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Sr. Java/ui Developer Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • 8+ years of professional experience in in building high - performing, scalable, enterprise-grade applications using Java/J2EE.
  • Contributed in all phases of the Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Agile and Waterfall methodologies, from concept and design to testing.
  • Designed and developed high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems and delivered high-availability and performance.
  • Hands on experience in Object Oriented analysis and profound insight of Java and JEE internals (Class loading, Memory Management, Transaction management etc.).
  • Involved in system design and development using Collections and Multithreading for the action classes.
  • Strong working experience in building the components using Core Java, Design Patterns, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Struts, JMS, EJB, Design Patterns, Web Services JAX-WS(SOAP), JAX RS- Restful Services, JSON and JDBC.
  • Experience with responsive web design with HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Angular JS, JavaScript and Boot Strap.
  • Experience on front-end JavaScript MVC/MVVM Framework AngularJS.
  • Experience in developing web applications using Spring MVC.
  • Expertise in implementing Microservices to communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST for implementing SOA.
  • Implemented SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) using XML web services like SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI&XML Parsers.
  • Worked with JMS MQ’s like RABBIT MQ, IBM MQ and ACTIVE MQ.
  • Extensive experience in development and implementation of ORM framework Hibernate with Spring Data Access, iBATIS and JPA.
  • Skilled with version control software like Tortoise SVN, CVS, Clear case and GIT.
  • Work Experience with testing tools and applications such as JUnit, Firebug, Fire Poster and SoapUI.
  • Strong work experience on databases like SQL server, PostgreSQL, Oracle11g, MongoDB and DB2.
  • Worked with Application servers like Oracle Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, JBOSS and Tomcat.
  • Worked on Build and deploy tools like Jenkins, Maven and ANT.
  • Good exposure in interacting with clients and solving application environment issues.
  • Production support-Provided development (quick fixes) and technical support for complex/ critical applications. Co-ordinated with other teams to resolve end-user issues promptly.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, self-motivated, willing to take initiative and able to learn quickly and apply new tools and technologies in the project.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, JEE, SQL, PL/SQL

JEE Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JMS, JDBC.


Web/Application Server: Tomcat, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Jboss.

Web Technologies: HTML5, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, XSLT, Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, DB2, MySQL.

IDEs: Eclipse, Net beans, WebStorm, Spring Source Tool Suite

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix (Solaris, Aix, Hpux), Linux.

Other Tools: CVS, Clear Case, Git, JUnit, maven, ANT, log4j.

JEE Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JSF, MVC, JPA

Development Strategies: Agile, Waterfall methodologies


Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Sr. Java/UI Developer


  • Designed the entire application using Agile methodology.
  • Implemented the back-end components of the application using Spring framework.
  • Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IOC) using annotations.
  • Developed various helper classes needed following core java multi-threaded programming and Collection classes.
  • Developed all the UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax.
  • Used various Bootstrap components and developed the application following Responsive web design.
  • Developed base Http service on top of Angular JS HTTP service to communicate backend web services.
  • Used Angular JS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (Controllers) and model values.
  • Handled all the client-side validations, slide show, hide and show controls, dropdown menus and tab navigation using JavaScript, JQUERY and AJAX for asynchronous communication.
  • Implemented microservices architecture by splitting business functions into reusable services.
  • Used microservices to expose business functionality to external systems using RESTful Web Services. Used REST client and POSTMAN to test the services.
  • Developed REST controllers using Spring Data REST to serve the UI with required JSON data.
  • Consumed SOAP services in the application using WSDL to get data from other services of the client.
  • Implemented Hibernate ORM with the spring framework for object relational mappings and data management.
  • Experience in Hibernate which includes integrating legacy databases, writing custom CRUD statements, integrating stored procedures and performed polymorphic associations.
  • Created SQL queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions for the Database layer by studying the required business objects and validating them with Stored Procedure.
  • Configured and deployed the application onto Tomcat server using maven build scripts to automate the build and deployment process.
  • Performed the Continuous Integration for the automated test cases in Jenkins.
  • Tracked and solved tickets for defects on bug reporting tool (JIRA).
  • Participated in preparing technical documents which includes logical flow of the code and UML diagrams and user’s manual for the application.
  • Involved in Junit testing, System and Integration Testing and responsible for data migration to QA/User and Production region.
  • Used SVN version control to track and maintain the different version of the application.

Environment: Java 1.7/1.8, Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, HTML, XML, Java Script, jQuery, Junit, JSP, RESTful Web Services, SOAP, MY SQL, PL/SQL, Ajax, Maven, microservices Log4j, Spring Boot, Angular JS, Agile, Apache Tomcat, Jenkins, SVN, JIRA.

Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test-driven development approach.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Value Object Pattern, Session façade, Singleton, Factory and DAO.
  • Used various Core Java concepts such as Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Used Spring MVC, Spring IOC for the management of application flow (by developing configurable Handler Mappings, View Resolver) and handled security using Spring Security.
  • Developed screens, Controller classes, Business services and DAO layer.
  • Used Spring Framework AOP Module to implement logging in the application to know the application status.
  • Maintained and produced new features for MVVM applications communicating with microservices via RESTful API.
  • By using Spring Boot and spring MVC in RESTful APIs created the Request for Proposal (RFP) micro services.
  • Developed Graphical User Interfaces using UI frameworks Angular JS and Webpages using HTML and JSP's for user interaction.
  • Used AJAX for implementing dynamic Webpages where the content was fetched via API calls and updated the DOM.
  • Developed custom directives in AngularJS that could be re-used like a template across the application and can be re-used to manipulate DOM across the application.
  • Used AngularJS and Node JS to implement rich functionality in various pages like form validation, grid, search, sort, pagination.
  • Worked on multiple cross browser compatibility issues to support browsers according to the business requirements, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and IE.
  • Build REST web service by building Node.js Server in the back-end to handle requests sent from the front-end jQuery Ajax calls.
  • Used Hibernate, object /relational mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with an SQL-based schema.
  • Configured the xml files for Hibernate and applied its Object Relational Mapping ORM to enable the data transactions between POJO and Oracle Database using caching on Session Factory as well as caching on query.
  • Configured and Deployed the application in WebSphere Application server.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and worked on Performance improvements for the application.
  • Wrote test cases in JUnit for unit testing of classes and built scripts using Maven to build the J2EE application.
  • Implemented the logging mechanism using Log4j framework.
  • Used GIT version control to track and maintain the different version of the application.

Environment: Java/J2EE 1.8, Spring Modules, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Angular JS, Node JS, Ajax, JQuery, micro services, WebSphere Application Server, Rest Web services, Oracle, HTML, Eclipse, AJAX, JavaScript, Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Log4j, CSS, Maven, GIT.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Used Agile methodology in the project and involved in entire life cycle development.
  • Designed and developed all the user interfaces using JSP, Servlets and Spring framework.
  • Developed the Application using Spring MVC Framework by implementing Controller and Service classes.
  • Implemented Java EE components using Spring IOC (Dependency Injection), Spring Transactions and Spring security models.
  • Implemented transaction management for ORM project using Spring Transaction Management API.
  • Used Spring Boot which is radically faster in building cloud Microservices and develop Spring based application with very less configuration.
  • Designed and developed the UI using JSP, HTML, CSS and Java Script, Ajax and JSON.
  • Involved in putting the entries to external XML files which are read by doc-builder.
  • Developed backend web services using Node JS and stored dependencies using Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • Developed mapping files for Hibernate Object Relation Mapping for data persistence & storage.
  • Responsible for writing/reviewing server-side code using iBATIS and DAO Framework for executing stored procedures and complicated SQL queries.
  • Created Data Access Objects to fetch data from database with SQL queries integrate them with iBATIS.
  • Experienced in implementation of JMS to exchange information over reliable channel in an asynchronous way by using Rabbit MQ as a message queue.
  • Involved in creating unit testing of various layers using JUnit and created automated test scripts for integration testing.
  • Used CVS version control to track and maintain the different version of the application.
  • Involved in off shore co-ordination, work assignment, query resolution and work product reviews.

Environment: Java, Agile, MVC, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, JQUERY, Angular JS, RESTful Web services, JMS, iBATIS, HTML, CSS, CVS, Maven, Microservices, Spring Boot, WebLogic, Oracle(SQL/PLSQL).


Java Developer


  • Involved in all phases of SDLC and generated Use case diagrams, Class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Developed UI screen with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Designed and implemented customized exception handling to handle the exceptions in the application.
  • Involved in the application development using Spring MVC module and responsible for developing DAO layer and Implemented the application using Spring Boot Framework and handled the security using spring security.
  • Worked on Java Message Service (JMS) API for developing message-oriented middleware (MOM) layer for handling various asynchronous requests.
  • Used Hibernate core interfaces, annotations, configuration files to implement DAO layer.
  • Involved in implementation of modules like accessing records from database, comparison of records and related classes using Spring framework and Hibernate.
  • Created, configured Hibernate entities using annotations, mapping associations to map with data base model.
  • Developed Client applications to consume the Web services based on SOAP protocol.
  • Involved in bug fixing during the System testing, Joint System testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Used log4j to log all error messages of application along with debugging purposes.
  • Used GitHub as Distributed version control system and branching for creating a new feature and making bug fixes.

Environment: Java, HTML, Servlets, JavaScript, XML, JSP, JSTL, jQuery, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle, PL/SQL, SOAP, JMS, Junit, GIT.


Jr Java Developer


  • Developed the business domain layer using Java, J2EE, JDBC and used DAO, Transfer Objects, Singleton, Factory and Front Controller design patterns.
  • Implemented Struts framework in the presentation tier for all the essential control flow, business level validations and for communicating with the business layer.
  • Developed Struts Framework Action Servlets classes for Controller and developed Form Beans for transferring data between Action class and the View Layer.
  • Developed the front-end UI using JSP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Worked on AJAX to develop an interactive Web Application and JavaScript for Data Validations.
  • Used Web services for sending and getting data from different applications using SOAP messages.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.
  • Used JUnit to test persistence and service tiers.
  • Developed logging module-using Log4J to create log files to debug as well as trace application.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Junit, MySQL, GIT, Log4J.

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