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Sr. Java/full Stack Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • 9+years of extensive working experience in software development with proficiency in development ofapplications using Sun Microsystems technologies.
  • Wide experience in Core Java, JavaScript, JSP, Java Beans, Angular, Servlets, Ajax, JQuery, JDBC, XML, CSS, XHTML, HTML.
  • Experience in Web application development using JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Java Beans, MVC,Struts, JBOSS, JSON, Swing, RMI, EJB, JSF, JNDI, JMS, SOA, SOAP, Spring, Hibernate, RESTful, Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, AJAX, JAX - RPC, XML and HTML.
  • Proficient in development of applications using JAVA and J2EE technologies with experience in JSP, Servlets,Struts and Hibernate frameworks.
  • Experience using design patterns including MVC, Singleton, Frontend Controller, Service Locator, andDecorator.Experienced in Multi-threading and Concurrent Programming.
  • Experience in developing applications using Software Methodologies like Agile, Waterfall IterativeDevelopment.
  • Experience in using the databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, and DB2, Oracle 9i/10 g /11 g.
  • Good Understanding of RDBMS through Database Design, writing queries and stored procedures using databases like Oracle 9i, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Experience in upgrading and migrating various versions of Mongo DB on different platforms. Strong experience with Mongo DB development (reports, schema design, map reduce functions) and migrations from SQL relational databases.
  • Experience in Object Oriented analysis and design, UML (Use Cases, Sequence and Class diagrams)rational rhapsody, and Rational Rose.
  • Experience in using development tools like Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Net Beans.
  • Expertise in using servers like Tomcat, Glassfish, Pivot.
  • Extensive experience in XML related technologies such as XML, XSL, XHTML, XSLT, and JAXB.
  • Developed and deployed J2EE applications on both Web and Application Servers including Apache Tomcat,Web Logic, JBoss and IBM Web Sphere.
  • Experienced in writing Server Side Components - Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Session and Entity Beans,Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for distributed computing applications, access remote servers and invoking database with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
  • Thorough knowledge in Unit testing with Junit and Maven, ANT for build environment.
  • Experience in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2,Lambda, EBS Cloud watch, AWS Config, Auto-scaling and AWS S3.
  • Working experience with Postgressql database.
  • Involved in building and deploying Apache Ant/ Maven scripts for deployment and customizing WAR/JAR file management for web applications.
  • Used Maven for build, deployment and integrated with Jenkins CI server for build automation.
  • Experience using continuous integration and continuous deployment using Jenkins and GIT.
  • Working knowledge on SVN, GIT, Bit Bucket, Perforce version control systems.
  • Responsible in transforming the wire frames and mockups to develop web pages.
  • Experience in using Jmeter tool in doing load testing/performance testing.
  • Handled several modules independently in addition to working closely with the team to ensure bug freedeliverables within stipulated timeframes.


J ava Technologies: Core Java, Java Server Pages, JDK, Servlets, Sockets, JDBC, Java Beans, Exception Handling, Multithreading, Portlet development, Event Handling, Swing, IBM BPM 9.0, Web Services, JSON, REST

Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQLServers WebLogic, WebSphere 8.5, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish, Pivot

Web Technologies: AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT, JavaScript, Angular, JAX-RPC.

Web Security: Security

Frameworks: Spring MVC, Hibernate, Spring Boot, JPA, JMS, AOP, Validation RESTful, EXT JS.

IDE/Utilities: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Intelli J,Net Beans, JCreator, Borland JBuilder, Selenium, SVN, GitHub, Bit bucket, Tortoise, SVN, Visual Studio, JIRA, SOAPUI, Restful, Waterfall, RUP, Agile(Scrum)

