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Sr. Java Full-stack Developer Resume

Southfield, MI


  • 8+ years of experience as Senior Java developer with strong development experience in User Interface applications and integration of highly transactional and scalable enterprise applications.
  • Used the best practices of SDLC as well as Agile/SCRUM methodologies.
  • Proficient in working with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, (MEAN Stack ).
  • Proficient in developing front - end systems with JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, BackboneJS, D3 JS and ExtJS.
  • Proficiency in server-side Java development with exposure RESTful web services, AJAXweb applications.
  • Developed the Spring Features like Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Heroku, Spring Security, Spring Integration, Spring Zuul, Spring Eureka, Spring Netflix, Spring Hystrix.
  • Extensive experience in Open Source Java frameworks such as Spring Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, Aspect-Oriented Programming and Struts.
  • Hands on experience in implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and web services such as SOAP and REST using WSDL, CXF2, JAX-WS and JAX-RS.
  • Developed Web applications to consume JSON response using callback functions.
  • Developed and designed web interfaces and layouts using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS .
  • Very good experience with Model2 (MVC) architecture and Jakarta Struts/Tiles. Solid experience in using Jakarta Apache frameworks like Struts, Maven, ANT, JUnit and Log4J.
  • Experienced in frameworks like Jakarta struts framework, JSF, spring, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Hibernate .
  • Developed and implemented the MVC Architectural Pattern using framework including JSP , Servlets , EJB .
  • Hands on experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, VPC, Direct Connect, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS etc.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.
  • Experienced in Development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications on Windows & UNIX platforms using IDE’s such as Eclipse, Rational Application Developer (RAD), NetBeans, IntelliJ.
  • Experience in creating Databases, Tables, Stored Procedure, DDL/DML Triggers, Views, User defined data types, Cursors, Functions, data dictionaries, and maintaining data integrity and Indexes using T-SQL.
  • Expertise with employment of Apache Kafka and Zookeeper apart from JMS as messagingservice.
  • Experience in database development skills like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and NoSQL Databases like MongoDB, Marklogic, Cassandra etc.
  • Expertise in working on ANT, Maven, Log4j, Mockito, JMock, Test-ng.
  • Experience providing training to development teams on how to track, plan and analyze using JIRA .
  • Good working knowledge of Grunt, Bower, Generators.
  • Having knowledge on (JMS) MQ's like Rabbit MQ , IBM MQ and Active MQ .
  • Knowledge on creating a custom web app using Spring, iBATIS.
  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat in Production servers to latest version, configured and tested successfully.
  • Experience with the Integrated Development Environments like Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder and IntelliJ.
  • Knowledge of writing rules directly in the Drools Rule Language (DRL), and decision table.
  • Experience in using different version control systems like Subversion, CVS, GIT, and Rational Clear Case.
  • Good experience in unit testing using Karma, Jasmine and JUnit, Automated Testing using Java, Junit/TestNG, Selenium (IDE/Web driver), Integration Testing using Continuum, Selenium, Hudson, Jenkins and Apache Camel.


Programming Language: Java 1.7/1.8, SQL, PL/SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, RMI, EJB, Swing, AWT, Applets, Multi-threading, Java Networking

Web Technologies: JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, XML, XSLT, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, AngularJS, Ext JS, BackboneJS, ec2, S3Spring Framework: Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Hystrix, Spring Heroku, Spring Zuul, Spring Netflix, Spring Integration, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Yarn

Cloud Development: EC2, S3,, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, VPC,Direct Connect, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS, Spring PCF.

Database Server: Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, SQL server, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB.


