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Java Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Over 8+ years of experience in analysis, design, implementation, and testing of Object - Oriented Applications in Client/Server environments using Java/J2EE.
  • Experienced in Java Web-based, Desktop Based Development with Concepts of, Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and its implementation.
  • Good knowledge of latest version of object-oriented JavaScript frameworks like Angular.js, Node.JS, Backbone, Bootstrap, Ext JS, Knockout JS, React JS, Ember JS, ExpressJS,and Dojo toolkit.
  • Good experience in designing and developing business applications with technologies such as core and advanced Java technologies JAVA, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, Web Services, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Maven,Gradle, ANT, HTML, XML, XSLT, XSD, JDBC, Cascading Style Sheets(CSS), JNDI, JUnit and XML-related technologies.
  • Expertise in design and development of various web and enterprise-level applications using Java/J2EE technologies Such as Spring, Hibernate, Struts framework, EJB, Servlets 3.x.
  • Experienced in Middleware persistence framework like Hibernate/JPA for mapping Java classes to thedatabase and using Hibernate Query Language (HQL).
  • Experienced in Front End frameworks such asjQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Nodejs, ReactJS, BackboneJS, AngularJs.
  • Hands on Experience in AWS Cloud in various AWS Services such as RedShift, Cluster, Route53 Domain configuration.
  • Experienced in setting up Amazon EC2 instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups, Data Pipeline and Lambda. Setting up databases in AWS using RDS, storage using S3 bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket.
  • Strong experience in TCP/IP packets, packet analyzing using snoop, tcp dump and Wire shark.
  • Experience with setup and maintenance of WebLogic Server, Apache, Tomcat, LDAP.
  • Implemented based on corresponding view components with view components JSP, Html, html5, CSS 3, XSD, XSTL.
  • Hands on experience in implementing client-server business applications using MVC, SOA architecture and Micro Services.
  • Proficient inJava Swing, AWT, SWT, JBoss, and Hibernate.
  • Experienced in implementing Service-oriented architecture and Web Services using SOAP, RESTFUL.
  • Solid Hands-on experience in end to end implementation of CI and CD (Continuous Delivery), DevOps processes using AWS Code Commit AWS Code Deploy, AWS Code Pipeline, Jenkins, and Ansible.
  • Experience with Java 8 features such as lambda expressions, Parallel operations on collections and for effective sorting mechanisms and new Date Time API.
  • Handled operations and maintenance support for AWS cloud resources which includes launching, maintaining, and troubleshooting EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Auto Scaling, Dynamo DB, AWS IAM, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Relational Database Services (RDS). Also created snapshots for data to store in AWS S3.
  • Experience in developing and a solid understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and Microservices Architecture.
  • Proven experience in writing Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Functions, and Packages using TOAD.
  • Experience in software configuration management using CVS, SVN and IBM Clear Case.
  • Hands on experience with build tools like ANT, Maven, Jenkins and logging tools like Log4J.
  • Expertise in using IDEs like Eclipse, Net Beans, and RAD for developing and debugging rapid web and enterprise Java applications.
  • Good working experience in using ANT and Maven scripts for building and deploying the application in web/App servers.
  • Extensive experience in working on multiple operating systems including UNIX, Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows.
  • Goal oriented individual with excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with individuals at all levels and work independently.


Languages: Java 8 (JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8 ), Java Swings, JSF, JUnit, Log4J, Ant, Maven, Python, Ruby on Rails.

Methodologies/Design patterns: OOAD, OOP, UML, MVC, DAO, Factory pattern, Session Fa ade, Singleton, Agile, Scrum, Test Driven Development.

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, AngularJs, jQuery, React.JS, Node.JS, EJB, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, JDBC, HTML5, DHTML and XML, CSS3, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, MQ Series, Apache Camel, Kafka, Spring Boot,Ext JS, Knockout JS, React JS, Ember JS, ExpressJS.

Web Services: SOAP, RESTful Web Services

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Groovy.

Application/Web Servers: JBoss, Glassfish 2.1, WebLogic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat Server.

IDE Tools: Eclipse (Juno, Galileo, Helios, Indigo ), Rational Application Developer (RAD) and NetBeans, STS.

OR Mapping: Hibernate, IBATIS.

Databases: Oracle 11g, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB.

