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Sr. Mulesoft Developer Resume

Minneapolis, MinnesotA


  • More than 8 years of IT industry working experience in developing Enterprise applications using Java™ Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and related technologies and the Working experience in object - oriented analysis and design was demonstrated as summarized below:
  • Experience in all phases of (SDLC) such as Agile, Waterfall RUP, Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance of Web-Based, Client-Server and n-tier Architectures.
  • Solid Knowledge of Java/J2EE technologies. Well experienced in MVC architecture, Spring, Hibernate and Struts frameworks.
  • Extensive experience in Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, XML, SAX, DOM, JAXB, Java Beans, Multi-threading, SOAP and Restful web services, JNDI, JMS, JSF, Struts 1.x/2.x, Spring, and Hibernate.
  • Worked with Application servers like BEA Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, and JBOSS 3.x/4.0.
  • Extensively worked on Responsive Web Design (RWD) page development using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular JS, JSON, JSF UI Components and JSP.
  • Expert in developing Spring modules like Spring CORE, ORM, MVC, JDBC Template, Web Flow, AOP.
  • Expertise in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in SOAP/RESTful web services.
  • Involved in Complete Life Cycle development using Mule ESB 3.x based on SOA architecture. Also, responsible to develop Restful/SOAP Web Services in Mule ESB based on SOA.
  • Worked on both Cloud and on premises of MuleSoft runtime environments using Mule Server 3.7.x EE and API Gateway 2.2.x.
  • Good hands-on experience using Mule connectors like HTTP, FILE, FTP, SFTP, SAP, SALESFORCE, HL7, Transform Message and database connectors as a part of integration usage.
  • Strong experience in Integration using Mule ESB in integrating various third-party solutions.
  • Good experience in log4J implementation to persist the data into log files.
  • Experienced with different built tools like Maven, Ant, Go and CI tools like Jenkins.
  • Implemented J2EE modules based on Design Patterns like Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade, Factory, Decorator, MVC, and Singleton.
  • Good working knowledge of persisting Java objects using Hibernate that simplifies data storage and retrieval from the underlying database.
  • Experience in database related work primarily creating complex stored procedures, Views, Triggers, Functions using PL/SQL.
  • Strong database skills in Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and No SQL that includes MongoDB.
  • Thorough exposure in using configuration management tools SVN, GIT, Clear Case, & CVS.
  • Expertise in doing unit testing using JUnit, Mockito & Power Mockito.
  • Involved in unit testing and writing the MUnit Test cases for the flow flows.
  • Experience with integration Patterns, tools, EAI, Transformations, XML Schemas, and XSLT.
  • Designed and Developed LDAP Authentication & Authorization Services using Java, and LDAP.


Programming Languages: JAVA, C, C++, Groovy

J2EE Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaBeans, JNDI, RMI, EJB- Session Beans, Entity Beans, JMS

Frameworks: Struts 1.x/2.x, Spring 3.x, Web, JSF, Hibernate, JPA

Development Tools: Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD and Net Beans, Mule Design Anypoint Studio


DB Servers: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server & MYSQL - SQL & PL/SQL

Internet Technologies: HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, XML, DTD/XSD, XSTL, DOM/SAX, JAXP, JAXB, JSON, JQUERY, DOJO, Angular JS

Version Control tools: GITLab, IBM Clear case, and Tortoise SVN

Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio, JUDE, Rational Rose

Web/Application Servers: WebSphere 8.x, Tomcat, WebLogic and Jboss

Messaging Technologies: JMS, IBM MQ Series, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ

Integration Tools: Talend, Informatica, IBM MQ Series, Mule ESB 3.5.2/3.6/3.7/3.8

Other Tech &Tools: Log4j, SOAP UI, FileZilla, Putty, QC


Confidential - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sr. MuleSoft Developer


