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.net Developer Resume

Harrisburg, PA


  • 7+ years of IT experience with VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, & SQL Server/ Oracle.
  • Expert in developing Web applications & Windows applications using .NET Framework.
  • Expert in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Testing and Implementation of Client/Server applications using C#, VB.NET and SQL Sever 2000/2005 in N-tier development environment.
  • Expertise in Database Design and Database Programming using SQL Server and in creating database objects like Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Joins and Functions.
  • Highly skilled in Requirement gathering & Analysis, preparing Functional & Detailed Specification, and maintaining company standard Documentation.
  • Experience in developing and consuming XML Web Services, and Windows Services.
  • Experience with Authentication and Authorization .NET security mechanisms.
  • Proficient in working with AJAX, WCF, WWF, WPF, XBAP, CSS, and, Mail Merging.
  • Expertise in working with XML, XAML, DHTML, HTML Controls, Server Controls, and Web Controls.
  • Proficient in working with ADO.NET components such as Datasets, Data Adapters, and Data Readers.
  • Well experienced in working with User Controls and Custom Controls.
  • Proficient with report generation tools like Crystal Reports & MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Able to implement Javascript, XSLT, LINQ, & MSMQ.
  • Well versed with the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) model, Object Oriented Design (OOD), and System Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Proficient in using LOTUS Notes, and designing tools like MS Visio.
  • Experience in Nunit Testing, and Test harnessing.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Silverlight to integrate rich media features to the web app.
  • Well acquainted with Direct Client Interaction for requirement gathering, project demo & application enhancements, and Knowledge Transfer Process.
  • Outstanding communications skills.
  • Goal-oriented, team player, excellent leader, Capable of multi-tasking, problem solver, able to work under extreme pressure, efficient in meeting deadlines.
  • Highly motivated, hard working, reliable, and, punctual.

Skill Set:

.NET Technologies: .NET Framework 2.0/ 3.5, ASP.NET 2.0/ 3.5, ADO.NET 2.0/ 3.5, C#.NET 2.0/ 3.5, VB.NET 2.0/ 3.5, Web Services, .NET Remoting Web Technologies:HTML, CSS, SOAP, Front Page, Ajax Databases:SQL Server 2000/ 2005, MS Access, Oracle 9i/ 10g Languages:VB.NET, C#.NET, Borland C, C++, VC++, SQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL, LINQ Markup:HTML, XML, XAML Development Tools:MS Visual Studio.NET 2005/2008, Xcode, MONO Servers:Microsoft IIS 5.0/ 6.0 Reporting Tools:Crystal Reports, SSRS, Microsoft Reporting Services Operating Systems:Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ XP, Mac OS X Versioning Tools:Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe (VSS) Microsoft Technologies:WWF, WCF, WPF, Silverlight 2.0, LINQ, MS Visio CMS:DotNetNuke 4

Professional Experience:

Client: Confidential (September 2008 - September 2009) Harrisburg, PA Role: Consultant/ .NET Developer Project: Right-To-Know Database for the Office of Open Records Right to Know Law went into effect in Pennsylvania from January 1st 2009. As such, Right to Know Database is a database built for Office of Open Records to monitor the request for information from any source such as citizen, government official, etc. Basically, this database is an intranet web application to allow the authorized employees of office of open records to access and input data as required by the law. Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis.
  • Direct interaction with the Client.
  • Developed the intranet web application with a 3-Tier architecture using .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Designed the sequential workflow process using WWF for the workflow process of the Office of Open Records.
  • Developed the data access layer using ADO.NET and VB.NET.
  • Used AJAX Toolkit to enhance the UI.
  • Prepared the workflow for the RTKL office using WWF to track the status of the request.
  • Implemented WPF and XBAP to ease the presentation feature.
  • Designed and developed the database in SQL Server 2005.
  • Normalized the entire database to ensure optimum efficiency and performance.
  • Created the Mail Merging process as the part of the client enhancement.
  • Created all the required Tables, Stored Procedures and Functions needed by the app.
  • Created various controls for the application like Attachment control, Calendar control, Tab control, and, Export-to-Excel control.
  • Implemented Microsoft Silverlight to integrate rich media contents to the app.
  • Created the Functional and Detailed Specifications.
  • Used Microsoft Visio for the UML Design.
  • Used SSRS as the tool for reporting services.
  • Implemented LINQ to query the data sources.
  • Windows Authentication and Role-based security were implemented.
  • Involved in staging, testing, and, production of the application.
  • Created the matrix for Knowledge-Transfer process and successfully transferred the application knowledge to the DCED-IT admin.
  • Involved in XSLT procedures.
  • Created the User Manual for the app and prepared the Documentation of the project.

Environment: .NET Framework 3.5, VB.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 3.5, ADO.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, IIS 6.0, Visual Studio 2008, DotNetNuke 4, LOTUS Notes, Windows XP Professional, MS Visio, Microsoft Reporting Services

Client: Confidential, NY (May 2007 - August 2008) Role: Consultant/ .NET Developer Project: Customer Investigation Database (CID) Confidential is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, involved in banking, loan, and credit card. CID, Customer Investigation Database System, is an Intranet web application that enables the users to capture details of any fraudulent aspects, such as incident date, loss amount, details of suspects, investigation details, legal action, and recoveries against a loss. Responsibilities:

  • Designed and developed pages including Presentation Layer, Business Layer and data layer.
  • Used C#.NET as the code-behind.
  • Used UML for the purpose of design and architecture of the provided requirement.
  • Designed the front-end user interface using ASP.NET, and implemented Validation controls.
  • Programmed Data access layer using ADO.NET and VB.NET.
  • Used Crystal Report & SSRS as a report generation tools.
  • Used AJAX toolkit to enhance the performance.
  • Worked with WCF.
  • Implemented Windows-based Authentication to authenticate the users.
  • Configured Web.Config file for the configuration of the entire Web Application.
  • The front-end screens were developed using ASP.NET and VB.NET was used as the language for the code behind the ASP.NET forms.
  • Designed and authenticated Schema and was involved with normalization and de-normalization processes..
  • Used Javascript for Calendar control.
  • Used MS Silverlight to enhance the app with multimedia & Graphics.
  • Implemented MSMQ for the mail delivery segment.
  • Used NHibernate to design custom SQL generation of stored procedures, and implemented Microsoft LINQ.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, & stored functions for the back-end.
  • Involved in socket communication procedures.
  • Contributed towards the security model in .NET framework for the administration module using verification process and Role-based security.
  • Involved in N-unit testing and implemented Unit Test & Web Test as a requirement to the automated testing.

