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Senior Java/j2ee Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


To obtain a challenge senior Java developer position


Over 10 years of experience in a Java/JEE, UI, Core Java (Data structures, Collection, Algorithm) and related languages / technologies, such as: Struts & Spring framework, Web Service (Axis, JAX - WS, SAAJ, JAXB), Hibernate, EJB, XML, AJAX (JQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, EXTJS, reatJS, bootstrap), JSON, NoSQL(MongoDB), CQ5/AEM, Agile, Scrum etc. Worked on many large scales SDLC Java/JEE applications. Take on different roles such as senior developer (UI and server side programmer), SOA architect / core java and API developer. Setup applications on various servers (ex WAS / WebLogic, Tomcat/Jboss, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase).


Programming Languages: JEE6 (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, EJB, JNDI, JTA), JDK5,6, Swing, AWT, Applet, Core Java, XML, Flex, Action Script, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, Axis2, AJAX, JavaScript, Dojo, GWT, YUI, JQuery, node.js, JSON, DHTML, Log4j, Ant, TLD, JSTL, JSP, JSF, CSS, XSD, XSL, SQL, PL/SQL, Junit, C/C++, .NET, C#, CQ5/AEM, Python, Perl, PHP, Shell Script, UML, fortify, Ruby on Rail.

Server/Data Base/Apps: WAS 6/5 (Portlet, JSR168), 9iAS, AEM/CQ5, WebLogic 10.x, MQSeries, QSI, JAAS, JBoss, Tomcat, MySQL, DB2 (UDB), Oracle 8i, MongoDB, Cassandra, WCS 5.x, ATG, SAP (R3), LDAP, Apache, PeopleSoft, Sybase, TAOD, Grinder, SoapUI, Firebug, IBM Tivoli, Amazon EC2/Simple DB.

Operating System: WinXP/Vista, AIX, Unix/Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

Programming Tools: Eclipse, RAD 7, WSAD 5.0/4.0, Visual Studio, Workshop9.x, JDeveloper (10g), JBuilder, IntelliJ, VAJ, Flex, Visual Café, Rational Rose, RUP, UML, EAI, ESB, SVN, Together, Clear Case, CVS, Macromedia MX, JProbe,Test Directory, Bugzilla, XMLSpy

Networking: TCP/IP, SNMP, UDP, SSL, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, NFS, FTP, key tool, openSSL, X.509, PKI



Senior Java/J2ee Developer, San Jose, CA


  • Cisco Nexus 1KV allows user to view, manager and monitor various aspects of Cisco Nexus 1000V switch hardware inventory Information.
  • Created a web-based plugins application in VMware vSphere GUI using full stack open source technology
  • Designed, coded and maintained a restful API which allows plugin client proxy to interface to vCenter through VMware serenity server and VSMs.
  • Developed a web based application using Spring frame, Html5, CSS, Node.js, jQuery and AngularJS to allow user to add, edit and view VSM / VEM’s configuration in VMware’s vCenter,
  • Persisted network configuration data using NoSQL DB
  • Rolled out various international language releases
  • Led a team of 5 developer (onshore and offshore)
  • Performed unit testing and QA support, bug fixing and sustaining.
  • Performance tuning in various JVM (prod, staging), cluster, load balance and failover using IBM Tivoli monitoring/ITCAM tool.Led development team (5 people), interacted with PM, Marketing and QA
  • Implemented CS-MARS PKI Enablement feature (digital certificate authentication, revocation and authorization) using java keytool in CISCO-MARS
  • Deployed application to Cloud AWS EC2

Environment: J2EE, core Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, JAX-WS, Axis2, CXF, JAXB, RESTFUL API, Mongo, JAX-RS, XML, SQL, GIT, Jenkins, HTML, JavaScript, JSTL, jQuery, AWS, Node.js, ExtJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, bootstrap, Cassandra, Flex, Perl Script, JSON, MXML, action script, CSS, AJAX, Eclipse, Rest API, STS, vmware-sdk, Linux, PKI


Senior Java/J2ee Lead Developer/Team Lead, Oakland, CA


  • Designed and wrote Confidential, designed and coded the application framework (MVC) based on J2EE best practice guidelines.
  • Took ownership of some critical modules, including schools / districts course revisions, new course submission, and admin review, performed extensive coding using JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Prototype, XML, tld, etc.
  • Developed an Confidential admin application (RIA) including various widgets, drag & drop using AJAX, JQuery (JQuery UI), prototype, JSON, xhtml, css, xml, xslt, etc.
  • Developed server side batch jobs using Perl, shell script in Linux.
  • Assisted in managing the development team (7 members) as well as configured various servers instances (Prod, QA site), designed / altered DB schema, performed code review in various milestone.
  • Setup cluster, load balancer using Citrix NetScaler, performed JVM tuning, Used Tivoli Confidential to monitor / manage various hosts and applications.
  • Designed and coded web services using Java, XML, SOAP, WSDL, axis2. Developed Shell / Python scripts for internal tools and testing tools.

