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Software Solution Provider Resume

Education : Matriculated with the following subjects (Full Exemption) Afrikaans - D HG; English - C HG; Mathematics - E HG; Science - B HG; Biology -D HG; Geography -C HG Courses : DAMELIN 1989 Concepts of Data Processing, COBOL TRANSNET 1989/90 COBOL, DB2, Business Communications, Programming Design BANDAG (USA) 2000 JAVA, Visual Basic 6 2001 HTML, DHTML, JAVA Script, ASP 2002 Advanced HTML, Advanced JAVA Script 2003 MSDN Developers Conference, VB.Net, ASPX Confidential 24 College Credits towards Business Degree, Confidential 6 College Credits towards IT degree Certificates: Rewards: Military Military Fitness & Academic Award - 9 Flames 1987 Certificate for Excellent Service Outstanding Sapper Work in Operational Area 1988 Information Technology Certificate for Outstanding Service Rendered during Y2K conversion 2000 Certifications: Cobol (BrainBench) Visual Basic.Net (Brainbench) Skills : Cobol CICS DB2 Visual Studio: ASP, VB6 Visual Studio.Net/2003: ASP.Net, VB.Net SQL Server 6,6.5, 7, 2000 IMS-DB/DC UML2: Enterprize Architect v4.1-4.5 Summary: Cobol 18 years CICS 12 years DB2 17 years IMS DB 11 years IMS DC 8 years VB6 5 years VB.Net 5 years SQL SERVER 6 years Visual Studio 6 years Visual Studio.Net 5 years ASP.Net 5 years HTML, JS, CSS 6 years XML 3 years Employment : Confidential Buyer Confidential Programmer - 1989 1991 COBOL, IMS-DB/DC, DB2, ROSCOE & TSO Truck Management System (Hans Bothes: manager) Confidential Senior Programmer 1991 - 1993 COBOL, IMS-DB/DC, DB2, TSO Financial Systems (Support systems - writing of auditing programs on the combicard system - mainframe interfaces with the windows based UI's) Confidential Contract Analyst Programmer - 1993 - 1994 COBOL, CICS, DB2, TSO FOREX This was my first contracting job. I was hired as an analyst programmer and was part of a team of several analyst programmers and programmers who wrote a system that replaced forms/documents that was generated to keep track of information pertaining to Foreign exchange transactions. Information needed to be stored to satisfy government laws and also to keep track of transactions for business and bookkeeping purposes. Most of the programs we wrote were online programs written in COBOL and CICS with imbedded SQL for DB2. We wrote some Cobol/DB2 programs as well. We used ADW (Analysis Design Workbench) to generate the code. We used a screen generator to generate the assembler code for the online screens. Confidential Senior Systems Analyst 1994 1996 Financial Systems (Integration Analyses & Database Conversion - IMS/VSAM to DB2 Wrote the conversion programs that combined the credit card and combination card systems of ABSA (United and Allied with Volkskas I was hired as a contractor by ABSA to write conversion programs to merge the Bank Card information on the VSAM file database of Volkskas with the full function IMS database of the ABSA system which consisted at that time of United and Allied accounts. The programs were written in Cobol and had imbedded IMS DB calls using CBLTDLI. During this period I also did maintenance programming on the existing combicard system. Confidential 1997 Microfocus COBOL, DB2-II, CICS Rewrite of FOREX interface with old MERVA system. I was hired as a contractor by Standard bank to rewrite a subsystem of the Foreign Exchange system.The code would replace the Cobol code that ran on Merva machines. The new code was written in Microfocus Cobol "PC" CICS and DB2 II and it was deployed and recompiled on the mainframe using COBOL CICS DB2. The system had an asynchronous transaction that read CICS message queues upon activation, and then inserted the information into DB2. The program had to interface with the accounting system as it involved money transfers. The information was replicated to an Oracle data base. The system had several online programs which enabled the maintenance and further processing of these transactions including the printing of receipts on pc printers. The project was completed two months ahead of time and virtually on budget. Although I reported to a project leader, I did the costing, analysis and system design in addition to the detailed design and coding and saw my role as a senior Analyst programmer. The testing was done by a tester. Business Software Alliance Confidential Contract Programmer October 1997 February 2000 COBOL, CICS, DB2 SYNNOVA (Manufacturing Inventory System), Conversion from IMS DB to DB2 & Upgrading for Y2K Maintenance enhancement and y2K compliance of the Synnova system and the companies interface programs (Terry White: reference) DEARX August 2005 to present Bandag Inc. (USA) System Analyst 2000 July 2005 COBOL, CICS, DB2, Bandag hired me as a contract programmer in October 1997 to be part of a team of programmers that would convert all Bandag's Cobol/IMS programs running in Batch and in CICS to access DB2 instead.. After the conversion we started on getting the programs Y2K compliant. Before 2000 we still had some IMS data bases and we upgraded our