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Lead Solutions Architect Resume

Clinton Township, MI


  • Highly motivated Technologist and Visionary with a unique blend of Strategy, Innovation, Technical Expertise, Executive Presence and Social Skills
  • Comprehensive experience of 17+ years in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) utilizing several key technologies
  • Substantial experience in Omni - Channel Campaign Management, Integrated Marketing Management, Cloud, E-Commerce, CRM, Business Intelligence, Security, Infrastructure, Data Integration and Application Performance Measurement technology domains
  • Substantial experience in Pharma & Life Sciences, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Travel & Leisure, Manufacturing & Distribution, Food Service & Distribution industry verticals.
  • Partner with Senior Level Leadership across the organization to set the vision, direction of technical strategic objectives as well as to ensure implementation and compliance; Lead the planning, analysis, and definition of technology standards
  • Create system solutions and high-level technical designs to meet identified and anticipated business requirements
  • Ensure the security and technical integrity of critical enterprise platforms and formulate the technical direction for the organization’s on-going strategic technical investments
  • Analyze and design architectural improvements to core technologies to improve performance, capacity, security and scalability of critical software
  • Establish guidelines for acceptance and technical review of all design documents with sign-off authority
  • Mentor IT organization on adherence to design and architecture guidelines and on adopting new infrastructure and technologies
  • Identify, evaluate and formally recommend third-party software and technology packages and services
  • Actively participate in the evaluation and implementation of new software applications and infrastructure
  • Assist management in the prioritization of infrastructure development projects
  • Identify training/conferences that will assist in developing necessary skills for technical staff
  • Provide documentation, training and mentoring, evaluate all software development projects, actively participate in recruiting process
  • Have actively participated and contributed to Web Application and Network Security trainings and hackathons
  • Designed and implemented the solution for first of its kind Dealer Customizable Automotive Catalog
  • Architected the approach for Database Field Expansion for a large program that impactsover 100+ applications
  • Member of the Software Evaluation and Architecture teams
  • As the Configuration Manager, setup Subversion repository for the team with adequate training sessions on the usage and administration
  • Have conducted Training sessions on EAI Patterns, Flex, UML, Object Oriented Programming, Design Principles and Design Patterns (GoF)
  • Designed and developed a Search Framework based on the model of pagination and scrollable result set
  • Member of the Design and Architecture Group that successfully migrated from IPlanet Messaging Server to Oracle AQ
  • Implemented a Fax Service framework using a third-party API
  • Implemented the API connectivity with a third-party vendor for gathering Demographic information
  • Handled Application Deployments to the Production, Staging and QA environments
  • Conducted several RFPs for products in various domains including BI, Data Integration, Campaign Management & Social Monitoring
  • Involved in Pre-Sales activities including responding to client RFPs and creating Project Proposals
  • Process Evangelist for identifying/customizing simple yet effective iterative and incremental development processes
  • Conducted sessions on Six Thinking Hats and ensured that the meetings are more productive and focused. This became a companywide practice for conducting meetings
  • Received Best Project Award for the UG final-year project titled Computer Aided Process Planning


Domains: Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, CRM, Omni-Channel Campaign Management, Integrated Marketing Management, Marketing Automation, Social Marketing, Data Integration, Application Performance Measurement & Monitoring

Enterprise Architecture: Zachman Framework, ArchiMate, TOGAF

Languages: Java, Flex, JEE - JPA, EJB, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JMS, Web Services, XML, HTML, JavaScript

Database: Oracle - PL / SQL, SQL Server, MySQL

App/Web Servers: WebSphere, Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat

IDE: Eclipse, Rational - Application Developer, Software Modeler, Software Architect, WSAD

Open Source: Hibernate, Spring, Quartz, AspectJ, Castor, Struts, JUnit

Tools: Birst, JitterBit, Alteryx, Ant, Hudson, Cruise Control, JIRA, Bugzilla, TOAD, TogetherJ, MS Project, MS Visio

