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Software Engineer/sr. Java/j2ee Developer Resume


  • 17 years of experience in Software life cycle development involving analysis, design, development, testing, documentation, implementation & maintenance of application software in Web - based environment, distributed n-tier architecture.
  • Over all 14 years of IT experience in full Software Development Life Cycle of which 5 years is in the capacity of Senior Project analyst/Architect role.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented technologies using Java, J2EE, Design Patterns, JSP/Servlets, JDBC API, Log 4j API.
  • 12 years of solid experience using HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience in using DOJO, JQuery, DWR and Ajax. Good understanding in EXT2.0 and YUI.
  • Extensive project experience in Healthcare and financial domains.
  • Good understanding of various software methodologies like Waterfall, RUP and Agile.
  • Expertise in creating Software Requirements Specification (SRS), preparing Functional Design Document (FDD), Detailed Technical Design Document (TDD), UML Diagrams, Effort estimation, coding standards, design / code review documents and test cases documents.
  • Strong managing, planning, architecting, analyzing, designing and programming capabilities.
  • Experience in designing and developing of object oriented software applications with a wide exposure to e-business, service delivery, and Internet and intranet applications.
  • Good understanding of Web servers, Application servers, clustering and load balancing.
  • Experience in implementing Core Java & J2EE design patterns like Singleton, Factory Pattern, Service locator, Business Delegate, DOA, Session Façade, Command Pattern and Value object pattern etc.,
  • Experienced with XML related technologies such as XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD, Schema, Xpath, DOM and SAX.
  • Sound knowledge of developing applications based on architectures like Apache Struts, Springs Framework and MVC architecture.
  • 6 years of experience in implementing applications using agile methodology
  • Experience in software configuration management such as maintaining multiple child streams in single VOB, making baselines, delivery of code from child stream to Mainstream etc. using Version controls such as Clear case, CVS, VSS etc.
  • Well aware of Configuration Management process, Change Management Process, Risk Management, best practices in entire SDLC and Software development using J2EE technologies.
  • Participated in performance tuning of the application.
  • Worked on Databases such as Oracle 9i, 10G, MY Sql, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Used Ant scripts for building the application.
  • Solid understanding of business needs and requirements.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving, presentation, communication skills and a dedicated team player.
  • Capability of Handling Team and other Management activities.
  • Hands on experience with tools like Eclipse 3.2, VSS and Rational Rose IDE.
  • Identified critical issues in the project at the design phase and defining suitable risk mitigation strategies along with the Project Manager.
  • Trained team members on technical issues. Helped resolve conflicts, thereby assisting them to meet project goals.
  • Experience in BeanShell scripting.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, Swing, AWT, C, C++, SQL, Web 2.0(AJAX), PHP, ASP, VB

J2EE components: JSP, Servlets, Struts 1.2, JDBC, JNDI, Hibernate, spring, JSF, JMS, Ajax

Web Services: SOAP, WSDL

UI Technologies: HTML, DHTML,CSS, Java Script, XML, XHTML, DOJO,EXT

App Servers/Middleware: BEA WebLogic 10.x, WebSphere 6.0, Apache Tomcat 5.1 Web Server, Apache Axis.

IDE Programming Tools: Eclipse 3.x, BEA Workshop, WSAD, Rational Clear Case, CVS, JDK 1.4, RAD 6,Excel

Design patterns: Session Fa ade, MVC, Dispatcher, Transfer Object, DAO, Business Delegate.

Design tools: Rational Rose for UML

Frameworks: Hibernate, Log4j 1.2, JUnit 3.0, Struts 1.3.8, Spring 1.2.9.

Databases: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, DB2, MySQL, PL/SQL.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT/XP.