Reporting/Messaging Tools: Crystal Reports, BO XI R3, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ.

Cloud: AWS.

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, Clear Case, Git.

Testing: Selenium, Karma.

Tools: Rational Rose 2000, JBuilder 3.5/5.0, Visual Cafe 4.0, Visual Age Java 3.5, eclipse 3.X, MS-Office, Front Page, Ultra Edit 32, Clear Case, iReport -1.2.5.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Java Developer


  • Developed the application based on AngularJS MVC architecture.
  • Developed UI using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX, Bootstrap responsive framework and JSP for interactive cross browser functionality and complex user interface.
  • Integrated the Java code (API) in JSP pages.
  • Used AngularJS for DOM Manipulation, Filters, and Directives.
  • Worked on AngularJS routes using scope object to create a view using controllers.
  • Used AngularJS (grid) for Grid data displays all over the application.
  • Implemented the search functionality for Internal Application using AngularJS.
  • Created and optimized graphic prototype websites and applications interfaces using HTML and CSS.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI and Spring MVC for REST APIs and Spring Boot for micro-services.
  • Created architecture towards a micro-services approach using RESTful java web-services framework.
  • Involved in using Core java concepts - Collections, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading.
  • Worked on Spring MVC for code enhancements.
  • Applied Spring IOC to facilitate Dependency Injection.
  • Implemented Spring Batch and Spring Task Scheduler to automate importing data from CSV files sent from client into DB2 database.
  • Generating Scala and java classes from the respective APIs so that they can be incorporated in the overall application.
  • Writing entities in Scala and Java along with named queries to interact with database.
  • Coded Rest API for Product service using spring boot.
  • Used Hibernate for generating entities and writing HQL queries
  • Created automated test cases for the web application using Selenium
  • Wrote SQL Queries, stored procedures, triggers, packages on Oracle Database.
  • Built-in support for concurrent programming by running multiple threads
  • Developed application based on document-based Database like MongoDB.
  • Worked on Rest Web services, to specify the business behaviors and backend calls
  • Used Jasmine unit tests (Karma) to verify Angular JS modules and JavaScript utility routines.
  • Experience working on Grunt for minification of JavaScript files, compilation of LESS files into CSS and for monitoring the application.
  • Integrating Micro services and JSP's using Ajax and jersey client based on the Rest template which is generated using Swagger.
  • Hands on experience on maintaining the builds in Bamboo and resolved the build failures in Bamboo.
  • Created Executor based Multi-Threaded application to test Drools implementation.
  • Worked with Gradle build tool to build and deployed application on Apache Tomcat server
  • Used GIT for code management and JENKINS for continue integration.
  • Used Cucumber to write test cases for new modules.
  • Used Log4j to record the log messages to the log files
  • Ability to design application on AWS taking advantage of Disaster recovery.
  • Configured AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) Group and users for improved login authentication.
  • Experience in working with Spring Quartz framework and developed various quartz jobs.
  • Generating Dashboard through Splunk. Hands on experience with Searching and Reporting with Splunk 5.x.
  • Responsible to support the operations, monitoring, reporting according to the requirement of the higher management team by making Splunk Dashboards.
  • Worked on spring boot, Spring Rest full template to develop Application Level Micro Services.
  • Implemented Micro Services based Cloud Architecture on AWS Platform and Cloud Foundry.
  • Implemented Hibernate Template to great extent making use of HQL, Named Parameters, Named Queries and interfaces such as Expression, Query, and Criteria.
  • Implemented and developed UI components using Angular JS features like Dependency Injection, Models, data binding, and controllers.
  • Administered and deployed applications into WebSphere Application Server.
  • Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) for the reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as payment status report.
  • Worked with JAXB, SAXP and XML Schema for exporting data into XML format and importing data from XML format to database and JAXB in the web service request response data marshaling as well as the unmarshalling process.

