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Chief Software Architect Resume

Redmond, WA


  • Highly - skilled Sr. Developer/Architect with extensive experience engineering and migrating scalable cloud infrastructures while utilizing various technologies including Azure, AWS, C#, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, APIs, and Java.
  • Participate and lead numerous phases throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as the requirements gathering, technical architecture/design, planning, coding, QA, and implementation.


Programming: C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, T-SQL, jQuery, SQL, XML, Web Services, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ, SOAP

Frameworks/Dev Stacks: .NET Framework, SharpDX Web, Backbone, Bootstrap, Angular, Xamarin

Libraries/Dev Patterns: ThreeJS, React, MVC, Dependency Injection (IC), OOP, SOA, Component First, Message Bus

Databases/OS: SQL Server, MySQL, Windows 7-10, Android, iOS

Other Tools/Platforms: Azure, AWS, SaaS, PaaS, Scalable Services, Micro Services, SalesForce, IoT, MonoGame, PhoneGap, Visual Studio.NET, NinJect


Confidential, Redmond, WA

Chief Software Architect


  • Design scalable and diverse software that will grow and adapt as your business needs change regarding custom software projects across all platforms, devices, and hosted services.
  • Build a multi-purpose and constrained, extensible full-stack platform for the SaaS efforts.
  • Architect a simplified Dependency Injection without impacting developer time and reducing code complexity ( https://github.com/patrickdenglerhobbisoft/Slam) called “Slam”.

Confidential,Bellevue, WA

Chief Software Architect


  • Ported an old .NET Web code base to the Azure Cloud including migrating a myriad of older technologies to modern frameworks regarding a system built for communications, including emergency communications, which required a high availability model for telephony, TTS, messaging, data, social networking and email.
  • Specific Contribution: MData ( https://github.com/patrickdenglerhobbisoft/MData/) reduced data access layer from an average of 1700 lines of code per data object down to an average of 50 lines of code. MData uses a pattern model to allow quick creation and storage of data from client to back end, while still providing for easy customization of rules. The library uses reflection for discovery of data, data types and rules.

Confidential,Bellevue, WA

Chief Software Architect

  • Served as the sole architect/engineer and built the first device independent, scenario specific, globalized and localized, 3rd party extensible and end-user customizable platform for IoT running on mobile devices and Web.
  • Constructed developer platforms (.Net, MEF, Visual Studio) and software platforms (MS-CRM, ONYX, Office Extensibility) and later received letter of intent for acquisition valued at $10MM.

Confidential,Redmond, WA

Sr. Program Manager

  • Collaborated with intuitive thinkers and realign the Windows core graphics engine to align with DirectX, in order to prepare Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows for new and evolving industry standards graphics technologies to enable an entirely new visual experience.
  • Participated as a contributing editor to the SVG specification, as well as helping spearhead CSS FX.
  • Wrote many demos for IE, delivered guidance to developers on SVG and other graphics technologies, wrote the vision for HTML6, and was invited to present at TPAC, making a final exit as keynote speaker on SVG Graphics.
  • Guided and led raw engineering cycles for Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and Windows 8 and 8.1, I pursued the opportunity to work with top partners such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Flipboard, Adobe, Nick (media), and other gaming companies, to prepare, develop and deliver Windows apps.
  • Demonstrated, either through diagrams or raw code, how to build great applications, as well as organize their development efforts to reuse as much of their existing assets for earlier devices, all while crossing languages, skillsets, and technologies.
  • Utilized internal core feature design and engineering, partner adoption and application-building support and insight, and most importantly, re-attracting partners in Windows engineering and design, we were often successful in stabilizing and improving products before they shipped.
  • Managed a complete overhaul of the Window search experience/technology that adapts websites to browsers dynamically that greatly reduces software failures (all four patents filed are pending).
  • Architected and delivered Visual Interdev 1, through Visual Studio .NET.
  • Led the design and delivery of what is now the Visual Studio shell, including all of the data run-time and design time tools, as well as the Web projects and services model.
  • Recognized the need to pull database developers into the Visual Studio experience and designed, coded, delivered and patented the first SQL Source Code control integration.
  • Invented and delivered what is now common practice in the modern day web (Web Services).
  • Directly and indirectly managing the efforts of over 100 engineers in addition to designing a new programming model for stateless systems in conjunction with thought leaders such as Anders Hejlsberg, John Shewchuck, and Brad Lovering.
  • Functioned as technical architect liaison crossing several data teams inside of Confidential regarding a new data runtime model called ADO.NET, which later evolved into LINQ.
  • Designed and delivered the designers and run-time to support drag-and-drop RAD model of creating applications with data.
  • Architected the Shell and the extensibility model in Visual Studio bringing together disparate efforts on evolving a component model to compete with products such as Eclipse.
  • Invented and delivered an abstraction of traditional component models that allow any language, on any platform, to bind to any version and any object either at design time, or through discovery and pattern matching contracts at run time, which managed extensibility framework (MEF) technology and is now the core object model for Visual Studio proper.
  • Reduced cost and eliminates version problems and future proofing for tools that integrate into Visual Studio through MEF including internal Confidential editors, tools windows, project models, and projects, such as SQL Management Studio and MS Office.
  • Defined new product to compete with emerging RAD technologies, such as Ruby on Rails executing ground-up compete analysis and product definition and delivery, which eventually shipped as Visual Studio Lightswitch.
  • Re-architected a new CRM product that Confidential was building for the emerging Software as a Service (SAAS) landscape.
  • Led the architecture across the systems, and led the teams to understand best practices and features for CRM including the need for offline access and simple synchronization.
  • Guided project to the delivery of Confidential CRM 1.0.
  • Continued to advise on version 2.0 while I examining new technologies and orchestrated global efforts across recent acquisitions of Great Plains and Navision.
  • Prototyped and shipped an integrated .NET style cross-purpose Business Suite (Dynamics) that embraced our technology, existing languages, and tools, and thus advanced the skills of customers.
  • Served as Evangelist responsible for driving Confidential Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to in corporate Confidential platform strategies that include .NET, Windows XP, and Messenger.
  • Primary focus was to contribute code, documentation, samples, and architecture.
  • Helped ISVs to drive the future direction of their software and assisted partners through legal and other associated processes.

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