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Enterprise Java & Cloud Consultant Resume


  • A personal enthusiasm for technology and drive to implement innovative and novel solutions to IT problems keeps me motivated in highly challenging, frequently evolving and demanding situations.
  • Cloud and Big Data Solution Architect having 12+years of experience in consulting, architecting, implementing, managing & delivering Enterprise level Projects.
  • Working on establishing cloud hosted Data Analytics platform for the Event Streams Processing and complex event processing (CEP) using both batched and near real time pipelines, integrated with machine learning platform for contextual predictions and recommendations on client side.
  • Working on designing and building applications using cutting edge technologies AWS Cloud (Storage & Content Delivery/Management/Computational/Application services/Analytics), Serverless & Micro - services (Jersey/API-Gateway/Lambda), Authentication(OAuth/SSO) Big-Data stack(Hadoop/HDFS/Hive/MR/SPARK), Streaming and Messaging (SQS/Flume/Kinesis/Spark Streaming), Indexing (ElasticSearch), Languages(Java/Python) etc.
  • Working on evaluation of cloud and machine learning application requirements, architectural recommendations for implementation, deployment, migration and provisioning of micro-service based multi-tier applications on AWS cloud platform.
  • Working on systems design of Real-time Data Ingestion and Analysis using cloud based services such as Kenesis & Lambda as well as Open source Analytics platform such as Flume, Spark Streaming, Spark Core etc.
  • Strong experience in providing Highly Available, Scalable, Fault Tolerant, Performance Efficient and secured solutions on AWS cloud platform.
  • Experience in building extremely fast Data Service Architecture based on Serverless and Container based implementations.
  • Excellent knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate),
  • Expertise in developing web applications using popular web frameworks (JSF, GWT, Spring MVC, AngularJS)
  • Expertise in Java 8 (threading, lambdas, streaming, etc.)
  • Expertise in GIT/Stash, SVN and build tools Ant & Maven & Continuous integration using Bamboo/Jenkins/Artifactory etc.
  • Expertise in creating documents for requirement analysis, project planning, resource utilization, Sprint planning, architectural technical Documents (HLD, LLD, SRS, FRS, Network Diagrams etc), estimations, gap analysis, impact analysis, risk analysis, etc.
  • Proficient in using Spring framework’s IOC and AOP features along with out of box Spring frameworks such as Spring MVC, Spring Transactions, Spring Batch and Spring security.
  • Expertise in object oriented design using UML with Sequence, Collaboration, and Activity and Class diagrams.


Amazon Web Services: Compute (EC2, VPC, Bean Stalk, Lambda, Auto Scaling), Storage (S3, EBS, EFS, Glacier, Storage Gateway), Database (Aurora, RDS, DynamoDb, ElastiCache), Networking & Content delivery, Developer tools (CloudFront, Route53, ELB), Management Tools (CloudWatch, CloudTrail,), Application Services (API gateway), Messaging (SQS, SNS, SES), Analytics (Athena, EMR, ElasticSearch, Kinesis, Data Pipeline, Redshift), Security Identity & Compliance (IAM, KMS)

Big Data, Streaming & Messaging: Hadoop, Yarn, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Hue, Oozie, Flume, Kenesis, Spark Streaming, etc.

Coding and Scripting Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Shell, SQL

Enterprise: Java EJB (EJB-3), JMS (ActiveMQ), JPA (Hibernate/Eclipse Link), JTA, JSF, JSTL, JAX-RS(Jersey), JNDI, CDI, EL, Caching (EH & MEM), Security (OAuth / Token), Dependency Injection (Spring), Load Balancer etc.

Web Front-End: Javascript, JQuery, Angular, NodeJS etc.

Databases: Relational Databases (MySQL/Oracle/SQL-Server)NoSQL (DynamoDB), Indexing (ElasticSearch), Graph (Neo4j), Hive

Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic

Tools: et Project Planning (MPP), Diagrams (Visual Studio), IDE (NetBeans, Eclipse), CI/CD (Bamboo, Hudson, Sonar, Artifactory), Version Control (GIT/CVS/VSS/SVN), DB Clients (Toad, AquaData, SQL Developer), Remote Connection, Sprint Planning (JIRA), Web Service (SOAP UI/Sense/Postman), Profiling (JConsole, JProfiler, Eclipse TPTP), Code Review (PMD, Check style), UML (Eclipse UML), ER Diagram (AquaData)

Operating System: Windows, UNIX / Linux.



Enterprise Java & Cloud Consultant


  • Design and Develop Java based, event based, cloud based, messaging based, highly decoupled and scalable multi-threaded crawling solution for various social drives like OneDrive, Google drive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Office365 etc. using AWS EC2, SQS etc.
  • Provided centralized and secured Global Configuration solution for the project using AWS storage s3 and Key Management Service encryption.
  • Performed JVM profiling and optimized application for higher CPU, memory, disk I/O and network I/O to achieve higher throughput and availability.
  • Worked extensively on building the test and deployment process for the project providing successful pipelines for CI/CD, Test Automation and Documentation.
  • Designed and deployed TestNg based Integration test suite or early defect detection.

