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.net Programmer/architect Resume

Centennial, CO


I am an accomplished .Net Architect / Software Engineer. When working on a team I am happy to play any role and I am capable of wearing all hats. My IT work history has span 30+ years and has included the use of almost all of Microsoft's technologies. Over my career I have worked with a long list of premier clients. My web and desktop development skills are equal. I've stayed current with each and all of the latest releases of Visual Studio and migrated from Microsoft's earliest offerings of programming languages from Basic, C, C++ to C#. I've successfully completed many projects using the latest technologies from Microsoft including WPF, MVC, MVVM, MEF, Prism, OData, RESTful Services, Web API, XAML, WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, C#, JSon, jQuery, Java Script, Silverlight and Workflow Foundation. My work history also includes a wide spectrum of other platforms and languages. Please review my resume for more details.



.Net Programmer/Architect Centennial, CO

Duties: Architect and build two applications used by the Quality Control department to play and document the state of Starz’s media content. Both were built as WPF Windows applications with a click once deployment. Telerik’s WPF controls and theming were used extensively. The MVVM Pattern was used and C# was the language of choice. These client applications consumed Restful Services which return JSON packets. The first application successfully delivered into production was built to document the flaws of Starz’s content. The second application successfully delivered into product is a sophisticated Media Player.

Skill Set: .NET 4.5, C#, WPF, JSON, RestFul Services, XAML, MVVM, OOD, Expression Blend, Telerik, SQL Server


.Net Programmer/Architect Denver, CO

Duties: Architect and build an Oil/Gas Reserves Management module. The system was designed to be used by engineers and geologist to determine the remaining oil in place. The module compliments the generation of GIS mapping and grids for analysis. The module contained about 20 sophisticated views all built in C# and WPF. Telerik controls were used for charting and other features not supported by Microsoft’s libraries.

Create and build a component to produce an Oil or Gas Well’s Decline Curve using the Hyperbolic Equation. The decline curve is a method used in the oil industry to estimate the remaining production for a given well. To determine the values used in the Hyperbolic Equation I used Microsoft’s Solver Foundation. I built three versions of the component. The first version I built was for a WPF client/server implementation. The second version was built targeting a WPF thin client with the business logic residing on the server as middleware. I used WCF to build a TCP/Binary communications channel to send requests/responses to and from the middleware. Lastly I built a version of the component in Silverlight. The Silverlight component’s requests were fulfilled by an OData Service with the data being marshalled in JSON Lite. The implementation was built using an n - tiered architecture which allowed the same business logic class to be used in all three versions of the component. If required the host can also expose the business logic to external consumers via a SOA Http/Soap interface by simply adding an additional WCF binding definition.

Skill Set: .NET 4.5, C#, WPF, Silverlight 5, WCF, OData, JSON Lite, RestFul Services, Microsoft Solver Foundation, XAML, LINQ, MVVM, OOD, Expression Blend, Entity Framework, Telerik, SQL Server, MVVM Lite.


.Net Programmer/Architect Lakewood, CO

Animal Kingdom Scrubs is a successful small business that I own. Animal Kingdom Scrubs manufactured and retailed medical garments used by doctors and nurses worldwide. Due to raising manufacturing costs we are going through organization changes after a 12 year presence on the Web. Annual sales were close a half million dollars.

Since 2002 I have written three complete versions of our e-commerce web site. All of these versions have been written in Asp.net using C# and Java Script. To support order fulfillment I originally developed a back office system in Win Forms that has since been rewritten in WPF. The order fulfillment system primarily manages orders, inventory, and production. When our finished goods inventory became too large to manage manually I created a content management application. All the systems are integrated using WCF. I use SSRS to generate reports and invoices. The data is managed by SQL Server and accessed using LINQ and the Entity Framework.

I’ve started the next version for our E-Commerce website. It is another complete rewrite which is about 40% complete. This version is being written in MVC4 using the Razor Engine, JQuery, and HTML5.

Skill Set: .NET 4.5, MVC5, Web API, OData. JSon, JQuery, WPF, ADO.Net Entity Framework, MEF, WCF, LINQ, C#, XAML, Enterprise Library, SOA, OOD, Expression Blend, Photoshop, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Java Script, HTML, Web Services, Authorize.net


.Net Programmer/Architect Loveland, CO

Duties: Repair a new Silverlight Payroll System that was over a year behind schedule. The existing Silverlight reporting solution was a failure so I changed the architecture of the application to inject SSRS. With SSRS implemented the reporting performance, quality of reports and exports exceeded all expectations. I also repaired a large number of bugs/mistakes in the usage of Unity, MVVM and RIA Services that were causing grave errors to occur. The performance of the Silverlight User Interface was poor due to the complex processes that were being performed to present data. I moved these complex processes to background threads on the server. The performance of the UI went from 5 minutes to present a view to under 2 seconds. In the end all fixes were released to a very happy user base of approx 40,000 users. My efforts saved a multi-million dollar project from being dumped.