  • Participated daily Kanban standup meeting managed by VersionOne to discuss the work in progress, the goal of the project, any blockage in technical perspective and the solution of it.
  • Gathered higher education business terms and strategic requirements from the source systems (e.g. PeopleSoft/DBA) or the stakeholders to create the MuleSoft API technical design document followed by API led Approach, which is also called blueprint mapping document for the developers.
  • Designed and developed the diagram for API architecture in Atlassian Confluence ( Capella’s Wiki Page).
  • Developed RAML 0.8 specification file based on that blueprint mapping document in Capella Anypoint portal’s API manager.
  • Used API-Kit Router and CXF to build the initial flow structure from the RAML and WSDL.
  • Used MuleSoft flow-control palette to optimize message processing, specifically in Scatter-Gather & Choice-Router to call multiple services in parallel and a specific function based on information from the request.
  • Complex business logic easily handled in Data Weave connector and Mule Expression Language (MEL) instead of creating long Java class which is also a MuleSoft Best Practice.
  • Followed MuleSoft API Error Handling and Logging Standards while building any API’s.
  • For End to End security, secured and ensured the client cannot bypass the proxy service (where the security is applied) by locking down the ESB servers to only accept traffic from the proxy.
  • Followed and developed API security policies ( as set by API manager), applied to all client-facing proxy APIs for CORS, OAUTH2.0 access token enforcement, ClientID enforcement and Rate Limiting - SLA Based and also Secured Mule service endpoints using OAuth2.0, HTTPS and SSO.
  • Created Request transformer, Response transformers, Custom Components and configured them in Mule-config.xml.
  • Created Mule Flow using End Point, Connector and Component bean using Mule ESB to communicate client/server systems.
  • Configured the OAuth provider module to connect with custom built Java Class and OAuth API to implement Oauth2, MuleSoft JDBC object store and clustering in the server.
  • Developed Event publisher and Event Catalog to fulfill the core functionality of event messaging framework - Rabbit MQ, namely to allow applications to publish business events to subscribed systems.
  • Configured core java components like Log4j to monitor the logs in the server .
  • Created Munit test cases for all System, Orchestration, and Experience API’s.
  • Created the name directory in GitLab and pushed the code into it via GitBash command line.
  • Created pipeline in Go Admin, got approval from Ops team, built and deployed code to DEV and QA environment and followed up with them to push code in Stage and Production environment.
  • Monitored the Server by using PuTTY, WinSCP, Splunk, MuleSoft Runtime Manager and Co-operated with MuleSoft Admin team when they got a suspicious alert from Anypoint portal.
  • Migrated All the API’s from Mule Server Runtime 3.7.3 to 3.8.5 and deployed in new server as part of the decision of Capella’s Service oversight Committee and Management.
  • Functional/end-to-end testing, Integration testing using Anypoint Portal, SOAPUI and Postman and also co-operated with UAT / Business team to make them satisfy.

Environment: Anypoint Enterprise version 6.2.3, Java 1.8, Mule ESB server Runtime 3.7.3 and 3.8.5, Mule Server API Gateway 2.2.1, Anypoint Platform - Management center, Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.5, PeopleSoft 9.1 and 9.2, Eclipes 4.4.1, Postman 4.10.7, GitLab 10.1.1-ee, Maven 3.3.9, WinSCP 5.7, TortoiseSVN 1.8, SoapUI 5.0.0, PuTTY .69, Git Bash 1.9.5, Fiddler, Apache tomcat 8.0, Atlassian Confluence 6.0.6, VersionOne Ultimate Edition Scrum Fall 2017 (, Go Version: 17.5.0, swagger, SVN 1.7.14, Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.5-02, and Splunk Version 6.6.3.

Confidential - Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Sr. MuleS oft Developer


  • Participated Agile training and daily scrum meeting to discuss the progress of the project and any blockage of the work and the solution of the block.
  • Built JAX-WS services and exposed them securely using CXF component .
  • Consumed both internal and external SOAP web services using Web Service consumer.
  • Migrated existing services from CXF to use Web Service consumer.
  • Built JAX-RS services and exposed them using REST component.
  • Writing application code and development activities for large projects especially in an SOA environment with Mule ESB. Implemented Exception Handling, Logging, and Error Handling.
  • Involved in the development phase, developing validations and business logic implementation.
  • Implemented Mule flows for each entity with retry mechanisms with private secured flows.
  • Implemented Custom Logger (property caching), Circuit Breaker and ObjectStore in all flows of different services to invoke the data from the database and loading the flow message to the database .
  • Have integrated web services including SOAP as well as REST using Mule ESB.
  • Used various transformers for transforming between different data formats.
  • Extensively used JDBC connector to get the data from different Store procedures.
  • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML and REST based API’s.
  • Created Mule ESB helper class to call the Mule flow, connection end point and connectors directly from Java component instead of creating another Mule Flow.
  • Developed the flows/orchestrations for integrating the components written on top of different internal platforms using Mule ESB and ActiveMQ.
  • Used Java Embedding activity for executing Java classes for complex business logic.
  • Implemented build package tool using Maven and build the code in Jenkins.
  • Build and Deployment of services in Mule ESB 3.7.3 server.
  • Code walk-throughs, Mule Debugging, and Error fixing.
  • Had experience in using the enterprise security, notifications features provided by Mule .
  • Involved in creating HTTP inbound & outbound flows, custom java and XSLT transformers and Security of Mule endpoint.
  • Used XML, XSD, DTD and Parsing APIs SAX and DOM XML based documents for information exchange.
  • Implemented a large part of the UI dynamic functionalities using CSS, Ajax, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, Angular JS and HTTP static resource handler to handle static content in Mule flow.
  • Developed application using Mule ESB and build and deployed the services. And also done with Unit testing using Test Utility MUnit for mocking and unit testing of Mule flows.
  • Successfully managed performance of the services by using “Scatter and gather” and “choice router”
  • Extensively used HP-ALM to track defects in DEV, TEST and STAGE environments.
  • Used GIT as a version and source controlling tool and deployed the application on premises as well as on Cloudhub.

