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Architect/staff Engineer Resume


Languages: Java 8, J2EE, JSP, C,Bash, SQL, PL/SQL,HTML, JSON, XML, UML, Perl, Php, Awk

Web: Tomcat, Apache, Jetty, Weblogic, Squid, HAProxy, Nagios, Docker, F5

Technologies: HTTP, REST, SOAP, Spring, JAXRS, Jersey, Jackson, JMS, Junit, Mockito, EasyMock, Jmeter, JPA, Hibernate, AMQ, Kafka, Spring Security, Tapestry, Velocity, Freemarker, Log4J/SLF4J, HttpClient, OGNL, Spring MVC, Struts

Data: MySql, Postgres, Oracle, DB2, Solr, Cassandra, Redis, Pentaho (ETL), LDAP

SDLC: GIT, Jersey, Maven, Jenkins, Rally/Agile, Enterprise Architect, Liquibase

Open Source Contributions: Stackoverflow - 2018, Spring Shell-2015,OGNL-2001,Tomcat-2000


Architect/Staff Engineer


  • Designed and built REST/HATEOAS integration API's for our cloud management microservices platform. Successfully adopted with minimal effort by customers, partners, and internal users.
  • Introduced lifecycle management into database schema allowing for fully automated upgrades.
  • Built a REST client (based on spring/shell) for command-line based integration with our cloud management platform.
  • Enabled successful integrations with our cloud management platform, for a number of clients.
  • Contributed several items to the Confidential api standards committee, helping to standardize interfaces across Confidential products and ease client adoption.

Director Architecture/Principal Engineer


  • Designed and built a new Content Management, Delivery, and Entitlement platform with multi-lingual, multi-screen, and multi-tenant capabilities to replace earlier Sezmi systems and become the company’s flagship product. Including delivery systems to support VOD, and Linear content. Integrations with content provider, video transcoding and content delivery systems. Agile / Scrum.
  • Designed systems to scale effectively, including out of the box support for all RFC 2616 caching mechanisms. Squid reverse proxy caching of all content queries.
  • Designed and built entitlement system to support purchase, rental, tiered subscription, and free content, integration with 3rd party payment / billing systems.
  • Built an integration solution with Tribune Media Systems content feeds.
  • Designed integration solutions for TotalMovie for multiple ratings authorities and Sony BIVL.
  • Enabled third parties developing SmartTV, and STB clients for our platform.
  • Enabled and helped third parties to design integrated solutions for content delivery via Blu-Ray players, and integration with backend billing and CRM systems.
  • Provided pre-sales consulting and support to sales team, helping to win several accounts.



  • Developed requirements (for TiVo), and design solutions Java/Tomcat/Mysql based solutions for their advertising related content management and delivery systems.
  • Improved end-user productivity through use of workflow design and process automation.
  • Reduced human error rates to near zero. Improving goodwill with TiVo’s accounts and profitability.
  • Led onshore and offshore teams to develop, test, and deploy client solutions.
  • Designed and built a “Vehicle Enforcement System”, to correlate camera images, RFID scans and toll payments, identify violators, store, forward, and archive violation evidence in unattended roadside deployments (Java and C/Tomcat/Linux/)
  • Built an instance-based authorization solution on top of an early version of Spring Security, integrated with Weblogic J2EE, providing fine-grained authentication at service, entity & property level access, as well as for UI controls (JSP taglibs)
  • Designed and implemented a BI Solution for a Mortgage management system which transformed business events (JMS/Tibco/Pentaho) into an Oracle OLAP DB.

Team Leader/Principal Engineer


  • Built a management system (Java/Tomcat/Struts/Oracle) for Turnstone’s DSL Provisioning equipment. Integration via UDP discovery, SNMP, XML/HTTP, provided northbound Corba api’s for use by ILECs.
  • Created a regression testing solution to identify creeping incompatibilities with Turnstone field test equipment, Allowing us quickly identify variances against spec and eliminate these problems from winding up in released product.

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