Other Languages: C, C++, C#, BigData, Tomcat, Glass Fish

Design Pattern: Singleton, Factory, Fa ade, MVC

Testing: Junit, Mockito, Spec Flow


Confidential - Richmond, VA

Sr. Java/Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which involves gathering requirements, modeling, developing code, testing and moving to production.
  • Developed RESTFUL web services using spring MVC and Springboot framework which helps in exchanging data in json format.
  • Created DAO classes to fetch or update data, which interacts with database or other applications using Hibernate.
  • Involved in working with Angular JS MVC framework including authoring complex directives, services, controllers and filters.
  • Have used Angular Ajax using http service to send the form data and receive data in the form of JSON and XML.
  • Used Spring Aspect J(AOP) to mock soap calls while doing unit tests and acceptance tests.
  • Developed private API’s to hit Postgres SQL database and retrieve desired data, which are consumed by public API’s.
  • Responsible to write all features in feature file that API is intended to implement.
  • Implement Acceptance Test cases on Cucumber Java for all features in feature file.
  • Implemented swagger files to design and document API intent.
  • Used Log4J to capture the logs that includes application logs, system logs and performance logs.
  • Active participant in the PI planning, Sprint planning, etc as a part of agile methodology. Involved in daily stand up meetings and presenting demo at end of sprint.
  • Used Version One storyboard to create stories for sprint and track stories.
  • Performed health check on EC2 instance, once API is deployed in AWS cloud using curl commands.
  • AutoScalingfor EC2 instance is implemented to create highly scalable environments.
  • Implemented Lambda function to trigger S3 bucket at scheduled time to upload file in s3 bucket.
  • AWS cloud watch is used in monitoring API’s performance, which triggersSimple Notification Service to send alerts when API call fails.
  • Helped DevOps team in creating Docker containers and Docker Compose scripts for testing and deployment on AWS.
  • Used Github as version control system to commit/update changes to repository.
  • Used Jenkins tool for CICD deployments of API’s to cloud.
  • Involved in project deployment using Jenkins and using web services like Amazon Web ServicesEC2 , AWS S3 , Cloud Watch and SNS .
  • Used Eclipse ID and Intelli J tool to develop code for application.
  • Writing yaml file, which contains all properties to deploy application in AWS cloud .
  • Used Splunk tool to monitor application performance, system performance and error logs.
  • Involved in production support, monitoring server and error logs. Responding to alerts as soon as possible with best solutions.
  • Implemented Unittestclasses using Junit framework.JMockitois used in mocking objects in test classes.
  • Used Jmeter tool to do Performance/Load testing.
  • Used SonarQube to test code quality and see that there are no issues and bugs before moving to QA and PROD environments.
  • Writing testcases both happy and unhappy paths for API and testing thoroughly in QA environment.
  • Used SOAPUI and postman to testapi.

Environment: Core Java, Spring framework, Spring boot framework, Spring AOP, Hibernate, PostgresSQl, log4j, GIT, Version One, Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins, Jmeter, Swagger, SOAP UI, Splunk, Postman, Version One, Junit framework, Eclipse ID, Intelli J, AWS resources like EC2, S3, Lambda function, Cloud watch and SNS.

Confidential - Indianapolis, IN

Java/Full Stack Developer


  • Development of the web based application using spring and Spring MVC framework, HTML 5, Bootstrap and CSS 3.
  • Designed Single Page Application using Angular Js.
  • Implementation of MVC, Singleton and DAO design pattern for System architecture and overall System flow.
  • Played Key role in development of application.
  • Configuration of Spring and Spring MVC environment for.
  • Configuration of Hibernate as ORM for Database operations and creation of entity objects for mappingrespective tables.
  • Used Bootstrap Modal windows in displaying the data on a Modal window and worked with the Front endValidations
  • Experience in maintaining a large number of files through version control tools like Bit Bucket and GIT.
  • Deployed applications on AWS by using Elastic Bean Stalk.
  • Maintained and enhanced several user interface and improved validation using JavaScript.
  • Used Jenkins with Maven for Build and Deployment.
  • Use of Spring DI to initialize Java class and for context initialization.
  • Wrote services to implement the business logic, stored procedure classes for data access all of which are spring managed beans.
  • Used Apache CXF to build REST Web services.
  • Used Cassandra as a persistent store and Apache Kafka as a messaging layer for custom framework and AWS as cloud platform leveraging its services and EC2 Infrastructure.
  • Database design and SQL creation as needed in project development.
  • Write Maven scripts for compiling, building, packaging and deploying the WAR file.
  • Use Log4j for logging.
  • Developed Data Access Object (DAO) pattern in persistence layer using Hibernate.
  • Created test framework on cucumber and executed Web testing in Chrome, IE and Mozilla through Web driver.
  • Deploy the application in Tomcat Server.
  • Involved in regular code review sessions with the whole developer group.
  • Coordinated with QA team to ensure the quality of application.
  • Developed and implemented several test cases using JUnit framework.
  • Used tortoise GIT client to update/commit changes from/to repository and resolve merge/conflict operations.
  • Performed Peer Testing and Code Review to validate peer changes and integrity of the code based on best coding practices.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, Angular Js, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP, log4j, GIT, AWS, Tomcat, Splunk, Maven, Jenkins, cucumber, Elastic Bean Stalk, Cassandra, Eclipse ID.

