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Java Resume

Cordoba, ArgentinA



During the last seven years, Mario has mainly focused on research and development of SOA and backend technologies. In particular, Java-based ESBs, application servers, event-based systems, SCA, web-services and web servers. He has also a strong focus on providing software and hardware solutions for SMBs, working directly with clients tosuccessfullyimprove their core businesses.


Personal Projects

Confidential,Cordoba, Argentina (04/2011 – Current)

  • Research & Development Engineer: JBoss Switchyard
  • Full-time contribution to embryonic Red Hat open source project called “SwitchYard” (JbossESB evolution).
  • Technologies: git, Java, Camel, Jboss, Arquillian, XML, Forge, Maven, SOAP, drools

Confidential,Argentina (06/2006 – 04/2011)

  • Team leader: Engineering Support Area (11/2009-04/2011):
  • Achievement: Defined objectives, tools, processes and SLAs of a newly created Engineering Support area for a high availability multi-client backend platform. Provide proactive and reactive level-3 support to five different us-based clients using the platform.
  • Responsibilities: Technical leader, selector, coacher, trainer and coordinator of four team members. Planning, execution, control and reporting of the area. Platform monitoring, issue tracking and issue solving within SLAs.
  • Technologies: Splunk, SQL Server, SOAP, .Net, Jira.
  • Different roles in Multiple Engineering Projects (06/2006-11/2009):
  • Technical Leader: Definition and development of the backend logging strategy for a distributed service-enabling platform (.Net, .Net Enterprise Library, Splunk).
  • Research Leader: Definition of a package structure for service delivery platform.
  • Definition, development, deployment and showcase of a cloud computing infrastructure prototype for automatic provisioning of SOA applications using SCA, Java, CIM, Xen and Nagios.
  • Tech leader and mentor of two different internship projects (a- Migration from Ant to Maven, b- .Net MEF Research)

Confidential,CA, USA (06/2005 – 12/2005)

  • Achievements: Definition, evaluation and demonstration of data replication and federation database technologies for a distributed ubiquitous computing infrastructure (C, C++, MaxDB, SAP Netweaver, PThreads)
  • Integration of a smart tag library with a Java GUI (Java, JNI)

Confidential,Buenos Aires, Argentina (12/2003 – 05/2004)

  • Achievements: Implementation of business logic and user interface of an eCommerce website for the largest candy maker in the world (Arcor).
  • Responsibilities: Backend API definition, Data model definition, backend developer, front-end developer
  • Techs used: J2EE, Websphere, Hibernate, Struts, Portlets

Apache Tuscany committer (SCA implementation):

  • Key achievements: creator, promoter and implementer of a marketplace sample application in Tuscany’s distribution. Evangelization of Tuscany in a technical talk in JavaOne 2008 in San Francisco for 1000 people. Apache Committer.

Book author:

  • "A High Level Pub/Sub Layer for Open Distributed Heterogeneous Environments: The Concept-Based Approach"

Entrepreneurial achievements:

  • Home-banking system for a brokerage firm. Web 360 Feedback System for HR Consulting firm. Different ETL tools for Telemarketing firm. CRM system for scrivener office. Web accounting system for brokerage firm. Online remote backup service owner.
  • Technologies: GWT, SmartGWT, jZeno, Maven, Java, Hibernate, MySQL, RMI, Tomcat, scripting, AutoIT.


  • Master Degree - Software Engineer

Technical Skills

  • Distributed Systems Tech.: J2EE (EJB3, EJB2.1, JPA, MDB, JMS, JNDI, JAAS), Web Services (Axis2, JAX-RPC), Web Servers (Tomcat, IBM Portal), RMI, XML
  • Back-ends: JBoss, Google App Engine, IBM WebSphere, WebSphere MQ, BEA Weblogic, OpenJMS, Web App-Server of SAP NetWeaver,
  • Front End Tech.: GWT, SmarttGWT, JSP, HTML, Struts.
  • CASE tools: IBM Rational XDE Developer, Enterprise Architect.
  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C++ (MFC), Python, Objective-C, OpenGL, SQL
  • IDEs: IBM WebSphere Studio, JBuilder, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Borland CBuilder, KDevelop
  • Operating Systems: Mac OS, Linux, Windows
  • DBMSs: MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, H2, MaxDB
  • DB tools: Hibernate, DAO, JDBC, ODBC
  • Mobile: iPhone development, Objective-C
  • Additionally: VM experience (VMware, XEN, VirtualBox), Linux scripting, Splunk, QTP, linux scripts, windows scripts, VoIP, Redmine

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