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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Over 8+ years of experience in JAVA/J2EE projects in software analysis, design, implementation and development.
  • Strong experience in Design and development of multi - tier web based applications using J2EE technologies JAVA, Servlets, JSP, Oracle, MySQL and JDBC.
  • Expertise in Core Java Object Oriented concepts like Multithreading, Exception Handling, Collections.
  • Hands on experience in implementing web applications using frameworks like Spring (IOC, DI, AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Test module and integration with ORM tools like Hibernate.
  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented Analysis in developing server side and front-end framework using J2EE design patterns. Strong hands-on experience with Angular 2 and Angular 4 and NodeJS.
  • Experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, jQuery, D3.js, JSON and CSS.
  • Expertise in client scripting language and server side scripting languages like JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Node.js, ActionScript, JSF and JSP. Experience in building enterprise Applications and Distributed Systems using technologies such as Core Java, J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JDBC, JMS), Groovy-Grails and XML. Experience in designing Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) with jQuery and AJAX.
  • Good understanding of Hadoop architecture, Hadoop Distributed File System and various components such as HDFS, Name Node, Data Node, Job Tracker, Resource Manager, Task Tracker, Node Manager, YARN, Apache Spark and MapReduce concepts.
  • Worked closely with product and platform teams to engineer and implement Cloud Security controls.
  • Experience in log management tool like Splunk, generating the application usage reports.
  • Managing and configuring systems such as Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Highly knowledgeable in UML.
  • Extensively worked on Java, J2EE Technologies like, Spring, Struts, JSP,Servlets, EJB, JMS,XML, RMI, WebSphere, Tomcat, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL, etc.
  • Diverse experience utilizing tools in N-tier and Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, AWS, Kafka, Cassandra, My SQL, Restful.
  • Extensive knowledge of MVC architecture and J2EE Design Patterns like Singleton, Session Facade, Service locator, DAO, DTO, and Business Delegate in the development of web based and distributed Enterprise Applications. Solid experience in application development as a Java/J2EE developer using Web Sphere Application Server v7.0 and WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
  • Hands on Service Oriented Architecture using Web Services with SOAP, and UDDI for developing web applications. Knowledge of a variety of process methodologies, modeling techniques and BPM tools.
  • Experience in deploying Android and IOS mobile applications in Android play store and Apple app stores.
  • Experience programming in the JBOSS Enterprise SOA environment including JBOSS Workflow and Drools Business Rules engine.
  • Advanced Java programming experience with Spring framework/Spring Boot.
  • Expertise in XML and schemas like XSD, DTD and parsers like JAXP (SAX & DOM) and JAXB. Expertise in MVC 2 Architecture using Struts, Spring with features like the Validation Framework, Tiles Framework, and Internationalization.
  • Experience in using frameworks like Hibernate, Java Server Face along with Extensive experience in Python. Understanding of VPN solutions.
  • Used Bamboo in case of build failures to provides an analysis of the failure including a stack trace.
  • Extensively worked on Build and deployment scripts using Ant, Maven, Unix Shell scripts.
  • Knowledge of DevOps principles and practice.
  • Experienced in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with XML based Web Services (SOAP/UDDI/WSDL) using Top Down Approach and Bottom up Approach. Developed ANT scripts, and used MAVEN tool to build and deploy J2EE Applications.


Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, XHTML, Bootstrap, XML 1.0, JQuery, JQuery UI, Log4j, Logback and JSON, Apache Camel, WebPack.

Languages: Java (6/7/8), J2EE 1.5/1.4, SQL, PL/SQL, Scala.

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSF, JPA, JNDI, EJB.

Libraries: Angular 2 and Angular 4, React.JS, Jquery, Node.JS and Express.js

Frameworks: Hibernate ORM (3.x/4.x), Spring MVC (3.x/4.x), Spring (IOC, AOP), Spring Boot, Spring Security, Microservices, Mockito and Cucumber.

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g/12c, MS-SQL Server 2005, DB2, Mongo DB, DynamoDB, Couch DB, NoSQL, Cassandra and PostgreSQL.

IDE and Tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio code, Atom, Ant (1.x), Maven (3.x), Gradle (3.x), Junit (4.11), JIRA and Rally.

