages for supporting application in a support role.
  • Created reports using SSRS.
  • Good communication skills, team player, self-motivated, ability to handle multitasking, hard working and result oriented.


.Net Technologies: .Net Framework (4.0), WCF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ

Web Server: IIS

Markup & Scripting: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, VB Script, PHP, Java Script, XML, XSL

Languages: C#,VB. NET, T-SQL, PL/SQL

RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server (2008), Oracle, MS-Access, MySQL.

Applications: Visual Studio. Net, Dream Weaver, MS-Office

Operating Systems: Windows NT/ 2000/ XP/Vista/ 7


Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Role: Senior .Net Developer

Project: ETK – EMMA


  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to code the business logic layer.
  • Used Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to import and export different modules by lazy loading for communication between the different layers of the application like DAL, DM, UI, BLL.
  • Modified the EDMX for the changes to the database objects.
  • Extensively uses LINQ to objects and Lambda Expressions to do the calculations involved in Business Logic.
  • Involved in design and coding of Imported Materials Calculations for locations for the SSRS report.
  • Involved in coding of Escalation Rate Calculation for the Material Datapoints for the SSRS report.
  • Created new UI screens using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and MVVM for Miscellaneous Datapoints and also creating the business logic to retrieve and save them to the database.
  • Familiar with Infragistics Datagrid control.
  • Familiar with WWF while in support role.
  • Worked on Role Based Security for EMMA Application by challenging the Active Directory using Directory Services to get the Groups that the user belongs to and assigning then to the appropriate permissions to access EMMA.
  • Worked on supporting the application as a Team and as a sole developer and experienced in handling every aspect of the application.
  • Developed SSRS Reports using the Business Intelligence Development Studio.
  • Involved in writing scripts using SQL Server to import data in the maintenance phase of the application for quick work around. Created lots of views to optimize performance of some modules.
  • Used XML schemas to import and export data.

Environment: WCF, WPF, MEF, Entity Framework, MVVM, C#, TFS, MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, SSRS.

Confidential, Winston-Salem, NC

Role: .NET Developer

Project 1: Confidential

Confidential is a Pharmacy Reconciliation and Contract Management web portal that enables daily reconciliation of claims (prescription data) and payments, and electronically matches individual claims directly to carrier contracts to validate that the paid amount meets contract terms.


  • Responsible for designing, coding, testing and supporting Contract Management module.
  • Implemented custom paging, sorting, and validations on grid views as a standard on most grids.
  • Used Custom controls and User Controls in grid view and validated them.
  • Created classes and designed web forms with front–end screens using ASP.NET, AJAX and JavaScript to change the contract entry according to the new business rule validations.
  • Used IE Developer Tools and Firebug on making spectrum cross browser compatible by resolving the JavaScript issues and rebranded the look and feel of the website by creating new CSS.
  • Created Excel templates with validations using VBA macros for providing to Wal-Mart
  • Created new modules to import and export contracts from Excel using third party tools like Spreadsheet Gear for on boarding new customers as large as Wal-Mart.
  • Created WCF service to implement the import process and consumed the service to return the parsed spreadsheet as a .net object.
  • Modified and created new reports using SSRS.
  • Debugged and executed stored procedures in the backend before creating objects.
  • Used large datasets to retrieve data.
  • Created deployment scripts for deploying Database Changes
  • Used TFS for version control and experienced in publishing and deploying code from TFS
  • Acquainted to SCRUM Agile Software Development Methodology.
  • Worked in a support role to support the spectrum product.
  • Running SSIS packages necessary to fix the data issues on the spectrum product while working in support.

Environment: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, TFS, MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server 2008, SSRS.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Role: Senior .NET Developer

Project 1: Confidential

Confidential l is the portal that is designed for its customers to manage, manipulate and keep track of their purchase orders, invoices, aggregated statement of their devices, sales orders, data usage and costs with respect to the customer, reseller and the organization for each of the carriers like ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc.