Environment: HTML5, Microservices, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, AngularJS, AJAX, Java, Multithreading, collections, Hibernate, Scala, Oracle, JSON, Bootstrap, RESTful web services, NPM, Bamboo, Jasmine, Jenkins, Grunt, OOPs Concepts, Agile, MongoDB, Selenium/Cucumber.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Java Developer


  • Actively involved in the various phases of SDLC to analyze business requirements, analysis, design, development, testing and support.
  • Installed node.js and utilized the NPM with Grunt for the build.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like MVC, Business Delegate, and DAO.
  • Involved in the development of presentation tier using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular JS and JSP.
  • Developed the view components using HTML, JSPs, CSS, and JavaScript and form beans.
  • Developed validations for forms data as well as server side using AngularJS validation.
  • Configured Swagger-UI registered Micro service with Eureka server to monitor service health check etc. from Spring Boot admin console.
  • Extensively used Core Java such as Multi-Threading, Exceptions and Collections
  • Combined collections and customer service to cure customer accounts while maintaining an amiable and professional manner throughout the call using probing questions.
  • Built a web frontend using Spring MVC Framework with JSP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript.
  • Implemented AngularJS and AJAX for the better performance of system and partial page rendering
  • Hands on experience in using Backbone.js to build large web application with data that change over time.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with J2EE design architecture, Spring MVC architecture using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Implemented the application using Spring MVC web framework based on MVC Architecture.
  • Developed the application using Spring framework that leverages model view layer architecture and configured Dependency Injection.
  • Created spring configuration files to define Handler mappings, Bean definitions
  • Integrated Spring Security Delegating Filter Proxy filter chain in web.xml to secure the application and limit access privileges to the users
  • Implemented the back-end functionality of the modules using Hibernate and used DAO, DTO, Business Delegate design patterns.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with J2EE design architecture, Spring MVC architecture using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Created and maintained the configuration of the Spring Application Framework (IOC) and implemented business logic using EJB.
  • Extensively used several interfaces and features provided by Spring MVC framework for new web applications like Handler Mappings, Controllers, View Resolvers, Multipart file resolver, Handler Interceptor, Handler Exception Resolver, Locale Resolver, Theme Resolver, Annotations and Validators.
  • Establish connection from twitter source to HDFS with popular hash tags.
  • Developed Selenium scripts using python and or Java.
  • Coded Rest API for Product service using spring boot.
  • Coded soap and Rest web services using spring boot to rewrite existing application to micro web application.
  • Mastered the Grunt with commands for building and deploying the project.
  • Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design.
  • Developed REST Web services to expose the business methods to external services in the project.
  • Used SQL Developer framework to write SQL queries and used JDBC to access database and implementation of connection pooling.
  • Developed JUnit test classes to test the functionality of a code and developed test cases for Camel Routing.
  • Used SLF4j to record the log messages to the log files.
  • Used software versioning and revision control system SVN to maintain versions of Codebase.
  • Worked with Gradle build tool to build and deployed application on JBoss application server.
  • Used JBoss Developer Studio IDE to develop the Application.
  • Followed the Agile (Scrum) development methodology and participated in daily Stand-up meetings to update the task status on the assigned tasks such as technical documentation, development of different modules.
  • Manage multiple, high profile cross-functional AGILE program teams across various business units.
  • Designed UML diagrams using UML and Rational Rose.
  • Developed a Web Application using Java with the Google Web Toolkit API with PostgreSQL
  • Extensively worked with Servlets and Struts based multi-tier applications in developing J2EE Components
  • Experience in creating build files using Maven.
  • Applications developed in Eclipse IDE with Java, Google Web Toolkit, Hibernate, CSS, JBoss, HTML& Oracle DB.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Apache Camel, Kafka, Servlet, JSP, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, BackboneJS, Agile, Ajax, JSON, Sql, Mongo DB, JBoss, Gradle, JUnit, Selenium.

