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Sr. Full-stack Java Developer/ Aws Software Engineer Resume

Cleveland, OH


  • Around 7+ years of diversified experience comprising of delivery management, design, development, deployment and cloud implementation with thorough knowledge in AWS, Java, J2EE, Hadoop Big Data and related technologies. As Full stack developer with extensive Knowledge Working in Various Stack Such as Full Stack, Mean Stack with experience in Angular.js, Node.js, React.js in all stages of Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in various Information Technology areas involving Java /JavaScript/ J2EE, SOA/Web services and Frameworks (Spring and Hibernate).
  • Experienced in multi - tiered distributed environment, OOPS and OOAD concepts, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Extensive industry experience with proven expertise in system development activities including requirement analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation with emphasis on Object Oriented, J2EE and Client Server technologies.
  • Expertise in distributed, secure and scalable application development using J2EE Technologies like Servlets, JDBC, JSP, Struts, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Web Services development (SOAP and RESTful).
  • Experience with architectures such as Redux to manage state of the application while working with frameworks such as React JS.
  • Ample experience in back-end technologies including SQL databases such as DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle Database and NoSQL Databases such as Dynamo DB also in front-end technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, AJAX Angular JS, React JS, Bootstrap JS, web accessibility and responsive web designs, and APIs of all kinds, I've built high-availability AWS and Digital Ocean, Nginx, Apache HTTPs.
  • Experience in working on web servers like Apache Tomcat, Jetty and application servers like Web logic, Tomcat to deploy code.
  • Expertise in DevOps and CICD tools like Jenkins, Chef, Maven, uDeploy and Cloud Formation.
  • Lately, my tool belt is filled with technologies like Node, NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Web pack, Backbone, React, Composer, BOOTSTRAP, LESS, and Bower.
  • Experience in client-side languages & frameworks like JavaScript, JQuery, D3.js, Track.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js; server-side languages like Node.js.
  • Expertise in web development using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSL, Microservice XSLT, and XML, JavaScript/jQuery, Angular JS, reactJS, node JS, backbone.js, AWS, AJAX, Git, SVN.


Web Technologies: Java Script, XML, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery, GWT, JSON, Angular.JS, Bootstrap.JS, REACT.j

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 10)

Frameworks: MVC, Spring, Hibernate,Angular,Bootstrap, React.js,Backbone.js,Ember.js,D3.js,Track.js,Node,js

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JUNIT, JAXB, JMS, JSTL, Maven, Multi-threading

WebService Technologies: SOAP, WSDL, WADL, REST (JAX-RS)

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, ActionScript, Shell Script

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, Jetty

Databases: Oracle10g, MYSQL, MSSQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Dynamo DB, Amazon RDS

IDE Tools: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash

Methodology: Water Fall, Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban

AWS: EC2, Auto scaling, Docker, IAM, VPC, SNS, Lambda, AWS SDK'S, Elastic cache, Ops Works, Security Groups, DNS, Route53, Cloud Formation, RDS, Dynamo DB, Storage Gateway, API Gateway, Cloud Watch

Other Tools: SQL Developer, pgAdmin, MySql Workbench, JIRA, VersionOne, SVN, ClearCase, GitHub, Maven, ANT, SOAPUI, POSTMan, Putty, WinSCP, STS, MS-Office, MS-Visio, SonarCube


