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Sr. Mobile Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Mobile: Android Mobile Apps development, Hybrid PhoneGap mobile, Android SDK, XML.
  • Expert in Objective - C, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch with rich understanding of frameworks, memory management, multi-threading, best practices, and development tools.
  • Expert in Object oriented design patterns in Cocoa/Cocoa Touch.
  • Always on the lookout for new technologies to enhance software products. Currently investigating and deploying several iOS apps using TouchDB (CouchDB for iOS) to provide smooth customer experience in offline and facilitate real-time collaborations.
  • Shipped apps to the AppStore and have the knowledge of iOS Dev Center & iTunes Connect.
  • Deploying iPhone application to the iTunes App Store.
  • Passionate about creating innovative mobile applications
  • Expert level skills on developing mobile libraries to consume Mobile APIs. Expert level skills in developing custom UI components for iOS native environment.
  • Proficient with common Android framework APIs (PhoneGap, Web View, Google Maps, Telephony API, Camera, Contact Manager).
  • Strong experience in development of iPhone/iPad applications using Objective C, Cocoa Touch technologies.
  • Possess strong knowledge and ability to code Android activities which bind to local Android services to perform expensive background tasks running in separate threads.
  • Possessing strong analytical skills, an excellent team player with good leadership qualities and strong oral and written communication skills.


Operating Systems: UNIX, AIX, Solaris, Win 95/NT/2000/XP, LINUX

Technologies: J2EE, JDBC, JSF, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, EJB, JNDI, JMS, XML, XSL/XSLT, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Hibernate.

Database: Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server 2000/2005

Tools: Rational Base ClearCase, Rational clear case UCM, CVS, VSS, WMQ, Tool, RFHUtil, SoapUI, XMLSpy.


Sr. Mobile Developer

Confidential - Dallas, TX


  • Used JavaScript & Titanium tools. Implemented the entire Prototype of email app, including SQL Lite database schema and query design, JS based HTTP request to fetch email data and UI design & implementation.
  • Worked in team to develop iOS and Android application
  • Developed a kids coloring Android application to allow any downloaded coloring book template to be colored. Included a port of a floodFill algorithm and bitmap manipulation. This application is on Android and iOS.
  • Ported an iPhone iOS application to Android to include SQLite database management and several data entry views and GUIs.
  • Created mobile applications for Blackberry, Android, Windows 7, and iPhone mobile phones using Java.
  • Publishing the application in production for all platforms (Android, BlackBerry).
  • Developed an Android keyboard entry game with different selectable skins in a dynamic drawing threaded environment.
  • Developed part of the Mobile app with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap libraries.
  • Developed MVVM phone application using Windows Phone 7 SDK and Silverlight
  • Developed HTML5 Mobile application with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Web Design based on CSS3, HTML5, and Bootstrap Front-End Framework.
  • Created the Shaker Slots game for the iPhone and iPod touch using the iPhone SDK with Cocoa Touch and Xcode to develop Objective-C code.
  • Designed and developed multi-protocol telecom Single-Page Architecture application using Node.js, Express and Jade on the backend, Backbone.js on the front end, and web sockets using Socket.IO for communication between client and server.
  • Wrote complex reporting applications with Ext JS and Sencha Touch for Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services, Linux and Windows servers.
  • Developed client GUI modules using Swing, Java script and Flash.
  • Develop prototype application on Android handset and tablet for viewing editing, sharing, and creating montages of photos, videos, events and albums which can be transferred wirelessly across other devices.
  • Managed the creation of mobile applications utilizing both HTML/JavaScript (PhoneGap) and native technologies Java on Android, and Objective-C on iOS platforms delivered through the App Store and Google Play.
  • Designed and coded application components in an agile environment utilizing a test driven development approach.
  • Used Spring Web MVC framework for the applying MVC Implementation to the web application
  • Designed and implementing a Node.js based mobile text and voice messaging app and its cloud backend.
  • Implemented MVVM in all interactive views using jQuery & Knockout.js and layouts in Bootstrap
  • Developed UI components for email and link sharing of documents and files for a Content Management System using Backbone.js and jQuery
  • Extensively used Oracle programming using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Worked on web services SOAP and REST technologies.
  • Installation and configuration of Development Environment using Eclipse with Weblogic Application server.
  • Sound knowledge over cloud hosting in GitHub and Openshift.
  • Developing a new Content Management System backed by subversion using java EE technologies.
  • Created test plans and JUnit test cases and test suite for testing the application.
  • Utilized Agile Methodology/Scrum (SDLC) to managed projects and team.
  • Involved in designing UML Use case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed AJAX scripting to process server side JSP scripting.
  • Developed a web 2.0 control console using GWT to manage data matching for data staging
  • Design, develop and test of SOA services using SOA / Web Service / Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Environment: Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery mobile, Backbone.js, Flash, CorelDraw, iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone7, iOS, Blackberry,Tablet, PL/SQL, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, APACHE CXF, REST, ECLIPSE, WEBLOGIC, SVN, JUNIT, COHERENCE, UML, Cocoa, Xcode, JSTL, SOA, Objective-C, Web 2.0, Oracle, Angular.js, Node.js, Backbone, Bootstrap, MySQL, Git, Eclipse, Cocoa Touch, WebLogic, SQL, Agile, Rest, Sencha EXTJS, JavaScript, Soap, Rest.