  • The user logs in with a unique access to the portal depending on their role.
  • Created Classes to generalize the Code Using C#.
  • Involved in the Object Based Design and Service Oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Designed web forms with front–end screens using ASP.NET, AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Debugged and executed stored procedures in the backend before creating objects.
  • Implemented custom paging, sorting and grid search as a standard on most grids.
  • Used Custom controls and User Controls.
  • Implemented AJAX using AJAX Toolkit.
  • Creating web services for the different processes for easy customization of each customer.
  • Using ADO.NET objects for this project like use of in-built Namespace (Sqlconnection, Sqldataadapter, Sqldataset etc.) for Data Access Layer with SQL Server.
  • Good use of ASP.NET Web Forms, Web services, ASP.NET State Management, ASP.NET Caching features, configuring ASP.NET optimizations, securing ASP.NET web application.
  • Implemented custom Forms Authentication to authenticate the user and restricted access to certain features based on user login and role.
  • Extensively used large datasets to retrieve data.
  • Implemented auto page refresh for few pages which display data.
  • Created an Email Alert System which is an application of a set of scripts that are run every 72 hours, 120 hours and 148 hours to see the incomplete orders and notify OTBT, the Reseller and the Customer about the orders.
  • Created email templates and used them to dynamically produce temporary passwords for the activations.
  • Used Tortoise SVN for version control.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2008, HTML, JavaScript, Tortoise SVN, MS Visual Studio 2005.


The BB Configurator is a tool on the Reseller Portal. This is used to get the licenses, support and devices needed by the reseller according to the requirements of the customer.


  • Developed a tool using ASP.Net and C#.
  • Extensively used Iframes to embed different pages with the results for the licenses, support and devices.
  • Created ASP.NET Web Controls with AJAX integrated for improving performance.
  • Used ASP.NET validation controls (Required field validator, regular expression validator, compare validator, range validator).
  • The part numbers related to the licenses, support and devices are retrieved from the MS SQL SERVER using ADO.NET.
  • Email Notifications to be automatically sent to the OTBT sales with the details of the selections and the sales representative details to contact if the number of services needed by the customer exceeds 5000 users version control.
  • Error handling and form validation are handled and customized error messages are displayed.
  • Developed test cases and scenarios and performed quality assurance tasks to test the application.
  • Used Tortoise SVN for version control.

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Iframes, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server 2008, JavaScript, Tortoise SVN, MS Visual Studio 2005.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Role: .NET Developer

Project: Confidential

Description: Confidential is an internal web based application used by NETIQ to manage and store security bulletins released by Microsoft from The National Vulnerability Database web site. This AMS site written in Classic ASP had to be migrated to ASP.Net.

It was an agile environment where we use to have a daily scrum with the business people and all the team members to discuss the completed tasks and the upcoming tasks.


  • The module accesses the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) website to download the XML feeds which has the CVEs. The XML feed is parsed to retrieve the CVEs and their related bulletins are downloaded from the NVD in the form of html.
  • Involved in re-skinning the existing ASP pages and creating new CSS for the pages.
  • Created Ajax enabled web pages to populate the details in the grid view
  • Designed Master Pages and Content Pages.
  • Added the newly created Ajax enabled WebPages to the existing master pages
  • Converted the existing VB.net code to the C# code
  • Developed XML schemas, XML for the developing the menu tags
  • Used different ASP.NET web controls like Grid view, Calendar, Object data source
  • Developed new Win forms in Visual Studio.Net
  • Worked with master pages, skins and CSS styles
  • Worked in writing the ADO.NET classes to persist data to SQL server database
  • Worked with SQL server 2005 as the backend database for writing the complex stored Procedures
  • Worked under agile development environment along with the business people
  • Did the analysis of the existing asp.net pages for adding the additional functionality
  • Developed custom controls using C# language
  • Written Java Script functions for getting the current time on the web pages
  • Documented all the tasks completed

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Visual Studio.Net 2003/2005, AJAX, VB.Net, Web Services, Winforms, XML, SQL Server 2000/2005, AJAX.

Confidential, PA

Role: .NET Developer

Description: Confidential its losses by following preventive maintenance through conducting regular inspections of the insured/to-be-insured assets. LCS is an application that enables ACE analysts to create, track and manage their inspections and designate the work to its engineers. A set procedure is followed for insuring the asset and/or fulfilling contractual obligations towards the client. The process is typically initiated by the underwriter who fills up an RFS (Request for Service). The inspection request can also be initiated by a Service Manager as well and sent to ACE for completion. The Group Manager assigns this service request to the appropriate engineer based on expertise and workload, and tracks the status of the request. This application totally automates and customizes the workflow such that all the groups based on their entitlements can log into the system, view and assign jobs, upload status reports and monitor progress.


