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Technical Architect / Programmer Resume

Austin, TX


  • Over 7.8 yearsof experience in designing, developing and implementing complex software applications for use on both corporate intranet and over the Internet.
  • Expertise in designing and developingClient/ServerandWeb basedapplications using UML model (Use Case diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Class diagrams, etc.) andJ2EEplatform.
  • Experience in designing, developing multi-tier application using J2EE technologiesServlets, JSP, Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Beans, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, Ant, Log4J, XML DOM, Web Services, SOAPusing J2EE design patterns.
  • Extensive knowledge ofMVC architecture,Struts framework,Java Server Faces framework,Spring framework,AJAX components.
  • Extensively designed and developed frontend screens using Java Server Pages (JSP),JavaScript,Jquery,Struts HtmlandHtml-eltags, Java Server Faces (JSF) tags.
  • Extensively developed business components using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB),Spring servicelayer and persistence logic usingJava Persistence API (JPA)andHibernateobject relational mapping frameworks.
  • Experience in developingJava RESTful webservices (JAX-RS)andJAX WSwebservices. Implemented web service security usingBasic AuthenticationandSSLcertificates.
  • Extensively worked with XML frameworks such asDOM,JAXBandStreaming API for XML (StAX)for building large xml files.
  • Experience with installing and configuring application servers suchIBM Websphere Application Server, Websphere Portal Server,BEA Weblogic,JBOSSandApache Tomcat
  • Experience in writingANT scriptsand unit test cases usingJunitframework.
  • IDEs for development –IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD),Eclipse.
  • Strong Experience inOracle databaseandbackend programming.Creationof stored procedures and function, packages, writing SQL, cursors, triggers and views.
  • Experience in writingbatch jobs usingKorn shell scriptsand scheduling them usingCronjobsandAutosys scheduler.
  • Strong communication skills and excellent customer relations in collecting and analyzing user requirements.
  • Strengths in multitasking, problem solving and timely resolution of issues in meeting deadlines, enthusiasm to learn new technologies.
  • Ability to work in diverse platforms and industry environments.



Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, Korn shell scripting

J2EE/e-Business based solution programming

JDK, J2EE/J2SE Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, EJB, JNDI,JMS, JSR 168 Portlets, JDBC, Struts, JSF, AJAX, Ant, Maven, Log4J, XML DOM, Spring IOC, Jasper Reports

RDBMS and C/S database programming

Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server, PL/SQL, JDBC, Connection Pooling/Data Source, Stored procedures, Packages, Triggers, Cursors, Views, Hibernate, Java Persistence API (JPA)

Web Tools and Technologies

XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, Struts, Java Server Faces, AJAX,XSD,SOAP, RESTful Web Services

ORM Technologies

Hibernate, Java Persistence API (JPA)

Web Services

SOAP, WSDL, Apache Axis, JAXP, RESTful Web Services

Web Servers and Application Servers

IBM Websphere application server, Weblogic, Jboss, Apache Tomcat.


IBM Rational Application Developer, Eclipse, Jmeter, CVS, Clear case, Autosys Scheduler ,MS Visio, Junit

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris


  • SUN Certified JAVA Professional


Confidential, Austin Texas May ’10 – Till Date
Technical Architect / Programmer

The Medical Transportation Programme (MTP) is a portal used by call center employees to schedule appointments for eligible clients to travel to doctor, healthcare facility or other locations where clients receive healthcare services. The MTP portal is developed using Java Server Faces (JSF), Spring framework, JPA and Hibernate frameworks running on IBM Websphere portal server and Oracle database.


