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Sr. Software Developer / Architect Resume



  • 13 years of software development, specializing in both desktop and browser-based application architecture and development with extensive experience in object-oriented design & programming, database design & programming.
  • 9 years of .NET framework with broad experience in leading architecture and development of cutting-edge enterprise applications in ASP.NET, desktop and web services.
  • Expertise in all phases of software engineering including requirement gathering, domain analysis, application design and development, QA, solid technical skills demonstrated in delivering robust, scalable enterprise-grade systems


  • Visual C++, MFC, ATL, ActiveX, STL and Java
  • SQL Server, Transact-SQL, Data Mining
  • AJAX, Silverlight, MVC, JavaScript, XML, XSLT
  • Object Modeling, Design Patterns
  • COM, Socket, Windows Service, Win32 API
  • Infragistics, .NetCharge, ComponentOne, ActiveReports, Dundas, MapObjects
  • cryptography


  • MCSD .Net (C# Track)
  • MCP in SQL Server
  • Java 2 Certified Programmer

Confidential,VA August 2008 – Present
Sr. Software Developer / Architect

  • Architected and developed a middleware component that processes credit, debit, EMV and gift cards. This component, implemented as a plug-in for a POS system, interfaces with MSR card readers and pin entry devices (Ingenico, Hypercom, Verifone, MagTek). (C#, cryptography, USB I/O programming, Interop)
  • Designed and developing an EFT (electronic fund transfer) website. This site allows registered merchants to schedule payments, make payments via device, manage accounts and their permission levels, create recurring payment plans, view payment histories, and analyze business performance (C#, Ajax, membership provider, web security, Infragistics, ComponentOne).
  • Developed a COM-aware component that performs complicated DUKPT key derivation for deciphering of card data, interfaces with SafeNet HSM to manage PIN translation, key exchange, and data ciphering (C#, C++, ATL, cryptography).

Confidential,VA October 2005 – August 2008
Sr. Software Developer

  • Developing APM (Automated Photo Machine), an award winning digital photo kiosk software that provides self-service for editing photos, burning CD/DVD, creating and printing photo book, greeting card and calendar (C++, MFC, ActiveX, GDI+, printer driver programming, JavaScript)
  • Responsible for various enhancements to Photo Finale Web, a photo e-commerce platform, leveraging NET 3.5 technologies with SQL 2005 as backend data store, WCF services as an application tier, Silverlight /Ajax as a presentation layer to deliver superior user experience.
  • Lead an effort to internationalize Photo Finale Web, developing a culture-aware address control using XML template, creating an extensible WCF service to interface with different payment processors (via NetCharge or direct API)
  • Designed and developed a card payment processing module that interfaces with PINPad or card reader, performs POS-initiated batch settlement, provides daily report for card transactions. (C++, Socket, Tender Retail, VeriFone, YesPay)

Confidential,MD July 2005 – October 2005
Sr. Software Developer / System Architect

  • Designed and developed a .Net windows service application that schedules tasks to probe the health of database servers and websites.

Confidential,MD February 2003 – July 2005
Sr. Software Engineer

  • Lead developer on web-based product suite of commercial real-estate information. Solely responsible for design and development of a web server control that presents market analysis and forecast, with business and data layers for sophisticated data aggregation and computation
  • Designed and developed an enterprise-level logging system that captures web user activities in relational database to build multidimensional data cubes for business trend analysis. Responsible for design and development of a .NET remoting object that handles de-serialization of logging objects and transforming logging data into relational database.
  • Co-developer of a reporting infrastructure that includes (a) database-driven, easily configurable wizard control for users to customize their reports (b).NET remoting objects hosted by Windows Service that handles report generation on multiple servers to meet the very heavy reporting demands
  • Designed and developed analytic reports of different sort using ActiveReports for data and Dundas for chart, optimized complicated SQL queries with aggregation of millions of historical records

Confidential,VA June 1999 – February 2003
Software Engineer

  • Key developer of NetMLS, a residential real-estate information system, using Java Applet for GUI, and ASP to interface with C++ components for data access via SQL Server. Responsible for development of property search, image downloading, billing, data exporting, mapping, driving direction, and administrative tools
  • Designed and developed an XML web service using C# and ASP.NET Web Service. This platform-agnostic application can interface with diverse real estate software vendors for MLS data exchange
  • Designed and developed multithreaded database-driven NT service application (C++) that runs a range of utility jobs periodically with sophisticated scheduling logic, developed a web-based tool to schedule these jobs (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET)
  • Created a web service application to retrieve MLS data from multiple sources, and transform data in XML format for wireless clients (SOAP Toolkit 3, JavaScript)
  • Implemented MLXChange, a leading web-based real estate information system (ASP, JavaScript, XML, and XSLT). Responsible for development of COM+ components using C++

Confidential,VA August 1998 – June 1999
Software Engineer

  • Key designer and developer of CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatcher) system. This system enables police in the headquarter to communicate with units in the field via Cerulean server and has GIS component that tracks and displays GPS enabled units in real time (Visual C++, MFC, MapObjects)
  • Created order-processing module for SAFARI (Sales and Financial Analysis Reporting Information) system (C++, ISAPI, JavaScript, Oracle)


  • PhD in linguistics with a minor in computational linguistics.

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