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Flex Java Ui Developer Resume

Miamisburg, OhiO


  • 7+ years of experience in web development, client-server and n-tier Enterprise applications using Java/J2ee technologies and Adobe Flex.
  • 4 years of experience in RIA development using Adobe Flex 3.0/4.0, Action Script 3.0, MXML.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in client server environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of Flex class Library and experience in working with advanced components like graphing, charting and dashboard layout design development in Flex.
  • Worked with BlazeDS and Adobe Live Cycle Data Services (LCDS) to connect to back end distributed data and push data in real time to the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex Applications.
  • Experience developing use cases/sequence diagrams/class diagrams using UML and Rational Rose.
  • Experience in building user interactive web sites using XML, Ajax, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP, JSF, and JMF.
  • Experience in Java/ J2ee technologies and protocols like Java, EJB, JMS, Struts, spring, Hibernate, Tiles Framework, web services (using axis2), SOA, DOM, SAX, SOAP, UDDI, Servlets, and JSP.
  • Implemented several J2ee design patterns.
  • Knowledge of build and deploy systems like Ant and Maven
  • Experience in configuration, deployment, and management of enterprise applications with Tomcat, JBOSS, Web Logic and Web Sphere Application servers in clustered multiple environments.

Technical Skills

Flex: Flex 3.0/4.0, Action Script 2.0/3.0, MXML, Flex Data Services, BlazeDS, Flash, AIR, Cairngorm, Adobe Live Cycle Data Services(LCDS), Flex Builder, Adobe PhotoShop, Flex Unit 4.0

Java/J2ee: Collections, Multithreading, RMI, Sockets, Applets, Swing, Reflection API, JSP, Servlet, EJB, EMS, ESB, JMS, JAX WS, JDBC, JNDI, LDAP, spring, Hibernate, Struts, Junit, ANT, DOJO.

UI design: XML, DOM, SAX, HTML, CSS, DHTML, JSP, JSF, JMF, Java Script, Ajax, ILOG Elixir 2.0, Microsoft Silver light.

Servers: Tomcat, Jboss, Web Logic, and Web Sphere.

IDE: Eclipse, WSAD, JBuilder, Web Logic Workspace, Net Beans, Flex Builder 2.0/3.0.

Design: UML (Rational Rose), Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD).

Database: Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL, DB2, Sybase, MS-Access, MySQL.

Source Control: CVS, SVN, Clear Case.

Operating System: NT, Windows 2000, UNIX and DOS

Education: Bachelor’s in Engineering (IT), INDIA.


Confidential,Denver, CO Oct 11 to till date
Sr. Flex Java UI Developer

Description: Falcon EHR is the certified, innovative, nephrology-focused EHR, designed from the ground up by technology experts in collaboration with nephrologists. As a hosted, Web-based EHR solution, Falcon EHR gives you access from any computer, wherever and whenever you have Internet Connectivity.


  • Used scrum agile methodology for iterative development of application.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, design, and development of Flex components.
  • Implemented MVC framework using Parsley framework.
  • Built datagrids with item renderers and item editors.
  • Involved in developing custom skinnable spark components.
  • Used External interface API to communicate with java script.
  • Used Blazeds to communicate with Java and coldfusion classes.
  • Used Flex profiler sampling to resolve performance issues.
  • Involved in skinning and styling of flex components.
  • Involved in bug fixing and code rewrite for existing components.
  • Involved in mapping Java objects to database tables using Hibernate and Java annotations.
  • Executed query’s on sql developer to examine data on the database.
  • Mentored offshore team in flex development.

Environment: Flex SDK 4.5.1, Action Script 3, MXML, Flash Builder plugin, Flex Profiler, Java Script, HTML, Cold fusion, Blaze DS, SQL Developer, Perforce, CSS, Java 1.6, Hibernate, Ant.

Confidential,Miamisburg, Ohio May 10 to Sep 11

Sr. Flex Java UI Developer

Description: Scistrata is a operational tool for academic and government markets that provides insights into the performance of individual researchers and user generated clusters of researchers. Scistrata analysis charts help organizations in making a decision on allocating time and resources.


  • Used Scrum Agile methodology for application development.
  • Implemented MVC design pattern using Swiz framework.
  • Developed custom components using MXML and ActionScript3.
  • Involved in migrating from Flex 3.0 to Flex 4.0.
  • Involved in skinning and styling of flex components.
  • Implemented Bar Charts and Line charts with sliders on axes to provide zoom functionality
  • Implemented page print functionality.
  • Developed collapsible panels.
  • Resolved performance issues using flex profiler.
  • Used Blaze DS to communicate between java code and Flex UI components.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of Adobe Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse.
  • Developed Pojos in Java and value objects in as3 for mapping objects.
  • Used Flex unit as a unit testing framework for flex application.
  • Invoked Web Services from flex UI components.
  • Interacted with stripes framework on the server side.
  • Used Maven for generating system builds.

Environment: JavaEE, Action Script3, MXML, Apache Tomcat 6.0, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.3, Adobe Flex Builder 3, Flex Unit 4.0, Flex Profiler, Flex 3.0/4.0, BlazeDs, Clear case, SVN, Maven, Oracle 10g, CSS, Java Script, WebServices.
Confidential,New York City, New York Oct 09 to Apr 10

Sr.Flex/J2ee Consultant

Description: Involved in developing RIA for Banking Financial Metrics. This application enables the clients to access the models, standard reports and rating methodologies used by Moody’s analysts in the rating process.