Environment: MuleSoft ESB version 5.4.3, Java 1.8 & 1.7, Mule ESB server Runtime 3.7.3, Talend, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Rally, Flow dock, Mule Management Console (MMC), RAML, Cloudhub, HTML 5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CXF, RESTFUL, XML, JSON, Maven, Microsoft Visio Standard -2010, DbVisualizer 9.2.7, Altova XMLSpy 2015, SoapUI 5.2.0, LISA 7.5.1, HP ALM explorer -12, Tortoise SVN 1.9.3 and Ultra Edit .

Confidential - Columbus, Ohio

Sr. Java/J2EE/ Mule ESB Developer


  • Participated in the complete Agile (Scrum) software development lifecycle tasks (design, coding, testing, and documentation).
  • Responsible for preparing the use cases and for designing and developing object models, class diagrams with UML Specifications.
  • Performed User Interface Design and coding using Java, Spring MVC framework, and web technologies.
  • Designed UI pages using HTML, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, JSP and JSTL.
  • Implemented business tier using Spring IOC, AOP & MVC.
  • Utilized spring beans XML configurations for Dependency Injection.
  • Done with logging, exception handling & transaction management using spring AOP.
  • Developed integration workflows using Mule ESB framework.
  • Created MULE ESB artifact and configured the MULE configuration files and deployed.
  • Involved in creating HTTP inbound & outbound flows, transformers, filtering and Security of Mule Flows.
  • Extensively used Mule OOB components like File Transport, SMTP Transport, FTP/SFTP Transport, JDBC.
  • Developed and designed the Rapid Rewards Framework in Mule ESB with Spring Integration.
  • Implemented RAML files for different entity creations and respective associations.
  • Salesforce integration and along with different applications such as Trumba (Event planner) and databases.
  • Experience with MuleSoft MMC and enterprise release capabilities.
  • Responsible for configuring the Spring JDBC to connect to the Oracle database and JNDI to lookup for services from various components.
  • Developed Mule flows to integrate Data from various sources into Database from ActiveMQ topics queues.
  • Produced and consumed SOAP as well as REST -based web services.
  • Responsible to develop RESTful/SOAP web services in Mule ESB based on SOA architecture.
  • Implemented J2EE design patterns Session Facade, Data Access Object, Business Objects, and Service Locator for middle-tier development.
  • Created HTTP inbound & outbound flows, routing, orchestration, transformations and security of Mule ESB application using OAuth.
  • Involved in code reviews, deployed & tested the application on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Involved in BOXI (Crystal Report Server) upgrade for Crystal reports used in the application.
  • Wrote Shell Scripts for automating deployment scripts & other batch jobs on UNIX environment.
  • Wrote complex SQL statements including joins and nested queries.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using Apache Ant to customize EAR files.
  • Designed and developed Logging service to log errors and messages using Log4J.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, JDBC Template, Any point Studio, MMC, Mule ESB 3.6, Trumba, Sales force, Git Hub, ActiveMQ, RAML, Rally, MUnit, SOAP, JQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Oracle, RAD, ANT, Clear quest, Log4j, JUnit, UNIX.