Sr. Mobile Developer

Confidential - Saint Paul, MN


  • Developing webkit browser based mobile app using technologies like Sencha touch, DOJO and PhoneGap.
  • Proposed a mobile web app using JQTouch Created a web interface experiment with EXT.JS.
  • Developed Silverlight add-on applications.
  • Worked on full software development cycle from concept through deployment for iOS and Android.
  • Used jQTouch to handle touch events on iOS and Honeycomb.
  • Developed web apps for iOS (iPhone) and Android using frameworks like jQTouch, iWebKit.
  • Design and written Unit test cases and scenarios for Windows Phone 7.
  • Responsible for the content of all SOP and WI documents used to support the global BlackBerry environment.
  • Familiar with iOS SDK (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Location, etc.)
  • Provide customer service and technical support to customers with regards to the iPhone, iMac, iPad and iPod.
  • Using sencha touch for development to find relevant people for the same social Networking Websites.
  • Developed an Android keyboard entry game with different selectable skins in a dynamic drawing threaded environment.
  • Design and implementation of desktop, mobile and web applications in Java and HTML5/Javascript using Eclipse, NetBeans, and Xcode IDE's; Swing, GWT, Vaadin, JPA, Hibernate, PhoneGap frameworks; and SVN, git, maven source code environments.
  • Developed HTML5 Mobile application with HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, JSON and RESTful web service.
  • Implemented CSS3, DOM Api, DOJO and Ajax to create a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Utilize Dojo framework for performing front end validations.
  • Designed and implementing a Node.js based mobile text and voice messaging app and its cloud backend.
  • Maintaining the C++ knowledge modules product information.
  • Developed and implemented many PhoneGap and Titanium applications along with Java and Objective-C plug-ins for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms.
  • Developed UI components for email and link sharing of documents and files for a Content Management System using Backbone.js and jQuery.
  • Developed the presentation layer (UI) using JSP, Tag libraries, HTML, Flash, CSS and client validations using JavaScript.
  • Developed front-end User Interface by Flex and Action Script create reusable UI component for the client side
  • Coded several large Flash-based Actionscript applications for financial firms.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, JSF frame work with AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented various Ajax Frameworks and JavaScripts using jQuery, DOJO, JSON
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using JS, Sencha EXTJS and JQUERY.
  • Designed and modified User Interfaces using JSP, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.
  • Developed presentation layer using HTML, CSS, Java script.
  • Utilized Node.js to create a fast and efficient chat server.
  • Spring MVC and Jquery were used for the site navigation. Bootstrap was used for html styling.
  • Created web application prototype using jQuery and Angular JS.
  • Developed frontend widgets in Backbone.js and Handlebars.js.
  • Built a RESTful API to save and retrieve geolocations using a remote server in Java using Spring, MongoDB, Apache CXF, and JAX-RS.
  • Involved in the deployment of Web-Service End-Points using Apache CXF.
  • Developed the (SOAP/Restful) web services to get the accounts details from the external System.
  • Written and consumed Web Services (Soap) to develop the business layers.
  • Used CVS to maintain source and version management and used Eclipse as IDE.
  • Extensively used Jquery, IBM Websphere Portal APIs for authentication and personalization features.
  • Used Git GUI and Bitbucket for code comment and push.
  • Used GIT hub and rational clear case for code management.
  • Designed and implemented four Agile Scrum teams for product development.
  • Developed the UML Use Cases, Activity, Sequence and Class diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Created Maven build file to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.

