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Senior Technology Architect Resume

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Plano, TexaS


Technical architect, team lead, database architect, and principal engineer, with many years of leading, designing, and building software programs and cloud - based web development projects. Skilled at agile development of SOA Java REST and SOAP web services, AWS microservices, database design, integration of disparate systems, business architecture, systems combining many programming languages, and workflow design (BPMN).


Programming Languages: Java (J2EE, EJB, JSP), SQL, XML, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript (also some experience with Groovy, Python, C, C++, C#, Golang)

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, HP-UX, BSD, MacOS X. AWS cloud hosting.

Web services (REST and SOAP ): Jersey, Apache CXF, Spring Web Services



Primary technologies: Java 8, Angular 4, MySQL, Amazon AWS, PHP, C, Golang, Docker, BPMN

Senior Engineer

  • Implemented a cloud-based application on AWS and on Red Hat OpenShift, using MySQL DB, Angular 4, and Golang (built by Jenkins, generating Docker images)
  • Analysis, integration diagrams, and BPMN workflow diagrams of both new (Angular 4 and Golang) and legacy (Java, C, and PHP) services
  • Wrote wiki documentation of new system setup and coding practices (e.g., how to clone an Angular 4 page to use it as a template)
  • Code reviews and daily scrum meetings
  • Backlog reviews to prioritize and coordinate the schedule


Primary technologies: Angular 4, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Java 8


  • OWASP Top 10 security analysis of system
  • Microsoft STRIDE threat model analysis of system, using Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool
  • Detailed analysis and documentation of stack to maintain HIPAA compliance
  • Wrote documentation of new engineer tools setup
  • Cloud-based applications on AWS, using Aurora DB (PaaS) and microservices (IaaS)
  • Code reviews
  • Planning for future designs for scalability, performance, compliance, security

Confidential,Plano, Texas

Primary technologies: Node.JS, MySQL, Amazon AWS Lambda

Senior Technology Architect

  • ER database diagrams
  • Cloud applications - Node.JS AWS Lambda service (PaaS) implementation in Javascript
  • Coordinated with and supplied services for Angular 4 UI team
  • Workflow diagrams and integration diagrams
  • Define new APIs (YAML)
  • Unit, integration, and system testing


Primary technologies: Java, REST web services with JSON/XML, Bootstrap front end, MySQL.

Team Lead

  • ER database diagrams (new designs, and reverse-engineering the legacy database)
  • Workflow diagrams and integration diagrams
  • Architecture: defined new APIs, implemented them in Java 8 (with JSON and XML)
  • Front end development using Bootstrap and Javascript and jQuery
  • Replaced PHP code with Java/JSP equivalent, using company’s standard libraries
  • Created custom HTML tags in Java to avoid embedding logic in web pages
  • Wrote wikis (e.g., new developer setup, and standard engineering processes)


Primary technologies: Java, Guice, REST, MySQL, AWS (EC2, S3, SQS), Cassandra (NoSQL)

Team Lead for Direct-to-Consumer Planning Technology

  • Project: new infrastructure for integration with vendors. Replaced the one-off legacy integrations of a financial tool with a new generalized equivalent. Added exhaustive audit and debugging capabilities for compliance, testability, and support. Used shell scripts and Puppet.
  • Project: proof-of-concepts, new APIs, then implementation of a cloud microservice-based ETL (using AWS, Java, Cassandra, and REST). Automated analysis of sales.
  • Project: process feeds of all direct-to-consumer sales, convert to standard formats for SAP and SABRIX. Tools: REST, JSON, unit tests, Gradle, Guice, Cassandra DB, AWS.

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