Environment: J2EE, Core Java, JSP, Servlets, AJAX, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JQuery, Dojo, JSON, CSS, SQL, XML, HTML, iText, JavaScript, DHTML, Shell script, Junit, Web Service, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS, JAXB, Eclipse, Python, Unix/Linux, AIX, WebSphere, Tivoli Confidential, Oracle, MySQL, Tomcat, UNIX/Perl script, UML.


Senior Java/J2ee SOA Developer, San Jose, CA


  • Designed, architected List Service web service api, created wsdl from scratch based on requirement, developed List Service producer, consumer, unit tested project using Confidential ’s v3 / v4 framework. Communicated with PM, QA and user.
  • Designed and code Ajax / JavaScript for My Confidential UI framework using JSON, dojo and etc., created and support various widgets for my Confidential UI, added new functions to Confidential UI. Coded some components for new my Confidential ecommerce project, fixed bugs, improved new Confidential performance.
  • Migrated TurboRoller application from WAS 5 to WASCE v2.1, configured the Eclipse / Clear case development environment, architect the application structure, fixed all the migration bugs and deployed the application to QA server
  • Created standalone Java Swing application (called Pricing Nimble) for price / tax report, currency conversion using various Swing components (JTree, JTable, etc.)
  • Wrote Java API integrated with Grinder for load testing. Wrote Python script and setup testing tool (Linux environment) in various servers / locations.

Environment: Core Java, AJAX, JSON, CSS, SQL, XML, JavaScript, Confidential Framework (V3, V4), DEDE, Swing, ESB, Oracle, Clear Case, Python,Junit, web service, SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, AXIS, SST, PHP, Eclipse, Unix/Linux, WebSphere CE, Tomcat, Geronimo


Senior Java/J2ee Lead Developer, San Francisco, CA


  • Confidential Mobile project Wave 30 and 31 enables wholesale customers to transact business using mobile devices. User can create wire transactions, view pending wires, approve / reject wires and view last 24 hour successful / unsuccessful wire on handheld devices. Wave30 project also includes IPP (check images), TIR (whole account information) modules.
  • Involved in whole software development life cycle of wire transfer module, wrote FSDs based on BRDs and use case,
  • Designed web service schemas, generated stub classes from wsdl using apache Axis.
  • Architect and extensively coded UI client using JSP, JSTL, Struts, spring, hibernate, tld
  • Implemented strong auth (2nd level authentication) using Site minder.
  • Designed and coded content management system for user messages / alerts.
  • Performed application security check using Fortify (cross-site scripting, SQL injection).
  • Configured various server environments for SIT, UAT in UNIX.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, SQL, XML, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, HTML, SOAP, WSDL, AXIS, ESB, JAXB, Eclipse, Unix, Weblogic10, Beehive, Oracle, JBoss, DB2, Site minder, Grinder Documentum, PHP, LAMP, fortify, shell script.


Senior Java/J2ee Developer, Walnut Creek/Oakland, CA


  • Disassembled metadata (xml) to Confidential repository.
  • Coded Claims, Referrals and Denial forms using JSP, JavaScript, JSTL and custom tab.
  • Parsed message (in X12/EDI format), persist to database
  • Set up WSAD team development environment (with Clear Case)
  • Wrote automation build process using Ant.
  • Configured web application and portlet application on WAS 5 and WPS 5.
  • Created different sever instance (DEV, DIT, SIT) and message queues AIX server using MQSeries.
  • Developed portlets for use in offline portal in a WebSphere environment. Converted JSP applications to JSR-168 portlets for use in WAS.
  • Migrated the whole Confidential project from WSAD4.0.3 to WSAD5.0 in order to perform unit test of queue connection directly from WSAD to MQSeries server while developers were writing code.
  • Extensively used J2ee components: JSP, Servlets, EJBs (SLSB, CMP), JDBC, JMS, SQL, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, Xerces, and JDOM.

