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Software Engineer Resume

New York New, YorK


  • Software Development Life Cycle Professional with over 5 years of progressive IT experience specializing in Test Driven Development in Angular and Java
  • Highly skilled in the Agile - Scrum SDLC methodologies including requirements gathering, Design, analysis, development, integration, implementation, enhancement, testing, and production support, user interaction, gathering customer feedback
  • Excelled in multi-platform, multi-project environments, utilizing Web Application developmental tools and Software development and design
  • Proficient in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, CSS/CSS3, TypeScript and Java Script that follows W3C Web Standards and are browser compatible
  • Experience in working in environments using Agile (SCRUM) and Test-Driven development practices
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design Patterns and Model View Controller architecture(MVC)
  • Demonstrated ability to articulate written and oral presentation of proposals, concepts, and well-reasoned alternative solutions
  • Strong listening, interpersonal, speaking and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated ability to Identify Root Causes of problems, considering both the long and Short-term impact of Proposed Solutions, and Develop Realistic Workable Solutions
  • Promoted Team Collaboration and demonstrated ability to work well with all Management Levels
  • Fostered cooperation and collaboration among team individuals, helped team Resolve Conflicts Constructively and demonstrated ability and willingness to request and give Mentoring when required


Languages: JAVA, AngularJS, JavaScript, Angular2, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle

Developmental Tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, Webstorm, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Geppetto, SQL Developer, XCode, Android Studio

SDLC Methodologies: SCRUM, Agile

Other Skills: Test Driven Development (TDD), Jenkins, Puppet, Continuous Integration(CI), Continuous Deployment(CD), Continuous Test Automation, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, JUnit, Production Application Support


Confidential, New York, New York

Software Engineer


  • Worked as a full stack developer to build Compass Time Reporting, a primary application for financial capitalization across Confidential divisions which is integrated with JIRA.
  • Developed a single sign-on, single page Node based web application using AngularJS, Angular2, TypeScript, Javascript, HTML, CSS on the front end and Java RESTful Web-services on the backend
  • Developed RESTful web services to access multiple data source using EclipseLink
  • Configured Glassfish server to deploy our front end and backend applications
  • Developed an application named Guardian in Java which brings up the glassfish domains within five minutes when glassfish is down which reduced the downtime of the application dramatically
  • Collaborated and pair programmed with our globally-distributed & self-organized team and produced products with zero defect
  • Practiced Test Driven Development (TDD) by writing unit, system and integration tests using JUnit for Java, and used Jasmine framework for AngularJS WebApp
  • Worked in an agile based Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment environment
  • Developed a scalable automated deployment process using Jenkins and Puppet
  • Wrote tests with a substantial automated architecture for Development, Test, Backup and Primary environments built into the deployment framework
  • Wrote windows batch scripts, Ant scripts and shell scripts, to automate FTP process to deploy applications
  • Designed and setup application monitoring and provided offline and live support for our applications
  • Conducted and participated in retrospectives for the constant improvement of the team
  • Migrated systems that were originally implemented using C#, WPF to a scalable and responsive modern AngularJS WebApp using MVC architecture
  • Developed the data model using Entity Framework for a resource allocation tool and developed it using AngularJS on the client side and MongoDB as the data provider

Technical Skills Utilized: Databases (Oracle), AngularJS Web Application, TypeScript, JavaScript, Agile/Scrum Software Development Methodology, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Test Automation etc

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Software Developer


  • Created interactive web pages and applications by usage of HTML, CSS and AngularJS
  • Created Angular JS controllers and services and used filters for implementing search in search box
  • Called Rest web services through AngularJS services to get JSON Object and modified the response object to display in UI
  • Developed User Interface using AngularJS, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, Ajax and JQuery, and JSON
  • Involved in writing shell scripts for deploying application on UNIX
  • Used AJAX module to handle RESTful calls to enable communication between view components and servers.
  • Used test driven development approach for application development
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test cycle
  • Developed the application using Netbeans as the IDE and used its standard/plug-in features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation, test case template generation, mutator/accessor code generation, and version control (SVN).
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations
  • Primarily focused on the Spring components such as Dispatcher Servlets, Controllers, Model and View Objects, View Resolver
  • Used Design Patterns such as Singleton, Delegate, Facade and Factory Pattern

Technical Skills Utilized: HTML5, JSON, XML, JAVASCRIPT, Java JDK 1.7, Web Services, Java/J2EE, SQL, ANGULAR JS, AGILE, Junit, REST

Confidential, New York, New York

Software Development Engineer


  • Built an iOS mobile application in Objective-C for an application initially implemented in C#, WPF
  • Utilized the existing Java REST APIs to connect to the backend

Technical Skills Utilized: Objective-C, XCode Java

Confidential, Washington, DC

Research Assistant


  • Installed and configured modules in Drupal
  • Provided support and maintenance for the website: http://www.ponarseurasia.org/

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