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Aem Livecycle Forms Developer Resume

Jacksonville, FL


  • Around 5 years of professional experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of E - commerce applications using Adobe LiveCycle, Work Flow, Adobe LiveCycle, Forms Designer, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader, Adobe Central Pro and Output Designer, XML, UML Visio, HTML, JavaScript using databases Oracle, DB2 and MY SQL
  • Adobe Certified Expert LiveCycle Forms Developer.
  • Experience in using LiveCycle Services like, Rights Management, Reader Extensions, Forms rendering and Foundations services etc.
  • Experience in creating interactive, non-interactive, static and dynamic forms using Adobe Forms Designer.
  • Good experience in developing dynamic templates with multiple master pages using Adobe LiveCycle and Adobe Output Designer tools.
  • Experienced in using Accessibility features for Adobe LiveCycle forms.
  • Proficient in using LiveCycle tools (Workbench, Forms Designer, Administrator Console and Workspace).
  • Experience in rendering Forms in different formats (Form Guides, HTML Forms, and PDF Forms).
  • Hands on testing, debugging, validating and monitoring processes and workflows.
  • Good knowledge in creating data models using UML and developed XML Schemas.
  • Good knowledge of Adobe Process Patterns (Pre-Populate, Populate with Web Service, parallel Processing and Database Insert etc.)
  • Worked on tools like Eclipse and MySQL Workbench.
  • Developed Java servlets related to forms and workflows for invoking webservices.
  • Experience in software development methodologies like Agile and Waterfall model.
  • Good hands on using RDBMS concepts and worked with Oracle, DB2, and MY SQL.
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to quickly understand client’s business needs.
  • Experience in working with Financial, Health Care, Government and Insurance Industries.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, C, C++, XML, SQL

Adobe: LiveCycle ES/ES2/ES3/ES4/AEM 6.1, Forms Designer ES/ES2/ES3/ES4/AEM 6.1 LiveCycle Workbench ES/ES2/ES3/ES4/AEM 6.1, Output Designer 5.5, Acrobat Professional 7/8/9/10/11

Web/XML Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, XQuery, XPATH, XSD

Frame Works: EJB 2.0/3.0 (Staeless Session Beans, CMP, BMP, MDB), Spring2.5, Struts 1.2, Tiles.

Tools: and Utilities: SQL Developer, SQL Management, Eclipse, NetBeans, Editplus, Jetbrains, Textpad, XMLSpy, XMLPad, NotePad++

Application/Web Servers: JBoss, Sun One Application Server, Tomcat

RDBMS: SQL Developer, Oracle 10.x, MySql 4.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, MS Access, SQL Server Management Studio

Testing: ClearQuest, HPQC, SoapUI



AEM LiveCycle Forms Developer


  • Involved in creating an end-to-end business process including the design and development of interactive Forms, data capture, Reader extending, emails, etc through Workflow and Orchestration.
  • Migrated ES4 environment to AEM 6.1, AEM 6.1 FP1 forms.
  • Migrated applications that render in PDF to HTML5 forms in ES4 and AEM 6.1 Forms.
  • Implement workflow and routing rules via Adobe LiveCycle
  • Integrate workflow processes with various data sources and web services
  • Provide business and workflow analysis on processes used by the agency
  • Document program specifications
  • Research and document and facilitate user requirements collection with program users
  • Working with network administrators, systems analysts and software engineers to assist in resolving problems with software products or company software systems
  • Providing mentoring and guidance to junior staff
  • Developed dynamic-interactive Forms, Invoices, Correspondences etc using LiveCycle Form designer.
  • Created Data Models, XML Schemas and binding data to Form elements for optimizing the Form performance
  • Used JavaScript for validating data, offering page navigation with the Complex Form, connecting to web services for data gathering, etc.
  • JavaScript was also used for automatic calculations for Form Fields such as calculating the total amounts or percentages.
  • Involved in documenting the development assets, standard operating procedures, software architecture, requirements, standards and guidelines, etc.
  • Involved in integrating the LiveCycle ES.x applications using SOAP end points for Rendering Interactive PDF Forms, Handling Submitted Forms, Pre-populating Dynamic Forms, etc.
  • Assisted developers with the technical requirements.
  • Regularly involved in meetings with the client/business and other internal teams for the discussions to review new projects from the technical/business perspective.

Environment: Java, Web Service, Adobe LiveCycle ES4 SP1, AEM 6.1 Forms, AEM 6.1 FP1 Forms, AEM Workbench, LiveCycle Workbench, LiveCycle Workspace, LiveCycle Forms Designer, LiveCycle Admin UI, JavaScript, and SQL Server Management Studio.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

AEM LiveCycle Forms Developer


  • Application is developed in SOA architecture using Adobe Forms Designer, Workflow, LiveCycle workbench and Adobe Services.
  • Worked with Business Analysts, Project Manager and Clients to identify requirements.
  • Developed forms for application, Mortgage Requests, Lending Transmission, Loss Mitigation etc.,
  • Written validations and advanced scripting-based interactions using JavaScript.
  • Provided KT to all my team members on the application and their functionalities.
  • Worked on Production support for all the Lending Transmission Forms.
  • Developed reusable custom objects and form fragments.
  • Worked on IBM Barcode changes and their functionality.
  • Worked on redesigning logos of the Lending Transmission forms.
  • Invoked processes using SoapUIwebservices to perform testing in all the environments.
  • Used to handle offshore team with Unit Testing, QA Testing to ensure the quality.
  • Followed UDeploy Tool to deploy the application and its assets.
  • Migrated application from Legacy (ES2) to GFB (AEM 6.1).
  • Worked as LC Administrator and provide access to the users and groups in all lower environments.
  • Control User Management settings, and manage users and groups.
  • Used to provide LC application access to the business users.
  • Provided documentation for the process of EFM Forms development and migration.