Confidential - Austin, TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Designed the Business Requirement Document for the project.
  • Assisted my team lead in designing Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Object Diagrams using UML to model the detail design of the application.
  • Developed Presentation Layer using JSP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, Angular JS and JSTLTaglibs.
  • Worked on Ext JS for user interface widgets with high performance scalable grids, trees and menus.
  • Developed custom controllers for handling the requests using the spring MVC controllers.
  • Involved in design and development of server side layer using Spring IOC, Spring ORM
  • Created Rest web services using JAX-RS framework.
  • Used Auto-Wired for bean management through Spring IOC
  • Built and accessed the database using Hibernate, a ORM framework with Oracle 11g
  • Configured Association Mappings like one-one and one-many in Hibernate
  • Used Hibernate to persist the data efficiently into database and also integrated it with the Spring ORM framework
  • Was responsible to communicate with End client to support the application and analyzed/fixed the issue.
  • Implemented procedures, packages, triggers, and different Joins to retrieve the data base using PL/SQL, SQL scripts. Created DDL, DML scripts to create tables and privileges on respective tables in the database.
  • Collaborated on design specification reviews together with Business Analysts.
  • Worked on java Multi-threadingprogramming, Synchronization, Java Mail API and Collections API for concurrent product models upload/download process.
  • Used Log4J logging framework for logging messages.
  • Involved in loading and storing objects using Hibernate.
  • Involved in configuring Hibernate mapping file. Used XML to create the db schema-mapping file for Hibernate.
  • Served as point of contact for off-shore team coordination.
  • Served as point of contact for the testing team to check the health of the application every time the MessageQueue was triggered and the batch was run.
  • Involved in Unit Testing of Various Modules based on the Test Cases.
  • Used CVS for version control.
  • Involved in Bug fixing of various modules that were raised by the Testing teams in the application during the Integration testing phase.
  • Prepared documentation for deploying the code on Tomcat Webserver.
  • Involved in high level estimation of project schedules, project time lines and project deliverable meetings.
  • Involved and participated in Code reviews.

Environment: Java, JDK, WSDL, RESTFUL, SOA, JSF, JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, HTML, Spring MVC, Hibernate, EXT JS, Apache Tomcat, AGILE, CSS, JSP, JNDI, JMS, JDBC, Oracle 10g, CVS, ANT, TOAD and Log4J, Windows 7.

Confidential - Woonsocket, RI

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in design and creation of test plans and development of detailed test scripts based on the functional specs.
  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements and involved in converting the functional specs into TechSpecs.
  • Developed the user interface screens for clients using Spring, JSP, JSTL, jQuerylibraries, HTML, XML, AJAX andJavaScript, Unix scripting and python for UI Automation
  • Developed SOAP and REST web services using Java, hibernate, JAX-WS, JAX-RS and JAXB
  • Used Spring for creating the object using dependency injection (IOC)
  • Used Hibernate for interacting the database using ORM framework like hibernate mapping and configuration using hibernate queries.
  • Used Oracle 10g as a database in the backend
  • Used JavaScript and ECMA script for revalidations when caller provides input thru DTMF or thru Voice.
  • Performed Unit testing using thru URLs, JUnit and by making calls into the system.
  • Supported the application from development phase thru QA, UAT, and Production.
  • Used JavaServlets and JSPs to generate XML code dynamically.
  • Assist QA Team with defining and implementing a defect resolution process including defect priority, severity, next steps, and assigned owner.
  • Used JSON for serializing structured data.
  • Used agile methodologies.
  • Worked in flexible schedules to deliver the project on time.
  • Prepared documentation for some of the recurring defects and resolutions and business comments for those defects.

