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Senior Programmer Resume

Belleville, NJ


  • A challenging on - site or telecommuting position in which I can make a significant contribution. Employment 2005-2008 Innovative Micro Systems Seaford, DE Senior Programmer
  • Designed and developed customer management, renewal process, and modeling software on contract to INTEGRA Administrative Group, Inc., a leader in the self-insurance/TPA industry. Front end modules were written in VB, Access/VBA, and C# .NET. The back end was SQL Server. The primary C# module was a multithreaded WPF email notification system. The UI thread allowed the administrator to manage notifications, data point subscriptions, and subscribers. The service thread monitored the database and emailed notifications to subscribers of auditable events. I introduced INTEGRA to the concept of writing the test before the code and pair programming.
  • Using C# .NET designed and developed a web service to deliver catalog information and a web site to consume the services.


Confidential, DE Independent Consultant

  • For EquityLink in Confidential, designed and developed a Client/Server Real Estate management system. The system included client tracking, tenant tracking, credit tracking, HUD Closing, small property management, risk assessment, proposal, and reporting modules. The system evolved from a small Excel/Access system. The front end was Access, C++, with a SQL Server back end. Development to connect Satellite offices in CA and OH via the WEB using .NET had begun when EquityLink was sued and closed for new business (they eventually won the suit, but by then it was too late). This was a large project running from 2002-2005.
  • For Confidential in Wyomissing, PA I completed a number of smaller projects. I built a framework to automate a series of TQM training workbooks. The code (VB6) provided the structure and workflow. The content came from data (Access). The user’s responses and data were stored in access too. I automated the Rising Stars program. This was a web based system (C#.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET version 1.1) that tracked classes, instructors, students, and the affiliates conducting the classes. It also involved a pre-class survey, and multiple post-class surveys. I designed and developed the DIALOG product for Total Quality Institute, a division of Confidential . This is a data-driven customizable product used to asses the morale and attitudes of employees. This was a C#.NET ADO.NET, ASP.NET version 2.0 using Master Pages and ASP Membership API. All of these projects were completed order a two year period or so.
  • For Confidential in Belleville, NJ, I designed and developed their main product, a cartoon customization program. Written in C++ using Fastgraph (a low level graphics api). I am currently working on a C#.NET WPF version 3.5 CD Customization program that personalizes kids songs. These were and are “back burner” projects. I also worked on a Flash based interactive children’s book project that was discontinued before production.
  • For Confidential in Sparta, NJ developed a multithreaded, 2D game (Devil’s Bluff) using C++ and Fastgraph. This was about a 6 or 8 month project. I also consulted on various VB based optometrist office products.
  • For Confidential a large document purchasing and fulfillment system. I developed 100% of the SQL Server 2000 backend and 50% of the VB front end.
  • Wrote and reviewed questions on application development for ReviewNet
Confidential, Senior Programmer
  • Product Lead for Service Call -- Physical Plant Management Software. Worked independently and led small teams of developers and quality engineers through seven major upgrades of our product.
  • Product Lead for Grand Master -- Key Control Software Ported from Delphi to C++
  • Acted as a consultant to the Faser -- Energy Accounting Software team on client-server and database issues.
  • Designed XML/HTML Help file formats for internal developer support and developed utility to read C++ headers and write XML format help files for display on our intranet.
  • Designed and developed the ODBC data access layer for use by all our products.
  • Developed Custom Controls for use by development team, small utilities and applets. (VO, Delphi and C++Builder)
Confidential, State College, PA Computer Operator, Systems Manager, State College, PA Contract Programmer
  • Designed and wrote Service Call -- Physical Plant Management Software version 1.0
Confidential, Club Lima, Peru Founding Member
  • Served as an instructor at the S1C Nuclear Power Prototype where, as a member of the refueling team, developed operational and safety procedures for the refueling of the one MW reactor.
  • Developed and implemented a PM system for the primary and secondary plant.


Languages and Technologies: C# .Net, VB .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WPF, VB, C++, STL, Visual Objects, Delphi, Xbase, Clipper, Foxpro, SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Oracle, ODBC, XML, HTML, UML

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