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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Hartford, CT


Microsoft: C#, C++, .Net, VB, Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion

Unix: C++, Korn Shell, C - Shell, Java/J2EE, EJB, JDBC, Unix-Kernal, Multi-threading

Web Development: HTML, XML, Javascript, XSL, XSLT, Perl

Database Development: PL/SQL, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Oracle, Sybase/SQL Server,

Informix, DB2, Toad, Precise

Operating Systems: MVS, UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX), Windows, OS/2


Consultant - Confidential

Confidential (Concord, NH and Hartford, CT)

  • Solely, responsible for redesigning the interface of calculation engine with outside software tool, the major areas of work include:
  • Redesign interface from separate calculation engines to one common engine amongst several products
  • Convert source code from Visual C++ to C#
  • Update I/O interface from text file format to xml file format, utilizing .Net Framework
  • Update Lincoln’s desktop interface to a web version
  • Acted as tech liaison for Lincoln with outside software company In addition to the above responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the conversion of the Lincoln life insurance illustration system, particularly the calculation engine, to convert from C++ to C#, .Net system
  • Provided maintenance for the Lincoln life insurance illustration legacy system, as C++ , COM based calculation engines
  • Responsible for adding two new products to C++ Illustration system

Principal Software Engineer

Confidential (Merrimack, NH)

  • Responsible for managing/contributing to the creation of the Architecture Interface Plan (AIP) for the emerging market payroll system. This is a new system targeting Fidelity customers with 2 to 300 employees, currently 5,000 clients. The AIP is a collaboration of several distinct system groups, Enterprise Architecture, Data Warehouse, Data Replication, Fidelity Authorization and Security, Web Services(Websphere/JIL), Payroll core group, Fidelity web front end systems group. This document will provide senior management with a layout of the architecture, recommended software and timeline, including resources, to construct the new payroll system .
  • Responsible for support and enhancing the Fidelity Plan Sponsored Web Reporting Management site, a web front-end with an Oracle backend, across three platforms (IBM mainframe, Unix servers, PC clients) providing over 50,000 Fidelity clients the ability to order standard reports, adhoc reports in the Defined Contribution, Defined Benefits, Health and Welfare businesses. The reporting management application, provided load balancing, report scheduling, report templates, archiving and email notifications.

Senior Consultant/Project Lead

Confidential (Merrimack, NH)

  • Provided technical direction and coordination of various systems groups to provide email notifications to 50,000 Fidelity clients, regarding their reports. Notifications would be sent to administrators of plans to review, reject, approve reports for printing. The primary technology used for this enhancement were IBM’s Message Queue software for client/server, Java , Oracle PL/SQL , XML .
  • Added managed adhoc reporting to Fidelity’s Health & Welfare business, using a web application with an Oracle backend. The primary tools used in the construction, HTML , Javascript , C++ , Oracle PL/SQL - stored procedures,triggers.
  • Created a flexible database field selection method for adhoc reporting for Fidelity’s Deferred Comp business, via a web front-end. This feature allows Fidelity clients to customize field names, field attributes. The primary tools used in the construction , Java, C++, XML, XSLT, XSD, Javascript, Oracle PL/SQL - stored procedures, triggers .
  • Provided Fidelity clients with the option to select reports in either CSV and/or PDF format, via XML output produced by a web application. The principal aspect of this feature was to provide the report data in an XML file, created using C++ and Java , then to convert the XML data file to the selected format by using XSLT on the Unix server and send the file via FTP, to the client side.
  • Maintained/enhanced desktop version of Reporting Management System, written in Visual Basic , with Oracle backend.


Confidential (Portsmouth, NH)

  • Responsible for creating an automated reporting process using SQR and Unix C-shell scripts to the Group Market division, producing 25 monthly reports for several hundred clients
  • Responsible for creating a version control and code deployment process utilizing Unix SCCS
  • Principal architect for Casualty and Liability reports system utilizing Unix - C , SQR , Perl , and C-shell scripts triggered from mainframe batch process on a monthly basis .

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential (Westboro, MA)

  • Responsible for construction and technical support of D&B software called Asynchronous Remote Procedure Call (ARPC). The ARPC tool provides D&B applications the ability to execute Sybase stored procedures on multiple UNIX remote servers allowing multiple updates to databases simultaneously, via a multi-threading process, to manage several connections simultaneously and by incorporating the transaction management of Sybase's two-phase commit service. This tool was written in Unix - C with Sybase DB-Lib API's to run in a variety of environments
  • Responsible for the construction of enhancements to Smartstream product developed with Powerbuilder and Sybase

Owner / Developer

Confidential (Amherst, NH)

Constructed numerous processing modules, on a part time basis (averaging 30 hours/week), for a client /server Variable Annuity system using Progress Software versions 6 thru 7.3 This included the design, construction and debugging using Progress's ADE(Procedure Editor, User Interface Builder, Application Debugger etc.). The work involved converting the Version 6 character mode screens to the graphical interface using version 7. By using version 7 the modules were constructed using the MDI metaphor with the various graphical objects available such as browsers, buttons, frames, dialog boxes as well as various process options (triggers, system events).

Enterprise Architect

Confidential (Hartford, CT)

Responsible for the design of a client/server architecture for an Annuity and Pension administrative system. The basic premis for the design being an open, technology independent system. The basic design included a three-tier client/server model with OS/2 PM front end, a business layer on the Server with CICS/OS2 talking to CICS on the host. All data for the transactions on the client/server were database independent, provided by a Data Services layer on the server. This allowed for the transactions’ data to consist of DB2, Sybase, VSAM, etc., with the ability to change/add a new DBMS without changes to the front end or business layers. Responsible for the coding, testing, implementation of the user interface portion of the system using OS/2 PM, with Microsoft C. The front end was designed to accept various forms of input such as keyboard, diskette, tape, and image.

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