Repair a new Sales Representative Commissions Payment Application. Again I was handed off an application that was behind schedule from another development team. The Asp.net UI was only 30% complete and was riddled with bugs. I created a couple new subsystems as MEF Parts in Silverlight to compliment the existing UI. Next I replaced the Asp.net shell and menu system with a new framework written in Silverlight. I quickly ported the remaining Asp.net pages to Silverlight views and created an additional eight missing views. RIA Domain Services were developed on the backend to support the database maintenance requests of the UI. The system was designed to include a dozen complex SSRS reports that I built and seamless integrated into the Silverlight application. A Windows Service was created to execute long running processes that calculated commissions real-time. The UI communicated to the Windows Service using WCF Services that support high speed TCP and binary data transfers. To complete the task a large number of database design changes were required along with a great deal of optimization to achieve acceptable performance.

Teach other developers: Taught group classes on MVVM, Reporting Services and Silverlight. For these classes I created a lesson plan and a complete software example of how to implement Reporting Services into a Silverlight solution. To teach other developers MEF and the usage of SHELLS I created a prototype of the existing application using newer design patterns.

Skill Set: .NET 4.0, C#, Silverlight 5, MVC3, WCF, RIA, XAML, MEF, LINQ, PRISM, MVVM, OOD, Java Script, HTML, Web Services, Expression Blend, SSRS, Entity Framework, Telerik, SQL Server, MVVM Lite.


.Net Programmer/Architect Boston, MA

Duties: Build a next generation Trading System: Build Silverlight modules/parts that comprise an advanced Trading System. Add new behavior to existing Silverlight modules. This system was successfully released to a 1/2 million users. The final product was demonstrated by Microsoft at one of their Mix Conferences.

Architect, build and lead a team of software engineers to create a new MEF part that presents financial charts & graphs: I managed a team of 3 engineers to successfully complete the task.

Improve design patterns: Create architectural UML design documents offering recommendations to improve the implementation of existing PRISM and MVVM design patterns.

Architect messaging classes used in a high volume communication layer. The message classes offered security, the ability to gather performance metrics and a high level of reusability. Development and testing was completed with the implementation of WCF Services.

Skill Set: .NET 4.0, Silverlight 4, C#, XAML, WCF, MEF, LINQ, PRISM, MVVM, OOD, Java Script, html, AJAX, Web Services, Expression Blend 4.0


.Net Programmer/Architect Boulder, CO

Duties: Develop various UI components for the next generation of Webroot's popular AntiVirus software. Created the client components for one of the major subsystems using Silverlight 3.0, XAML and Expression Blend.

Debug and repair system wide flaws to help provide a solid product. In doing so I re-architected much of the UI to a Model-View-ViewModel design pattern. Webroot's AntiVirus software was successfully released to 6 million customers.

Skill Set: .NET 3.5, Silverlight 3, C#, XAML, JSON, Expression Blend 3.0, LINQ, MVVM


.Net Programmer/Architect Loveland, CO

Duties: Architect and develop a web based application to build simple web forms. The Web Form designer was build in Silverlight to assist business analyst with developing web pages. The application interacted with the web pages DOM object extensively to server up a true visual representation of the web page being created. The application was designed as a thin client that utilized Web Services built using WCF to communicate with distributed services. The services supported all the business logic of the store front. Services were built using an SOA architecture and this middleware was designed with a layered approach which utilized LINQ to SQL to manage persisted data. Expression Blend and Design were used to help develop a rich user interface.

Supported efforts to debug, improve performance and enhance a profile data capture system. Using the analysis tools of SQL Server 2005 I profiled a database to help discover problems and to make performance recommendations. Made various changes to asp.net pages to complete requested enhancements.

Skill Set: .NET 3.5, WPF, WCF, LINQ to SQL, C#, XAML, Silverlight 2, Enterprise Library, SOA, OOD, Expression Blend and Design, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Java Script, HTML, Web Services


.Net Programmer/Architect Los Alamos, NM

Duties: Lead the development of a new application. Due to security reasons I can’t give explicit details of the application built. What I can share: I architected the application to have n-tiers. The application’s user interface was built using WPF and XAML. Expression Blend and Design were used to help develop a rich user interface. Linq to SQL was used to create a data access layer to manage a SQL Server database. Microsoft’s Enterprise Library application blocks were used for data caching and event logging.

A security clearance was granted.

Skill Set: .NET 3.5, WPF, Linq to SQL, C#, XAML, Silverlight 1, Xceed, Enterprise Library, SOA, MVVM, OOD, Expression Blend and Design, SQL Server, TFS


  • Languages C#, XAML, WPF, C++, VB.NET, HTML, Java, J-Script, Basic, FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembler, Pascal, Dbase IV, VB Script
  • Third Party Libraries Telerik, Infragistics, Xceed
  • Communications WCF, WebAPI, RestFul Services, OData, .NET Remoting, Web Services, IBM WebSphere MQ, SOAP, XML, Sockets ( Net.h, Win, Berkley ), COM/DCOM, TCP/IP, HTTP, Tuxedo, DCOM
  • Databases & Tools Entity Framework LINQ, SQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, ADO.NET, ODBC and Enterprise Manager.
  • Design Tools Visio, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose using Booch and UML.
  • Version Control TFS, Source Safe, Sub Version, Vault, MKS RCS, PVCS, Perforce, Git
  • Hardware IBM PC/XT/AT...., DEC Micro VAX II, DEC VAX 6000-410, HP 3000, Prime 710, IBM System 23, DEC PDP 11/40
  • Operating Systems All versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS/2, MS/DOS, VMS, UNIX, MPE, PICK, RSX

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