Environment: Adobe LiveCycle ES2 &ES4, Workbench ES2 &ES4, Form Designer ES2 &ES4, AEM LiveCycle Designer and Workbench (AEM 6.1), XML, XSD, XMLPad, JavaScript, Adobe Reader XI, SQL Server Management Studio, Clarity, SmartBear-SoapUI, CA SCM Workbench.

Confidential, Foster City CA

AEM LiveCycle Forms Developer


  • Responsible for migration of Adobe LiveCycle Applications from LC ES4 to New Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.1).
  • Migrated VISA - Forms, Processes (Short-Lived)
  • Migrated Visa Public - Forms, Processes (Short-Lived)
  • Responsible for production support with LC ES4 Environment Applications.
  • Responsible for communicating with the business area including gathering requirements, communicating deadlines, and reporting status.
  • Responsible for Data Migration.
  • Responsible for Migrating Form Data from Old Production (SQL server) to New AEM 6.1 Environments (Oracle Database).
  • Responsible for Migrating and Creating Views and Stored Procedures from Old Production (SQL Server) Environment to New AEM 6.1 Environments.
  • Troubleshooting and Resolving Production issues related to Processes/Workflows in ES4.
  • Solved the critical issue within the workflows which was a show stopper for the project Go-Live.
  • Was the only LC resource for project and played a major role.
  • KT to several teams internally regarding LC and AEM 6.1 Workbench and Applications.
  • Worked on Product Issues with Adobe Team and gave some alternative solutions for the forms and workflows.
  • Solved the critical issue with the submission of PDF forms, when accessed with Load Balancer/DNS URL’s which was a show stopper for Project Go-Live.
  • Given the alternative solutions for the forms to view, which were limited for the Adobe Reader versions.
  • Used to take continues Status calls from Offshore teams from India and Singapore.
  • Was Team Lead co-coordinating with two people from Offshore India regarding LC Applications Migration and their issues after migrating into AEM 6.1 Environments.
  • Handel QA Team from Singapore regarding Form Data Migration and LC Applications use cases.
  • Worked as LiveCycle application administrator for VISA and VISA Public.
  • Created groups for the users in each environment.
  • Modified settings from the output page and PDF Generator page in Administration Console.
  • Invoked Services from Administration Console.
  • Provided Reader Extensions to the forms from AdminUI.
  • Maintenance and Support of Document Generation platform.

Environment: Adobe LiveCycle ES4/AEM 6.1, Workbench ES4/AEM 6.1, Form Designer ES4/AEM 6.1, XML, XSD, JavaScript, Adobe Reader XI, Adobe Acrobat Pro, MSSQL 2008, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, SharePoint 2015, ClearQuest.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Adobe Forms Developer


  • Responsible for development, testing and delivery of all e-forms.
  • Requirements gathering, analysis, design and development of projects.
  • Developing/Support static, dynamic, and Interactive LiveCycle forms and Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Multiple Master Pages, Custom Objects, Subforms, Tables, Fields and Static Objects were used to design Interactive&Non-interactive forms. Most of the forms developed were conversion of existing word documents to Interactive PDF’s.
  • Responsible for communicating with the business area including gathering requirements, communicating deadlines, and reporting status.
  • Used JavaScript for page navigations, validations, calculations, hide/show subforms, repeating subforms, add/delete rows, interactive dialogue boxes (gather & present information to the customer), and to invoke web services.
  • External data sources (XML data files, XML schemas and web services (WSDL)) were used to define field values populate field on a form, collect data entered on a form.
  • Troubleshoot and solve complex problems.
  • Developed Java servlets related to forms and workflows for invoking webservices.
  • Diagnose a problem’s cause even when it is not within the program in question. Assist in debugging systems without extensive prior knowledge of the system.
  • Maintenance and Support of Document Generation platform.

Environment: Adobe LiveCycle ES/ES4, Workbench ES/ES4, Form Designer ES/ES4, XML, XSD, XMLPad, JavaScript, Adobe Reader XI, SQL Server Management Studio, MSSQL 2005 and 2008, HPQC, Sales Force.


Adobe LiveCycle Developer


  • Created process diagrams, that links together participants, forms and services.
  • Developed forms for Create a Project Request, Domain Request, Change Control and Access Request etc.
  • Create a Project Request form was very complex with subforms and multiple pages that grow dynamically.
  • Used Master page to have consistent look and feel for all the pages.
  • Developed subforms that flow dynamically based on the user actions.
  • Used dropdown list object that populate values automatically based on user selections.
  • Used flowable layout to make the form grow dynamically.
  • Implemented dynamic page navigation.
  • Developed a workflow that route the submitted forms to a person who can take appropriate decision
  • Used Assign Task service assigning decision making tasks to managers.
  • Used Email Notification service to update the status of the approvals to users.
  • Used Reader Extensions UI for enabling end users to save the forms locally and fill in offline mode.
  • Developed working processes for generating XMLs from PDF forms.
  • Written calculation and validation scripts that automatically verify information as a user completes a form.
  • Involved in quarterly releases and maintenance of the project.

Environment: Java 1.6, Servlets, Adobe LiveCycle ES, Adobe Forms Designer, LiveCycle Administrator Console, LiveCycle Workspace, JBoss, Webservices, JavaScript, Oracle (PL/SQL), DB2, UNIX-VI.

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