Environment: JAVA, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC), Spring, XML/XSL, DB2, JUnit, Web Services, cucumber, RAD, Log4j, SQL.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for the development and design of four complete reports, accessible to various levels of users including merchants, agents, users etc. using the spring architecture.
  • Worked with Security Analysts Team to design and implement the level of security from business applications.
  • Consumed web services which were written using soap over xml. Also exposed all the Business process classes as web services using soap with XML.
  • Developed service class interfaces which interact with the database to retrieve the merchant transaction data.
  • Used AJAX and JavaScript for UI development.
  • Used JSTL and implemented Custom Tag libraries for the JSP's
  • Involved in the development of the presentation layer in ExtJS using Springframework.
  • Implemented Singleton and Data Access Object design patterns.
  • Developed DAO classes for the persistent layer using JDBCSQL, and HIBERNATE.
  • Responsibility for integration with the other developed reports into the CBOS framework and streamlining the process-flow.
  • Developed UI Screens using JSF IBM Implementation and JBoss Implementation.
  • Developed application using JSF, myFaces, Spring, and JDO technologies which communicated with Mainframe software.
  • Used JSF layout for View of MVC. JavaScript, DOJO, DHTML also used for front end interactivity.
  • Deployment of the WAR files using the ANT build tool
  • Worked J2EE Infrastructure and Run time analyst to build different environments and to deploy external configuration files/ properties files.
  • Developed several pieces of the JSF engine, including bean discovery, value bindings, method bindings, component bindings, and event generation.
  • Re-wrote several pieces to make them compliant with the emerging JSF standard.
  • Unit testing, Performance / Load testing using JUNIT and JMock
  • Coordinated with the QA team to help develop their test-cases.
  • Performing the maintenance in the existing e-Connections project.
  • Code walk through with J2EE standards / Architecture team and transition to Support team
  • Experience on leading the small team.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, spring, Web Services, JSF, JSTL, XML, Ext JS, JavaScript, AJAX, WebSphere 6.1, Log4J, SQL/PLSQL, CSS, Hibernate, JUNIT, ANT, Unix, Windows, Oracle 10g, Eclipse.


J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the analysis, design, and development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).
  • Used Rational Rose for developing Use case diagrams, Activity flow diagrams, Class diagrams and Object diagrams in the design phase.
  • Extensively worked on JSPs, Struts and Tiles, JavaScript, Ajax, Expression language, JSTL, JSPcustom tags.
  • Worked in Spring 2.0 Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with Hibernate.
  • Created XML Web Services for transferring data between different applications.
  • Utilized Apache CXF web service stack for developing web services and SOAP UI and XML-SPY for testing web services.
  • Used SAX and DOM parsers to parse xml data and worked on XPATH to parse XML documents.
  • Worked on Hibernate 3.0 in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Utilized Java Message Service (JMS 1.1) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as loan status report.
  • Used RAD Programming Techniques to develop and execute applications and to manage end to end tactical solutions to meet business applications.
  • Utilized JSON scripting language for transmitting data over connection.
  • Designed and developed Message driven beans that consumed the messages from the Java message queue and generated emails to be sent to the customers.
  • Used JBoss Application Server 4.0 as application server and Harvest for build and deployment.
  • Worked on relational database design and writing SQL queries, stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, cursors with Oracle.
  • Unit tested using JUnit, EasyMock Testing Framework for performance enhancement.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Participated in SCRUM software development process as part of agile software development methodology.

Environment: My Eclipse, Java, UML, struts, Hibernate, JSP, XML Web Services, CXF, JNDI, Java Script, JUnit, Maven, CVS, Harvest.

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