Environment: JSP, Servlets, EJBs, SQL, XML, X12/EDI, Struts, JSTL, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Xerces, Portal, Portlet, JSR168, MQ series, ATG, 9iAS, JDeveloper, Unix, AIX, WSAD 4.0/5.0, WAS, DB2 7.2, UML., Apache, PeopleSoft


Senior Java Lead Developer, San Jose, CA


  • Field Tool team developed an intranet-based pricing configuration tool called Confidential (pricing and configuration tool) of Confidential HiPath product for Confidential sales team. The application used J2EE architecture, with WebLogic as application server and Oracle, SAP as database. The HiPath product components were stored in an XML formatted knowledge base. When user clicked to choose products, it triggered the configurator, which contained the constraint rules to check if the input requirement complied with the switch product requirement or not. If it matched the requirement, the order was saved into Oracle. When the order was logged or booked, the component configuration and price of the switch were sent to Confidential ’ different department, such as contract manufacturers (SCM), shipping department for delivery and accounting for billing.
  • Role and Achievement:
  • Architected and coded Confidential framework based on J2EE framework, converted old code from prototype (written in JSP) into J2EE framework (Servlets, JSP, PL/SQL, XML).
  • Designed use case, creating new Oracle tables based on requirements from marketing Dept. and performance from development team and SQA team.
  • Took ownership of following modules: SEN-Sizer (switch components configuration), Spare Items, and 3rd Party Items. Designed and coded these modules vertically from UI to the back end. In order to accomplish these tasks, Servlets, JSP JDBC, XML, Xerces (DOM), W3C, XSLT, Xalan, Log4j, Applet, BAPI, JavaScript, UML, Ant were used. JBuilder, VAJ, XML Spy were used as developing tool.
  • Set up Bea WebLogic application server for both development team (Win 2k) and production (AIX), and Clear case for source code control.
  • Coordinated our team with marketing and testing dept for the full software development life cycle, delegated modules within team members and checked their status, reviewed their design documents and performed code review.

Environment: Java, J2EE, XML, EJB, Servlets, JSP, PL/SQL,JDBC, XSLT, Swing, SOAP, UML, ABAP, BAPI, LDAP, MQ Series, WSDL, WebLogic, Oracle, SAP, DB2/UDB


Senior Java Developer, San Jose, CA


  • As a staff engineer in a startup company, designed and coded the following modules:
  • This module allowed buyer, seller and sourcing agent to register as a new buyer and also update their profiles.
  • RFQ Review list: Request for Quote List displayed the quote list retrieving from database. It allowed user to sort and select the quotes by group, concept, and date. It also allowed user to update the quotes, to write comments and to send out emails.
  • Facility Evaluation Profile contained hundreds of questions for the manufacturer and buyer respectively. User answered the questions with scores. User could retrieve them for viewing details, evaluating score and modifying the results, if needed. Module 4: Time Action Calendar: Buyer initiated offer and chose the auction expiration date. Seller and sourcing agents bid the quote. When the code expired Buyer chose the winning bid and sent out email to the winning party.
  • In order to accomplish these tasks, UML was initially used to convert use case (based on the requirement) into Java framework, then finished coding using JSP, Html, JavaScript, Servlets, JavaBeans, J2EE, SQL, XML. BEA WebLogic was the application server and Oracle was the database.

Environment: UML, Java, Java Framework, JSP, HTML, J2EE, JavaScript, Java Servlets, JavaBeans, IBM ecommerce Suite, SQL, XML, BEA WebLogic, Oracle, ColdFusion

Confidential, New York, NY

Software/Java Developer


  • As a Senior Developer, architect and coded a Spreadsheet application similar to Excel in Java. This was developed using Swing ( Confidential ).
  • Developed a powerful printing system from Applet, as there was no similar third party software available at that time. JConnect and Direct Connect were used to access Sybase and MS SQL Server databases.
  • Developed Java based Switch browser using Swing, which presented a graphical view of Cisco switch topology in Visa network. Socket communications were made to switches from RMI Server, which passed on information to the applets.
  • Created a real time page scheduling system, which had easy interface to schedule pages to support personnel that monitored various events. An easy user interface was developed using Swing.
  • Wrote input and output parse engines to handle the complete APIs of both credit bureaus, and a non-blocking socket communication layer class, which would fire control events using callback functions.
  • Created a multithreaded version for use in ASP side control and a single threaded version for use in VB/VC++ applications, Translated the Business Object Model into Relational Model, implemented Client Server Architecture.
  • Planned and scheduled to meet deadlines.
  • Designed and coded user security authentication system, which was used across various applications. This was developed using PERL, Java Script Ported Cable Management System, which kept track of all cabling connections for both Data and Voice circuits at Visa from AIX to Solaris.

Environment: Java, Confidential, Swing, Perl, JavaScript, RMI Server, Jconnect, Direct Connect, Sybase, C++, ATL, Visual Basic, ASP, API, MS SQL Server

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