CICS to version 4.1. It was recommended that we change our IMS DB CBLTDLI calls to "Exec DLI " calls. (native calls to command level calls). Bandag hired me in February 2000 as a System analyst to maintain the Synnova system (Inventory control, planning and purchasing system) with about 800 programs and procedures which was written in COBOL CICS DB2. There were also some Batch programs. I was also responsible for running and maintaining the company’s unnual inventory programs. I started developing an interest in front-end development and did a few VB and web courses, In 2001 Bandag transferred me to the department that did all the front-end development. The first system that I did was in written ASP that instantiated VB com-objects on the server that used SQL server 6 as its data base. The UI to display the information on the client was rendered in. I also did Crystal reports (off SQL server 7) for an in-house application. My role in these instances was that of developer. I maintained another application written in VB6 that used Access as a data base. Confidential Visual Studio6/.NEt/2003, VB6, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Source Safe, Crystal Reports, VB6, HTML, JAVA Script, SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, UML 2 Since 2002 I have written and have done maintenance to several applications in VB6 and .Net, web applications as well as rich client (windows applications), web services, windows services and remote classes. (Web services except that it uses binary formatting instead of SOAP) Apart from web based multi-tier and windows based programs that utilizes SQL Server and XML, I have written VB6 programs that interfaces with the Mappoint Active-X that delivers some custom mapping functionality and with FTP and console (to communicate with the mainframe) I am also familiar with VBA and have used Access as a database from VB6. In .Net I have written created strong keyed objects to put it in a com-wrapper to be called by SQL Server, I have re-written my VB6 application in .Net that uses the MapPoint Active X while upgrading it to Mappoint 2002 from Mappoint 2004. I have also rewrote a VB6 application in .Net as apart of a project that had to do with a tax upgrade. I have coded programs that use multithreading, asynchronous callback functionality, the .net listener sub-namespace and I have also writtrna tool that will create dynamic VB.Net classes that can be pulled into UML for documentation purposes - especially the stored procedure parts that are difficult to pull into UML with the EA tool that we are currently using. I have used Enterprise Architect (but only after inception of UML2) for design and documentation and are familiar with collecting business requirements, setting up use cases, analysis, database design, creating sequence diagrams and activity diagrams Confidential August 2005 to November 2006 Worked on reports for the reserve bank until January 2006 analyzing and documenting doing enhancements and running reports for the reserve bank reporting system in preparation of rewriting the current system Cobol MVS, EZtrieve Currently working with OO Cobol IMS on the Pension Based Loan system Confidential Credit Division Contract Technical Designer - November 2006 - Current COBOL, CICS, DB2, TSO, EXCEL I worked as a designer and helped out on a technical level in various teams in Credit including originations, collections and the backend portion of the credit delivery system Designed and wrote an interim interface for the collect SM debt collection package by Experian In January 2008 I moved over to the application support department where I am still working as an application support specialist. We resolve incidents and stabilize the systems after implementation as well as QA pending inpolementations Since January 2008 I have been doing production support as a technical specialist/technical suppoer analyst. Duties include resolution of production issues not exluding developing of alternative solutions or work-arounds, QA and QC of system and program designs and code. Became familiar with websphere. Business knowledge gained include originations of loans, ageing of accounts and collections systems. Software Solution Provider - November 2005 current (Part Time) Since 2005 I have been developing a .Net/MySql product that processes web requests for advertisements and publishes them on the web. The application is database driven and consists of a windows based portion that does the administration part, it has a web front-end (presentation layer) to submit ads and render the ads after they have been moderated for illicit content and categorized with the aide of another windows-based system. There is a web service portion that contains the business layer and a MySql back-end. Since August 2006 I have been involved in a private venture to write a Net. Server application that interfaces in a USDN session with a WASP application to provide a menu based system for cell phones. REFERENCES : Confidential

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