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Devops Engineer/ Administrator Resume

Pleasanton, CA


  • Software professional with around 8years of experience in Software Configuration Management as a Configuration Manager, Release Engineer, Build and Deployment Engineer and Administrator.
  • Excellent understanding of SDLC, Traditional, Agile, RUP and other Methodologies. Expertise Configuration/Release/Build Management on both UNIX and Windows environments using Team Foundation Server 2010/2012/2013/2015 (TFS), Rational Clear case, Subversion, Team site.
  • Experience in Source Control branching, Merging, tagging, resolving file branch and merge issues in CVS, SVN, Perforce, and Git.
  • Extensively worked with Version Control Systems Nagios(&Icinga), SVN (Subversion), GIT, Clearcase, Perforce, ELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Consul.io and IBM Rational Team Concert.
  • Extensively worked with build tools like MAVEN, Monit and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts(war & ear) from source code.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Programming Application using Java/J2EE Technologies.
  • Worked under the Devops environment and used Configuration Management Tool such as PUPPET to automate several processes in production.
  • Monitored user accounts, authentication to provide basic security in build processes and helped in continuous integration of projects using Jenkins.
  • Experienced in working with the version controllers and repositories like GIT and GIT Hub.
  • Worked on JIRA tool for raising and tracking the issues/tickets.
  • Maintained storage servers that includes EMC, HP and IBM XIV.
  • Worked in cloud based Infrastructure service like Amazon Web Services (AWS)which includesEC2, Auto - Scaling in launching EC2 instances, S3, Glacier, Elastic Load Balancer, Cloud Front, RDS, VPC, Route53, IAM, and Elastic beanstalk.
  • Extensive experience in configuration management and release engineering in multiple projects and multiple-branches environment.
  • Hands on expertise in implementing DevOps culture through CI/CD tools like Jenkins,, Code Deploy, Code Pipeline and configuration management tool Chef.
  • Responsible for training all employees on the use of Rational Clear Case Remote Client tools, Subversion (SVN), TFS.
  • Experience in monitoring the servers using Nagios and Cacti.
  • Administered and Implemented CI tools Hudson,ELK and Jenkins for automated builds.
  • Setting up the automatic build and deployment automation for Java base project by using JENKINS and Maven.
  • Worked with ALM tool TFS 2010/2012/2013/2015 (Project Collections, Build Definitions, Work Items, SharePoint Portal, Reporting)
  • Involved in Customization of Work Items, Transition Matrix in TFS.
  • Deploying and updating a template and its associated collection of resources (called a stack) by using the AWS Management Console.
  • Created SCM Process, policies and procedures to follow development and SQA team to release or deploy highest quality product for the enterprise. Worked on different Build tools like ANT, Maven and MS Build.
  • Experience deploying and operating AWS, specifically VPC, EC2, RC2, S3, EBS, IAM, ELB, Cloud Formation and Cloud Watch using the AWS console and AWS CLI.
  • Experience as a Project Administrator for the Branching, Merging, and Access allocation to Users.
  • Experience with UNIX and shell Scripting. .
  • Extensive experience in defining the branching and the merging strategies, creating baselines and releasing the code. Worked with different bug tracking tools like JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Created CM Plans and Test Plans for Applications. Experienced in trouble shooting, configuring and deploying enterprise applications in Jboss, and Tomcat as well.
  • In-depth technical strengths and business understanding for full-cycle project and post-implementation problem-solving requirements.
  • Design, and migration of on-premises applications to cloud using the Database migration services, Server migration service from AWS


SCM Tool: GIT(GITHUB), Subversion (SVN), Perforce, Jenkins, JIRA, Hudson, BuildForge

Build Tool: Ant, Perl, Maven, Make file, Quick Build, Team City, Stash, Nagios, Clearcase,RedShift

Servers: JBOSS, Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, Websphere.

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, Harvest, Ansible, Perforce

Languages: Shell, Perl, C, C++, c#, CSS, Groovy, Java/J2EE, LAMP, ASP.net, Python.

Web Technologies: JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6 HTML, XML, DHTML, MSXML, ASPX, Eclipse.

Operating System: UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Microsoft Windows Vista/ XP/ 2000.