Confidential, NC

Java Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering, analysis, and Use Case development of the CRC-CME integration using UML and Rational Rose.
  • Extensive use of HTML/Servlets/JSP/XML for the presentation layer along with JavaScript for the client-side validations
  • Used Spring MVC and Web flow for the User Interface development of the NINDS CRC website.
  • Developed UI screens for attendance module using Angular-JS, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and, JavaScript.
  • Designing and development of the various custom reports using the Calypso
  • Extensively worked with Mocha framework on MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node) stack for rapid prototyping of applications for client demonstrations.
  • Developed ORM mappings using Hibernate and wrote criteria, named and HQL queries for data retrievals in the DAO layer.
  • Developed Apache Camel endpoints and used producer template to route messages to JMS queues.
  • Implemented Spring IOC (Dependency Injection) and Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) for the Business as well as Lookup Service Layer development.
  • Involved in creating Hibernate Mapping files, as well as Domain Objects, and writing HSQL queries for developing DAO and Persistence layer using Hibernate O/R mapping tool.
  • Designed and developed several logical layers and modules including UI Delegate Layer, Data Access Layer using hibernate & spring and a Services Layer.
  • Implemented Auditing of the outbound as well as inbound tractions between CRC and CME corner using Spring AOP and SQL Triggers.
  • Implemented Agile Java methodology using Eclipse, Java, spring and Hibernate for the CRC development.
  • Used AWS Cloud Services to Integrate the development of application
  • Implemented continuous deployment system with Jenkins, AWS: Code Deploy, Ops Works, and Packer for deployment of Java Applications.
  • Involved in Writing and Executing SQL Scripts and responsible for fixing the issues and monitoring it to make sure it releases in time.
  • Used MongoDB and Cassandra to import the data into and feed into web services and displayed it onto the browser
  • Design and develop an enterprise common logging around Log4j with a centralized log support (used logger info, error and debug)
  • Involved in publishing as well as consuming web services using Apache AXIS, JAXB, and JWSDP
  • Used JWSDP for generating Java stubs, and skeletons from the existing XSD for interacting with the CME from the CRC.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational mapping (ORM) solution, the technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with the SQL-based schema.
  • XML Parsers like SAX, DOM and Document Builder Factory were extensively used to write Java client programs to parse the XML feeds.
  • Implemented Session Façade, Command Pattern, DAO design patterns.
  • Involved in writing ANT build files, for the build (Creation of JAR, WAR, and EAR) and deployment of the NINDS CRC application onto the target test as well as production servers.
  • Written UNIX shell scripts for processing flat files and log files.

Environment:: JDK 1.6, Struts 2.3.16, Spring 4.0, Hibernate 4.2, Servlets, JSP, JMS, JSF, JDBC, EJB 3.0, XML, SAX, JAXB, HTML, DB2, UNIX, UML, JavaScript, CVS, Rational Rose, Junit, ANT, Restful Web service, Eclipse, Tomcat, JBoss 7.1, GIT, Jenkins, Selenium, MongoDB, SQL Developer, Junit.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Java Developer


  • Participated in requirement gathering and framework implementation sessions through Agile TDD methodology.
  • Used Grails Framework for designing the layout of the application in MVC pattern
  • Client pages are built using HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Worked on Groovy and Grails Tool Suite(GGTS) for developing the legacy application.
  • Integrated the Front-End code at Back End with Groovy and Grails in IDE.
  • Used Gradle for build framework and Jenkins for continuous build system
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Implemented Audit History and Annotations for Views and Messages
  • Worked on Angular JS, used its two-way data binding to achieve the feedback functionality from the user
  • Integrated GSP pages with Bootstrap files for rich User Interface.
  • Implemented the project by using Spring Web MVC.
  • Implemented the online application by using Core Java, JSP, Servlets, Web Services, SOAP, and WSDL.
  • Implemented Singleton, factory design pattern, DAO Design Patterns based on the application requirements.
  • Tested the Service classes and DAO Classes by using Unit Test Cases
  • Integrated REST Web Services with services and DAO layer.
  • Implemented complex queries with Hibernate for DAO layer.
  • Implemented DAO layer using JPA (Hibernate framework) to interact with the database.
  • Worked on Ruby on Rails different versions to make them compatible accordingly required for project on windows
  • Created Domains, Controllers, Views and Service layer for the pages in the application.
  • Responsible for coding, testing and documenting various packages, procedures, and functions for libraries.
  • Worked on methodologies of architecture, i.e. Separation of concerns, DI pattern specifically for TDD.
  • Implemented Jasmine to start UI TDD.
  • Worked on configuring Spring Boot where it adds all the dependencies that are required.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources, connection pooling
  • Prepared Documentation for the Project requirements and Application development.
  • Used VAGRANT (virtual machine) for developing the application in a virtual machine.
  • Responsible for testing the controllers with Unit Test Cases and to test the Service layer using Integrated Test Cases.
  • Involved in making some static changes to the old application of CWO which is built on Ruby and Rails.