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Drools, Web Sphere (6.x), WebLogic (9.x).

Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, Kinesis, SES, Dynamo DB, AWS API, AWS Identity and access managementDebugging Tools: FindBug, Jacoco.

Project Build / Project Management Tools: Grunt, Gulp, Web Pack, Jenkins, DOCKER, AWS.

Version Control Tools: GIT, Bitbucket, Bamboo, SVN, CVS and ClearCase.

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS

Unit Test Framework: Jasmine, Karma, Chai, Mocha, TestNG, Selenium and Protractor


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Participated in design and development as a Core Java and J2EE Software developer. Pooling up most apposite design pattern for DAO and implementing interface to reduce code reuse. Understanding the Business Process and developing logic and software stack based on business flow.
  • Using advanced level of HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS3 and pure CSS layouts. Implemented application level persistence using Hibernate and Spring. Developed various UI (User Interface) components using Struts (MVC), JSP, and HTML.
  • Developed and designed new cross-browser accessible interfaces using jQuery and JavaScript. Involved in writing JSPs, JavaScript and Servlets to generate dynamic web pages and web content. Used WebLogic for deployment of applications.
  • Used XML and JSON for transferring/retrieving data between different Applications.
  • Develop procedures to automate security tasks during code builds and deployments.
  • Respond to and, when appropriate, resolve or escalate security incidents.
  • Report unresolved security exposures, misuse of resources, and noncompliance situations using defined escalation processes.
  • Up to date on evaluating new analytical tools and projects like Apache Spark.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers and functions with PL/SQL for Oracle database. Uses the DAO pattern for data access layer and JMS API for the messaging requirement. Used JavaScript and jQuery for validating the input given to the user interface. Developed test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework.
  • Created distributed Oracle domains, configuration and system design based on oracle. Involved in intense User Interface (UI) operations and client side validations using AJAX toolkit.
  • Design and development of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling. Used SVN Subversion for software version control.
  • Developed web applications using Spring MVC, jQuery, HTML5, Used Eclipse IDE for designing, coding and developing applications. Involved in the development of presentation layer and GUI framework using EXTJS and HTML. Client Side validations were done using JavaScript.
  • Implemented a prototype to integrate PDF documents into a web application using iText PDF library. Customized Jasper Reports and SQL procedures according to the client requirements. Designing and creating business rules using Corticon Rule Engine. Utilized Agile Methodology (SDLC) to managed projects.
  • Designed the UML, created class, sequential diagrams using Borland Together Architecture, modified code, configured WebLogic server and project in Oracle.
  • Designed and implemented interface elements using Google Web Toolkit.
  • Developed a Web 2.0 control console using GWT to manage data matching for data staging.
  • Uses the DAO pattern for data access layer and JMS API for the messaging requirement.
  • Used Backbone.js to create Data model to and to trigger event-handling on data change on UI interface.
  • Involving in Building the modules in Linux environment with Ant Script.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Angular 4, Backbone.js, Require.js, Node.js and EXT.js, ExpressJS.
  • Created multi AWS VPC instances.
  • Making changes to the existing web applications and creating new components using React JS.
  • Designed and developed asynchronous RESTful Microservices using Spring boot, that are consumed by other microservices with an average response time of 30 milliseconds.
  • Used the Node.js and Angular 4 MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications.
  • Built a robust and secure CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for few projects as per clients' needs and requirements where HTML, CSS, AJAX and JQUERY were extensively used
  • Proficiency in implementing the design to meet web standards (W3C), SEO and worked on various browsers for cross-browser implementation.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Successfully handled JSON/XML data and carried out JSON/XML parsing for form submissions and DOM manipulation.
  • Used Bamboo for continuous integration and continuous deployment server.
  • Implemented design patterns in Scala for the application.
  • Implemented Bamboo to run multiple builds in parallel for faster completion.
  • Developing Web Pages by using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and working knowledge of Angular 4, bootstrap.js, and React js.
  • Used AJAX frameworks like JQuery, JSON to develop rich GUIs and also involved in performance tuning the website.
  • Developed test specs for controllers using JASMINE
  • All the functionality is implemented using Spring IO / Spring Boot, and Hibernate ORM. Implemented Java EE components using Spring MVC.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining architecture for Restful API using Spring Boot.
  • Enhancement of the existing functionality to persist the messges to Cassandra DB in Kafka.
  • Created tasks for updating tsconfig tracked files based on glob, tslinting, and compiling Typescript files.
  • Develop and maintain documentation for security systems and procedures.
  • Communicate security risks and solutions to business partners, platform & product teams.
  • Used Bitbucket for web-based version control repository hosting service.
  • Worked with Reducers, React Containers to update the state of an App produced by Redux, Flux, Native and by mapping those to the React component using React-Redux, React-Flux and React Native.
  • Configured GRUNT for building client side code (CSS, JS, HTML Minifier)
  • I worked on front-ends with focus on speed and optimization by using d3.js., Built data visualizations to monitor file server load, web server speeds, data processing and more (d3.js, backbone, jquery, mysql)
  • Extended BOOTSTRAP for UI theme and developed CSS to support Responsive web design
  • Configured KARMA to run test specs and tested JavaScript using Jasmine
  • Integrated REST services with Angular services and tested using REST console
  • Used MongoDB for storing employee details, designing documents and collections.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular 4, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Struts, Weblogic, REST, Microservices, JQuery, AJAX, ExtJS, JavaScript, JSP, SERVLET, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Oracle, CRUD, PL/SQL, JDBC, UML, MongoDB, Apache Spark, Bamboo, Junit, MAVEN, GW, Node.js, React JS, Jasmine, Jasper report, ILOG, Typescript, Bitbucket, Web 2.0, SOA, Scala, Kafka.

