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Xamain / Sr.net Developer Resume

Washington, Dc


  • 7 years of professional experience in all stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) involving studying of the user requirements, analyzing, designing, coding, implementation, debugging, testing, deployment and documentation across diverse industries / work environments.
  • Developed 3 - Tier Applications using ASP.Net, ADO.Net, and C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jquery with proven abilities in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software Quality Extensive.
  • Experience in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008, .NET Framework 4.5/4.0/ 3.5/ 3.0, MVC - Framework 4.0/3.0/2.0, C#, ASP.Net, ADO.NET.
  • Experience in designing and implementing web applications using ASP.NET including client-side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Experience in Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008/2005, MySQL and Oracle 11g/10g - creating DDL/DML PL-SQL, T-SQL Queries, Complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, User Defined Functions, Indexed Views, Importing data to MS Excel sheets and LINQ to SQL and experience in SQL tuning.
  • Strong experience in Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOP) and Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Experience with Complex LINQ queries, LINQ to SQL and Lamda Expressions.
  • Experience in working with SOLID Principles using Microsoft Unity Dependency injection containers and inversion of control (IOC)
  • Experienced in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries to implement user interface screens.
  • Strong Skills in developing 3-Tier and N-Tier ( (Presentation tier, middle tier, data tier) Architecture systems deployed on windows platform and web applications.
  • Expertise in creating and consuming Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Windows Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), ASP.Net Web API, Windows Work Flow, SOAP and Restful Web Services and Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • 3+ years’ Experience in developing Cross-Platform Mobile applications using Xamarin Forms and Native Mobile App using Xamarin. Android and Xamarin. iOS
  • Solid Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, OOAD, UML, Test Driven Development (TDD), Design Patterns, Refactoring, Reverse Engineering, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, SOA, Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, Advanced Programming and Regular Expressions.
  • Expertise in using Kendo UI components like Grid view, List view and Barcharts
  • Proficient in working with Data Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Experience in developing windows and web applications using XAML in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) using MVVM.
  • Expertise in using versioning tools Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe (VSS) for version controlling of the Application.
  • Enthusiastic and Quick to learn new applications and tools and willing to take individual responsibilities. Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Development Tools: Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008, Visual Web Developer Express. Languages C, C++, C#, VB.NET, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Microsoft Technologies: .Net Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5, ADO.NET, ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5, MVC 3/4/5, Restful WEB API2, Razor C#, AJAX, LINQ, WCF, WPF, Web Services, Entity Frameworks.

Mobile Technologies: Xamarin Forms (Cross Platform), Xamarin.Android (Native), Xamarin.iOS (Native), Xamarin Studio (IDE), Telerik Test StudioScripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Kendo UI, Knockout JS, Bootstrap, React JS Markup Languages HTML5, CSS3, XML, DHTML, XAML (Xamarin), XAML (WPF) Methodologies Agile, Waterfall

Version Control Tools: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Source tree, Git


Xamain / Sr.NET Developer

Confidential, Washington,DC


  • Involved in the SDLC phase of requirement analysis, design, development and testing.
  • Creating database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, Triggers etc.
  • Analyzing the Code that was written in Older Versions of .NET Framework 4.5 and develop them in newer versions.
  • Used C# inXamarinto create native mobile application.
  • Developed the independent Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and defined Service Contracts for specific functionality in project search module.
  • Utilized ADO.Net Entity Framework technology extensively for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation using LINQ.
  • Later, transformed to native app using Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS when performance was the issue with Xamarin Forms.
  • Developed Cross-Platform Mobile app using Xamarin Forms with code sharing between all plaforms (Android, iOS and Universal Windows apps)
  • Worked on automated UI Acceptance testing usingXamarinTest Cloud.
  • Developed React JS/ .NET web application using JavaScript, ASP.NETMVC 5, C#, Visual Studio.
  • Responsible for creating a Hockey distribution platform for distributing the app for testers.
  • UsedjQuery, Angular JS to provide services to different components of portal.
  • Involved in using MVC pattern for both UI development with AngularJS and application development with C#.
  • Followed MVVM pattern for databinding between views and view-Models.
  • Front end development utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript leveraging the Bootstrap framework and SQL backend.
  • Designed User Interface using Asp.net Standard Controls, WinForms and Ajax Controls
  • Implemented SQLite database with Xamarin forms to save necessary information into device local database.
  • Experience in software unit testing and efficient at fact-finding, root cause analysis and bug-fixing.
  • Experience in using language-Integrated Query (LINQ) (LINQ to SQL, LINQ to objects, LINQ to Entities, LINQ to XML)
  • Implemented Server and Client side validations using ASP.NET validation controls and JavaScript.

