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.net Web Developer Resume

Objective: Find a hands on Architect position that will leverage my .NET skills and encourage professional growth. I enjoy collaborating in a team environment both to learn and mentor others. Prefer an AGILE work environment with the latest technologies to provide innovative state of the art integrated business solutions. Prefer utilizing multiple platforms web, windows and smart phones with middle tier. Can work with minimum supervision but also enjoy mentoring others.

Interests: Mobile Apps, Architecture, Middle Tier, Web Tier and JQuery.

Skills: C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, LINQ, AJAX, WCF, XAML, Windows Tile, .NET 3.5; 2005/2008 MSRS, OOP/OOD, VB6, SQL, XML, ASP, HTML, MTS/COM+, COM/DCOM, ADO, MSMQ, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008 , DTS/SSIS, stored procedures, Performance Monitor, Profiler, ER Studio, SourceSafe, VSN, Visio, Team Foundation Server


  • 17+ years developing software on a variety of platforms.
  • 13+ years developing software using Microsoft technologies, including .NET, VB6, ASP and SQL
  • 10+ years developing with .NET technologies, up to .Net 3.5, with C#,VB.NET, ASP.NET, Reporting Services, Ajax, LINQ
  • 17+ years SQL queries SQL Server, Oracle
  • 4 years as SQL Server DBA including versions 7, 2000,2005 and 2008. Performed data migrations for 100+ gigabyte databases. Proficient with SSIS/DTS packages.
  • 10+ years of object - oriented n-tier development with a service-oriented approach (SOA). Place emphasis on providing scalable, reusable, reliable and high performing solutions.
  • Enjoy learning the business to become the subject matter expert. Also enjoy working with end users to improve day-to-day operations.

Work Experience:

Web Architect for Confidential

Hired at Confidential to convert 7 customer facing Java Portals to Microsoft .Net. Started as a WCF middle tier developer. Developing factories, controllers, unity and implementing logging. Later I was promoted to Lead and manager of the middle tier development team. After that I became the Web team’s technical architect adding the Web front end to my scope of responsibilities. Worked on Web site improvements adding business objects, MVP patterns, caching and asynchronous frameworks. Focused on performance improvements and reliability. Currently an Enterprise Architect working on the cross functionality between SAP, WCF Middle tier and Web front end. Working with the development team on improving programming practices, normalizing data access points, developing regression acceptance tests and reducing developer defects in QA and production environments. Developed a Windows Tile proof of concept. I continue to work on R & D and special projects for my VP and director of IT

.Net Web Developer/Middle Tier for Confidential

Independently developed and supported a global Intranet Web Application utilizing .Net 3.5, MS AJAX and SQL Server 2008. The application provided an easy to use interface to capture valuable information from our Service Engineers to track issues with the equipment they maintained in the field. The application tracked issues and how they were resolved. The system is easy to navigate and search historical data for quick reference of prior conditions on equipment being worked on. The application tracked time spent and material usage for work performed allowing management to see cost of work and measure effectiveness of Service Engineers. The application had as many as 1500 active users world wide 24 hours a day. The application became one of the top utilized applications in the company and integrated with other company applications including SAP.

Developed a time reporting system integrated into the main application and bridged the gap with SAP. The time reporting system used the Service Call Information to pre populate the time reporting system and read data from SAP to allow users to quickly and accurately record their hours into SAP using a .NET Web front end.

Developed a reporting infrastructure using .net 3.5 and 2008 Reporting Services. Developed custom reports for senior and middle management to track Service Engineers costs, performance and effectiveness.

Developed a WCF layer within an n-tier environment utilizing LINQ to SQL and LINQ to SAP. Developed integrated process for the .Net app to talk to SAP using ERP Connect. Researched methods for integrating into SAP, selected a low cost highly flexible solution that provide rich integration with SAP. Read directly from SAP and wrote data through ABAP/4 interfaces which the SAP team provided all exposed with WCF. Established SSO authentication from Web app to SAP.

.NET New Product Developer for Confidential

Developed a middle-tier framework using .NET 1.1/2.0 (C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET) to facilitate rapid development of FSA administration products. This architecture provides strongly typed interfaces and a loosely coupled back-end. Utilizes IIS remoting and web services to make the framework available to ASP, ASP.NET, VB6 and .NET WinForm clients. Benefits of this framework include: reduced redundancy by centralizing business rules, improved security by controlling data access, enhanced scalability by leveraging IIS load balancer, reduced database traffic by utilizing MSMQ in a process communication layer. Also developed a set of web user controls with ASP.NET and C# to easily integrate the middle-tier business objects.

Saved the mass transit product line by assisting the business unit with defining product expectations, identifying inconsistencies with the previous process, and providing tools to clearly display pertinent information. Provided new user interfaces (VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .net 2.0) that exposed $3.8 Million of overpayments to participants. Made recommendations to executive management on the funds recovery process by which we recovered over 90% of our losses. In addition to correcting the process, also built in the auto funds recovery feature. Prior to re-engineering the process, we had a steady loss of transit clients, but no loss of transit clients since. This improved product is a contributing factor in the acquisition of new business, including our largest-to-date new client.

