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Mobile Application/ios Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • An accomplished professional with over Six years of hands on experience into the IT industry as a Software developer and over three years of experience as an iOS application developer.
  • An experienced and passionate Mobile Application/iOS Developer with over three years of working experience in developing high performance consumer and enterprise level applications using iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes Xcode IDE, Objective - C and Swift, Cocoa Touch Framework, iPhone Simulators, etc.
  • Excellent Cocoa/Cocoa Touch and Objective-C/Swift coding ability with Xcode for iOS (iPhone/iPad) using Object Oriented Design Principles (OOD& OOP concepts).
  • Interacted with SCRUM team developers, programmers, tester, product owners and stake holders to deliver right value of the project at the end of each sprint.
  • Experience in Integrating Touch ID features for increasing application security.
  • Extensive experience in Native and Hybrid Mobile Application development with Social Media platform integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ along with the creation of HTML/CSS files for iOS Message Controller to share URLs and formatted text.
  • Experience in development of rich, user-friendly and cutting-edge UI designs that include multi-gesture responsive views, table view controllers, tab bars, navigation controllers using Storyboard. Created and customized views, table views, tab bars and navigation bars which are some basic functionality in a multi-view application.
  • Expertise in configuration and use of SVN for maintaining version control and source control tools like Git/GitHub, Source Tree.
  • Strong conceptual knowledge and Implementation of Multithreading, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and NSOperation/NSOperationQueues.
  • Actively involved in handling of memory management and analyzing performance using Xcode's Instrument.
  • Good working experience in MVC and singleton design architecture, and other concepts like delegation, protocols and categories.
  • Experience in using Restful web-services to provide connections to back end services and handling data using parsers with formats like JSON, XML.
  • Expertise in storing data persistently in a number of ways that includes: CoreData, SQLite, PLists, Documents/Temporary directory, NSUserDefaults, Keychain, as well as cloud based with iCloud and Google Drive.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, ability to work under pressure, prioritize and multi-task efficiently in a team setting or independently.


Programming Languages: Swift 2,3 and 4, Objective C 2.0, HTML5, CSS3

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Web Technologies: XML, XHTML, JavaScript, JSON, JQUERY

IDE: XCODE, Dream Weaver, Web Logic 9.x, Web Sphere 7.x, Eclipse

Frameworks: Cocoa Touch, UIMapkit, UIKit, PhoneGap, Media Player, spring, Hibernate

Operating System: MAC OS X, Windows (2003/2007/XP/Vista/7), Unix, Linux (Ubuntu)

Database: SQLite3, CoreData, NSUserDefaults, MySQL, Oracle 9g, 10g, 11i

Version Control: GIT/GitHub, SVN, Source Tree

Web Services: Restful, JSON, XML

Design Patters: Singleton, MVC

Project Management Tools: Atlassian Products (Jira, Confluence, etc)


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Mobile Application/IOS Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in doing AGILE practices, attending daily standup meetings and Bi-Weekly SPRINT retrospective meetings.
  • Worked by base lining of agile methodology in every iteration changes to be performed by me.
  • Worked on the UI design part when the latest version was released, so transformed from the previous UI environment with enhanced features.
  • Worked on Map Kit that retrieves nearby Bank locations, ATM Locations and displays opening/closing time along with some other additional features.
  • Created models in MVC and implemented delegates for updating model information.
  • Designed this application by keeping in mind of Multithreading, as this concept will enhance the app performance.
  • Integrated Flurry analytics to log user activity in various screens.
  • Created custom checklist and sharing them with selected app users by calling web services through JSON libraries and connecting to SQLite database with the Objective-C interfaces.
  • Worked with Swift, Objective C, and Cocoa Touch frameworks, which includes UIKit, Foundation, and UI Image Picker & UI Date Picker.
  • Worked on Secured Authentications, used secureTextEntry to visually protect password entry and Authorization mechanism.
  • Actively participated in code reviews and creation of various test cases using gherkin language.
  • Worked on fingerprint-based security for this application that includes: integrating Touch Id authentication for logging into applications.
  • Implemented NSOperationQueues and NSURLConnection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Integrated enhanced network module to handle better authentication and Network transitions. All the modules were implemented in Swift.
  • Developed Navigation between views that were mixture of using UINavigationController, and UIGestureRecognizer.
  • Worked on UIViews & UITableViews for creating interactive user interface of the application.
  • Implemented auto layout feature to adapt interfaces to different rotations (Portrait and Landscape) and screen sizes for universal app.
  • Implemented the scroll functionality by using UIScrollView on all screens of the app.
  • Used third party framework for writing Unit tests and UITests for App stability and performance, along with XCTest framework.
  • Changed user interface enhancements according to iOS 9 and 10 specifications.
  • Designed and developed context sharing mechanism to support internal modules in project in Objective C.
  • Successfully deployed the latest version (3.5) on Apple store.

