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Software Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • 11-year experience on software development. Efficient in debugging software;
  • Three years industry experience and one-year as group leader. Participated management of large system development and familiar with the entire cycle of software development;
  • 8-year experience on image processing/computer vision;
  • Strong problem-solving skills. Expertise in learning new technology and developing algorithms with a proven publication record;
  • Ability to cooperate with others as well as work independently.
  • Technical Skills

  • Languages: C/C++, and Matlab;
  • Platforms: Windows, UNIX/Linux;
  • Tools and Open Sources: ITK/VTK.
  • Employment Experience

    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Confidential,Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 2007 – Present

  • Algorithm development – developed algorithms for MR brain image processing, including fast deformable registration, geodesic registration between dissimilar shapes, and feature extraction for better representing group difference in a group of medical images.
  • Software Implementation – implemented the software for the algorithm developed and completed the corresponding report. Our fast Deformable Registration method can register a 196x196x196 MR brain image in 3 minutes and its registration accuracy is comparable to a state-of-the-arts method that needs 90 minutes for the same registration.
  • Research Associate, Confidential,Singapore, Aug. 2006 - Aug.2007

  • Algorithm Development developed algorithm to detect variable-width vessels in retinal image via a developed self-matched filter. The self-matched filter can achieve half of the best signal-noise ratio that is obtained by using unknown optimal matched filter. (vessel detection)
  • Software Implementation – implemented the software for the recognition algorithm developed and completed the corresponding report.
  • Research Assistant, Confidential,Singapore, Oct. 2005 - Dec. 2005

  • Software Implementation – implemented the software to reconstruct compressed video sequence in higher resolutions.
  • Software Engineer, Group Leader, Confidential, Shanghai, China, Sept. 2000 - May 2002

  • Software Development – developed the core software (control part) of in the large system - Universal Mobil Telecommunication System (UMTS). Participated the entire cycle of software development including, requirement analysis based on the whole system requirement, software design, programming, software test, integration test, and system test. The product UMTS has become top three popular in the world.
  • Team Management – completed the team plan based on the whole system development plan, assigned tasks to team members, watched the progressive of each member, and provided technique support to them.
  • Test Engineer, Software Engineer, Confidential,Nanjing, China, Jun. 1999 - Jul. 2000

  • Software Development – developed test software that can customize commands for the GSM System to test its function and find bugs.
  • System Testing – designed test methods, applied them on GSM telecommunication system and completed test reports.
  • Education

    PhD in Information Engineering.

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