  • Developed the front-end screens using Java Server Faces (JSF)html, coreand IBM JSFhxtagson IBM Rational application developer (IDE).
  • Extensively usedAjaxcomponents for operations like auto populating city, county and state whenever zip code is entered in a text box, auto complete city names and common application data for enhanced user experience.
  • Developed business logic inSpringservice classes accessed from JSFmanaged beansand implemented sql queries and persistence operations using Java Persistence API (JPA) entity manager. Implemented parent child relationships and called stored procedures usingJPA annotations.
  • Developed acaching frameworkfor static data such as states, counties list and other commonly used application specific data to be loaded at the start of the application. Provision to add or remove data from the cache is provided for the admin staff.
  • Developedcentralized exception handlingframework where in the exceptions are intercepted inside the JSF lifecycle interceptor and error stack trace is parsed to see any specific database error codes and appropriate user friendly message is shown to the user.
  • Developedaudit frameworkwhere in the created by and updated by user and timestamp are recorded and stored in Oracle system context variables to be later used by archive tables. A reusable JSF tag has been developed to display for audit information for each record.
  • Identified and fixed issues found across various versions of the Internet explorer.
  • DevelopedwebservicesusingRESTfularchitecture so that the service is exposed to the external vendors. Security is implemented usingSSLcertificatesandbasic authentication.
  • Developed a Javabatch frameworkfor data load that reads the database, FTP and data file information from environment variables.
  • Extensively usedJAXBand Streaming API for XML (StAX) for reading and generating largexmlfiles used in batch jobs.
  • Developed reports usingJasperfor the printablePDFversion and excel and notepad versions of the report are developed.
  • Analyzed the stress test results fromLoadrunnerand suggested and implemented the changes forperformance tuning.
  • Participated in the demo of MTP application to the call center users before product launch and explained the features and implemented the suggestions.
  • Implemented the enhancements of the application.

Environment:IBM Websphere portal server,portlets, Java Server Faces, Spring framework, Java Persistence API, Hibernate, Jasper reports, RESTful web services, SOAP, JAXB, IBM Websphere portal server, and Oracle database.

Confidential, San Francisco, CASep ’09 – Apr’10

Sr Programmer

Worked on Client analysis Statements (CAS) for the Wells Fargo Wholesale division, CAS is a cash management tool designed to meet the account management needs of businesses that WF Treasury management products, CAS service provides customers with statements that summarize balance computations and service fees. User can download CAs statements in PDF, CSV and excel formats. Users can interact with the HTML version of CAS statement and perform graphical trending or comparing across statement cycles.


  • Prepared design documents from the functional specifications (Class, Sequence diagrams (UML, OOAD)
  • Developed JSPs usingJSTLtags andStruts-eltag libraries strictly compliant toXHTMLstandards and java scripts usingJSON.
  • Designed business classes usingSession beansand for the persistence used container managed persistence entity beans using EJB 3.0.
  • Created custom caching framework usingJava Caching systemfor the reference data used in the application as well as the properties files. Developedreusable JSP custom tagsto get the cached reference data in the JSPs.
  • Developed a customexception handling framework, where in the error codes are maintained in database and theglobal forwardsare set up in the Struts config for the specific error codes for all the action classes.
  • Developed alogging frameworkusingservlet filtersto capture the instrumentation logs for the all the methods being called in the application.
  • Extensively usedJSTL tagsinstead of JSP scriplets for presentation layer.
  • Identifying and resolving issues resulted in IE 7 upgrade.
  • Performed the stress test and memory profiling usingJmeterand analyzed the results.
  • Developed build scripts usingANTfor code push onto various environments.
  • Developed test cases usingJUNITand the test data is configured inXMLfiles and the code coverage is measured throughCoberturaframework.
  • UsedLog4jfor logging and debugging and usedJUnitextensively for testing.

Environment:Struts Framework, Tiles, EJB 3.0, HTML,JSP, Servlets, Java script, XML, Data source, Ant, PL/SQL, Clear case, JMS, Eclipse, Weblogic application server, Stored procedures , JUNIT, JCart, Cobertura, Oracle database, Clearquest, Mercury Quality Center

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA Nov ’08 – Sep ‘09

Development of a web application for the state of California courts to bring the courts together to use one application for all case categories. Worked in judicial officer module where judicial officers can view their daily calendars displaying the events scheduled for the day, view case and participant details review minute orders. The website is developed using Struts and Tiles framework as presentation layer and Enterprise Java beans deployed on Weblogic application server.


  • PreparedHTMLprototypes and design documents from the user requirements.
  • Developed the front end screens usingStrutsandtilesframework and usedStruts validationand JavaScripts usingJSONobjects.
  • Developed the user interface usingAJAXXMLHttpRequestobject for the enhanced user experience for dependent drop down selections and Ajaxtogglebuttons.
  • Developed business logic in Enterprise Java beans (EJB) to be accessed from the struts action classes usingService locatorpattern.
  • Written queries using Hibernate query language (HQL), mapped parent child relationships usingHibernate frameworkacross tables for data retrievals as well as persistence.
  • Developed web services using JavaRESTfularchitecture usingJAX-RSpost method that reads an XML input and process and constructs aXMLresponse using Java XML binding (JAXB)
  • Developed the reports using JSP, Excel, CSV formats and printable PDF format usingJapserreports.
  • Created the deployment scripts usingANTscripts for pushing the code onto various environments for certification.
  • Developed unit test cases usingJUNITStruts framework and code coverage is measured after all the test cases are run usingCoberturaframework.
  • UsedLog4jframework for logging debug, info and error statements in the source code.