Environment: iOS 9,10 iPhone SDK, Swift 2,3,4, Objective C 2.0, Phone Gap, Xcode IDE 7,8,9, Cocoa Touch Framework, Storyboards, JSON, REST, Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator, JQuery.

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Mobile Application/IOS Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborated with team member to identify business and customer requirements to help determine the initial design of the application.
  • Implemented the entire screen designs decided upon according to the requirements.
  • Developed a custom alert view with custom methods to show errors and messages with or without a progress bar, button options.
  • Worked extensively on UITable, ViewController and created custom UITable, ViewCell according to the requirement specifications document.
  • Used a 3rd party Framework that would present a live camera view before popular message apps started to use this type of capturing in order to take pictures of people's pharmacy prescriptions to transfer or get a new prescription.
  • Used 3rd party percentage chart, which drew a half circle filling from empty to 100% to show loading after login.
  • Used AFNetworking 2.0 to connect RESTful API services and maintained background image downloads, uploads, chat conversations, and messages from system.
  • Used CoreData in this application to handle persistent user information.
  • Presented pharmacy video from streaming YouTube link, switched to loading mp4 and playing a video with a flip animation on login screen.
  • Mapkit was used to show the location of pharmacies around a search radius.
  • Used GData to interact with original Sears API.
  • Performed JSON parsing to convert JSON data into readable format.
  • Used Local Notifications to message about app being logged out after certain amount of time.

Environment: iOS 7/8 and older support, CoreData, Swift 2, Objective-C 2.0, Xcode IDE 7,8, Cocoa Touch, Mapkit, JSON, XML and Mac OS.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Mobile Application/IOS Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • As an application developer, my role is to realize and develop the application and enable collaboration and coordination with other team members.
  • Worked extensively on Multiview Applications and customizing like Table views, Navigation bar, and Tab Bar controller.
  • Worked with Backend Developers to get final Designs for app interaction with backend services.
  • Worked on Map Kit that retrieves nearby Hotels, Gas Stations, Taxi/RentalCars information’s and displays it to the user.
  • Extensively worked with XML and JSON inputs to pull the data from backend and display it on the app.
  • Secured user credentials for better user interaction with the app.
  • Worked with blocks using GCD to maintain the concurrency.
  • Worked with UIActionsheet, UITableViews, CustomCells, UIScrollViews, Navigation Controllers, delegates, protocols and UIDatePicker.
  • Tested the application for memory leaks and relevant bugs, fixed the leaks and deployed on different iPhone firmware’s to validate the application stability.

Environment: s: iOS 5/6 and 4.1(iPhone SDK), Mac OS X, Storyboards, Mapkit API, Objective C 2.0, Xcode IDE, Cocoa Touch, Adobe CS5 Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver).

Confidential, PA

Web Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Actively involved in agile methodology for the complete application development.
  • Involved in updating the pages using HTML 5 and CSS 3 for the new look and feel of their current application pages and worked on new CSS3 effects to enhance user experience as per the client requirements.
  • Developed the application front end with HTML, JSP, Ajax, and Struts Tag-libraries.
  • Developed user interface using additional UI Components using JSF and implemented an asynchronous AJAX (JQuery) based rich client to improve customer experience.
  • Responsible for code optimization and testing across other browsers.
  • Developed Presentation layer components comprising of JSP, AJAX, Struts Action, Struts Form Beans and AJAX tag libraries.

Environment: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, XHTML, JSON, Ajax, version controls.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Web Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in developing core modules like search content and content detail page.
  • Enhanced search function delivers effectively trusted relevant content without long filters.
  • Followed Agile methodology and used Rally to maintain user stories.
  • Worked closely with BAT and QA team to fix the issues.
  • Supported in System Testing and UAT and co-coordinated with the internal and external teams like Business, Rating.
  • Used Google Analytics to keep track of the website logs and event logs that are triggered on the Sales Connect desktop page.
  • Created custom angular directives and filters for filtering the data that we display on the web page.
  • Worked with RESTFUL web services.

Environment: OO Design, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JSON, JSONP, Ajax, SVN, MVC, and DOM

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