Environment: Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Jquery mobile, Backbone.js, Flash, CorelDraw, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Tablet, iOS/Android, JSP, iOS, JavaBeans, Struts, JSTL, Hibernate, Java Script, JQuery, Angular.Js, Struts, JSF, XML, XSLT, C++, Web Sphere, Cocoa Touch, Tomcat, Cocoa, Xcode, Objective-C, Restful Web Services, DB2, SQL Server, Spring, Oracle, Eclipse, PHP, SOA, Web 2.0.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Sr. Mobile Developer


  • Created cross-platform mobile application prototypes with Adobe Air and PhoneGap.
  • Designed the unique system logo and upgraded it to a brand new friendly web interface by JQtouch.
  • Used Sencha Touch to create Android and iOS applications to support RoR app.
  • Performed basic, system and performance testing on the iPhone/iPad application before sending them to the end to end testing team.
  • Implemented live video broadcasting from Android camera to streaming server.
  • Responsible for training of helpdesk personnel for BlackBerry and RightFax support.
  • Developed portions of HTML5-based game for use in an online gambling promotion
  • Implemented CSS3, DOM Api, DOJO and Ajax to create a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Used DOJO to create interactive user interface.
  • Architected and implement REST api interfaces using javascript and Node.js.
  • Delivered mobile app for book reading capability with HTML5 Sencha and online services with Flash/Flex.
  • Developed portals using project specific custom components built in Flex.
  • Develop Silverlight application using Onion/PRISM Architecture.
  • Implemented business requirements using Actionscript.
  • Used Spring for cross cutting concerns and IOC for dependency injection.
  • Extensive experience using framework APIs like Struts, Spring, iBatis and Hibernate.
  • Expertise in MVC Architecture using JSF and Struts framework and implementing custom tag libraries.
  • Developed Web Java/J2EE application (JSP, EJB) using Struts/Tomcat/Xerces for Sybase, JBuilder.
  • Involved in developing the UI panels using JSF, XHTML, CSS, DOJO and JQuery.
  • Used Perl, Php and MySql to develop several web sites, SEO (search engine optimization) skills.
  • Used TOAD for all database query testing and optimizations
  • Involved in Creation, Manipulation and Supporting the SQL Server Database.
  • Java and JSP developer for J2EE web application on WAS, DB2 and AIX.
  • Written Web services using Apache Axis2 and generated the WSDL.
  • Proficient use of developing applications using Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD, NetBeans and ANT.
  • Configuration and deployment of application on to Jboss application server
  • Create and maintain Amazon EC2 instance that supports the companies project management site and Mercurial
  • Created ClearCase VOBs and setup triggers and backups for a new project
  • Implemented Selenium IDE with java script for Web apps.
  • Expertise in employing Water Fall Model and best practices for software development
  • Design and development of components, such as Class, and Sequence diagram in UML
  • Developed Servlets and JSPs based on MVC pattern using Struts framework and Spring Framework.
  • Developed multiple web applications using Drupal, Zend Framework
  • Design and implement existing and new website features using ASP.Net
  • Design and Develop programs in C/C++ to integrate as per the users requirements.
  • Have used JAXB to marshal and unmarshal java objects to Communicate with the backend mainframe system.
  • J2EE to communicate legacy COBOL based mainframe implementations.
  • Code development using PL/I, COBOL, JCL and DB2
  • Developed using VB, Asp, C/C++, some java, javascript, vbscript, SQL, ADO record sets.

