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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Pittsburgh, PA


  • Overall 8+years of IT involvement being developed and execution of Web - based Client-Server applications utilizing Java and J2EE advances.
  • Experience in Agile software development process, Test Driven Development and Scrum methodologies and Part of Scrum, Sprint review, Retrospection and Virtual Closure meetings as a part of Agile .
  • Expertise in Client Side Designing and Validations using AngularJS,NodeJS, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, JSP, Struts Tag Library, Bootstrap.
  • Experienced in Full Stack UI Technologies using Grunt, Gulp and Yeoman generator for AngularJS.
  • Expertise in outline and improvement of different web and endeavor level applications utilizing Java/J2EE innovations like Spring, Hibernate, XML, Struts framework, EJB, JSF, JSP, jQuery, Swing, JavaScript, Ajax, JDBC, JMS, EMS, JavaBeans and Servlets.
  • In depth knowledge on core java concepts such as OOPS, Collections, Threading, generics, Exceptionhandling, Thread pools, Execution services, concurrent utilities, File IO and Serialization.
  • Strong experience in Spring Framework modules such as Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, JDBC, JTA, IO, Spring Boot, Spring microservices, Spring REST, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Netflix, Spring Zuul.
  • Experience with Spring JDBC Templates, JMS Templates, Spring EAI, Spring Rest Templates.
  • Strong understanding of Micro service patterns - Hystrix, Aggregator, Proxy chaining.
  • Experience with Open source frameworks using Struts, Spring Batch, and Hibernate and used design patterns like Singleton, DAO, Factory, DTO, and MVC.
  • Extensive hands-on on designing Micro service applications with fail safe methodology using Circuit Breaker pattern with Hystrix/Dashboard and load balancing using Spring Ribbon.
  • Hands on experience in implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and web services such as SOAP and REST using WSDL, CXF2, JAX-WS and JAX-RS.
  • Very good experience with Model2 (MVC) architecture and Jakarta Struts/Tiles. Solid experience in using Jakarta Apache frameworks like Struts, Maven, ANT, JUnit and Log4J.
  • Experienced in databases such as Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server to manage tables, views, indexes, sequences, stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages.
  • Experienced with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Couch DB and Cassandra on large data platforms.
  • Experience with RDBMS concepts and in writing Queries, Functions, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Cursors and PL/SQL Packages with databases like Oracle 10/11g, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informatica power center 9.x, NoSQL ( Casandra and Mongo DB ).
  • Experience in creating Docker images, Containers, push/pull and integrating with Spring Boot.
  • Good experience with messaging systems like Kafka event sourcing.
  • Good experience in unit testing using Karma, Jasmine and JUnit, Automated Testing using Java, Junit/TestNG, Selenium (IDE/Webdriver), Integration Testing using Continuum, Selenium, Hudson, Jenkins and Apache Camel.
  • Experience with build tools like CICD-ANT, Maven andlogging tools like Log4J.
  • Hands on experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, VPC,Direct Connect, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS etc.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.


Programming Language: Java 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8, SQL, PL/SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, RMI, EJB, Swing, AWT, Applets, Multi-threading, Java Networking

Java Frameworks: Spring MVC, Struts 2.0, JSF

Application/Web Servers: WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat

ORM Frameworks: Hibernate, JSF, IBATIS

Web Technologies: JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, XML, XSLT, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, AngularJS, Ext JS, backbone JS.

Spring Framework: Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Hystrix, Spring Heroku, Spring Zuul, Spring Netflix, Spring Integration, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Yarn

Database Server: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, DB2, MongoDB, SQL server,MS Access and MySQL, Cassandra.

IDE: Eclipse, RAD, WSAD, NetBeans, IntelliJ

Web Services: REST, SOAP, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, WSDL, Axis2, Apache CXF

Version Control: GIT, CVS, SVN

Build Tools: ANT, Maven, Gradle

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Water-Fall, Rapid Application Development

Modelling Tools: Microsoft Visio, Rational Rose

Operating System: Windows, Linux, UNIX

Tools: Apache Camel, ESB, cucumber, Redhat BPM

Testing: Junit, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Selenium, Jenkins, Docker


Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering, system design, analysis, implementation and developing the environment.
  • Involved in the development of the UI using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Angular JS 2.
  • Extensively involved in coding with AngularJS 2 to add functionalities and effects like Accordion, Slider bar, Draggle/Droppable, Progress bar and used Customized Data Tables and High charts into Angular JS Directives.
  • Bootstrap used along with AngularJS 2 in creating the Applicationfor faster mobile friendly applications .
  • Developed SPAs, components using Angular 4 directives, controllers, view and routing, service modules.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API’s using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 4.
  • Espresso Framework which is used internally for developing the services with a quick and easy view of UI.
  • Developed RESTful Web services for transmission of data in JSON format.
  • Worked with the key components of AWS like EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3(Simple Storage Services).
  • Implemented multi-threading using java.util. concurency API to improve the processing of data feeds.
  • Used wide implementation procedures in order to disintegrate whole monolithic application into loosely coupled reusable Micro services.
  • Involved in implementing the Micro Services based on Restful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Implemented the application using Spring IOC, Spring MVC Framework, Spring Batch and handled the security using Spring Securityby generating the token system.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using JMS (MQ series) for sending and receiving messages while creating web services.
  • Extensive use of Spring Data in design and development of user interfaces.
  • Involved in implementation of application using conventional design practices (Web-Service Oriented Architecture, MVC-Model View Controller).
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Extensively used the Spring framework implemented upon the MVC design pattern.
  • Used JMS Queues to develop Internal Messaging System.
  • Implemented procedures, packages, triggers, and different Joins to retrieve the records using PL/SQL, SQL scripts.
  • Developed queries to perform CRUD operations.
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database.
  • Implemented Hibernate to interact with Oracle 11g database.
  • Used Micro service architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Used Hibernate for mapping java classes with database and created queries with Hibernate query language (HQL).
  • Hibernate an ORM framework was used on DAO layer to persist application data into Oracle database.
  • Used JAX-RS plus jersey implementation for RESTful web services and containerized it.
  • Designed RESTful, XML web service for handling AJAX requests.
  • Used JUnit for extensive functional and unit testing code.
  • Performed deployment of applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server to JBoss.
  • Building Jobs using JENKINS.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) process implementation using Jenkins.
  • XSLT to transform the XML files to presentation layer for the enrich design.
  • Understanding on big data technologies like Apache Hive, Kafka, Hadoop and Apache Spark Using Scala. worked on creation of Docker images, Containers, push/pull and on integration with SpringBoot
  • Actively used the defect tracking tool JIRA to create and track the defects during QA phase of the project.
  • Created and Maintained Selenium Automation Scripts for the Scrum Stories.
  • GIT is used for the version control Maven is used for build script and configured log4j, .log files.
  • Log4J was used to monitor the errors logs.
  • Collaborated on design spec reviews together with Business Analysts.
  • Worked closely with Software Developers and DevOps to debug software and system problems.
  • Experience in Creating Store procedures and functions in SQl server to import data in to ElasticSearch and converting relational data in to documents.
  • Worked Integration of AWS, ElasticSearch, Beanstalk and Docker with Kubernetes.
  • Used GWT 2.5.1 and Amazon AWS (EC2/S3/EBS) for prototyping and subsequent evaluation.

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring RESTful Web service, Hibernate 4.2, JMS, AngularJS 1.x,2.x,4.x, Oracle 11g, CRUD, JIRA, CI/CD, Selenium, DAO, XML, MDB's, JMS, IBM WebSphere, Kafka,Spark, Scala, Big Data, Hadoop, GIT, GWT, DML, MVC, RESTful, ElasticSearch, Docker,Junit, Log4J, AWS, EC2, S3, MicroServices, Bootstrap-3, JENKINS.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Brain Storming sessions, Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint planning and estimation of tasks for user stories.
  • Implemented the application using design patterns such as Session Façade, Business Delegate, Bean Factory, Singleton, Data Access Object, and Service Locator.
  • Developed using new features of Java 1.7 Annotations, Generics, enhanced for loop and Enums. Used Spring and Hibernate for implementing IOC, AOP and ORM for back end tiers.
  • Involved in writing Thread Safe blocks for Multithread access to make valid transactions.
  • Worked on the Multithreading Concepts Using executor frame work for file parsing the data or scheduling the Data into the application from the vendor services Which are in both text andXml into Json.
  • Used AngularJS framework in developing various UI components.
  • Documented requirements and created a prototype for an upgraded internal claims auditing application using NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDb.
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Developed Single page application and structured the JavaScript code using AngularJS framework including MVC architectures, different modules, specific controllers, templates, custom directives and custom filters.
  • Developed AngularJS components such as controllers, Services, filters, models.
  • Designed and implemented a complex Ext JS tree component for selecting company division information.
  • Make JavaScript/HTML modifications and add features to Mapping Locators on clients' pages as per Client.
  • Developer Spring Quartz jobs to run the backend jobs and generated reports.
  • Experience with AdobeFlex framework for building and maintaining web applications.
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Involved in Configuring web.xml and Spring-config.xml according to the Spring framework.
  • Used Spring-Hibernate integration and JPA ORM in the back end to fetch data from Mongo DB databases.
  • Troubleshooting issues that may occur during the test cycle (Functional & load test) for the J2EE applications on Struts and Spring framework running on WebLogic/JBOSS servers.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to register agents using non-java application.
  • Designed and developed Web Services (SOAP, WSDL). Created and compiled XML Schema to generate Java Bean classes using Apache Axis.
  • Used Hibernate for accessing database and mapping the entities by using hibernate annotations.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions, cache concepts.
  • Created session EJBs that retrieved information from the Oracle database using Hibernate .
  • Development task. Developed rule modules using Rule Engines, Drools ILOG, BRMS and BLAZE for business management. Created rule-based decision services using BRMS (ILOG JRules framework)
  • Configured and deployed the application on JBoss application Server.
  • Used Mongo DB to create mock services to test application.
  • Implemented Spring Batch based by steps with chucks methodology for security concern’s.
  • Worked on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to host Cloud based Applications.
  • Consumed internal services provided by Pivotal Cloud Foundry to communicate with other components.
  • Involved in creating test cases using JUnit strictly following Test Driven Development
  • Involved in JUnit Testing of various modules by generating the Test Cases.
  • Log4j was used to log the events in the application.
  • Involved in Units integration, bug fixing, and User acceptance testing with test cases.