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and JQuery UI featuring the implementation
  • Developed the application with Core Java concepts collections, Exceptions.
  • Developed warm-up programs in core java to load recently logged in user profile information into Mongo DB.
  • Developed core java multi threading processes extract and upload data from text files to search and schedule them as nightly batch processes
  • Struts framework for MVC design Pattern, Action class, Action Servlets, Form Bean.
  • Created JSP screen by assembling Struts Tiles and Taglibs and used HTML for static webpage And JavaScript for View part of the project.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for writing code and BEA WebLogic as application server.
  • Used data structures such as linked lists, vectors, stacks, queues, etc.
  • Implemented simulated top-down SOAP based Web Service to test the business logic for the rating calculation.
  • Used JDBC, MQ Series, Web Service, and Hibernate framework to access the data from back-end MSSQL database server.
  • Used Stored Procedures to crunch data and creating view for fetching data from multiple tables on MSSQL Server.
  • Implementing ORM using Hibernate 4 framework.
  • Used Java Persistence API (JPA) for managing relational data mapping.
  • Spring framework to implement bean to declare a service and accessed those using Application context.
  • JMS for sending and receiving Message through application server.
  • Involved in developing the applications using Spring Framework for Dependency Injection (Inversion of Control), Implemented the business logic using EJB (session and entity beans).
  • Designed SOA Architecture and Testing of 3-tier and n-tier component based applications using Java Scala Groovy and J2EE technologies.
  • Used XMLSAX to parse the simulated xml file, which has simulated test data.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Used Log4J logging framework to write Log messages with various levels.
  • Developed Automated Test Application, which validates various XML document using Junit and XSLT.
  • Used JRockit JDK to develop and run the underwriting workbench application.
  • Used GWT and WAS migration.
  • Followed Agile Methodology during the development process.
  • Work with DNS to map the website to its IP address.
  • Developing new states for website using Angular 2.
  • Extensively used Bootstrap for building responsive website with rich look.
  • Extensively used GWT for developing Ajax applications.
  • Used Maven to validate, compile and deploy the files.

Environment: JDK 1.5, Java/J2EE, EJB, JSF 1.0, Hibernate 3.0, Jakarta Struts 2.0, Spring 3.0, JSP, CSS, JSTL, JDBC, Servlets, XML, JRockit, JUnit, Scala, JavaScript, Angular 2, JMS, Agile Programming, Html, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, Eclipse 3.1, GWT, MSSQL Server 2005, Ajax, AXIS, Web Services JAX-WS, BEA WebLogic Server 8.1, UML, Maven, UNIX, SVN.