Sr. Full-stack Java Developer/ AWS Software Engineer

Confidential, Cleveland, OH


  • Developed Open stack API to Integrate with Amazon EC2 cloud based architecture in AWS, including creating machine Images and worked on AWS, High Availability Practices and deploying backup/restore infrastructure.
  • Done Front-end UI development with Node.js, JavaScript MVC frameworks, Backbone.js, jQuery, Knockout.js, HTML5, CSS3 OO JavaScript, and LESS/SASS.
  • Designed and implemented application using JSP, Spring MVC, JDBC, SQL, Maven, JMS, Oracle, WebLogic, Tomcat.
  • Designed, configured and managed public/private cloud infrastructures using Amazon Web Services (AWS), which includes VPC, EC2, S3, Cloud Front, ELB and Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Back end coding and development using Java Collections including Set, List, Map, Multithreading, Servlet, Exception Handling.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.
  • Built production web applications using Agile methodologies and modern technologies like React/Redux, Node.js/Express, ES6, and SQL/NoSQL ORM's
  • Developed a RESTful web service API using Jersey enabling clients to connect to site’s back-end and place orders securely and reliably through HTTP.
  • Working on AWS Lambda for event driven work flow, Working on Databases, Creating and Hosting micro services on EC2 Instances, and automating things using JSON Scripts, Creating End-Points for the services, Integrating through API's, Involved in creation of APIs and API Gateways for by establishing Secure connection between the end-points.
  • Involved in developing the UI, layout and front-end programming for web application that matches requirements of the client and developed UI Layer for the application using HTML5, CSS3 and KENDO UI.
  • Developed responsive applications using Bootstrap JS which allowed the same application to be optimized for both mobile and desktop resolutions.
  • Design and develop inbound and outbound call flow for the Contact Center Business Using Nuance IVR framework (ndf) and developed in React, Redux, Web API, SQL, Web Pack to meet story specs.
  • Conducted complete analysis of system and business requirements for all IVR applications.
  • Created DML statements to insert/update the data in database and created DDL statements to create/drop tables to/from oracle database.
  • Worked on automation and Deployment using configuration Management tool like Chef to provision amazon AWS
  • Created PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions for the DAO layer by studying the required business objects and validating them using Oracle data base.
  • Worked in complex and richly interactive web application built with JavaScript, HTML, AJAX and WebSockets on the front-end, and Java, MySQL, TokuMX (MongoDB) and RabbitMQ on the back-end.
  • Worked on JIRA Service Desk workflows which includes project workflows, screen schemes and permission schemes.
  • Designed and developed customized ESB to integrate and govern SOA services. Built various capabilities in ESB like Security, Message routing, message transformation, transaction management .
  • Developing scalable applications in a dynamic environment, primarily using Java, spring, web services and object/relationship mapping tools.
  • Used Dependency Injection and AOP features of Spring Frame work, while developing the service layer. Prepared Class Diagrams & Sequence Diagrams for Detailed Design.
  • Responsible for Finding Memory Issues by using JVM memory management tools and refactored the code for JVM Optimization and performance of application.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Developed, Tested and Deployed application in Apache Tomcat server and Used Eclipse and Tomcat web server for developing & deploying the applications.
  • Worked with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) such as Web Services including SOAP, WSDL, JMS (Java Messaging Service), AJAX and tools like ANT, JUNIT.
  • Did server-side scripting using Node.JS to develop the applications, which are data intensive real time applications that run on distributed devices.
  • Used Hibernate ORM tool in data access layer to map the object view of data into database and to provide access and update information in the database
  • Eclipse is used as an IDE tool to write and debug the application code, SQL developer is used to test and run the SQL statements. execution and internationalization.
  • Done the design, development and testing phases of Software Development using AGILE methodology and Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Configured the web.xml file for REST server injection to enable the REST web services by using JAXB API.
  • Wrote several custom JSP-tablet classes used to modularize and stream line web page code and Implemented MVC architecture.
  • Prepared technical & process checklists and guidelines for the team to bring uniformity in implementation and awareness.

AWS Software Engineer/ Full-stack Java Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Worked on an application which is developed entirely on MeanStack with deployment on node.js, MongoDB, Express, and React.js based on the MVVM design pattern.
  • Created the Node.js EXPRESS Server combined with Socket.io to build MVC framework from front-end side AngularJS to back-end MongoDB, to provide broadcast service as well as chatting service.
  • Customized the Node.JS server to pick the local package JSON and run the applications without changing the local paths and variables and used Node.JS for server side web applications for java script codes to build real-time web API‘s.
  • Involved in Core Java coding by using Java APIs such as Collections, Multithreading, Exception Handling, Generics, Enumeration, and Java I/O to fulfill the implementation of business logic.
  • Configured the xml files for Open Source Spring Framework to fulfill the Proxy Pattern.
  • Created AWS Launch configurations based on customized AMI and use this launch configuration to configure auto scaling groups and Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Route53, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups.
  • Developed server-side APIs under Node.JS runtime environment withExpress.js framework as back-end server, and using Node.JS to implement Microservice.
  • Migrated Cassandra cluster from one AWS account to another AWS account by using Cloud Formation Templates in JSON.
  • Developing the UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Boot strap, Kendo UI, JSON and JQuery, Ajax.
  • Conducted complete review of designs and specifications for all assigned IVR applications.
  • Implemented development procedures for IVR and speech applications through Java and Web Services and used AWS lambda to run servers without managing them and to trigger to run code by S3 and SNS.
  • Developed Struts Action Classes, Business Delegate Object, Data Transfer Objects (DTO), Data Access Objects (DAO).
  • Designing and Developing Fully Functional Application Backend Services Using Python Flask, JSON for designing RESTful API's, Web Languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript also involved in data mining using HDFS and MapReduce on the stock data
  • Used Junit framework for writing automated unit testing for application and Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Involved in provisioning AWS S3 buckets for backup of the application and sync this contents with remaining S3 backups, by creating entry for AWS S3
  • Built backend REST API with Node.JS, React.JS and Implemented modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirement.
  • Protected data in S3 Buckets at rest by using encryption standard or server-side encryption which is the most advanced encryption standards and encryption at transit by SSL or client-side encryption.
  • Involved in developing RESTful web services using CXF as wrappers to access existing business services by Mobile channel.
  • Designed and developed SOAP Web Services Using Spring Web services module from scratch.
  • Consumed Restful web services using apache Http Client for the data coming from external systems.
  • Integrating MOCKITO Framework to mock the POST and GET services between the applications and for existing hosted application for clients.
  • Performed the Garbage Collection Analysis, Java Heap Analysis, Thread dump, Heap dump analysis, JVM Tuning and risk analysis. Profiler is used for JVM Tuning.
  • Developing scalable applications in a dynamic environment, primarily using Java, spring, web services and object/relationship mapping tools.
  • Configured CI/CD (Continuous integration/Deployment) pipe line for the automatic deployment of artifacts/application to the required servers or environments in Jenkins CI, and Clean for the new build process whenever code commits are done to SCM tool Git.
  • Created RESTful APIs in Java environment using JAX-RS and Node.JS using react.JS framework.
  • Manage JIRA templates, workflows, and other functionality Evaluation and manage Confluence add-ons and macros
  • Designed and Developed Web Services using Restful and SOAP protocols with Apache CXF, JAX-RS/Jersey, JAX-WS, XML and JSON.
  • Implemented modules into Node JS to integrate with designs and requirements.
  • Worked with business people to create reports/dashboards using tableau desktop for conveying.
  • Configured the xml files for Spring Security injection to ensure the back-end security by discriminating the role of users as well as access authority for the URIs and Server-side assets.
  • Responsible for designing the User Interface by coding in HTML, CSS, AngularJS, bootstrap to build this SPA Single Page Application.
  • Worked in coding with AngularJS, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile to add functionalities and effects like Accordion, Infinite Scroll bar, Slider bar, Draggle/Droppable, Resizable, Progress bar.
  • Helped to understand the feasibility of the Micro strategy to Business users.
  • Developed JavaScript code to feed data-tables of Google Charts API with data, then draw charts with animation effect.
  • Participated in Agile Development Team, and having daily SCRUM meeting for progress reporting as well as task distributing.
  • Involved in Test Driven Development by writing JUnit test case in the coding part of Java methods like mortgage calculating.

