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Play/akka Developer Resume

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Irving, TX


  • Over 8+ years of experience in all phases of software development life cycle including Requirements analysis and Debugging, Application design, Development, Integration, Maintenance, Installation, Implementation, Testing various client/server and web applications.
  • Working knowledge in multi - tiered distributed environment, good understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Akana.
  • Expertise in design and development of various web and enterprise applications using Type safe technologies like Scala, Akka and Play framework.
  • Experience in working in environments using Agile (SCRUM) and Test Driven development methodologies.
  • Experienced with Java-J2EE technologies (Servlet, JSP, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, DAO, Java Beans, J2EE Patterns, And Java Multi-Threading) XML, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Collections.
  • Expertise in Client Scripting language and server side scripting languages like Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, Node JS, D3 JS, Angular JS, Backbone.js.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like Angular.JS and Node.JS.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Backbone.js and Node.js.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using angular.js, Node.js, Backbone.js and JQuery.
  • Involved in several web application development projects that required Responsive Web Design.
  • Experience in developing web applications using POJO’s, Servlet, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery and JavaBeans.
  • Excellent working knowledge of popular frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, and Spring MVC
  • Experience in using application servers like Web Sphere and Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience with database persistence layer like EJB and Hibernate.
  • Good understanding of Web Services using SOAP and Restful.
  • Experience with versioning tools like SVN and Clear Case.
  • Strong experience working with Oracle, My SQL and SQL Server, Apache Cassandra and NO SQL.
  • Experience in IDE’s like Eclipse.
  • Sound knowledge in working with browsers compatibility issues with browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Experience with unit testing the applications using JUnit Framework.
  • Used SOAPUI tool for testing different request and response objects.
  • Developed automation process for builds and developments for Jenkins, Ant, and Maven.
  • Experience in using the open source tools Log4j, ANT build tool, Maven Build tool.
  • Develop complicated JIRA workflows and schemes.
  • Excellent Experience in Scala
  • Capable of learning new technologies and adapt to new environments quickly.
  • Establish and maintain productive working relationship with management, clients and team members.
  • Some of the attributes that would describe me would be Team player, Quick learner, Self-Motivated and Stronginterest in programming.


Languages: Java, SQL, C, Scala

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, UNIX, Linux

WEB technologies: AJAX, JSP, Java Script, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XML, XSLT, XSD, Xquery, XSL, JAXP, JAXB, JDBC and JSON

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MySQL, IBM DB2 UDB, Mongo DB, Apache Cassandra

Case Tools: UML

Application Server: Web Logic, JBoss, IBM Web Sphere Application Server 5, Apache Tomcat, Activiti BPM.

Tools: JQuery, Backbone Js, Angular Js, Node Js, React Js, Hibernate, spring, JSF, ExtJS, Struts, Curam, Web Services (SOA), AKANA, Restful Web Services, SOAP Web Services, Clear Case, SVN.

IDE: Eclipse, Neat beans IDE, Aptana Studio 3, Sublime, Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe FlexIBM RAD, IBM RSA, and WSAD.

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SMTP, SOAP, REST.

Others: Junit, Swing, Dream weaver 3.0, CSS,DOM, and Photoshop, Java Mail, GWT, JNDI, JIRA,MQ, RMI, Jasmine, Selenium, JCAPS, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Camel, Apache Solr, Fuse, Scala.


Confidential, Irving, TX

Play/Akka Developer


  • Involve in the Architecture and design of the application.
  • Consumed the web services using the Play’s async WS library and handled them asynchronously using java8’s async methods and lambdas.
  • Developed Restful API’s, which takes in an HTTP request and produces the HTTP response in JSON Format using play.
  • Huge experience in effectively transforming and manipulating the JSONs into POJO’s and vice versa according to the requirements using java’s Jackson library.
  • Testing the third party API’s using REST clients such as Postman REST CLIENT.
  • Experience working with Google’s Guice module, a dependency Injection provider that comes out of box along with Play framework.
  • Experience in managing the sessions using Play’s Session and Flash scopes.
  • Used Redis Cache for keeping the data needed across multiple HTTP requests which can’t be stored in Play’s Session scopes.
  • Used Protocol buffers, Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data.
  • Used scala templating for rendering standard mark-up across all the pages along with UI builds made with reactJS on ngnix servers.
  • Wrote scripts for creating the builds and deploying the builds on test and staging servers.
  • Used GIT Version Control System to update/commit changes from/to repository and resolve merge/conflicts.
  • Experience in Test-Driven development by identifying the test case scenarios and unit testing the code using JUnit Framework.
  • Identified and fixed bugs reported during testing phase of the project.
  • Used tools like QC, Jira for defect status tracking.
  • Assisted the QA Team while doing integration testing, regression testing, systems testing.