Environment:: Java, Groovy J2EE, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular.js, Spring, Hibernate, Grails, REST, jQuery, AJAX, ExtJS, JavaScript, JSP, SERVLET, MySQL DB, Oracle, CRUD, PL/SQL, JDBC, NodeJS, MongoDB, UML, IntelliJIDEA, Junit, Gradle, Sequel Pro, Tomcat, Agile.


Java Developer


  • Consuming and exposing various Web services using JAX-RS and JSON to different systems for business services.
  • Extensively worked with core java like collections, String Builder, and interfaces
  • Used Apache CXF framework to build complex frameworks.
  • Developed complex Web Services and tailored JAX-RS API to suit the requirement.
  • Development of UI models using HTML, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, Web link and CSS.
  • Primarily focused on the spring components such as Spring MVC, Dispatcher Servlets, Controllers, Model and View Objects, View Resolver.
  • Worked on SOA/Web Services and created request and response WSDLs.
  • Developed Spring Beans and configured spring using applicationContext.xml.
  • Assisted Database Developers using PL/SQL for managing data associated with the tables.
  • Used JDBC to connect to the Oracle database and JNDI to lookup administered objects.
  • Developed a multi-user web application using JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Spring Boot and Hibernate framework to provide the needed functionality.
  • Involved in implementation of enterprise integration with Web Services and Legacy Systems using SOAP and REST (Using Axis and Jersey frameworks).
  • Generated DAO’s to map with database tables using Hibernate. Used HQL (Hibernate Query Language) and Criteria for database querying and retrieval of results.
  • Uses Second Level Cache to enhance performance and Proper Memory Management
  • Involved in J2EE Design Patterns such as Data Transfer Object (DTO), DAO, Value Object, and Template.
  • Used Spring IOC, AOP modules to integrate with the application.
  • Developed SQL Queries for performing CRUD operations in Oracle for the application.
  • Used Maven for generating system builds and Bamboo for continuous integration.
  • Used LOG4J, JUnit for debugging, testing and maintaining the system state.
  • Wrote JUnit Test cases for Spring Controllers and Web Service Clients in Service Layer using Mockito.
  • Designed and developed the application using AGILE-SCRUM methodology.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Core Java, Jdk1.6, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Webservices, JAX-RS, Mockito, WADL, SOAPUI, JSP, JDBC, jQuery, AJAX, Html, CSS, Maven, log4j, Oracle, MS SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, JIRA, JMS, APACHE AXIS, Source Tree, IntelliJ, GIT, UNIX, AGILE-SCRUM.


Java Developer


  • Developed multiple user tools with core Java and DB2 using eclipse IDE.
  • Implemented multiple design patterns like factory, façade, etc.
  • Extensive code reviews on adherence to design and performance.
  • Extensive real-time production support.
  • Wrote HQL queries as part of development.
  • Designed and implemented XML parsing for XML order conformations.
  • Created database pool, multi-pool, data source and mapped them to roles.
  • Used spring for creating the object using dependency injection (IOC) .
  • Developed the web-services and analysis of SOAP envelope using SOAP UI.
  • Created Rest web services using JAX-RS, Hibernate framework.
  • Configured action mapping (in XML) for each logical request that may be submitted. seed Hibernate as Object-Relational (OR) Mapping Tool for the backend data.
  • Have used DOJO toolkit to construct Ajax requests and build dynamic web pages using JSP, HTML5 and JavaScript, Angular JS.
  • Wrote batch jobs and was involved in performance tuning of complex queries.
  • Monitored the error logs and fixed the problems.
  • Developed the different components of the application such as JSP, Servlets, DAO and Used SubVersion (SVN) for version control.
  • Involved in the Development of Spring Framework Controllers. Developed Controller for the request, response paradigm by Spring Controllers using Spring-MVC.
  • Developed additional UI Components and implemented an asynchronous, AJAX (jQuery) based rich client to improve customer experience.
  • Built ANT scripts for automated deployment and for the build operation of the entire application.
  • Developed web pages using HTML5/CSS and JavaScript, Angular JS
  • Developed many JSP pages, used Dojo in JavaScript Library, jQuery UI for client-side validation.

Environment:: Core Java, SQL (DB2), Design Patterns, Spring, OOPS/OOAD (UML), XML, Hibernate, DOJO 1.5, Eclipse IDE, Tortoise SVN source control, Bugzilla, Autosys, Aqua Studio, JIRA, Cygwin.

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