  • Involved in use cases documentation.
  • Developing Core Reusable components utilizing C# .Net,ASP.Net and Oracle 9i
  • Troubleshoot defects and malfunctions in program code
  • Created stored procedures, functions, triggers using sql server.
  • Worked on validating ASP.NET web pages using Custom and inbuilt validation facilities in .net environment.
  • Published Web services using C#.NET to interact with the other applications and exposed them using SOAP and HTTP
  • Designed and developed ASP.NET pages including Master and Navigation pages
  • Developed a Win forms application using VB.NET that exports profile information for orders placed online, from the SQL database using ADO.NET
  • Implemented Data Gridview adding, deleting, sorting of rows for all the contacts and addresses of clients.
  • Used AJAX for improving the performance of the application.
  • Designed the web forms using C# .NET.
  • Designed and Developed Web Application Security Model using Forms authentication configured Web.config and Machine.config files accordingly.
  • Extensively used ASP. Net’s Rich Controls like Calendar controls, Page headers, page footers and the menus etc.
  • Used JavaScript for Client-side controls validation.
  • Implemented various levels of caching like Page and Fragment Caching
  • Created user controls.
  • Involved in User and Integration testing.
  • Deployed web application on Internet Information Server for production.
  • Implemented source control using Visual Source Safe.

Environment: ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.NET, JavaScript, T-SQL, Oracle 9i, SSAS, IIS, XML, HTML, SOAP, Visual Studio 2005

Confidential, Austin, TX

Role: .NET Developer

Description: Confidential is a manufacturer of Smartcards for telecom service providers . Smartcard products are delivered to different service providers like CINGULAR, VODAPHONE, T-MOBILE and NTT etc., which require automated sales environment. Sales Automation deals with the Inventory & Material management, Order Processing and print schedules. The front-end provides user-friendly interfaces, Invoice report generation and Pending Order processing information. Inventory system covers the processes of raising requirement, calling for quotations, processing quotations, placing purchase order, tracking the purchase order, tracking the payment, receiving the material, stocking the material and issue of the material.


  • Analyze, design and develop web-based database driven Intranet application programs and components to support business requirements utilizing ASP.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET & SQL Server 2000.
  • Created dynamic GUIs with .Net Web Controls and Data Bound Web Forms.
  • Worked in ASP.NET on Web Forms, web services, state Management, configuring ASP.NET optimizations, and securing web application.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Dataset and Data Adapter, for consistent access to SQL 2000/2005 data sources.
  • Created Queries, Sub queries, Stored Procedures, Joins using T-SQL
  • Used C#.NET for creating classes of this application.
  • Integrated Crystal Reports with ASP.NET & C#.NET pages.
  • Developed business objects in C#.NET for implementation of business logic.
  • Deployed Web Services according to the business requirement.
  • Designed and developed an XML based caching, XML/XSL grid sorting and drop-down list functions, well versed in XSLT and XPATH expression.

Environment: C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Crystal Reports 9, XML, XSLT, XPATH, SQL Server 2000, IIS, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Source Safe, MKS Integrity Manager, Visual Studio.NET 2003


Role: .NET Developer

Project: Confidential

This is a web application built using web forms classes of the .NET framework whose goal is to bring the best Automotive Classified. This involves maintenance of cars and dealers, dealer registration, login, admin panel, user panel where a user can register and search for cars of his need, adding car makers, models, interface to add cars and view or modify the status of cars, reports of analyzed data, manage customers, manage requests, manage representatives, hotline panel, processing mobile requests, billing report per dealer, data export. This car trading system can be accessed through SMS


  • Created web pages using ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Java Script.
  • Used ASP.NET validation controls (Required field validator, regular expression validator, compare validator, range validator).
  • Created Web Services in C#.
  • Designed and developed data access layer to retrieve the data from SQL Server 2000 using C# and ADO.NET.
  • Application update model via HTTP (no-touch deployment).
  • Data collision handling.
  • Printing and Print Preview of reports.
  • Created ASP.NET Web Controls with AJAX integrated for improving performance.
  • To perform validations and catch the events on client’s browser, Java Script was used.
  • Used C#, ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit controls like Script Manager, Update Panel and Modal Popup Extender within some web pages.
  • Created Web.Config file for own setting of the application by writing database connection string and user authentication to control user access to application features.
  • Designed administrative features to manage website. Created user interface for all administrative uses.
  • Simulated a prototype using the Bluetooth dongle for the demonstration of the sms feature.

Environment: Microsoft ASP.Net, C#.Net, Java Script, Ajax, HTML, IIS, SQL Server 2000, MS Visual Studio 2003

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