Software Engineer/Sr. Java/J2ee Developer


  • Designed and developed JSP pages
  • Designed and implemented core java script framework for e-Contracting application.
  • Participated in code review process
  • Trained different teams on Agile process and Test Driven Development.
  • Followed test driven development for all critical functionality.
  • Worked on HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Created class diagrams, use-cases and process follow diagrams for the required functionality
  • Implemented business logic using Java/J2ee frameworks
  • Participated in finalizing the requirements and converting in to design documents.
  • Implemented functionality to enable PN Integration for RouteOne e-Contracting application for multiple providers and financial banks

Environment: Eclipse, Java/J2ee, JDK1.7, IBM WebSphere, Agile, TDD, XML, XSD, JavaScript, Webservices, jQuery, Struts, SOAP web services, REST web services, Oracle, DBVisualizer, Maven, Jenkins, sonar, JUnit, Mockito, Power Mock, Spring-web, Spring core, GIT, Source Tree, SOAPUI, Notepad++, Bare Tail (Log viewer).

Confidential, Livonia, MI

Software Engineer/Sr. Java/J2ee Developer


  • Maintained existing SOAP based web services and created new SOAP and REST based web services
  • Worked on build, deployment and release management improvements
  • Conducted and participated in weekly code review meetings
  • Worked extensively on pair programming.
  • Strictly followed test driven development using JUnit, Mockito and Power Mock.
  • Created development environment instances for all the development teams
  • Worked on JavaScript and css
  • Created and developed ERD diagrams.
  • Created databases, tables and default data for multiple applications
  • Implemented business logic using test driven development
  • Worked on spring batch to create the batch jobs, Spring-ws for SOAP webservices and Spring web for REST full webservices.
  • Worked on Spring IOC, Spring ORM, Spring Web, Spring Core and Spring MVC modules

Environment: Eclipse, NetBeans, Java/J2ee, Agile, TDD, Pair programming, XML, XSD, JavaScript, Webservices, Drools, JSF, EJB3, JAXB, SOAP web services, REST web services, JAXB, Spring batch, Spring-ws, Sql Server, MVN, Jenkins, sonal, nexus(code release management), JUnit, Mockito, Power Mock, Spring-web, Spring core, SVN, Lotus Notes, SOAPUI, Notepad++, Bare Tail(Log viewer), Jasmine

Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Software Engineer/Java/J2ee Architect


  • Involved in gathering the functional requirements.
  • Created technical design for the QME application
  • Implemented several evaluators to validate the patients data for given measures
  • Lead the offshore team in order to implement rules / evaluators.
  • Created the junit classes to test the QME functionality.
  • Conducted daily sync-up calls / scrum meetings, iteration planning, task estimation and creation.
  • Participated in implementing unit test framework, test driven development and pair programming.
  • Implemented BRE rules comparator, measure level and fragment level comparators to evaluate the QME output.

Environment: Eclipse, Jenkins, Rally, Java/J2ee, JVM1.6, XML, XSD, Enterprise Architect, PMD, Checkstyle, Find bugs, jMeter, JNI, Orchestrate, Agile.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Software Engineer


  • Involved in implementing Identity Management System.
  • Involved in eliminating clear trust implementation with-in tif-cca application, which is being used for single sign on two factor authentication.
  • Added custom authentication handler to CAS(Central Authentication Service) server and deployed
  • Participated in daily scrum calls, pair programming and iteration planning.
  • Implemented and Added CAS authentication mechanism to tif-cca application for single sign on and two factor authentication
  • Implemented spring security for tif-cca application that uses ticket generation, ticket validation, single sign, authentication and authorization.
  • Configured Amazon ES2 Linux instance, apache2 server, apache mod proxy, tomcat7 server.
  • Deployed and configured CAS server and tif-cca applications to amazon ec2 tomcat instances.
  • Worked on spring security, Spring ORM, Spring ORM, Spring AOP modules.

Environment: Oracle 11G, eclipse, ClearTrust, CAS, SQL Developer, html, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, Agile, spring security, spring MVC, Spring ORM, SSO, hibernate, RESTful services, XML, XSD, Enterprise Architect, Amazon EC2, Amazon elastic IP, Apache2, MOD proxy, Tomcat 7.

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