Virtualization: VM ware ESX/ESXi, EC2, S3, ELK, EBS, VPC, ELB Vagrant, Docker

Database System: My SQL Server 2008/09/13/17 , Confidential 9i/10g/11i/12R, MS Access, DB2

Build Tools/ Release Engineering/ DevOps: Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ant, Anthill, Maven, Perl, Hudson, Bamboo, Salt, Rundeck, Consul.io, IBM Web Sphère


Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

DevOps Engineer/ Administrator

  • Worked on installation, configuration and maintenance Debian/Redhat, CentOS and Suse Servers at multiple Data Centers.
  • Configured RedHat Kickstart for installing multiple production servers.
  • Installation, Configuration and administration of VMware.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Chef 12.17.44.
  • Revamped and revitalized the network infrastructure model to support the company's PaaS and SaaS with maximum efficiency, performance and uptime.
  • Eliminated non-value-add procedures reducing network infrastructure costs over $7M in one year.
  • Designed Chef Modules to manage configurations and automate installation process.
  • Experience working with production servers at multiple data centers.
  • Writing custom scripting in Bash/Python 3.6.0/Ruby2.2/Perl 5.26.
  • Worked on Physical to Cloud Migration in AWS.
  • Integration of CI/CD with Jenkins and C hef.
  • Experience in migration of consumer data from one production server to another production server over the network with the help of Bash and Perl scripting.
  • Installed and configured monitoring tools Nagios 4.x for monitoring the network bandwidth and the hard drives status.
  • Developed and supported the Red Hat Enterprise Linux based infrastructure in the cloud environment.
  • Deploying Linux server using Hashicorp Vagrant and Vagrantfile.
  • Experience in AWS, which included managing application in the cloud and creating instances.
  • Developed automation scripting in using Chef to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Worked on Version controller like GIT and integration tools: Jenkins 2.x
  • Logged events from forced crash dumps and troubleshoot server issues.
  • Configured yum repository server for installing packages from a centralized server.
  • Installed Fuse to mount the keys on every Debian Production Server for password-less authentication.
  • Experience with Configuration Management Tools (Puppet 2016.5.1, Chef 12.17.44 ).
  • Installed and configured DCHP server to give IP leases to production servers.
  • RedHat Package Management of RedHat Linux user accounts, groups, directories, file permissions and other package deployments.
  • Applied the Clustering Topology that meets High Availability and Failover requirement for performance and functionality.
  • Developed Licensing and automated backup scripts using bash for DMS application for the existing and new customers.
  • Installation, Configuration and administration of DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS, NIS+ and Sendmail on Redhat Linux/Debian Servers.
  • Configured, managed ESX VM’s with virtual center and VI client.
  • Performance monitoring using Sar, Iostat, VMstat and MPstaton servers and also logged to munin monitoring tool for graphical view.
  • Installation and configuration of PostgresSQL database on RedHat/Debian Servers.
  • Performed Disk management with the help of LVM (Logical Volume Manager).
  • Configuration and Administration of Apache Web Server and SSL.
  • Created and maintained network users, user environment, directories, and security.
  • Good knowledge on Docker and Dockerfiles. Containerizing web application from Linux server to Docker containerizes.
  • Developed automated OCR for DMS application using python script.
  • Provide the support of building the server, patching, user administration tasks, deployment, software installation, performance tuning and troubleshooting and KVM.
  • Creating various POC’s of CI/CD pipelines by integrating source control tools GitHub, Build tool Maven, CI tool like Jenkins and Deployment automation tool like Chef.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support on Linux Production Servers. Responsible for maintaining security on Redhat Linux.

Environment: Scrum Agile, SVN1.9.6, CVS 0.1.53, Ant1.1.0, Maven3.3.9, Git, Jenkins2.x, Chef12.17.44, AWS, Tomcat 1.2.42, Selenium, Shell, Perl, Nexus and JIRA7.2.x.