Version Control: Git, Subversion, CVS, VSS

Concepts / Processes: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, OWASP, OOAD, UP, Agile - SCRUM, XP, ORM

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris


Confidential, Clinton Township, MI

Lead Solutions Architect


  • Currently implementing an Asset Management System (PoC) on Block chain using Hyper ledger Fabric
  • Architected several Proof of Concepts utilizing emerging technologies
  • Designed the entire cloud infrastructure for Confidential Systems Labs on AWS
  • Setup RDS for MySQL, EC2 for Web Applications, Oracle Database, AWS Cloud Formation for Docker Swarms for running Hyper ledger Fabric images; Configured IAM for user access to AWS Cloud, Setup domain on Route53
  • Architected a Translation Management Application, a middleware to manage interactions between Applications that have data to be translated and Translation Service Providers
  • Lead Solutions Architect for a large Multi-Million USD program that impacts several GFS applications. This strategic program helps with GFS's expansion into other North American countries
  • Responsible for Architecture and Implementation for internationalizing 50+Java applications to support Canadian French (in accordance with Canadian language guidelines) and Spanish
  • Managed a team of 30+ Engineers (includes Architects, Development Leads, Developers and QA Analysts) in a hybrid, onshore - offshore delivery model
  • Collaborate with GFS Architects and Technical Leaders to ensure compliance with architectural standards and security policies
  • Managed the entire Delivery Cycle using SCRUM from Estimation to Planning to Development to Deployment

Confidential, MI

Lead Technical/Enterprise Architect


  • Presented the business case to the Executive team, justified the need for a focused Technical Architecture team and expanded it to the Enterprise Architecture team to support the company’s growth through mergers and acquisitions from a 450 people strong company to 4500+
  • As the Director of Enterprise Architecture, lead the team of Architects and technically managed the team of Managers, Developers and Analysts in delivering several key solutions for clients in the Pharma, Finance, Healthcare and Automotive industries
  • As the Enterprise Architect -
  • Collaborated with the Security, Network, Server and Storage teams for designing the optimum infrastructure for supporting Confidential ’s strategic objectives for growth and sustainability
  • Collaborated with the Security team - Office of CISO, in achieving PCI, HIPAA and SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliance
  • Collaborated with the Executive and Leadership teams of the Customer Engagement division in consolidating the Contact Center tools and processes
  • Collaborated with the Office of Strategy, Marketing, Account Management and Data Analytics teams to ensure the IMS platform meets the objectives laid out by key stakeholders
  • Collaborated with HR team, responsible for the technical rollout of ADP Vantage, by consolidating all the different payroll systems running within individual HR entities into one unified HR payroll system for the newly merged entity
  • Assessed applications for Security Vulnerabilities in web, database and network and remediated any NCRs
  • Conducted Security Penetration Tests using OWASP ZAP and 3rdparty services - Trustwave Trustkeeper, Whitehat
  • As the Lead Architect -
  • Architected and designed the Integrated Marketing Solutions(IMS) platform, a first of its kind solution in the marketing industry that brings together traditional and digital marketing channels providing an Omni-channel Campaign Experience for our clients’ customers, using best of breed products and custom integrations
  • Ensured the platform can execute the Customer Journey as mapped out by the Strategy team
  • Modeled the Master Data Repository (MDR), an Oracle database, which is at the center of the IMS solution
  • Data from the various sources and channels are cleansed, identified and stored for use by downstream processes
  • Evaluated products for Marketing Automation including Teradata Aprimo, Adobe and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
  • Designed MicroServices based APIs (RESTful Web Services) in JitterBit for the Data Ingestion and Data Export services for IMS
  • Designed the Disaster Recovery Cloud infrastructure for IBM’s Dependent Eligibility Verification business process, using several of Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud services - Comprehensive setup including the VPC, EC2 for Web and Fax Client Applications, FTP, EC2 (for Databases), S3 & EBS for Storage, Contact Center Agent Workstations, VPN and Multi Factor Authentication
  • Designed the BI engine and the data warehouse for HR; connected to ADP Vantage extracting custom reports including time cards, billing and compensation
  • Evaluated tools and designed processes for Social Monitoring, Social Engagement and Social Publishing
  • Some of the key applications of IMS include -
  • Communicating with patients across Direct Mail, Email and SMS channels for drug refill/dosage reminders
  • Increasing membership and asset base for Credit Unions, by communicating with their current account holders and selected prospects
  • Educating the owners across multiple channels about product advisories and recalls for major automotive companies
  • Targeting prospects while communicating with them about product/planoptions across multiple channels for a leading insurance provider
  • Created SOA based APIs (SOAP - Web Services)for the Warehouse Management System, used by both internal and 3rd party services for Order and Item Management; Defined strategy to migrate the APIs to JitterBit Harmony, a Cloud offering
  • Architected a Multi-Channel Messaging Solution that supports Email, SMS, IM and IVR; Designed two factor authentication for SMS and setup several Short Codes per the guidelines from CTIA
  • Lead the evaluation and selection of different components for IMS including the Campaign Management engine and tools for Data Integration and Data Management
  • Lead the evaluation and selection of Channel Execution Partners
  • Lead the strategy and designed the integration of IMS with industry leading Cloud based CRM products including NetSuite and SalesForce.com
  • Designed the IMS Data Model on NetSuite’s Cloud; Designed the Data Integration from Contact Center (Avaya) System to NetSuite Cloud using JitterBit’s NetSuite Connector
  • Designed and Lead the Implementation for integration between SalesForce’s CRM Cloud and NetSuite’s eCommerce Cloud
  • This application integration enables CRM users on SalesForce.com to place Orders using NetSuite’s eStore.
  • Evaluated SuitePeople, NetSuite’s HCM solution on the Cloud
  • Created the BI Strategy, lead the RFP process from creating the objectives by working with internal stake holders to short listing RFP participants to final selection of BI product to implementation
  • Created the User Experience team and the underlying UX Process that aims at providing the optimum User Experience across channels for customers