Environment: Java 7.0, Spring 3.5, Hibernate 4.2, Spring Quartz JPA, Adobe Flex, TCP/IP, Network protocols, Java Scripts, AngularJS, Backbone js, HTML 4.0, CSS, EXT JS, Node JS, JMS, JAXP (SAX & DOM), Mongo DB, BRMS, WebSphere Application Server, Eclipse/RAD 8.0, GWT, SOAP, Maven, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, log4j, Junit, XML, Web Services.

Confidential, South SF, CA

Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Involved in preparing the Detailed Design document for the project.
  • Extensively used MVC, Factory, Delegate and Singleton design patterns.
  • Used Spring Framework AOP Module to implement logging in the application to know the application status. Used Spring DAO Module along with Struts Framework to deal with Database.
  • Spring MVC Framework IOC (Inversion of Control) design pattern is used to have relationships between application components. It is also used to separate the application configuration and dependency specification from the actual application code.
  • Developed multiple GWT (Google Web Toolkit) Web application (from client to server).
  • Designed and developed most of the application's GUI screens using GWT framework.
  • Developed rich and interactive UI using JSF, Primefaces component library and Ext JS.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions, cache concepts.
  • Modified the Spring Controllers and Services classes to support the introduction of Spring framework.
  • Developed various generic JavaScript functions used for validations.
  • Developed screens using jQuery, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX and Ext JS.
  • Developed various generic JavaScript functions used for validations.
  • Developed screens using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX.
  • Used Aptana Studio and Sublime to develop and debug application code.
  • Used XStream API to transfer data back and forth between Spring MVC and Ext JS .
  • Used AJAX extensively to implement front end /user interface features in the application.
  • Developed the presentation layer and GUI framework in JSP and Client-Side validations were done.
  • Implemented SOA to develop REST Based Web services using Apache Axis .
  • Developed RESTWeb Services clients to consume those Web Services as well other enterprise wide Web Services.
  • Exposed the Web Services to the client applications by sharing the WSDL’s.
  • Created logical and physical data models putting to practice, concepts of normalization and RDBMS.
  • Used Hibernate framework for back end development and Spring dependency injection for middle layer development
  • Developed, and debugged the servlets and EJB with WebSphere Application server.
  • Developed the middle tier using EJBs, Java Servlets.
  • Developed session, entity beans and message driven beans.
  • Designed and developed the UI using Struts view component, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, AJAX, JSON.
  • Designed the data flow for the client-side screens and the object interaction layer for the server side components using Rational Rose.
  • Involved in Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • MQ was used to provide a single unifying transport that reduces cost and maintenance efforts, including support for HTTP, REST and JMS.
  • Used XML/XSLT for transforming common XML format and SAML for Single Sign-On.
  • Designed configuration XML Schema for the application.
  • Used XMLHttpRequest Object to provide asynchronous communication as part of AJAX implementation.
  • Designed and implemented Java Classes to use JAXP parser to create Java objects so as to be able to modify the data received in the response.
  • Used SOAP for Web Services by exchanging XML data between applications over HTTP.
  • WSDL was used for publishing Web Service interfaces.
  • Junit tests were written to test each module in the application.
  • Wrote Ant Scripts to automate the build and deploy process.