Confidential - Seattle, WA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Coordinated closely with client's Enterprise Architecture team in signing off the design of the application.
  • Involved in design and development of modules in the application.
  • Involved in implementation of the project as an SME in all the phases and ensured quality deliverable to the client.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Spring MVC framework.
  • Composing the application classes as Spring Beans using Spring IOC/Dependency Injection.
  • Used DOJO for the client-side framework .
  • Developed Data persistence API using Hibernate and Spring DAO layer.
  • Implemented logging and transaction manager using Spring's Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) concept.
  • Used Hibernate by creating its mapping file and coding for data access methods.
  • Coded various business process methods required for the creation of Web Services related to customer information and provider information, using JAX-WS, SOAP, WSDL, and JAX-RS, and REST web services.
  • Implemented critical DB design optimization techniques in the application. Created Oracle cron jobs to update crucial tables.
  • Redesigned and tuned SQL queries to improve the performance of the applications.
  • Developed and executed test data for unit, functional and user acceptance testing to assure quality project deliverables.
  • Worked on Maven2 during build process also modified pom.xml to use latest libraries and specifications.
  • Worked in the build process, such as running build scripts to check out the code from SVN, to build it and deploying under UNIX boxes also running Web sphere deploy, startup scripts.
  • Involvement, in the end, to end project phases and providing warranty support for the applications.
  • Coordinated in all testing phases and worked closely with Performance testing team to create a baseline for the new application.
  • Involved in achieving a minimum percentage of code-coverage for unit tests, which was a requirement for committing to a repository.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JSP, Active MQ, Servlets, HTML, JavaScript, Spring-IOC, AOP, MVC, Hibernate, XML, XSD, XSLT, JUnit, RAD, Oracle- SQL & PL/SQL, WAS 8.1, ANT, Clear Case, Log4j, Unix, Microsoft Visio, QC, JIRA.

Confidential - Columbus, OH

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Agile Standup meetings throughout the project with the team on day to day basis.
  • Actively participated in Analysis, Design, Development and Testing phases of various modules.
  • Worked on J2EE design patterns like DAO, Front Controller, Session Façade, Factory Pattern and Singleton.
  • Worked on OOPs, Collections, Exception handling & Multi-Threading using Core Java.
  • Extensively used Spring MVC architecture for the application development.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IOC.
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, the technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with a SQL-based schema.
  • Worked on Database queries using Oracle instance.
  • Involved in unit testing, test case & code reviews with applicable development standards.
  • Involved in integration system testing and user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Deployed application in WebLogic Application server.

Environment: Java1.5, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Apache CXF Framework, REST Web services, JAXB, Oracle - SQL & PL/SQL, Linux, Shell scripting, WinSCP3, log4J, Maven, SVN, WebLogic Server, Eclipse.

Confidential - New York, NY

Java Developer


  • Developing interfaces that integrate billing using EJB stateless session beans.
  • Used EJB Entity Beans to maps entity objects such as customer, account, and product to relational database table i.e. Oracle .
  • Used simple Struts Validation for user validations as per business logic & initial data loading.
  • Involved in writing services to write core logic for business processes
  • Writing JUnit test cases for various implementations.
  • Used JSP, Servlets, and JavaScript to mock data interchange between systems.
  • Created stored procedures and SQL queries to get/update billing data & send it back to the system .
  • Analyzed the data and system requirements, conducted meeting with QA team for writing test conditions and test scripts.
  • Creating unit test cases document. And conducting peer code reviews.
  • Developing SOAP web services to be shared with the system to interact with Prime Biller.
  • Involved in validating billing data that included data exchange from the system.
  • Implemented Maven as build and configuration tool.
  • Co-coordinating with QA team during the QA phase of implementation.

Environment: Java 1.5, Servlets, JSP, EJBs, JavaScript, CRM, AJAX, SOAP, WSDL, XFIRE, Struts, Web logic, Oracle-SQL, P/LSQL, TOAD, Eclipse, HTML, JUNIT, ANT, Cruise Control, QC, UNIX, Harvest.


Java Developer


  • Involved in Design, Development, Testing, and Integration of the application.
  • Used HTML, DHTML, Java script & AJAX for implementing dynamic media play outs.
  • Involved in preparation of scope and traceability matrix for requirements and test cases.
  • Implemented Struts (Action & Controller) for dispatching the request to the appropriate class .
  • Writing database queries on Oracle 9i and JDBC code as part of the implementation .
  • Maintained a separate DAO layer for CRUD operations.
  • Excellent in designing and developing store procedures.
  • Involved in writing JUnit test cases and Code version controlling using SVN.
  • Involved in building the code using Ant and the deployment.

Environment: Java 1.4, JSP, Servlets, Struts frame work, Tag libraries, Java Script, CSS, AJAX, JDBC, JNDI, Oracle 8i, Java beans, Struts Validation framework, Windows/UNIX, Ant, JUNIT, SVN, QC, Edit Plus, Web Logic application server, SQL Developer.

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