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Java Architect / Tech Lead

Technical Environment Java, J2EE, Flex, JSP, Struts, JavaScript, WebSphere, JBoss, Eclipse, Ant, Subversion, Linux, WindowsOracle, Xerox VIPP, JMeter, BadBoy


  • Responsible for setting the code base in SVN and the CI builds in Hudson using Ant
  • Implemented and tested the enhancements required by BFS.
  • Effort Estimation and Iteration Planning, Impact Analysis for the change requests, Design and I mplementation for the new features and enhancements, including the support for credit card monthly payments.
  • Worked with BFS helpdesk and customers to resolve technical issues
  • Defined the build process and implemented continuous integration using the CI tool Hudson.
  • Owned the code base for credit card authorization
  • Ensure the system passed PCI compliance by resolving all NCRs from the audit
  • Defined the Migration Strategy and migrated the app from WAS 5.1 to 6.1 in accordance with Confidential ’s JCOE standards.
  • Designed and implemented a Flex RIA component for editing templates.
  • Defined and executed the migration from CVS to SVN.
  • Involved with the Confidential business team and dealers for prioritizing the features as part of the release plan.
  • Setup automated test scripts for the app using Badboy, Canoo and JMeter.
  • Defined the build process and implemented continuous integration using the CI tool Hudson.
  • Integrated the app with a more powerful and rich HTML text editor - CKEditor, enabling dealers to create / edit HTML templates


Solution Architect

Technical Environment Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts - Tiles, JavaScript, OS Workflow, WebSphere, Eclipse, Ant, Subversion, MS Visio, SolarisWindows XP, Oracle, VMware


  • As the Product Consultant, involved in discussions with the end- users ( Confidential Retail Incentives) on customizing TRES specific to business requirements.
  • Implemented and modified user interface using tiles definitions and workflows.
  • Defined the build plan for the customized product.
  • Involved with the client’s system administration team for defining the installation and roll-out plans.
  • Assisted the client‘s QA team for test case preparation and execution, explaining core and customized features.
  • Conducted training sessions for end - users.