Environment: Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, .Net Framework 4.7, Entity Framework 6.1.3, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, SSIS, SSRS, JavaScript, Xamarin, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Angular JS, AJAX, XML, Bootstrap, WCF, MVC 5, LINQ, JQuery, SQL Server, Crystal Reports.

Xamain / Sr.NET Developer

Confidential,Auburn Hills,MI

  • Involved in full lifecycle of the project from design, development & Testing.
  • Followed and developed the N-Tier architecture for the business, presentation and data access layers.
  • Written API'S using ASP.NET Web API 2, C#, Entity Framework for data access and data manipulation, jQuery for client side validations and for calling the Web API
  • Built Single Page Application using Angular JS routing and updated the viewmodels with two way data binding
  • Used Airwatch MDM for sending updates to the customers than the usual Apple App Store or Android Play Store for the primary application.
  • Calling the API's using Angular JS http methods and binding it to the view and validating the content.
  • Developed Cross-Platform Mobile app using Xamarin Forms with code sharing between all plaforms (Android, iOS and Universal Windows apps)
  • Used C# for writing the server side code and codebehind.
  • Designed user interface with Xaml, writing the complex layouts to wrap the content on to the screen.
  • Followed MVVM pattern for databinding between views and view-Models.
  • Used Dependency injection service to make use of Native features that exist in Android, iOS.
  • Written many Custom controls with Bindable Properties andCustom Renderers for individual Native Platforms.
  • Wrote SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Indexes using SQL Server 2012.
  • Used Key Features of Angular JS for responsive User interface (UI)
  • Extensively Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) for the source control.
  • Created classes and core modules in C# for implementing business layer.
  • Diagnose and solve technical problems related to content management implementation.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5, XML, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, SQL Server, Bootstrap, Angular JS, JavaScript, Jquery, WinForms, WPF, HTML, CSS, Xamarin Studio, SOAP, WSDL, Triggers, TFS, Android Studio.

Sr .net Developer


  • Involved in Design, Development and testing of application.
  • Involved in conversion of online application from Classic ASP legacy application to .net application using Asp .net, VB .net 3.5, Web services, Web services, WCF using SOAP communication.
  • Involved in architecture designing to leverage pattern of the new application using multiple and distributed layers.
  • Customization of components and query tuning done to gain the speed of old system to Asp .net system.
  • Legacy systems maintained and bug fixing done using Classic ASP, True DbGrid 7.0, HTML, CSS, VB 6.0, COM/COM+, server side VB scripts and client side Java Scripts.
  • Designs and develops internal business systems/applications and take a primary role in smaller, low risk modules like DAL layer and Business layers using web services.
  • Communicates and defends design, requirements, feature set, functionality, usability, localization issues, and limitations of subsystem to the team.
  • Worked on agile software development life cycle for software development and maintenance.
  • Use of SVN repository to maintain distributed work structure.
  • Use of NUnit framework for Unit testing of applications.
  • Work on test cases and resolving defects, using HP Quality Center.
  • Experience working across different teams and build very healthy work environment.

Environment: VB, Classic ASP, .Net Framework 2.0/3.5, VB.Net, ASP.NET, ADO .NET, TCP/IP, COM+ server, XML, XSL, XSLT, Visual Source Safe (VSS), HTML/DHTML, CSS, Java Script, VS, .net framework3.5, IIS server 5.1.