Confidential, Alpine, TX

Java Developer


  • Designed and developed Groovy Grails applications for end users.
  • Developed and executed software systems utilizing JavaScript and Groovy.
  • Wrote controllers with Groovy to connect front-end interfaces with java services on Grails framework.
  • Developed the Use Case diagrams and Class diagrams.
  • Developed Test Driven Development (TTD) for both new and existing applications.
  • Worked on Spock and Junit mocking in Grails unit testing.
  • Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained custom Ant tasks in Java and Groovy.
  • Created a Call Center data entry application in Grails to generate management statistics.
  • Tech highlights: Groovy Grails, Subversion, Quartz, Acegi, Lucene, Grails-Jasper, Grails-Sanitizer, Grails-Searchable, Grails-Web flow, &Postgres.
  • Developed web services that are to be consumed by third party sources.
  • Developed android and IOS mobile applications using the mosaic platform.
  • Implemented dual security application using Java/Groovy/Grails that eradicates the hazard of compromised credentials during authentication.
  • Developed API to Integrate with Amazon EC2 cloud based architecture in AWS, including creating machine Images.
  • Developed Mean Stack from scratch including Mongo DB server (Mongoose Connector) setup and Express JS server development.
  • Tested the applications using JUNIT and Mockito and configure through Maven surefire plugins to be part of continuous integration.
  • Configured local Maven repositories and multi-component projects and scheduled projects in Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Using Scala created user stories and resolved development issues.
  • Developed the User interfaces using HTML, CSS3, JSP, and JavaScript etc.
  • Experience with Ajax.
  • Developed SQL queries and Stored Procedures for retrieving the data from several databases.
  • Used Grails Domain structure for Object Relational Mapping.
  • Used Microsoft Office Lync as office communicator.
  • Log4J was used for logging errors in the application.
  • Designed, coded and tested portfolio optimization system using Drools Rules Engine.
  • Developed user interfaces using HTML, XHTML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery.
  • Experience with Front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular 2, Node JS.

Environment: Java,Groovy J2EE, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular 2, Spring, Hibernate, Drools, Grails, REST, JQuery, AJAX, ExtJS, JavaScript, JSP, SERVLET, MysqlDB,Scala, Oracle, CRUD, PL/SQL, JDBC, UML, Intellij, Junit, Gradle, Froq, Sequel Pro, Tomcat, Agile.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Java Developer


  • Responsible for Validating Functional design documents (FDD)
  • Created Technical design documents (TDD) which includes system design and flow further involved in TDD reviews for validating the design documents.
  • Implementing spring framework to develop inversion of control and injection of beans based architecture.
  • Implementing restful services with Spring MVC.
  • Implementing synchronized and multithreaded design using spring MVC.
  • Development of source plugins for Legacy and non 3PAR arrays to fetch data from arrays.
  • Using Hibernate to communicate with Postgre SQL database and queries using HQL.
  • Using Angular 2 as the development framework to build a single-page application.
  • Leveraging Angular 2 resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces.
  • Responsible for writing Web API controllers for providing REST services for making API calls.
  • Creating Angular controllers, directives, models for different modules of the application.
  • Working on creating new modules for application and responsible for working on full stack development of it including designing Angular Controllers, routes.
  • Writing the complex code for logic in API Controllers using JAVA as code behind.
  • Granting User Access to a Linux Server using Centrify.
  • Add Linux server, analyze environment and install Centrify software using Deployment Manager.
  • Implement modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirements.
  • Use Node Package Manager (NPM) to manage the modules and used it to install useful tools such as Express.
  • Created automation scripts, configured virtual private networks (VPN), and managed servers on AWS.
  • Designed AWS infrastructure.
  • Launch, configure and maintain VPC, Subnet to manage AWS Network.
  • Launch various AWS EC 2 instance to deploy various application.
  • Responsible for writing Web API controllers for providing REST services for making API calls.
  • Responsible for writing complex Stored Procedures, Functions for data in the application.
  • Responsible for refactoring code of other developers using OOPS concepts.
  • Interacting with business and showing them regular status of work with demos and interactions.
  • Implemented JAVA design patterns such as singleton, abstract, factory patterns for gaining better results.
  • Worked on SVN for controlling branches.
  • Implemented Angular Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.
  • Regression test cases were written and automated using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Participated QA Automation framework setup using Cucumber, Selenium and Java technologies.
  • Involved in setting up and configuring the test environment with Eclipse and TestNG.
  • Created Feature files, Scenarios and Glue code using Cucumber Framework.
  • Involved in Maven build script changes for the build and deployment.
  • Worked on Jenkins continuous integration tool for deployment of project.
  • Set up Jenkins server and build jobs to provide continuous automated during the day and periodic scheduled builds overnight to support development needs using Jenkins, JUnit and Maven.
  • Developed Maven/Ant builds scripts and configured continuous integration servers like Jenkins/Hudson for regular builds.
  • Involving Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Regression Testing in a regular basis to improve the performance of the application.
  • Involved in Sprint methodologies of project like daily standups, sprint deliverables, retrospective meetings etc.