Agile, Scrum, Water: Fall, Rapid Application Development

Tools: Apache Camel, ESB, cucumber, Redhat BPM

Testing: Junit, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Selenium, Jenkins, Docker


Confidential, Southfield, MI

Sr. Java Full-stack developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD) and agile methodology.
  • Developed UI pages with JSP, Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and used Bootstrap for creating Responsive Web pages.
  • Created AngularJS Controller which isolate scopes perform operations in UI.
  • Followed the strict patterns of implementing model-view-controller (MVC) architecture using Angular Framework. Design and implementation of accessibility features and collaborating with customer up to date.
  • Worked on Oracle database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, replication, schema design.
  • Web application backend REST API utilizing AngularJS and Oracle.
  • Developed the client-side application on AngularJS platform using JavaScript programming.
  • Used the NodeJS and AngularJS, MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications.
  • Developed a dashboard based on Ajax calls with Business Customers count, flags, Real-time graphs for Analytical Reporting using NodeJS.
  • Designing and developing the algorithms for server module that configures process management engine using Java8.
  • Designing and implementing scalable, RESTful and micro-services-based mobile back-end. The back-end is being written in Java using Spring Boot for simplicity and scalability.
  • Developed the Spring Features like Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Integration.
  • Spring MVC Framework IOC (Inversion of Control) design pattern is used to have relationships between application components. It is also used to separate the application configuration and dependency specification from the actual application code.
  • Implemented Spring security for application access and authorization.
  • Implemented a circuit-breaker pattern to automatically/manually stop all requests to an external service.
  • Implemented Spring Hystrix to enable real-time monitoring, alerting, and operational control.
  • Used Spring Ribbon API to check whether the servers are up and running in a live environment and detected those servers that are down.
  • Developed RESTful service interface using Spring MVC to the underlying Agent Services API.
  • Designed spring boot mechanism without configuration XML's and replaced it with Java classes.
  • Involved in the development of underwriting process, which involves communications without side systems using Rabbit MQ and JMS.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of control (IOC) and Hibernate Framework persistence onto Oracle database.
  • Created Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, Views and implemented the Error Handling in the Stored Procedures and SQL objects and Modified already existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes depending on the requirement.
  • Used Hibernate mappings, relationships between tables and entity classes to access and update information in the database.
  • Migration of Existing Application to AWS cloud. Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2, S3, RDS, cloud watch and Cloud Front for promoting code in various environments.
  • Developed POC Microservices and Deployed them to Spring PCF
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images.
  • Worked with the Node package manager (NPM) along with Grunt and Bower for the build.
  • Used Apache Maven as the software build tool and Log4J for logging errors and messages.
  • Deployed the application in Apache Tomcat.
  • Develop unit test using Karma and Jasmine . Followed strict patterns of RA for unit test cases using jasmine.
  • Log 4j was used to monitor the error logs. Used GIT repository as version control tool.
  • Used Drools Decision table using excel sheets with a Spring MVC project.
  • Used JENKINS for continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment(CD).

Environment: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, Ajax, Rest Webservices, SpringMVC, Java 1.7/1.8, Core Java, Scala, Spring Boot, Multithreading, Spring 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Batch, Rabbit MQ, JMS, AWS, Spring PCF, Docker, Grunt, Bower, Spring Security, JUnit, Karma, jasmine, Jenkins, GIT, Apache Maven, Oracle 10g/11g.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Sr.Java Full Stack Developer