Environment:HTML, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, JSON, Struts and tiles framework, Enterprise Java Beans, Hibernate, XML, Eclipse IDE, Weblogic application server, Oracle database, JUNIT, Log4j framework.

Confidential, Jacksonville
FL, USA Mar’07 – Nov‘08

Worked on multiple bank finance applications that help different lines of business in the bank understand the technology charges along with identifying services and products that are no longer needed or that are billed to the incorrect groups. It allows users to users to initiate cancellations or transfers on the site for the various associate expenses and forward these requests to the fulfillment systems of record.


  • Analyzed the requirements from the end users and prepared design documents.
  • DevelopedJsps,JavaScript,Struts action classes, form beans and business classes usingBuilder, Facade, Interceptor, Front Controller, Delegator, Service Locator and Data access object design patternsusing Eclipse IDE.
  • Development of Ant scripts to deploy the EAR file inWeblogic application server.
  • Extensively worked on storedprocedures, functions and packagesin Oracle that are used in the batch job executions triggered form theshell scripts.
  • WroteShell scriptsfor the monthly batch jobs and data load routines into staging tables using SQL loader and deployment of these scripts usingAutosys jobscheduler
  • Worked on periodically converting the adhoc reports requested from users into automated jobs usingpl/sql,shell scriptingand scheduling them using cron jobs.
  • Working with the end users to for the UAT certification and working with the release management team to push the Java and database code across various environments.
  • Maintenance of design documents, code, and release documents inClearcaseversion control tool.
  • Worked on the issues in the application resulted from theOracle and Weblogicupgrades.
  • Leading team of size 2 and interacting with the end users for requirement gathering or resolving the issues.

Environment:Weblogic Application server, Oracle 9i, HTML,JSP, Servlets , Java script, XML, Data source, Ant, PL/SQL, SQL loader, Korn shell scripts, Actuate Reporting, Autosys Job scheduler, Clearcase

Software Engineer Sep’06 – Mar’07

The project involved in developing a code generator for performing Create/Read/Update/Delete operations on master database tables used in the application. The code generator reads the XML or XMI generated from UMI tools regarding the database table information and generates the JSPs and Java classes bundled in a ready to be deployed EAR file.

  • Responsibilities involved in preparing the design document and identifying XML structure for gathering the information of the database tables.
  • Developing the code generator templates for Jsps and business classes usingJava Server Faces tagsand backing beans andHibernatequery language
  • Developed a swing tool that is used for entering the database table information like the column attributes primary key and foreign key relationships.
  • Developed an XML parser that parses the XML and XMI files that encapsulate the database table metadata information to be used in code generators.
  • Development of ant scripts the compile the java classes generated from the code generators and bundle them into deployable EAR file.
  • Enhancing the application to handle special scenarios for the tables with composite primary keys and self-referencing the foreign keys.

Environment:Java Server Faces, Hibernate, XML, Swing, Poseidon UML tool, Jboss, Oracle, Eclipse, Ant, VSS, Windows OS

Software Engineer Sep’04 – Aug’06

Asset Management Tool:The project involved in developing an asset management portal for publishing all the reusable assets. The asset management portal facilitates users to submit a software asset, search for an asset based on a particular technology or domain, download an asset, view or provide feedback on asset, discuss the usage of an asset on a forum, notification to users for any updates, provision to certify an asset for Admin.


  • Responsibilities involved in analyzing requirements and preparing design documents.
  • Involved in the designing the prototype of the asset management catalog.
  • DevelopedJsps,JavaScripts, StrutsAction classesandForm beans.
  • Developed the business components and user interface for the Asset Management portal usingServlets and JSPs.
  • Writing queries in Hibernate query languages that are used in Java classes.
  • Involved in the auto deployment of the application usingMavenscripts inJboss application server.
  • Involved in the functional performance testing of the application usingJmetermemory profiler.
  • Involved in the code review andperformance tuningof the application.
  • Certified various software assets in the Asset Catalog tool.

Environment:Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate, Java Beans, XML, JAXP, Jboss, Oracle, Eclipse, Ant, VSS, Windows OS


  • B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Computer Science, Confidential

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