Confidential, Dublin, CA

Cloud Engineer/ AWS Developer

  • Provides operations and maintenance support for several public facing websites .
  • Responsible for building out and improving the reliability and performance of   cloud   applications andcloud   infrastructure deployed on Amazon Web Services .
  • Create and attach volumes on to EC2 instances  .
  • Configure   AWS   VPC with public and private subnets .
  • Install and configure Apache , Nginx 1.7.9 , Drupal 7.32 , and Wordpress 4.1 on Ubuntu 14.4.1 and Amazon Linux instances.
  • Launch and configure mysql instances on both EC2 and RDS   .
  • Manage security keys and security groups  .
  • Perform system monitoring using CloudWatch  .
  • Participate in change management on JIRA   6.2.
  • Deploy code via GIT 2.0   .
  • Delivered architecture designs and solutions for public, private and hybrid clouds covering the cloud architecture tiers and portfolios of cloud services .
  • Install and configure LAMP application stacks  .
  • Created Ansible Playbooks for Infrastructure maintenance on VMWare ,   AWS   EC2 and Physical Servers.
  • Championed full-scale redesign of cloud data center infrastructure, and managed build out of 14 global infrastructures in 12 months.
  • Doubled available capacity for ServiceNow customers in six months by deploying 500+ server rack switches to global locations. Automated processes for rapid deployment.
  • Directed projects, programs and daily operations of 14 international data centers. Defined procedures and best practices to support PaaS and SaaS solutions.
  • Used Ansible on automation configuration  .
  • Deployment of LAMP stacks using YAML   .
  • Involved in heavy PowerShell 5.0 scripting to perform database true-ups and moving XML based data across servers. 
  • Designed and developed grails applications for the end users  .
  • DNS and load balancing experience on Nginx .
  • Worked with   AWS  Cloud  management and Chef 12.0.0 Automation  .
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 autoscaling groups  .
  • Used Identity Access management for Creation of Groups and policies  .
  • Followed Agile Methodology and GIT for version control of code .
  • Log files analysis to resolve issues using Ruby scripts .  
  • Implemented   AWS   solutions using EC2 , S3 and load balancers  .
  • Scripting in multiple languages on linux , windows - Batch , Shell etc. 
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services ( AWS ) & configuration management using puppet  .
  • Implemented multi-tier application provisioning in OpenStack   cloud, integrating it with Puppet  .
  • Collaborate in the automation of  AWS  infrastructure via terraform, ansible, and Jenkins - software and services configuration via chef cookbooks .
  • Implemented Software-Defined-Storage by integrating Ceph and Gluster to OpenStack   cloud  .
  • Enhanced Accenture Private   Cloud   blueprint by mapping OpenStack components to functional blocks  .
  • Implemented multi-tier application provisioning in OpenStack   cloud, integrating it with Chef/Puppet  .
  • Integrated OpenStack (Grizzly) with OpenvSwitch to create Software-Defined-Networking tenant and service provider networks and routers  .
  • Implemented automated local user provisioning in instances created in OpenStack   cloud   through Puppet manifests.

Environment: LINUX/UNIX, Java1.6, Eclipse, Java1.8,AWS, Ant, jira6.2, powerShell5.0, VMWare, Nginx1.7.9, LAMP, Git2.0, Python3.4.2, Shell, OracleWeblogic10.3.5, SOAP UI, XML, Rally, PL/SQL, Xymon,  AWS , EC2, S3, IAM.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Linux Admin/ DevOps Engineer

  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services using Amazon Web Services.
  • Managed creation of Amazon EC2 instances and setting up security groups and creation of Key pairs to access instances.
  • data replication and migrate databases usinf AWS Database Migration Service
  • Involved in DevOps POC’s by integrating Source controls tools, Build Tools, CI tools and CD tools to start new DevOps services in organization.
  • Attached Elastic Block Storages, Instance backed-upstorages for the virtual machines/instances.
  • Launched Linux and Windows virtual servers on AWS EC2 Instances with predefined AMIs.
  • Optimized volumes and EC2 instances and created multi AZ VPC instances.
  • Designed CI/CD processes in the context of a Jenkins orchestration, including the usage of automated build, test/QA and deployment tools.
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines by integrating Git, GitHub, ant, maven, Jenkins, Chef, and AWS (provisioning).
  • successfully implement CI /CD  by ensuring constant delivery of code to an environment followed by automated unit testing, client automation testing, middleware integration testing.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups, created domain name server with the help of AWS Route 53 to route end users to access internet applications.
  • Configured S3 to host static web content, Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto scaling group.
  • Supported AWS Cloud instances and familiar with AWS Management Console.
  • Built the Virtual Machines with Open-Source Puppet3.1.1 Server for implementing configuration management.
  • Installed, configured and monitored several application services in the agent nodes using puppet server.
  • Configured and maintained Lamp stack on production and staging servers.
  • Integrated the Puppet Master with GIT2.0 to control the version changes and created a clone GIT master to track the changes.
  • Collaborated with Development and Support teams to setup a Continuous Delivery environment with the help of Docker 1.0, a continuous build and delivery tool.
  • Installed the Docker image in the Amazon EC2 Instance and installed Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP in that instance and build the Docker Image.
  • Worked on Administration, maintenance and support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) servers.
  • Upgraded the services with package management using RPM, YUM for Stability and Security of the servers.
  • Experienced network based services including TCP/IP, DNS BIND, Syslog, NTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NFS, SMB, etc.
  • Created user and group accounts, managed accounts and their access privileges in the Linux systems.
  • Developedshell scripts to automate daily routines in the production such as back-up management.
  • Monitor the system performances using Nagios.
  • Achieved High Availability with Red Hat Cluster Services andadministered user accounts, and their authentications in JIRAtool and assigned the tickets to specific users and helped in resolving the issues.
  • D atabases running on EC2 to RDS with AWS Database Migration Service.
  • Researched on SaaS, PaaS and IaaS concepts of cloud computing architecture and implementation of AWS (IaaS).
  • Continuously updating documentation for internal knowledge base of support team and IT team.

