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Architecture And Development Expert Consultant Resume

Houston, TexaS


Confidential, Houston, Texas

Architecture and Development Expert Consultant


  • Architected oilfield monitoring and analysis system using UML 2.5 with Database extensions with Enterprise Architect modeling tool
  • Advisor to Group Architect in architecting new systems
  • Automated code generation from UML diagrams
  • Development of mobile and desktop Razor ASP.NET Web Applications with C#
  • Use of Visual Studio with a distributed multinational team
  • Development of Windows Services with C#
  • Used Team Foundation Server in a large group for source control, code reviews, and automated builds.
  • High - speed data imports to Automsoft RAPID, Canary Labs, and Proficy Data Historians.
  • Devised SQL Server bulk import design which led to 20x speedup over existing system
  • Prototype of Python application on Google App Engine for oilfield map integration
  • Exposure to cutting-edge oilfield stimulation technology and software
  • Safety training and numerous safety certificates for well site field work
  • Presented new technology solutions for evaluation by other departments.
  • Created architecture, high level design, low level design, test case, and user guide documentation for new software


Architecture and Development Consultant


  • Architected new applications for multi-country portal management system
  • Worked directly with Software Architects in designing new database systems for call tracking
  • Development and Support of Groovy on Grails content management application for mobile web portal with cloud deployment model.
  • Development of several Python prototypes on Google App Engine with Google Data Store backend system
  • Designed and developed Java J2EE system running on JBoss, backed by PL/SQL stored procedures in Oracle, with B2E systems written in GWT.
  • Wrote detailed Apache mod rewrite configurations for mobile device header enrichment of User-Agent and Vodafone-specific device headers.
  • Created XSL files producing device-specific layouts in WML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript in multi-lingual environment in the Spring framework.
  • Integrated backend services to front-end applications in iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone for various country markets.
  • Implemented REST protocols to connect to application servers to authentication, authorization, age verification, content, video, billing, and game services.
  • 24x7 4th-level support responsibilities for emergency software patches in coordination with operations and country delivery teams.

Confidential, League City, TX

President and CTO


  • Architected new model for secure corporate microwave intranet with shared retail wireless using proprietary in-house router software.
  • Performed site surveys with tower climber team and wireless engineer to determine best-shot wireless connections and frequency management.
  • Created physical and network-layer design proposals for 3-40 node state-spanning point-to-point and multi-subscriber layouts.
  • Constructed financial models of proposed networks with financing options, revenue share possibilities, and ROI for both clients and internal networks.
  • Architecture, patent filings and design for custom Linux-based router used in security-sensitive installations over wireless backhauls.
  • Presented to bank executives in support of sales staff to win multi-million-dollar contracts for wireless services.
  • Where necessary physically climbed towers, ran cables, punched connectors, installed and aimed backhaul antennas, troubleshooting of down or intermittent signals.
  • Participated in regular meetings with CEO and board of directors to review financials, projects, market strategy, M&A, venture funding, and press releases.

Confidential, Houston, TX, USA

Software Consultant


  • Architected MS SQL Server and Sybase stored procedure data transformation system to migrate from legacy to Quorum gas management system.
  • Architected new auction system to implement new FERC regulations in allocation and billing system in conjunction with gas accountants and pipeline engineers.
  • Optimization of SCADA data uploads to reduce lag time and increase business visibility of real-time pipeline status for gas traders.
  • Participated in financial audits of billing system with accountants including reconciliation of customer financial accounts, gas accounts, and pro-rata allocation.
  • Obtained Oracle Certified PL/SQL Developer certification and created Oracle Financials reports for pipeline business managers.
  • Designed and developed auction system in .NET for public gas capacity auctions for tradable points on the pipeline network.
  • Support for gas commodity trading by providing real-time support of nomination jobs showing spot allocation of excess capacity at various points on the pipeline
  • 24x7 4th-level support of nomination, allocation, and billing systems providing source code patches of C++ and Java systems to operations personnel.

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