  • Worked as Full Stack Developer assisting my team in developing two different Web-based applications. Followed Test-Driven Development(TDD) and Agile methodology.
  • Developed UI pages with JSP, Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and used Boot Strap for creating Responsive Web pages.
  • Involved in developing a Single-Page Application pages using AngularJS, REST Services.
  • Worked on integrating GWT for generating the java script files for reporting the high frequency of functionality in mini-pie chart.
  • Improve presentation of web pages CSS, Adobe Flash and jQuery plugging.
  • Used jQuery and AngularJS to provide dynamic User Interface and for the client-side validations.
  • Used Angular JS for creating modules and components and coupling them together into a functional app.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and bulk update of attributes using AngularJS and jQuery.
  • Managing and running the applications within containers by using Docker.
  • Worked on automating data loading, extraction. UNIX Shell scripting is used for generating the reports.
  • Developed Restful Web Services for Historical Data Module for Small Business Merchants.
  • Involved in developing components on Reporting Dashboard with Spring MVC, Spring Framework and Hibernate and created Microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with SQL-based schema.
  • Produced comprehensive documentation for Microservices and applications supporting change management
  • Worked on Spring boot, Spring Restful template to develop Application Level Micro services.
  • Implemented crosscutting concerns using Spring AOP.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency Injection and integrated it with the Spring Security framework.
  • Used Spring Security for implementing the authentication, authorization, and access-control features.
  • Involved in the development of underwriting process, which involves communications without side systems using IBM MQ and JMS.
  • Performed code build and deployment using Maven and Jenkins.
  • Administered and deployed applications into JBoss Server.
  • Developed JSON services JAX-RS and JSON documentation using Swagger API.
  • Created tables and worked on My SQL and PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures functions and packages for complex Inserts and updates in the database. And used Stored Procedures in the application.
  • Wrote My SQL queries to get the data, update the data from the database and to connect database in the DAO implementation classes.
  • Used AWS deploying, managing and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems.
  • Implemented and managed continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using Karma, Jasmine and JUNIT Test cases.
  • Developed multiple unit and integrations tests using Mockito, Easy Mock.
  • Developed test scripts in Selenium Web Driver using Java Language.
  • Used GIT as version management, JIRA for defect management system
  • Used version control repository SVN (Subversion by apache) and JIRA for issue tracking.
  • We used Grunt for Build Process.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, XML, GWT, Ajax, AngularJS 1.x, Restful Services, Node JS, Spring MVC, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Core, Java, JDK, Multi-Threading, Hibernate, My SQL, Spark, Shell Scripting, Maven, Jenkins, JBoss, AWS, Docker, GIT, SVN, Swagger, Selenium Web driver, Grunt, NPM, JUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Mockito, Eclipse, Jira.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr.Java Full Stack Developer


  • Built Rich Prototypes and Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, Ruby and rails, Bootstrap with MySQL database.
  • Developed source code to consume JSON response received through XHR/AJAX calls using jQuery.
  • Participated in development of a new business application for the layout using Grid orientation model Bootstrap framework.
  • Integrated the frontend jQuery UI with backend REST API.
  • Built responsive site using Bootstrap that fits devices of different visual sizes.
  • Coding, styling, testing of reusable JavaScript, CSS, HTML widgets / libraries for complex UI controls.
  • Responsible for JavaScript / AJAX UI upgrades and improvements.
  • Worked with core java and Drool rule engine and participated in all aspects of software life cycle including analysis, design, development, production deployment and support.
  • Designed and Implemented the DAO layer using Spring, hibernate .
  • Implemented RPC integration style using Restful web services .
  • Used Spring Core for concept Inversion of control (IOC) implemented using dependency injection.
  • Implement the authentication, authorization, and access-control features by using Spring Security.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers including IE6.
  • Facilitated User Testing sessions to solicit feedback on prototypes.
  • Created and consumed web services using Restful and SOAP web services
  • Developed application using Spring MVC, JSP and AJAX on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring and the persistent layer uses Hibernate.
  • Created and maintained complex triggers for logon and some R/I.
  • Created Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, Views and implemented the Error Handling in the Stored Procedures and SQL objects and Modified already existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes depending on the requirement.
  • Created the SQL script for the database changes and rewrote the entity layer together with the Hibernate mapping changes.
  • Developed test scripts in Selenium Web Driver using Java Language.Developed unit testing using JUnit.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers including IE6.
  • Used JENKINS for continuous integration(CI) and continuous deployment(CD).