Environment: JAVA based Web-Application, REST Web Services, Event Messaging, Multi-threading Crawler Workers, Quartz Scheduler, AWS Cloud Platform, MySQL, Indexing and Querying using ElasticSearch Database, Content Extraction via Apache Tika.


Senior Java Web Consultant & Feature Lead


  • Designed and established Confidential ’s Highly scalable Serverless micro-service named App Ingestion service using AWS’s API Gateway, Lambda, Kinesis and DynamoDB services used for high speed data ingestion.
  • Designed and established the multi-stage Data Analytics and Prediction system for Real time and batched data processing.
  • Guided and coordinated with four distributed development teams (Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Modelling, Client Applications) for successful delivery of the project.
  • Worked on Polymorphic Ontology based Events packet creation saved in thick database DynamoDB, and searchable via Indexing Database ElasticSearch.
  • Identified and developed Web Security by placing specialized CORS filters and OAuth based request authentication solution for required services.
  • Validated services against security requirements and implemented recommended fixes.
  • Currently guiding Data Collection and Processing in building the Low-level architecture for the collection, transformation, prediction and recommendation engine for user settings.
  • Working on Sprint planning, estimation, delivery finalization, demos and establishment of development pipeline for the Intelligence artifact team.
  • Working on the design strategy of common Cloud based service platform for Confidential .

Environment: Ontology based Ingestion Web Services, Data Streaming using Flume, Event processing using Hadoop-EMR, Data indexing using Elastic search, Data Transformation suing Spark, Data Prediction using Spark MLlib, Python, etc.


Enterprise Java Architect


  • Designed and established Web Service Orchestration platform for the AskRail Service platform.
  • Analyzed requirement and identified data services and their relationship to create business services using SOA design principles and Integration design patterns.
  • Guided the process of Adaptive Web UI design for Desktop, Tablets and mobile phones using Angular and JQuery.
  • Established development pipeline for the project and enforced best coding practices in the team.
  • Defined and enforced Test Driven Development in the team over Agile-Scrum.

Environment: Java, Spring Core, Spring Rest, Spring MVC, JAX-RS, Jersey, SOAP UI, Junit, Angular JS, Maven, SOAP UI.


Solution Architect & Technical Delivery Head


  • Identifying Key improvement areas and propose technical solutions to the client team using inputs from a team of 40 people in India.
  • Propose and document Analysis reports, conduct proof of concepts, risk assessments, effort estimates offer demos for the new solutions and finalize the artifact design.
  • Worked on the resource planning, budgeting, delivery dates, onshore-offshore coordination, and management reviews etc.
  • Successfully migrated Oracle Forms UI to JSF/SPA, identified and designed the complete SOA suite and service architecture, integrated SQL based Rule engine with the services, reverse engineered COBOL based batch programs to Spring Batch, etc
  • Finding Technical solutions for the integration of various dependent platforms seamlessly with the new system.
  • Offered Strategies for phased transition of old production to newly deployed system, helping the organization in User training and acceptance.

Environment: Java, JSF, JPA, EclipseLink, EJB3, Spring,Maven, Oracle Forms 6i, COBOL, WebLogic 12C,Web Services (SOAP & REST), PL/SQL, Oracle 9i RDBMS.


Enterprise Java Architect


  • Reverse analysis of the current implementation done using Oracle Cartridge and PHP. Building requirements out of the analysis and sharing requirements with the client on a daily basis.Finalize the design for SOAP based services having capability of distributed transaction management, reliable messaging etc.

Environment: PL/SQL, Web Services (JAXB), SOAP UI and MULE ESB platform for web service Orchestration

Confidential, CT

Technical Architect / Senior Software Engineer


  • Understanding Design Documents.
  • Setting up application framework.
  • Involved in Database Designing. Development of application modules.
  • Unit Testing and involved in deployment/release process.
  • Providing technical guidance to the team members.
  • Client interaction.

Environment: Java, JSP, JSTL, Action Script, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, JBoss Application Server, Apache Web Server, Linux

Confidential, CA

Senior Software Developer


  • Requirement gathering and local system setup.
  • Creation of the technical and functional design document for the up gradation and enhancement of web interface.
  • Design and develop features
  • Test and Deploy Software

Environment: Tomcat, Servlet/JSP using Struts1.0, Sql Server 2000

Confidential, VA

Software Engineer


  • Requirement Analysis/Design/Develop/Test the product.
  • Porting data from client source to our database.
  • Complete implementation of Sales Data Collection, Royalty/Invoice generation, search functionality and credit/debit management in limited time span.
  • Developed interactive JSP screens with features like filters, paging, print options, action menus, Tabular/Summary display using custom Taglibs.
  • Conducted rigorous Testing and prepared Unit Test cases.
  • Regular interaction with Client, Project Manager and the team for providing time estimates and effective solutions to problems.

Environment: Java/J2EE (Servlet/JSP), Struts/Tiles, My SQL, XML, Ajax, Linux, Tomcat

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