Other projects include enhancements to existing enterprise applications (web-based and WinForms) using ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, VB6 and ASP. All projects require interaction with end-users, developing flow charts and implementation outlines, building unit test plans and test applications, and creating QA documentation. Also provide end support for production applications and processes related to the FSA product lines. Have become the IT business knowledge expert for 4 major product lines and various smaller products. Heavily sought after as the lead .NET developer.

Senior .Net Developer and Senior DBA for Confidential

Created new revenue streams by developing satellite communication products for real-time remote monitoring and controlling oil and gas wells. Developed a Windows client application (WinApp) that interfaced with Orbcomm and EMS satellite providers using VB6. Implemented service-oriented architecture (SOA) to import data to SQL Server databases by using .NET file system watcher, MSMQ, XML, VB.NET, and ADO.NET. Developed a web application for clients to view production reports and interact with remote wells using ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET. Developed a set of web user controls that provided common functionality for the web application using ASP.NET, VB.NET and ADO.NET.

Made significant improvements to the well production management report. Improved loading time from up to 2 hours to under 1 minute by redeveloping the SQL query and utilizing object caching with the ASP.NET session state. Extended 5-day viewing limitation to an unlimited date range. Eliminated 20 wells per page viewing restrictions by allowing user to specify any number of records per page. Added sorting features by any column and conditional formatting to highlight problematic wells. Provided instant exports to Excel and/or XML formats.

Redesigned a VB6 customer administration tool with ASP.NET, VB.NET and ADO.NET. Improved the interfaces for client setup, user setup and security management. Provided secure remote administration for internal users. Eliminated manual database edits required because of missing or broken functions in the VB6 version. Decreased time required to manage client accounts by providing intuitive, functional web interfaces.

Tuned the primary databases by archiving historical data, repairing data integrity, managing indexes/constraints and optimizing highly used stored procedures. Reduced CPU usage from 80+% to under 30%. This allowed the servers to support an increased number of clients and removed the need to purchase additional production SQL servers. Also, performed database maintenance and production support for 6 SQL Servers. DBA duties included: monitoring database performance, managing back up and recovery processes, creating maintenance plans, managing user permissions, applying OS patches and upgrades to SQL Server. In addition, developed stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers and DTS packages. Responsible for maintaining and creating new relational database models.

Prepared requirements, user guides, help files, design documents and cost/risk analysis for new development projects. Provided training sessions for end users and technical presentations for developers. Adapted easily to shifting priorities based on business needs. Worked regularly with senior management, including the President, for new development projects and support issues.

Consultant for Adea Solutions at Confidential

Created a process to migrate data from JD Edwards to Essbase for analysis. Project required designing a relational database and writing DTS packages, stored procedures and views. Also provided an automated email notification system to communicate status and errors. Performed full life-cycle development and provided Visio flowcharts and database diagrams.

VB6 Application Developer and SQL Server DBA for Confidential

Worked with the DBA to develop a normalized relational database to replace 10+ custom client databases and migrated all clients to the new platform. Developed n-tier reusable components that interacted with the new relational database utilizing MTS/COM+. Took on additional responsibilities by providing technical leadership, attended SQL server 2000 training class and became the team’s database developer (team of 12). Redesigned the DTS data imports and reduced processing times (over 100 Gigabytes) from over 24 hours to under 20 minutes. Also developed a field mapping utility using ActiveX controls to convert non standard file formats to the new standard file layout. This application stored unique client file mappings and vb scripts for custom field parsing and allowed for non developer resources to manage the data imports. We broadened our market with larger clients, improved reliability and reduced implementation costs.

Developed a new client application in VB6 to allow external clients to view claim images and keyed information. The application also included interfaces for clients to key their own claims. This provided a scaled down claims processing service which attracted additional clients.

Developed a dynamic business rules engine to provide a configurable keying application using Formware. Options included specification of what fields to capture, order of presentation and custom rules to apply to each field. Also provided an administration tool in VB6 to manage the configurations.

Developed project outlines including: business need, research, process break down, time estimates, allocate resources and technical specs. Also developed proof of concept models using SQL and VB and created technical presentations of research.

March 1997 - Aug 1998: SAP ABAP/4 developer for Confidential

  • SAP on a SUN UNIX OS with an Informix database.
  • Performed Data transformations from IBM Mainframe into SAP Informix Database. Over a tetra byte of data involving sales history and A/R records. Transformed data from flat structures into relational models. Performed periodic data transformations while systems ran in parallel.
  • Job responsibilities included: Full Life Cycle ABAP/4 programming, SAP support, performance enhancements, transports, OSS fixes and testing. Developed ABAP/4 programs, views, logical databases, and UNIX Scripts.
  • System administer of SCO UNIX servers running Digatex business software.
  • Supported the following SAP business modules: FI, A/R, A/P, S&D, MM and Purchasing.
  • Project leader for a software conversion of A/R and S&D from an IBM mainframe to SAP.
  • EDI processing: SAP, Sterling Commerce, STX, and ProComm+ software.
  • Special Notes: Always received high performance ratings for my reviews.

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