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Senior Java / Cloud Developer Resume



  • Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer and Sun Certified Java Programmer and Cloud Developer.
  • 12 years of IT experience, working in Java/J2EE Technologies, Cloud Services and Hadoop Technologies.
  • Hands on experience in Java/J2EE technologies, Algorithms, Data Structures, frameworks including ExtJS, Highcharts, MVC, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, JSP, Struts, Spring, Web Services, Ibatis, JDBC, SQL, Oracle Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Experience on working in Cloud Services of Azure and AWS.
  • Experience in MapReduce Programming, HIVE and PIG scripts, Sqoop, Flume and Hbase DB.
  • Performance analysis/improvement of J2EE architecture and DB schemas.
  • Experience of using Microsoft REST API’s for Azure Cloud and Office 365.
  • Performance analysis/improvement of MapReduce programs, HIVE scripts, data transfer scripts using SQOOP.
  • Experience of working in Oracle Weblogic, doing build and deployment activities, release management activities and configuration controller, migrating existing applications to latest weblogic environment.
  • Experience of interfacing with Business partners, preparing the System Specification documents and coming up with System design as per the client needs providing the optimal solution.
  • Experience of various flavors of project including development, enhancement, migrations, and prod support
  • Experience of working as Team Lead, heading a team size of 5 to 15.
  • Wide experience of working in large projects, coordinating the cross vendor/team for activities and deliverables.
  • Ability to work in new technologies as per project needs. Learned and worked in ExtJS, Highcharts, Azure and AWS Cloud, Hadoop, SSRS, Websphere Commerce Server, Adobe Flex 3.5 and Informatica.


Hadoop 2.x: Languages, MapReduce Programming in Java

Databases / ETL: PIG, HIVE, Hbase

Tools: Sqoop, Oozie, Flume

Architecture: HDFS, YARN

Distribution Systems: Hortonworks

Cloud Services: Azure, Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Backup, Site Recovery, Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Load Balancer, SQL Database, Key Vault, Office 365

AWS: S3, EMR, SQS, Lambda, Data Pipeline, DynamoDB, Cloud Watch, Route 53, API Gateway J2EE

Technology: Servlets, JSP, Web Services, JDBC, Rabbit MQ

Languages: Sencha ExtJS, Highcharts JS, Java, HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS

Application Framework: Jakarta Struts 1.2, Spring, Ibatis, Hibernate

Servers: Weblogic 8.1, Weblogic 10

Tools: Ant, Maven, Eclipse 3.x, RSA, TOAD 8.5, VSS 6.0, Rapid SQL, Squirrel, TFS, Rabbit MQ

Database: Elasticsearch, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, IBM DB2, MS SQL

Other Skills: Autosys, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Informatica, Servlets, Tomcat 4.0/5.0, JQuery, Shell Scripting, Web Services, SQLJ, Websphere Commerce Server 6.0, Adobe Flex 3.5, JProbe 7.0


Confidential, Morrisville

Senior Java / Cloud Developer


  • Prepare the Azure cloud infrastructure Azure Resource Manager Templates.
  • Research the REST APIs of Azure and Office 365, and integrate them with current code.
  • Design and development of new pages and enhancement of existing pages in Spring MVC, JSP, HTML and EXTJS and Highcharts.
  • Design, Develop, enhance and support of Java/J2EE architecture, use of algorithms and data structures, Microservices in Spring Boot, Secured Restful based Web Services using HTTPS and Basic Authentication.
  • Development, enhancement and support of Quartz Scheduler.
  • Design, develop and testing of new DB tables and Stored Procedures.
  • Performance analysis and improvement of loading of websites.
  • Analysis of Confidential Virtual Machines Logs through MapReduce job, and HIVE.
  • Participate in Scrum meetings and work with Technical Leads to understand user requirements and develop/test technical solutions.

Technology: ExtJS 5.1.1, Higcharts 5.1.10, Javascript, JSP, HTML, Java 8 with MultiThreading, Spring 4.x, Spring Boot, Spring JPA, OAuth 2.0, SVG, Restful WebServices, MYSQL DB, Stored Procedures, Unix, Rabbit MQ, Hibernate, Quartz Scheduler, Microsoft Azure, Eclipse, Maven, Liferay Portal, GitHub, Junit, MapReduce, HIVE.

Confidential, Morrisville

Senior Hadoop/Java Developer


  • Work with Technical Leads to understand user requirements and develop/test technical solutions.
  • Development, enhancement and support of Hadoop Eco System including Mapreduce and HIVE and Flume, Core Java based application using Multithreading, Algorithms, Data Structures, Restful based Web Services and Maven.
  • Design and development of Microservices in Java and NodeJS and implement them as Lambda. Usage of API gateway and AWS Dynamo DB.
  • Participate in Scrum meetings and Tech review meetings for ongoing installations
  • Work effectively with team members in other locations situated globally
  • Detailed unit testing (as specified in the design phase), component and acceptance testing to ensure successful release to production

Technology: Elastic MapReduce in Java, HIVE, Flume, Core Java 7 with Multithreading Executor Framework, S3, Web Services, Eclipse, Maven, Elasticsearch, UNIX, Lambda, Dynamo DB, API Gateway, NodeJS, Junit.