Java Developer

Confidential, Charlotte NC


  • Developed blog portlets which includes a user-friendly rich text editor, social bookmarking links, email notifications of blog replies and an entry rating system.
  • Detail job responsibility includes adding features and bug fixing for vendor’s swing application and front-end applications.
  • Leveraged AWS cloud services such as EC2, auto-scaling and VPC to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems that handled expected and unexpected load bursts.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like Bootstrap, Node.js.
  • Built data visualizations to monitor file server load, web server speeds, data processing and more using D3 Js, JQuery, MySQL.
  • MEANSTACK development from scratch including MongoDB server setup and Express.js server development.
  • Create Single Page Applications (SPA) that load a single HTML page using AngualrJS and AJAX to generate continuous and responsive Web apps, without page reloads, thus dynamically updating that page as customers' side interacts with the app.
  • Converted all the existing data (received from fraud check, credit, and other background checks) into JSON and implementing Restful web services on both client and server sides.
  • Used Spring declarative transaction management and Spring Batch and scheduling for backend data processing.
  • Involved in all stages of SDLC in an agile environment by gathering requirements from product owners, designing by collaborating with scrum master, development, testing (UAT and Automation)
  • Used Ajax to transfer JSON format data between front-end and back-end restful API, such as ticket searching, selling information, etc.
  • Integrating spring injections for DAOs to achieve Inversion of Control, updating Spring Configurations for managing Java objects using call backs.
  • Developed a RESTful web service API using Jersey enabling clients to connect to site’s back-end and place orders securely and reliably through HTTP.
  • Was responsible for Developing XML Parsing logic using SAX/DOM Parsers
  • Worked on Domain driven design(DDD). Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IOC) using annotations.
  • Develop various screens for the front end using EmberJS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux libraries
  • Writing stored procedures, complex SQL queries for backend operations with the database.
  • Provided inputs on making choices of JavaScript Framework like Node.js, Backbone.js and Experience with client-side templating like Handlebars.js.
  • Developed software code that complies with design specification and code software solutions to meet development and code deliverables.
  • Developed front-end code with Ajax call in EmberJS and jQuery to retrieve data as JSON Object from controllers in back-end RESTful Server, then display the well-organized result in web pages by writing AngularJS controller, directives, services, and route providers.

Java Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Developed the Presentation layer using JSP, HTML and used AJAX/ JQuery based rich client for improved customer experience.
  • Developed Web Services to communicate to other modules using XML based SOAP and WSDL protocols.
  • Worked with Web services components JAX-WS services and worked with SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI to interact with external systems. Used SoapUI for web service testing.
  • Used JNDI to establish connection to RDBMS system. Using hibernate configuration connected to database server through JNDI resources
  • Worked with Selenium and Jasmine for writing unit test cases along with functionality and integrated test cases.
  • Used various Core Java concepts such as Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Developed remote integration with third party platforms by using RESTful web services.
  • Created Web Service and Web Service client for (consumer and producer portion) which includes Customer details and account details.
  • Worked with IDE as Eclipse Indigo and deployed into Oracle WebLogic Application Server & used Maven build tool to achieve more functionality for build process and used SVN for version control.
  • Worked on Transaction Interface in Hibernate which maintains abstraction from the transaction implementation.

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