  • Used Scrum Agile methodology for the iterative development of the application.
  • Involved in implementing design patterns in Cairngorm architecture.
  • Developed a flex library project to build custom code used across the application.
  • Developed several custom components using Action Script(AS3) and MXML.
  • Involved in developing Flex Charting components like line charts, Radar charts to show the project specific performance.
  • Involved in heavy skinning and styling of flex components.
  • Implemented pagination for showing data in advanced datagrid.
  • Implemented deep linking for navigation between pages using browsers back and forward buttons.
  • Used Blaze DS to communicate between java code and Flex UI components.
  • Invoked web services from the Flex UI components.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of Adobe Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse.
  • Used Clear Quest to track and fix defects.

Environment: : Java EE 5, Apache Tomcat 6.0, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.3, Adobe Flex Builder 3, Flex SDK 3.2 , Blaze DS, ClearQuest, Clearcase, RapidSQL /Toad, Ant 1.7,CSS, Java Script, WebServices.

Confidential,Minnesota May 08 to Sep 09
Sr. Flex/J2ee Consultant

Description: Involved in developing a RIA for Hospital Management System (HMS), which assists the patients and doctors in Registration, Recording Personal Details, Handling Hospital Admissions, Assigning Insurance Details, Recording Transfers and Creation of Discharge Summary.

  • Used Scrum Agile methodology for the iterative development of the application. Agile methodology included iterative application development, weekly Sprints, stand up meetings and customer reporting backlogs.
  • Developed high performance declarative Vector graphics with animation capabilities.
  • Embedded SVG images into flex application.
  • Involved in implementing design patterns in Cairngorm architecture to interact with backend J2EE and Web Services layer to pull out the data to Flex UI components.
  • Involved in developing Flex Charting components like bar charts, column charts to show the project specific performance.
  • Developed a dash board application using IBM ILOG Elixir 2.0 and data visualization components.
  • Involved in Installation and configuration of Adobe Flex Builder 3.0 and Blaze Data Services.
  • Involved in developing dynamic, rich media web content using Flash with Action script Object Oriented programming in AS3, using design patterns.
  • Modeled designs to create UML class and sequence diagrams.
  • Messaging Service of Blaze DS used for communication and real time collaboration.
  • Accessed third party web services using FLEX RPC-services.
  • Used FABridge to enable the Ajax part of the application to communicate with the Flex Charting.
  • Involved in development and deployment of application using Struts1.3, Web Sphere 6.1, IRAD 7.0, Oracle 10g, XML, XSLT, DOM, and XML Schema, UNIX.
  • Designed and integrated the full scale Hibernate 3.0 Persistence solutions with the application architectures and also used Annotations Developed Session Bean for implementing the Business Logic.
  • Involved in the development of Page Flows, Business Objects, Spring configurations, Hibernate database mappings and POJOs.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of all web design projects, including web usability, accessibility, testing and debugging.
  • Involved in Porting Database from IBM UDB to Oracle and vice-versa

Environment: Java, J2EE, Flex3.0, Adobe Flash 9, Action Script 3.0,Flex SDK, MXML, Blaze DS, AIR, Web Sphere 6.1 ,IRAD 7.0, JSP1.2, JavaScript, JMS, Struts 1.3, HTML,CSS, selectors, pseudo classes, XML, XSLT, SOAP Hibernate 3.0, Session Bean(EJB), Flex Builder 3.0, DB2 UDB, ILOG Elixir 2.5.

Confidential,KY Apr 07-Apr 08
Sr Flex/ J2ee Consultant

Description: This Project helps registered customers to buy tickets online. It integrates and manages customer login, processes credit cards, maintaining sessions and various views of online ticket buying.

  • Involved in gathering of business requirements, developed technical design document.
  • Designed and developed several Flex UI Screens and Custom Components using MXML.
  • Developed Action Script functions for event handling, response handling and error handling.
  • Implemented Singleton, Service Locator, business delegate, DTO design patterns in Cairngorm MVC architecture to interact with backend using Flex Data Services.
  • Messaging Service of FLEX Data Services (LCDS) used for communication and real time collaboration.
  • Developed the front end mockup screens using CSS and by applying Skinning Effects and Transitions.
  • Implemented View State transitions to vary the content and appearance of the application in response to a user gesture.
  • Used FABridge to connect with AJAX and Flex application.
  • Used External Interface API to communicate Java Script and Action Script methods in HTML pages.
  • Lead the effort of building a Rich User Interface using Flex 3.0 and Adobe Flash Player 9.
  • Involved in converting the Flex 2.0 to Flex 3.0 migrations. Solved lot of Flex production issues and performance bottlenecks.
  • Worked extensive in doing mock up screens development using Adobe Flash Player 9, Action Script (2.0/3.0) and MXML.
  • Created and maintained the configuration of the Spring Application Framework’s IOC container.
  • Generated DAO’s to map with database tables using Hibernate. Used HQL (Hibernate Query Language) and Criteria for database querying and retrieval of results

Environment: Java EE 5, IRAD-7.0/6.5, JBoss 5.0, Flex Builder-3.0/2.0, Flex-3.0/2.0, MXML, Action Script-3.0/2.0, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe AIR, Cairngorm Framework, Flex Data Services, Web services, Flash Media Server 9, IBATIS, JNDI, SOAP, WSDL, Spring, Hibernate, Rational suite, Oracle 10g, JDBC, XML, XSLT, Web Sphere6.1,Live Cycle Data Services(LCDS).

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