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Technical Architect / Consultant

Technical Environment Java, J2EE, JSP, JMX, Eclipse, Ant, Subversion, Windows XP, Oracle


  • Designed and Developed a JMX based Application Performance Measurement product - EagleEye
  • Assisted the in presenting the EagleEye product at the Java One conference in 2007
  • Lead the offshore development team
  • Conducted Technical Training sessions for the team on Java, JMX, Database, Struts, SVN and JUnit

Confidential, NJ

J2EE Architect

Environment: Java, J2EE-Servlet, JSP, EJB, Struts, JavaScript, WebSphere, WSAD, VSS, PVCS, MS Visio, MS Project, Unix-Solaris, Windows NT, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server


  • Involved in defining the execution approach for J2EE applications running on WebSphere to in corporate changes in key database fields.
  • Involved in planning different iterations using MS Project with minimal lapsed days and effective resource utilization- this needed external coordination effort so that implementation could be done simultaneously for multiple projects by multiple vendor teams.
  • Coordinated with J2EE counterparts from different vendors to ensure that a common approach is followed across.
  • Complete ownership for 4 J2EE applications that use Servlet, JSP and EJBs, for ensuring end-to-end compliance with the existing work flow.
  • Analyzed the applications for point of failures when the fields reach their limit.
  • Categorized the point of failures based on the type of solution - Java (business logic), JavaScript (client side validations), database scripts (procedures and functions), shell scripts (flat files), etc.
  • Ensured that the test cases are updated for these applications with a dedicated testing and business teams as the first step before proceeding with the proof of concept - for an application that involved different kinds of point of failures.


Java Architect / Configuration Manager

Environment: JDK1.4, J2EE, Web Service - SOAP, Struts, Hibernate, Eclipse, Rational Application Developer 6.x, Rational Software Modeler, Rational Software Architect, WebSphere Application Server 6.x, MS SQL Server 2005, Subversion, Ant, Cruise Control, Quartz, Win XP


  • Design - using Rational Software Modeler & Rational Software Architect - came out with detailed class and sequence diagrams for all the use cases.
  • Developed core application components using Quartz for Scheduling, Commons-Logging and Log4J for Logging.
  • Designed the database using MS-SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed the persistence framework using the ORM framework - Hibernate.
  • Trained the team on Web Service with SOAP.
  • Implemented iterative planning and development methodologies.
  • Effort Estimation using the company defined processes and templates.
  • Requirement Analysis - reviewing the detailed use cases written by the team.
  • Co-ordination with the offshore technical and business teams.
  • Configuration Management - responsible for tagging, branching and build automation using Subversion, Ant and Cruise Control.
  • Defined Configuration Management Procedures developed checklists and Documentation for the Version Control of Team Artifacts using Subversion. Defined the Team Directory Structure, Archive Structure, Version and Release Procedures using Ant and Cruise Control.
  • Mentored new resources joining the team.


Java Architect / Tech Lead

Technical Environment Java1.4, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Eclipse, Weblogic, Oracle 9i, Solaris, Cruise Control, Ant, VSSRational Software Modeler, Bugzilla


  • Effort Estimation, Impact Analysis for the change requests; Requirement Analysis, Design and Implementation for the new features and enhancements using Eclipse.
  • Instrumental in iteration planning.
  • Developed Use-Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Object Interaction diagrams, Component Diagrams and System Diagrams usingRational Software Modeler.
  • Co-ordination with the offshore technical and business teams Involved in the process of developing Functional Specification Document and Design Specification Document.
  • Mentored new resources joining the team.
  • Configuration Management using VSS, Ant and Cruise Control
  • Administered Bugzilla

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