Net developer


  • Involved in understanding user requirements, designing and developing Web application.
  • Designed and develop user interface for public Web application and intranet application using Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and C#.NET, AJAX, XML, BOOTSTRAP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, ANGULAR JSand CSS with object oriented programming techniques.
  • Worked on OOP, C#, jQuery/JSON, Kendo UI, MVC and WCF concepts in different contexts.
  • Created highly efficient algorithms in C++ through both pair-programming and independent work.
  • Used collections of C# in order to store different types of data.
  • Leveraged MVC3 design pattern to organize AngularJS controllers, directives and views in the various pages.
  • Develop application infrastructure component like logging, exception handling, and data access, caching and cryptographic application block, demonstrating the architectural implementation through code and design, Design application architecture, design and code reviews.
  • Used Angular JS for dynamically updating the view controls and content in accordance with user interactions, making the User experience richer and richer.
  • Ajax implemented to the web pages to reduce load on the server and for better performance.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for versioning.
  • Troubleshoot Active Directory functions such as replication andLDAP connectivity.
  • Involved in Units integration, bug fixing, and User acceptance testing with test cases.
  • Implemented session management in SQL server for robust application.
  • Developed the presentation layer using JSP, HTML, XHTML, CSS and client validations using JavaScript.
  • Responsible for fixing and trouble-shooting various issues in production.
  • Used SQL and PL/SQL Programming extensively to talk to Oracle database.
  • Used collections, generics, Multi-threading custom classes and many design patterns.
  • Used NLog for logging errors, messages and performance logs.

Environment: ASP.NET 3.5, 4.5, MVC4/5, Visual Studio 2012, web services, Razor C#, C#, LINQ, Windows 7, IIS 6/7.5, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, ADO.NET, SQL server, TFS, SVN, Agile.

Net Developer


  • Analysis, Design and Development of Applications.
  • Created UML class diagrams that depict the code's design and its compliance with the functional requirements.
  • Worked with ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET State Management, ASP.NET Caching features, Securing ASP.NET Web Application
  • Designed several complex SQL queries involving sub queries and multiple joins.
  • Created Application level Themes and Designed the Master pages. Developed Cache Framework to make data persist and minimize database call.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Data Adapter and Data Set to fetch and handle user data.
  • Created complex SQL queries, PL/SQL queries and stored procedures to generate test records in the development database tables.
  • Implemented AJAX functionality to improve the responsiveness.
  • Resolving bugs from Developers Bug Log and writing Test Cases for various screens for N - Unit Testing.

Environment: C#.NET, ASP.NET, OOPS, Visual Studio.NET, HTML, CSS, XML, Java Script, ADO.NET, T-SQL, SQL SERVER, IIS 6.0, SOA, .NET Framework 2.0, AJAX, Web Services

.net Developer


  • Understanding and reviewing the existing applications and involved with the Business team and implemented the tasks as per the Priority of Business Requirement.
  • Involved in development with SCRUM methodology for iterative task completion by having Daily Stand-ups
  • Implemented Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML to attain uniformity of all web pages.
  • Developed large numbers of WPF Forms, Custom Controls and User Controls using XAML language for UI, extensively used WPF for modifying, developing the Desktop AWARE Application.
  • Involved in designing GUI using VB.NET, and creating Active X Controls with Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Used MVP/MVVM Design patterns for designing the application.
  • Involved in writing the Unit Tests for C# code of business logic in Presentation Layer.
  • Developed Web services to interact with third party systems to pull other Provider's information.
  • Developed SQL stored procedures for data manipulation and querying data from SQL.

Environment: .NET, MVVM, VB.NET, Visual Studio 2010, AJAX Toolkit, AGILE, WCF Services, PL/SQL, TSQL, ADO.NET, SQL Server R2, C#.

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