Environment: Java, Struts 1.1, JSP, JSON, AJAX, DHTML, JDBC, XML, JavaScript, CSS3, EJB 2.0, Log4j, SOA, IBM Web Sphere Application Server 6.0, RAD 6.0, IBMMQ, DB Visualize 6.1.1, Ant, Edit Plus, Log4J, IBM AIX 5.3, Sun Solaris OS v 8.0/10, OS/390,


Java Developer


  • Designed and developed web application using SOA.
  • Designed front-end components using JSF.
  • Developed business requirements using Java, JSF (IcsFaces), Spring MVC and Hibernate ORM frameworks.
  • Used Core Java concepts multithreading, collections.
  • Prepared unit test cases using JUnit and Mockito frameworks.
  • Used JACOCO plugin for test coverage.
  • Developed end-to-end test cases using Protractor. Designed and executed test cases using JBehave.
  • Created Persistence classes using JPA annotations.
  • Used Spring AOP module to handle the entire transaction with the database.
  • Used Oracle DB as the backend database.
  • Wrote procedures, views and packages by PL/SQL queries on Oracle DB.
  • Wrote queries to save the data and retrieve the data from Oracle database using spring.
  • Proficient in making script for information displaying and information import and fare. Broad involvement in sending, overseeing and creating MongoDB clusters.
  • Used tool Webpack as task runner and for arranging and coordinating the build process.
  • Worked with Log4J for printing the log, debug and warning information on the server console.
  • Development carried out under Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Used Maven as build tool and Jenkins for continuous integration development.
  • Used Maven for building the application and deployed on JBoss.
  • Used version controller tool CVS.
  • UML diagrams like use cases, class diagrams, interaction diagrams (sequence and collaboration) and activity diagrams were used.
  • Involved in the team for delivering the tasks and monitoring the team progress through JIRA .

Environment: JSF, Spring MVC, Hibernate ORM, JUnit, Mockito, Jacoco, Protractor, JBehave, JPA, Spring AOP, Oracle10g, MongoDB, WebPack, Log4j, JQuery, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, Linux, JBoss, CVS, UML, JIRA.


Java Developer


  • Analyzed the requirements, design documents and developed the Java, JSP, Struts Components.
  • Technical interaction with client in requirement gathering and developing the project.
  • Developed Java modules, action classes and JSPs for retrieval of information from the error logs with different directories for different jobs
  • Involved in design and documentation of various process flows for services as well as for various class loading functionalities.
  • Involved in application level database programming using JDBC/SQL
  • Developed stored procedures for directly retrieving data from the Static data server, Trade server and Risk Server.
  • Used Putty to connect to the remote server in deploying the beans.
  • Involved in testing and integration of all the modules.
  • Created java classes to communicate with database using JDBC.
  • Develop GUI related changes using JSP, HTML and client validations using Java script.
  • Developed Java beans, helper classes and Servlets for interacting with UI written in JSP.
  • Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) and Backend messaging for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as payment status report.
  • Develop GUI related changes using JSP, HTML and client validations using Java script.
  • Developed front-end using HTML, JSP, Struts Taglibs and Tiles.
  • More involved in writing SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, and functions.
  • Experience with Oracle Supplied Packages such as DBMS SQL, DBMS JOB and UTL FILE.
  • Developed PL/SQL triggers and master tables for Automatic creation of primary keys.
  • Setup JDBC connectivity and databases.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Oracle, Eclipse TOAD2.0, Ant, Windows.

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