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Spring, Drool rule engine, Hibernate, SOAP web services, Spring MVC, selenium, JUnit, Jenkins, Apache Tomcat, MySQL.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Sr. Full Stack Developer


  • Participated in all phases of development, analysis, design, program analysis, programming, debugging, testing, documentation, delivery and implementation.
  • Developed Spring Application using Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring DAO.
  • Created branding in the web UI front end using CSS classes.
  • Extensively worked on Java server-side programming using Spring MVC, Servlets and JSP .
  • Designed and developed middleware application using spring core framework.
  • Used jQuery, Ajax for service calls on pages to interact with the server for information.
  • Used JavaScript, jQuery for user interactions in pages.
  • Used Jenkins for the automatic build process.
  • Developed UI using HTML, CSS and jQuery to display the data on the client side.
  • Built html templates for high traffic and complex data driven websites.
  • Extensively used spring core , Filters, servlets and server-side programming.
  • Built html templates for high traffic and complex data driven website.
  • Developed RAML based REST web services for API's using Mule ESB .
  • Developed SOAP webservices using Apache CXF webservices and Spring framework.
  • Used Mongoose Connector to connect to MongoDB through Express framework.
  • We used Multithreading in this application to improve the performance.
  • Development of MQ application programs for Java JMS environments using queues and messages.
  • Debugged all look and feel issues in the target browsers, in conjunction with quality assurance.
  • Used Maven for compilation and building JAR, WAR and EAR files.
  • Developed and prepared test cases for unit testing with JUnit.

Environment: Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Batch processing, Multithreading, JSP, Servlet, jQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX, MAVEN, Jenkins, JUnit, JMS, J2EE, Mule ESB, Apache CXF, MongoDB

Confidential, Jacksonville, Florida

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering and analysis from the existing system. Captured requirements using Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Developed the application using Struts, Servlets and JSP for the presentation layer along with JavaScript for the client-side validations.
  • Worked with Struts (MVC Paradigm) components such as Action Mapping, Action class, Dispatch action class, Action Form bean.
  • Responsible for building scalable distributed data solutions using Datastax Cassandra.
  • Used core java to design application modules, base classes and utility classes.
  • Implemented DAO layer using IBATIS and wrote queries for persisting demand core banking related information from the backend system using Query tool
  • Implemented Multi-threaded/Concurrent mechanisms for improve the performance.
  • Developed web based presentation using JSP and Servlet technologies and implemented MVC pattern using STRUTS framework.
  • Experienced in developing the UNIX Shell Scripts and PERL Scripts to execute the scripts and manipulate files and directory.
  • Used Ajax to communicate with the server to get the asynchronous response.
  • Developed a code for Web services using XML, SOAP and used SOAP UI tool for testing the services.
  • Involved in the development of SOAP and WSDL files for the web services interacting with business Logic.
  • Java Server Faces (JSF) for building component-based user interface.
  • Used Log4J for logging the user events.
  • Maven for compilation and building JAR, WAR and EAR files.
  • Used JUnit for unit testing and Continuum for integration testing.

Environment: HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JSP, UNIX Shell Scripts, SOAP web services, JUnit, Multi-threading, iBatis, Core Java, Cassandra.


Software Engineer (Java)


  • Gathered user requirements followed by analysis and design. Evaluated various technologies for the Client.
  • Developed HTML and JSP to present Client-side GUI.
  • Involved in development of JavaScript code for Client-Side Validations.
  • Involved in development of presentation components using Swings.
  • Extensively used XML documents with XSLT and CSS to translate the content into HTML to present to GUI.
  • Developed dynamic content of presentation layer using JSP.
  • Develop user-defined tags using XML.
  • Used Struts Framework to implement J2EE design patterns (MVC).
  • Developed, Tested and Debugged the Java, JSP and EJB components using Eclipse RCP.
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans like Entity Beans, Session Beans (both Stateless, State Full Session beans).
  • Developed JSP as the view, Servlets as Controller and EJB as model in the Struts Framework.
  • Worked on Web Logic application server to deploy JSP and EJB applications.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Swing, EJB 2.1, JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.4, Struts, HTML, XML, CORBA, XSLT, CSS, Java Script, Eclipse RCP, PL/SQL, Weblogic8.1.

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