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Senior Dot Net Developer Resume

Columbus, OH


  • 8+ years of experience in analysis, design and development of various Web Applications.
  • Excellent programming skills and strong Object Oriented programming concepts in C#.NET.
  • Strong experience in designing and developing applications using MVC (Model View Controller)
  • Strong Experience in working with ASP.NET 4.0, 3.5, MVC 2, 3, 4, Telerik Controls, WCF, Window Forms, WPF, Visual Studio .Net, C#, .NET Framework technologies.
  • Strong experience in designing services with WCF Restful Services using REST API.
  • Strong experience with ORM framework using Entity Framework to automate database activities.
  • Strong experience in working with decoupled architecture using MVC framework.
  • Good experiences working with SQL SERVER for maintaining the application Data and Querying the required data.
  • Good experience with Frond end Development using Java Script, JQuery, HTML and CSS.
  • Strong experience in Client side validations with JAVASCRIPT.
  • Strong experience with bootstrap for building Responsive web sites.
  • Good experience working with Angular JS for developing framework to build a single - page application.
  • Strong experience in designing and consuming Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with different types of bindings and securities.
  • Expertise in applying Data Access Technologies Entity Framework, LINQ and ADO.NET.
  • Good experience with JSON and XML in ASP.NET Web API.
  • Experience in JQuery API for HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, Ajax Web service calls Validations, UI Design across a multitude of browsers.
  • Strong experience in developing, debugging and deploying WinForms application in .NET Framework.
  • Strong experience in working with VB.NET classes for ASP.NET application.
  • Expert in developing large scale applications using .NET framework in the areas that require Performance, Scalability, Security, and Extensibility in C#.NET.
  • Good Knowledge of OOAD, Design Tools, UML Diagrams and Design Patterns. Created UML Diagram using Dia and MS Visio.
  • Experience with developing GUI using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, CSS, AngularJS, DHTML, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, and XML.
  • Strong Experience in Three Layers i.e., User Interface, Business Logic and Data Layer with C#.NET.
  • Extensive experience with MS SQL Server, T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS.
  • Proficient in writing stored procedures, Functions, Cursors, Packages, and Database Triggers using SQL and Oracle
  • Experience in generating reports using Crystal Reports and Active Reports.
  • Strong debugging skills in n-tiered web application in C#.NET.
  • Proficient in developing Client/Server applications in 3-tier and N-tier Architecture
  • Strong experience in designing and implementing database-level T-SQL, Views, SQL Queries
  • Excellent working experience using with Internet Information Server (IIS), Windows/NT Server. Willing to relocate: Anywhere


Senior Dot net Developer

Confidential,Columbus, OH


  • Involved in developing the UI using HTML, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, AJAX and Bootstrap.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) was designed using ASP.NET MVC4 and the business logic was coded in C# MVC Controllers .
  • Used various JavaScript and JQuery libraries, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Developed various web services using WCF in C#.NET and consumed by web application and other systems like Ticketing and Billing Systems.
  • Developed application for different browsers and fixed bugs for browser compatibility.
  • Tested writing stored procedures and functions in SQL Server.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC4, HTML5 and CSS3 to design the presentation layer of the website.
  • Developed components to fetch the data from the back end using AJAX and JQUERY.
  • Working on all type of data structures of generic collections in VB.NET.
  • Developed JQuery for DOM manipulations and traversals.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Created service contract, operation contract and data contract in WCF.
  • Worked on bootstrap for creating responsive web design.
  • Worked on controller, ng-controller and ng-model in Angular JS.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries, Triggers, Views and Stored Procedures.
  • Developed WCF Data services and consumed by MVC application.
  • Designed GUI application with Win forms in .NET Framework.
  • Created JQuery for implementing the AJAX capabilities.
  • Involved in bootstrap java script framework for developing HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • Developed JavaScript event calendar to add scheduler to the application.
  • Developed Http get, posts calls and pass data using Http Post in Angular JS.
  • Worked on writing SQL Joins queries for combining data from tables in SQL Server.
  • Published applications into Web, App servers following n-tier architecture into various environments such as Development, Integration, and UAT production.
  • Worked on hosting WCF service on IIS.
  • Used HTML 5 validations and new form element types to implement validation in Angular JS.
  • Working on OOPS concepts like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction, etc in C#.
  • Involved in accessing and assigning the session using JavaScript.
  • Developed Win forms customized properties of a .NET application from XML config file.
  • Worked on design patterns like singleton, Dependency Injection, IOC implementation to avoid tight coupling with C# language.
  • Worked on authentication and authorization in ASP.NET application.
  • Developed stored procedures, Views and automated SQL, T-SQL scripts for database maintenance, deployment and installation.
  • Working on implementing authentication and authorization in VB.NET.
  • Used JIRA for requirements gathering and testing.
  • Created SQL queries to perform insert, update or delete operation on SQL Server database
  • Worked with QA team on daily basis in fixing the reported bugs/defects.
  • Worked on TFS Source control for managing the source code.
  • Participated in various Client meetings with the team and the Project manager to discuss improvements/ amendments in the development of the application.
  • Worked in Scrum Methodology and involved in daily sprint meetings.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012/2013, ASP.NET MVC 4, C#.NET, .Net Framework 4.5, WCF, Web API, Entity Framework, Win forms, Java script/JQuery, Angular JS, JSON, Ajax, HTML, IIS, CSS, Bootstrap, Razor View Engine, XML, XSLT, TFS 2010, SQL Server 2012, JIRA.