Environment: Core Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Java Spring, JSTL, EJB, JMS, XML, XSLT, JDBC, AJAX, IBM Web Sphere Application Server 6.0, DB2, WSAD, IBM MQ, GWT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse, UML, Rational Rose, Windows XP, CVS, JUnit, ANT, Adobe Flex, Visio.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Developed the web interfaces using JSP.
  • Was involved in the preparation of the software requirements and Component design documents, Component Specification Document.
  • Used WS-Security for authenticating the SOAP messages along with encryption and decryption.
  • Applying Design Patterns and Principles in software development.
  • Developed business logic codes using Servlets at the back end of the system.
  • Involved in developing the database tables to hold lender information
  • Responsible for designing the front-end using React JS.
  • Developed Spring services, DAO's and defined routes using Apache Camel.
  • Developed JSP’s and Servlets to provide dynamic content to the HTML pages.
  • Developed data access components and multilingual screen generator classes.
  • Developed JSPs, for client-side validations.
  • Responsible for the performance improvement of batch processes Core Java: Collections API & Multithreading.
  • Participate in software development building custom components and doing performance tuning.
  • Used groovy and spring boot to collecting the data from users and packaged the data as JSON to 43 applications.
  • Used JSP and Servlets for server-side transactions. Login authentication is done by JSP by verifying with database security tables.
  • Designed and developed Entity beans and Session beans.
  • Involved in writing the associations for the query in mapping xml files in Hibernate.
  • Involved in the building Maven POM files and Maven testing.
  • Configured and Deployed EJB’s Entity and Session beans on Web Logic Server
  • Developed the interface to automatically forward quote requests to qualified lenders using SMTP.
  • Developed test cases to test the business logic.

Environment: J2EE, Web Logic, Struts 1.2, Cassandra, PL/SQL, JSP, J2EE, XML, JMX, XSL, EJB, Servlets, Maven, SOAP, JDBC, HTML5, Apache Camel, ReactJs, UNIX, SMTP.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Used Rational Rose for the Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams to represent the detailed design phase.
  • Created Servlets which route submittals to appropriate EnterpriseJavaBean (EJB) components and render retrieved information.
  • Developed Session Beans to process requests from the user and used entity beans to retrieve and update customer information.
  • Involved in writing the exception and validation classes using Strutsvalidation rules.
  • Developed various EJB components to fulfill the business functionality.
  • Implemented the Email module, which included setting up JMSmessage queue, designing and developing email client which sent Java messages to the message queue, designing and developing message driven beans that consumed the messages from the queue and sent emails using contents from the message.
  • Used Apache Axis for consuming Web Services.
  • Used WebSphere Application Server for deploying various components of application.
  • Persistence layer was implemented using Hibernate Framework.
  • Front-end is designed by using HTML, CSS, JSP, Servlets, JSTL, Ajax and Struts.
  • Involved in developing the CSS sheets for the UI Components.
  • Used JavaScript for the web page validation.
  • Used XML with SAX parser to transfer data between applications.
  • Written ANT scripts for building application artifacts.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixing the problems.
  • Wrote PL/SQL stored procedures, Prepared statement and used API.
  • Involved in writing and executing stored procedures, functions and triggers for Oracle to create a Database Management System.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing.
  • Created Unit, Acceptance and Integration Test Documents and Code Review Documents.

Environment: J2EE, Java SDK, XML, SAX, JSP, JMS, HTML, JavaScript, Struts, Hibernate, Servlets, Eclipse, Web Services, JUnit, Unix, Ajax, EJB, RMI, JNI, WebSphere Application Server, ANT, CVS, Oracle 10g.


Java Developer


  • Used JAXP (DOM, XSLT), XSD for XML data generation and presentation.
  • Wrote Junit test classes for the services and prepared documentation for the application.
  • Developed the front-end by doing hands-on coding using semantic mark up, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end technologies as required by the program) with a focus on usability.
  • Designed Web pages by HTML and the query processing’s done with the help of Servlets and JDBC.
  • Performed Client-side validations using JavaScript like user validations etc.
  • Leveraged knowledge of W3C standards, cross-browser development techniques.
  • Producing, modifying and maintaining websites and web applications.
  • Collaborated with Build Team to integrate HTML, front-end code with the backend technology to ensure the UX / UI is implemented and Generated UX analysis reports identifying usability gaps and providing recommendations.
  • Developed Custom XML Parser for parsing large XML files and update the data to database using SAX based Parser.
  • Handled exceptions that arise during the execution of a program using Exception handling.
  • Extensively used Spring IOC architectural model to inject objects based on the selection of components like setter injection and Interface injection to manage the object reference.
  • Involved in Core Java coding by using Java APIs such as Collections, Multithreading, Exception Handling, Generics, Enumeration, and Java I/O to fulfill the implementation of business logic.
  • Followed agile software development practice paired programming, test driven development and scrum meetings.
  • Involved in design, analysis and architectural meetings. Created Architecture Diagrams and Flow Charts.
  • Participated in technical review, formal presentation and accurate documentation.

Environment: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JDK, J2EE,JSP,Servlet, XML, SOAP, Oracle, W3C, Web Sphere Application Server.

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