Environment: C#.NET 2.0, VB.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, XML, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL,Visual Studio.NET 2005, Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), IIS 5.1, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, Windows XP Professional.

Client: Confidential, MA (June 2006 - April 2007) Role: Consultant/ Lead Developer Project: Enhancements The target of this project is to enhance the E-commerce websites for Orbitz, Yahoo, and Cheap Tickets. These websites include options like searching prior passenger rates for cruises, and age-specific pricing widgets. Furthermore, last minute page was developed to display cruises scheduled at the last minute. Ad servers were used for the ad placements. Responsibilities:

  • Implemented ASP.NET to design and develop the Presentation Layer.
  • Used UML to layout the graphical design of the requirement.
  • Developed Web Services using XML schemas.
  • Developed the prototype using the XML web service (SOAP) for data transfer over the HTTP.
  • Used C# and VB.NET as code behind.
  • Worked with WCF, and used XML extensively.
  • Created search widgets containing Drop-Down list controls using HTML.
  • Involved in database design and worked with stored procedures.
  • Worked with database connections to SQL Server 2000 using ADO.NET.
  • Worked with MS Office Automation using VBA.
  • Worked with MSMQ.
  • Implemented the functionality of NHibernate to automate the loading and storing of the objects in the database.
  • Used Load Test and Unit Test to test the codes for ASP.NET Pages and configure the simultaneous load on the website.
  • Participated in the socket communication setup.
  • Implemented and administered version control system using MS Visual Source Safe.

Environment: C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET, HTML, XML, Web Services, VisualStudio.NET 2005, MS SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS).

Client: Confidential, Boston, MA (March 2005 - May 2006) Role: .NET Developer/ Client Interaction Project: Multi-variant Auto Project (MAP) Confidential offers a large range of property and causality products and services to individuals, families, and businesses. It has an extensive network of independent agents. Hanover Insurance comprises of two lines of businesses, namely commercial and personal. Multivariate Auto Project is a web-based project dealing with data entry to create policies, endorsement to the existing policies. Responsibilities:

  • Participated in full software development lifecycle.
  • Involved in Design and Developing components of this application using ASP.NET.
  • Implemented C#.NET as the code=behind.
  • Used SQL statements to test the Database.
  • Reviewed Design and the source code
  • Engaged with weekly build & Deployments on server to check the performance.
  • Involved in Testing and Staging environments, Creation of Test Plan and Test Data for Unit Testing, undertaking Integration testing of all enhancements carried out at offshore in the development environment.
  • Involved in manual testing with the test engineer.
  • Used Web Service for evaluating the Vehicle numbers
  • Extensively involved in developing components for Business and Data tier using ADO.NET.
  • Implemented many business logics using Data Grid, Repeater and Datasets

Environment: ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio.NET 2005, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), COM, Windows 2000, HTML, Web Services

Client: Confidential, New Hartford, NY (Jan 2004 - Feb 2005) Role: .NET Developer/ Designer Project: Electronic Sales Agent Confidential, is a web-based intranet application. It enhances the Confidential customer service by enabling the customer to get the insurance quote much quicker. It empowers the insurance agent to find the best suitable health plan for the customers through easy steps. Responsibilities:

  • Used C#.NET as the code-behind.
  • Used ASP.NET to enhance the Presentation, Business and Data Access Layer.
  • Implemented CCS.
  • Involved in designing Database Architecture and Normalization process.
  • Performed validations on Web Forms using .NET Validation Controls.
  • Involved in reporting services using SQL server 2005 reporting services.
  • Developed various Web User Controls.
  • Used User Controls for implementing Fragment Data Caching.
  • Used ADO.NET to implement the data layer to help communicate with databases.
  • Provided Role Based Authentication to the Web Application.
  • Participated in unit testing of the application to ensure quality.
  • Tested and submitted test results for approval.
  • Used XML/ AJAX techniques to improve performance.

Environment: ASP.NET 2.0, C#.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, ADO.NET, SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), Web Services, CSS, IIS 6.0, COM.

Client: Confidential, Hyderabad, India (Aug 2002 - Dec 2003) Role: Programmer/ Data Analyst Project: Life Time Vehicle Information System (LVIS) Confidential, is an information supplier for Hero Honda True Value, Hyderabad. LVIS publishes valuations for used cars, new car pricing reports and valuations of other vehicles. LVIS is used by the car manufacturers, car dealers, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Responsibilities:

  • Used VB 6.0 and ASP to design the user interface.
  • Analyzing the data from various sources like car manufacturers, car dealers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and auction systems.
  • Worked with Oracle at the back-end.
  • Used ADO to connect to the database.
  • Used SQL statements to create the tables and views.
  • Data Coding for two modules, namely, New Car, and Used Car.
  • Coded classes to connect to the centralized database.
  • Reporting the deliverables status to the client.
  • Implementation at the client side and maintenance.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, ADO, COM, Oracle, PL/SQL, Windows NT.

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