Senior Dot net Developer


  • Developed application using ASP.NET MVC framework.
  • Created application using Bootstrap for responsive design.
  • Developed UI Pages using Razor Views, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Created Partial Views/User Controls for better reusability of codes in the application.
  • Designed and implemented UI for the application using ASP.NET MVC3 Web Server controls.
  • Developed Entity framework based DAL using C#, ADO.Net and Entity Framework.
  • Worked on deploying the Win Forms application including a database files.
  • Worked on master page and content page design in ASP.NET.
  • Used Sub queries and co-related queries in SQL Server.
  • Used fault contract to send exception details to the client in WCF.
  • Used bootstrap for Cross device compatibility with CSS, HTML and Java Script.
  • Worked on debugging the JQuery using the Developer tool and Fire bug.
  • Written stored procedures, triggers using T-SQL for data access from SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • Developed module which deals with validating user, changing passwords and searching of information depending upon priority of user in site using ASP.NET and C#.
  • Implemented Custom Interface services for Repository Factory in VB.NET.
  • Worked on Angular JS Element, Attribute and CSS derivatives.
  • Developed bundles of CSS styles, Components and JavaScript plug-in to develop bootstrap compatible application.
  • Worked on setting/changing styles using JavaScript on UI. Created Synchronous and Asynchronous Web Service Invocation with JavaScript.
  • Used JQuery for changing or applying CSS and creating animations.
  • Created Business Logic Layer & Data Access Layers to implement MVC3 architecture.
  • Created Indexes to speed up the query process in SQL Server.
  • Created data binding in view to a variable on the scope object using Angular JS.
  • Worked on collection classes like array, array list and generic classes and methods in C#.
  • Published the Win Forms application in Visual Studio.
  • Worked on creating business objects, data access objects in ASP.NET.
  • Used exceptional handling in Win forms application.
  • Involved in various types of built in bindings like HTTP binding, WS-HTTP binding for WCF.
  • Involved in writing service layer using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology.
  • Used Master pages, User controls, Custom controls to suit user's needs.
  • Worked on publishing the web application on IIS server.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for Version Control.
  • Generated reports using the SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS)
  • Performed unit testing and functional testing using NUnit.
  • Worked with Agile/Scrum Environment to meet the timelines and interaction with the team.
  • Involved in Framework implementation and prototypes.
  • Designed and developed business components and data components using C# and ADO.NET.
  • Designed and Developed Web Forms using ASP.NET, C#, XML, XSLT.
  • Created ASP.NET Web Service to serialize XML data over HTTP; where the third party uses XML for the query and transferring the data.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, C#, Bootstrap, ASP.NET 4.0, WCF, Win forms, JavaScript, JQuery, MVC 3, HTML, CSS, Entity Framework, Angular JS, Bootstrap, IIS 7.5, AJAX, XML, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Team Foundation Server.

Senior Dot net Developer

Confidential,Salt Lake City,UT

  • Design of user interfaces layout
  • Involved in writing complex stored procedures and T-SQL queries
  • Involved in design and writing Technical document for client.
  • Implemented Presentation Layer which will use the Business Layer components to present the info on the client's browser
  • Implemented input validation using the ASP.NET Input Validation Controls
  • Extensive use of Master Pages in all the projects
  • Hand coded tables are used to display the data retrieved from database
  • Implemented AJAX Update Panel, Model dialog box in GUI design.
  • Involved in designing a Security System for Projects.
  • Worked on various Mortgage Pipelines and Rate Management System, Credit Report.
  • Designed Xml Schema and used Xml document to handle xml data transfer.
  • Worked on XSLT wherever required in XML.
  • Involved in Debugging, fixing the bugs and testing the modules.
  • Implemented using N-tier architecture.
  • All items are source controlled using TFS.

Environment: ASP.NET3.0, AJAX1.0, ASP, Java Script, XML, XSLT, DHTML, ADO.NET, C#, Win Forms, SQL Server 2005, IIS 6.0, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server Reporting Service.

Dot net Developer


  • Involved in development, and testing of the application.
  • ASP.NET with code behind C# was used in the Presentation layer.
  • Used C# and ADO.NET to define and implement secure middle-layer components with .Net class libraries using XML and Web Services.
  • Involved in Object Oriented Analysis and Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Used the features like View state and Dataset Using C#.
  • Used Web services form JavaScript for inserting the data of the template and colours.
  • Connected to the database using Data Adapter.
  • Implemented XML Web Services using C# to provide remote client access to core business functionality offered by the enterprise business components.
  • Used .NET Validation controls to perform server side validation.
  • Created Clustered, Non-Clustered Indexes on tables to speed up the data pulls.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Views and Functions to save/retrieve session data.
  • Used Visual Source Safe for version control during development and maintenance.

Environment: ASP.NET3.0, AJAX1.0, ASP, Java Script, XML, XSLT, DHTML, ADO.NET, C#, Win Forms, SQL Server 2005, IIS 6.0, Visual Studio 2005/2008, SQL Server Reporting Service.

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