Environment: Java, HTML4, CSS3, JavaScript, JSTL, JQuery, JSON, JSP, Servlet, JCA, Swing, AJAX, JDBC, Hibernate, MY SQL, SVN, Scala, Akka, Play, MySQL, Dynamo DB, IntelliJ.

Confidential, NY

Java/Scala Developer


  • Use of Git and GitHub repositories.
  • Involved in extensive meetings with business and design people in analyzing / drafting Business Requirement Specification and Software Requirements Specification.
  • Worked on migrating the old java stack to Type safe stack using Scala for backend programming.
  • Extensively used Akka actors architecture for scalable & hassle free multi-threading. Millions of activity messages per second were handled very easily by the actors by propagating the messages to appropriate child actors in asynchronous or synchronous fashion.
  • Worked on handling all the requests to the systems using play framework MVC framework.
  • Used Scala collection framework to store and process the complex employer information. Based on the offers setup for each client, the requests were post processed and given offers.
  • Extensively involved in developing restful API's for web portals for each of the client which goes live with system, which includes getting all the meta data information of the client and user, all the activities, offers etc.
  • Used slick to query and storing in database in a Scala fashion using the powerful Scala collection framework.
  • Developed parsers for each new client using the regular expressions and the internal framework to map all the receipt information and eventually persist the data to Sql database like MySQL and NoSQL databases like Mongo DB.
  • Involved in developing the reporting infrastructure for all the daily and monthly reports for the merchants based on different criteria.
  • Used Specs2 and Play logger to run through pre-load and post-load test cycles for application performance and errors.
  • Extensively used MySQL queries in querying user buying trend analysis and implementation on Amazon RDS.
  • Coordinated with front end and design team in coming up with API contracts and integration with the back end.
  • Worked with customer support to quickly resolve the support issues.
  • Coordinated with the team to debug the server issues and resolving them.
  • Leading front-end integration projects using the above noted frameworks and HTML5, SAAS, CSS3, JavaScript, DOM, and Ajax technologies and methodologies.
  • Used angular JS for a module to implement Employer Search
  • Created Controllers, Services and Directives in Angular Js.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsive web design
  • Used Html5 and CSS3 for UI Design
  • MySQL to access data in the database at different Levels.
  • Selenium test cases for management module with integration with cruise control (complete ant suite starting/stopping tomcat and creating /deploying war and running the selenium test cases
  • Created web services using WTP tool plug-in to the eclipse 3.2 IDE which is deployed as a separate application using Maven scripts.
  • Migrated the code base from Subversion/Clear case to GIT.

Environment: Scala, Akka, Play, MySQL, Dynamo DB, IntelliJ, Sequel Pro, RDS, Bit bucket, Git, Shell Script, Linux, Specs2, Load Balancer, Restful APIs JIRA, Angular JS

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Java Developer


  • Participated in requirement analysis, design, development, unit testing and deployment of the application.
  • Developed and involved in designing the UI layer with Backbone Js, HTML5along with JavaScript and AJAX, Angular Js as the Front-end validation layer.
  • Developed UI templates using Handlebars Js.
  • Implemented various J2EE design patterns such as MVC, Factory, Singleton and DAO (Data Access Object).
  • Used Amazon Web Service to get the customer details.
  • Involved in using different services and unique methodologies via the java platform that comes from using Mark logic repository for data storage.
  • Created Dispatch Action classes, DynaActionForm for Regulation Application.
  • Separate presentation aspects with controller aspect of the application by effectively utilizing Struts &Tiles as the framework implementing “MVC” design pattern for web applications.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Value Object Pattern, MVC, Singleton Pattern and DAO.
  • Created Web.xml, Struts-config.xml and Validation.xml files.
  • Used Entity and Session beans for performing business logic functions.
  • Used SAX for Parsing XML Document.
  • Developed Batch Process for processing XML Documents.
  • Developed Web Services using SOAP.
  • Designed Web Security Filter for XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting).
  • Used JAD to interact online web services
  • Used Web services - WSDL and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party.
  • The Restful web services have been used to retrieve and update the data using Ajax.
  • Developed common APIs for Curam Agenda Player and dynamically load agenda pages based on admin configuration.
  • Developed new rules to extend eclipse plug-in check style for improvement of code quality of Java source code in Curam.
  • Created automated Test scripts using automated tools and ran the test scripts on various Builds and instances.
  • Experience in Manual Testing and Testing Methodologies. Experience in Stress Testing/ Performance Testing.
  • Responded to all incoming questions and inquiries related to JIRA applications.
  • Prepared projects, dashboards, reports and questions for all JIRA related services.
  • Generated scripts for effective integration of JIRA applications with other tools.
  • Good Experience on Selenium IDE and creating Scripts in selenium
  • Used Hibernate to integrate with the backend database.
  • Used SVN for the version control.
  • Responsible for creating Ant scripts and configurationplans to move the code between the various development, test and production environments as part of the development life cycle.
  • Developed the test cases using JUnit for every java class.