Environment: AWS EC2, AMI, EBS, S3, ELB, and IAM,RHEL 7, Puppet Open Source3.1.1, GIT2.0, Docker1.0, Nagios4.x, JIRA6.1


Linux system administrator

  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of Redhat   Linux   5/6, Cent OS 5.7 &Solaris 11 operating systems 
  • Involved in developing custom images on Cloud using AWS images and on VMWare ESX using templates and involved in building physical servers using Kickstart PXE Boot and Jumpstart 
  • Involved in health check of servers after patching/rebooting and checked all the services of   Linux   on AWS Cloud and also physical servers 
  • Experience in BEA Weblogic Application server 7.x/8.x/9.x/10.x   administration   under heterogeneous environments like UNIX, RHEL, SUN Solaris 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, IBM AIX and Windows NT
  • Excellent working knowledge of Operation & Production Support with large mission critical systems in multiple technologies and platforms including WebLogic, Apache, JBoss, WebSphere, UNIX, Windows NT, and Oracle 
  • Worked with DBAs on installation of Oracle database, RDBMS database, restoration and log generation. Perform security patching of   Linux   servers
  • Experience with Jumpstart & Kickstart Installations on Solaris &   Linux. Experience with NetIQ Access Manager
  • Configuration and  administration  of NFS and Samba in  Linux  and Solaris 
  • Configuration and  administration  of LDAP, NFS in  Linux  and also implemented Samba for sharing of resources between   Linux   and Windows environments.
  • Experience in Vmware Virtualization and cloud computing 
  • Worked with project manager and auditing teams to implement PCI compliance 
  • Installed and configured Virtual I/O Server V1.3.01 with fixpack8.1. 
  • Integrating Weblogic 10.x and Apache 2.x and deploying EAR, WAR files in Weblogic Application servers. 
  • As a member of the team, monitored the VERITAS Cluster Server 4.1 in SAN Environment 
  • Created new groups and tested first in development, QA Boxes and then implemented the same in production Boxes 
  • Created and maintained detailed procedural documentation regarding operating system installation and configuration of software packages, vendor contact information, etc.

Environment: Red Hat Enterprise   Linux   4.x,5.x, Ubuntu, Centos, Sun Solaris 8,9,10, VERITAS Cluster Server, Veritas Volume Manager, SLURM, Oracle 11G, HP UX, HP Blade, IBM AIX, HP ProLiant DL 385, 585 WebLogic, Oracle RAC/ASM, MS Windows 2008 server .


Java Developer

  • Installed, configured and administration of WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Network Deployment on Windows Server.
  • Developed presentation screens by using JSP, HTML and JavaScript. 
  • Developed Session beans for functionality as per the requirement. 
  • Prepared Unit test cases for existing functionality as per the requirement and execute the same. 
  • Involved in the Integration testing support and involved in bug fixing.
  • Responsible for writing detail design documents and class diagrams and sequence diagrams. 
  • Used Spring MVC framework for implementing the Web tier of the application. 
  • Used different Design patterns like MVC pattern, DAO pattern, and singleton to achieve clean separation of layers. 
  • Developed Custom tag libraries to separate presentation and processing logic. 
  • Worked on Hibernate persistence tier. This involves developing mapping files and Hibernate (POJOs/ DAOs) 
  • Used Lo4j debugging tool to monitor the Error Logs. 
  • Involved in developing SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions. 
  • Involved in tracking and resolving Production issues.

Environment: HTML, Java Script, CoreJava, JUnit, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Oracle 8i, AJAX, CVS and JBoss Application Server.

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