Confidential, Memphis

Hadoop/ Java/J2EE Senior Developer, Project Lead and Architect


  • Solution design and performance improvement of J2EE systems.
  • Ensure smooth transition from client to Syntel Team including offshore.
  • Hands on development in AGILE Methodology in all J2EE layers, using Javascript, Struts, Web Services and JDBC connection to SQL, modifying Ant Scripts for Code Build
  • Assisting business in User Story Creation, POCs, Coding, Unit, Integration & System testing, Code Walkthrough, Onshore - Offshore coordination, Interaction with Business Partners.
  • Code Build and migration to different UNIX environments.
  • Migration of existing Java/J2EE application to new weblogic environments.
  • Solution design of Hadoop eco systems.
  • Understanding of Business Requirements, business use case and data dictionary provided by external IT Teams
  • Writing MapReduce Programs, Hive and PIG Scripts.
  • Performance analysis and optimization / improvement of MapReduce and scripts, sampling of data.
  • Java program for connecting to Hbase DB.

Technology: HDFS, MapReduce in Java, HIVE, SQOOP, PIG, Hbase, Java/J2EE, Struts, Spring, Web Services, JSP, Java 7, Eclipse, Weblogic 10.2, UNIX, Ant, Junit.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Project Lead/Senior Developer/Business Analyst


  • Single point of contact for Project Team, External Teams, Business, Prod Support with Roles of Project Lead, Developer and Business Analyst
  • Designed Web Services using SOAP for integration to external company Confidential
  • Did Proof of Concept for secured connection to Confidential Web Services and exposing our Web Services to Confidential coordinating with ‘Single Sign On’ and Data Power teams
  • Designed Unix Autosys Batch Jobs for connection and extracting data from Confidential
  • Did Proof of Concept of writing Unix Shell Scripts using NM-CURL and connecting to Confidential System to pull files to our servers.
  • Coding done in all J2EE layers using JSP, Sprint-Struts Integration, Web Services, JDBC and Oracle SQL
  • Involved in Interaction with Business Partners, Requirement Gathering, Functional / Non-Functional Requirement Analysis, writing System Specification Document
  • Involved in System Flow Design, System Requirement Documentation, High level design, Detailed Design and Coding, Unit, Integration & System testing, Code Walkthrough, IST/UAT Release Activities, Onshore - Offshore coordination, Interaction with Business Partners.
  • Hands on development all J2EE layers using HTML, JSP, Struts Framework, JDBC
  • Learned SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Tool) and generated reports.
  • Testing, release & production deployment in multiple projects involving multiple technologies
  • Project Documentation, Requirement Analysis, High level design, Detailed Design and Coding, Unit, Integration & System testing, Code Walkthrough, IST/UAT/Prod Release Activities, Interaction with Business Partners.
  • Undertook training in Informatica Tool

Technology: Java/J2EE, Struts, Spring, Web Services, HTML5, JQuery, JSP, Java 6, Shell scripting, CURL, RSA, Websphere Application Server, Autosys, HP UNIX, MS SQL Server Reporting Tool, Informatica

Confidential, New York, NY

Project Lead/Senior Developer


  • Migrating and end to end execution of application from JRun to Weblogic Server with enhancements.
  • Involved in application reverse engineering, doing code analysis, analyzed database, develop the test data and Use Cases to implement the application end to end without any previous documents.
  • For enhancements, did Requirement Analysis, High level design, Detailed Design
  • Hands on Software Development done in all J2EE layers using JSP, Java, JDBC, and SQL
  • Unit and Integration/System testing, Code Walkthrough, IST/UAT and Production Build/Release Activities, Onshore - Offshore coordination
  • Provided post release Production Support, and Client interfacing
  • Learned and used Adobe Flex 3.5 for Application enhancement and Support
  • Cross Vendor/Cross Team coordination located in different geographies (USA, UK, India).
  • Hands on Development done in Flex 3.5 Suite for UI, J2EE Pattern from Middleware to DAO, used Confidential Integration for connection to Database SQL
  • Managing offshore activities, review of code deliverables from offshore and providing support/fixes for high priority issues.
  • Unit and Integration System testing
  • Application build using Ant and deployment activities in different Unix environments.

Technology: Java/J2EE, Struts, Spring - Ibatis integration, Java 6, JDBC, JSP, Javascript, PL/SQL, Eclipse, Adobe Flex 3.5, Oracle 10g, Unix Solaris, Ant,, Weblogic 10, IBM DB2, Ant, JRun


Software Developer


  • Learned Websphere Commerce Server for application development and enhancement
  • Making application User Interface which is cross browser compatible including IE 6, IE7, Firefox and Safari Browsers.
  • Usage of Firebug tool for changes in the CSS
  • Release Management Activities and Shadow support for Production deployment.
  • Requirement Analysis, Prototyping, High level design, Detailed Design
  • Proof of Concept in JSP and HTML, Hands on Software Development using JSP, Struts in IBM Websphere Commerce Server
  • UAT and Production Build/Release Activities, onshore - offshore coordination

Technology: Java/J2EE, Struts, JSP, Java 5, Javascript, Websphere Commerce Server 6.0, Oracle 9i, UNIX Solaris


Software Developer


  • Requirement Analysis and Prototyping in HTML
  • Development of Unit Test Cases, Coding & Unit Testing
  • Hands on Coding done in all J2EE Layers from Front-end using Javascript, JSP, Struts Framework, Middleware using EJBs and Back-end using JDBC, SQLJ, Stored Procs and Functions in Oracle DB
  • Co-ordination with onsite team for IST and UAT defect fixing.
  • Responsible for Application Build and Deployment in Test and UAT environments, Offshore Release Management Activities and Configuration Controller for VSS
  • Worked as DBA for sometimes using TOAD Tool
  • Profiling activities using JProbe.
  • Application build using Ant and deployment in Weblogic Server

Technology: Java/J2EE, Struts Framework, EJB’s, JDBC, JSP, Javascript, Java 4, SQLJ, PL/SQL, Weblogic Sever, TOAD, Eclipse, Oracle 9i, UNIX Solaris, JProbe, VSS, Ant

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