Environment: Java8, HTML5, CSS3 XML, XSLT, JAXB, JNDI, JavaScript, Jasmine,EXT JS, DHTML, JMS, Angular Js, AJAX, JAF, JTA, JAD,Java Mail, JNDI, JIRA, Junit, Backbone Js, Angular Js, Node Js,MQ,OSB, Hibernate, Spring, Curam, REST, SOAP and REST Web Services, Mongo DB, Amazon Web Service, FUSE, Selenium, SVN, Jenkins .

Confidential, TX

Java Developer


  • Involved in gathering the requirements from the end users.
  • Worked in Agile (Scrum) team with Tech Leads, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Testers
  • Implemented Model View Controller (MVC) architecture using Struts framework.
  • Configured the Struts environment by registering Action Servlet, Validator plug-in, tiles plug-in, form beans, dynamic action/validator forms, controller, message resource, action mappings, and forwarding/navigation definitions.
  • Developed Presentation layer with Struts 1.3 and JSP and Java script.
  • Developed Custom tags to display Home Mortgage Consultant, Branch and Joint venture specific information.
  • Developed Struts Action classes and Validation classes using Struts controller component and Struts validation framework.
  • Worked on JAX-RS Calls to Resources, developed application workflow from backend to frontend
  • Used APIas design pattern for data access through service calls
  • Involved in development of rich user interface components using JSON, Ajax, JQuery and HTML5
  • Implemented various Core Java concepts such as Exception Handling, Collections API, Generics, and Enhancedfor Loop Inheritance and Polymorphism.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency Injection and integrated it with Struts Framework
  • Using JAX-B for marshalling/un-marshalling of XML documents to java objects and vice versa.
  • Used Web services - WSDL and SOAP to access the data stored in regional databases
  • Consumed a Web Service for exchange rate calculation.
  • Worked on Service Layer Classes which calls to DTO layer in order to access backend objects
  • Implemented Hibernate as Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for mapping object-oriented domain model to Oracle database
  • The memory between the nodes is distributed by using Hazel cast.
  • Used Hibernate mappings, relationships between tables and entity classes to access and update information in the database
  • Worked on SQL queries with Oracle SQL developer to select/insert/update/joins etc. for test/development purpose in local environment
  • Deployed Application on Web Sphere Application Server v7.0
  • Used Eclipse 3.0 as IDE, Maven as the build tool and Clear Case for the version control.

Environment: JAVA 7, HTML, Java Script, Ajax, JQuery, JSON, JSP, Spring 3.0, Struts MVC, Hazel cast, Spring DI/IOC, Apache Tiles, Web Sphere Application Server (WAS) v7.0, Apache Commons, DAO, DTO, XML, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Maven, Eclipse IDE, Hibernate 3.3, JAXP 1.2, JAXB 1.0, JMS, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g.


Web Developer


  • Planned and defined system requirements to Use Cases and Use Case scenarios using the UML methodologies.
  • Used CSS Borders and jQuery Menus as part of the UI navigation
  • Front-end development with HTML and JSP using JQuery libraries, JSTL, Java Script, CSS3, Adobe Dreamweaver and client-side validations and XML Http Request’s using Java Script
  • Involved in developing business modules using Servlet.
  • Developed Applications Using J2EE Technologies like Servlet, JSP.
  • Implemented client side validation using the JavaScript.
  • Used JQuery event handling in UI pages to display list boxes and to handle validations.
  • Used Swing MVC architecture
  • Used many Swing components, often including JTree and JTable
  • Wrote a variety of custom JTable and JTree custom cell renderers and JTable custom table models.
  • Used Hibernate to integrate with the backend database.
  • SQL Queries as a part of backend testing.
  • Tracked defects using Quality Centre.
  • Prepared documentation of the project for future reference.
  • Develop traceability matrix between requirements and test cases.

Environment: Java, HTML4, CSS3, JavaScript, JSTL, JQuery, JSON, JSP, Servlets, JCA, Swing, AJAX, JDBC, Hibernate, MY SQL, SVN.

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