Environment: iOS/Android, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Jquery mobile, Java, Swing, Blackberry, Tablet, WebSphere, DB2, Netbeans, Jboss, Visual Source Safe, Selenium, Mercurial, Water Fall Model, UML, JSP, Servlet, ANT, XML, EMC Documentum, Jira, Swing, cognos, Ilog, Oracle ADF, Oracle BPM, IBMMq Series, Apachi Tomcat, Linux, Unix, Ruby Wordpress, Drupal, .Net, ASP, C++, Mainframe, COBOL, PL/I, JCL, SQL, SAS VB, ASP

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr, Mobile Developer


  • Understanding the Domain Knowledge for the Product, Requirements and Design Documents
  • Wrote multithreaded programs to measure system performance
  • Worked on GUI internationalization using JSP and Core Java
  • Used Mercurial to keep track of versioning of the source code
  • Worked on bug fixing
  • Used JDBC APIs for database connectivity and data retrieval.
  • Worked on various client websites that used Struts framework, Hibernate and OGNL
  • Wrote test cases using JUnit testing framework.
  • Involved in debugging the product using Eclipse and JIRA Bug Tracking.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, view, user-defined functions and triggers in SQL Server database for Reports module.
  • Simulation was developed using C++.
  • Implemented real-time patient prescription history verification system using C, Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Used Visual Source Safe for source control.
  • Manipulated data and performed data preparation using TSO, ISPF and SPF system utilities.
  • Developed and implemented Legacy system programs by using COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, JAVA and VSAM.
  • Wrote stored procedures in Oracle PL/SQL for data entry and retrieval.
  • Extracted and modified data from VSAM files for PDF reports.
  • Automate nightly batch processing and job alerts using REXX.
  • Responsible for migrating Websphere server and migrating IBM CICS Transaction.
  • J2EE to communicate legacy COBOL based mainframe implementations.
  • Designed and developed Message Flows and Message Sets and other service component to expose Mainframe applications to enterprise J2EE applications.
  • Use FileAid datasets to validate backend results of test events.
  • Configuring and analyzing JCL to execute mainframe batch.
  • Actively involved in contributing to RFP and POC activities in IMS.
  • Used standard data access technologies like JDBC and ORM tool like Hibernate
  • Designed, implemented new website features and provided support, maintenance

Environment: Core Java, JSP, JUnit, Mercurial, Eclipse, .Net, JIRA, JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, Visual Source Safe, Weblogic, Oracle, OGNL, C, C++, Linux, MS SQL Server, COBOL, FileAid, REXX, ISPF, Mainframe, CICS, IMS, VSAM, JCL.

Confidential, Melville,NY

Mobile Developer


  • Developed new system Automated Management System with Java and JSF.
  • Common Error message routines throughout the framework.
  • Implemented Log4j in application.
  • Implemented Ant Script in application.
  • Involved in reviewing the code and generating the Reports using PMD tool.
  • Automated XML parsing and generation of HTML files and uploading in FTP, integrated around six automated scheduler and Automated Application deployment.
  • Provide effort estimation for new enhancements requested and requirement break-up.
  • Handled client interaction in raising and resolving issues.
  • Participated in creation of high-level business analysis documents, detail design documents.
  • Automated XML downloads from distributed sites.

Environment: Java, JavaScript, Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, WebSphere, DB2, and Rational Software Architecture on Windows and Linux.

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