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Java Developer Resume


  • 6+ years of experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle using Java / J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in Web based application development using Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, EJB, JMS, Web Services and XML.
  • Experience in designing and development of user interface screens using HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, EXT - JS, Angular JS, JavaScript, AJAX and JSP.
  • Extensively used Angular JS (Custom directives, Factories, Services, routing, Interceptors, Single Page Applications, data binding, third party modules).
  • Strong experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and publishing web services(SOAP, RESTful) that include several components like SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD, UDDI, JAX-RS and JAX-WS.
  • Proven software development experience using different methodologies - Agile and Waterfall.
  • Thorough knowledge in SQL and experience in RDBMS like Oracle and MySQL. Experienced in all phases of SDLC including analysis, design, coding and testing.
  • Solid experience in deploying J2EE components on Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, JBOSS application servers.
  • Expertise in developing and consuming Web services including different technologies and standards like SOAP, Restful API calls on server side.
  • Thorough knowledge of Web technologies: XML, XSD, SAX/DOM Parser, AJAX, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Enterprise Integration Development using Apache Camel, JMS and Web services.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE Design Patterns including singleton, command, Model View Controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), and Business Delegate.
  • Hands-on experience in IDE Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, My Eclipse, Intellij. Hands on working experience with Production Support Teams.
  • Experience in requirement analysis & gathering, and in UML - for developing application specific Object model, Use Case diagrams, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams & State diagrams.
  • Expertise in using JavaScript, jQuery 1.x, DOM, AJAX, JSON, HTML/DHTML and CSS for view layer
  • Sound RDBMS concepts and experience in writing SQL queries and PL/SQL in databases like MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle writing Triggers, Stored Procedures and Normalization of databases.
  • Strong experience in implementing MVC framework like Struts 2.0, Spring 2.x and ORM tools like Hibernate in J2EE architecture
  • Experience in Angular JS controllers, directives, creating custom services with factory and service methods.
  • Experienced in use of build tools like Apache Ant and Maven, Gradle, Jenkins and project tracking tools by JIRA and QC
  • Experienced in working with JMS with various Messaging brokers such as ActiveMq and Web sphere MQ.
  • Experienced in working with cloud environments such as AWS and Heroku and have strong hands on experience working with Junit Testing, selenium and cucumber.
  • Experience in Dynamo DB, creating tables and performing scan and query operations based on the hash and range keys.
  • Expertise in using J2EE Application Servers such as IBM WebSphere 4.x/5.x/6.x, WebLogic, JBoss 3.x and Web Servers like Tomcat 5.x/6.x
  • Extensively used IDE for Application development like RAD 6.0, Eclipse3.x, Net Beans. Experienced in database GUI/IDE Tools using TOAD, DB Visualizer and MySQL Client
  • Good knowledge about Splunk architecture and various components (indexer, forwarder, search heads, deployment server), Heavy and Universal forwarder, License model.
  • Worked on large datasets to generate insights by using Splunk.
  • Experienced in handling Version Control Systems like Git, CVS, Gradle and SVN, Working experience with the operating systems like UNIX, Solaris and Windows
  • Development experience includes working with cross functional team and global development teams in Onshore/Offshore Model.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communications skills and demonstrated track record of analyzing situations.


Languages: JAVA1.7/1.8, PL/SQL, SQL, J2EE.

Web Technologies: HTML4/5, XHTML, CSS2/3, XML, XSLT, XPath, AJAX, JavaScript 1.8.5, HTTP, JSP 2.1, JMS, Servlets 3.1, JDBC, JNDI, 3.0, J2EE, JSF 2.2, Bootstrap.

JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries: Angular JS 1/2, React JS 0.13, Redux, Flux, NodeJS 4.2, ExpressJS 4.14.0, jQuery 2.2.4

Web Services: RESTful 2.0, SOAP, AWS

IDE and Tools: Eclipse, Intellij, Visual Studio Code 1.8, JIRA, Postman, Log4j

Databases: Oracle 11g/12c, MySQL 5.6

NoSQL Databases: MongoDB 3.2

Testing Frameworks: JUnit 4.12, Jasmine 2.5, Karma 1.4, TestNG, Protractor, Mockito, Chai

Version Control/Build Tools: CVS, Clear Case, GIT, SVN, ANT, Maven, Gradle

Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX, UNIX

CI/CD: Jenkins, Docker


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Developer


  • Involved in gathering requirements and built technical specifications from the requirements.
  • Agile methodology was used to develop the application. Daily Scrum was conducted as a part of this methodology.
  • Actively involved in Design, Development, Analysis, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing by successfully following Agile methodology
  • Used Node JS for doing non-blocking design operations on server side and Angular.js framework in developing various UI components.
  • Designed and developed Micro services using REST framework and Spring Boot and used Bootstrap along with AngularJS in creating the Application
  • Developed the responsive UI web pages using JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, JavaScript and has worked with AngularJS filters in expressions and directives to filter data in the UI
  • Responsible for setting up Angular JS framework for UI development. Used Spring framework to provide loose coupling between different application modules.
  • Developed single page applications, components using Angular JS directives, controllers, view and routing, service modules. Used Micro services to communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST for implementing SOA.
  • Used Spring framework including Spring core/IOC, Spring Web, Spring Security and implement the authentication, authorization, and access-control features by using Spring Security.
  • Used Spring Inversion of Control (IoC) for injecting the beans and implemented the Model View Controller using Spring MVC.
  • Implemented HTTP REST API while working with NodeJS, ExpressJS and extensively tested RESTful services using POSTMAN.
  • Implemented REST based web services using JAX-RS annotations, Jersey provider and consumed using HTTP services from Angular JS modules.
  • Worked with NoSQL database Mongo DB and worked and used Hibernate OGM extensively to interact with MongoDB.
  • Developed unit tests with JUNIT and Mockito and built tasks to run the unit tests on Jenkins
  • Used Jasmine for unit testing to verify AngularJS modules and JavaScript utility routines.
  • Implemented the application using Spring Boot Framework and handled the security using Spring Security.
  • Micro services have been built using spring boot, spring cloud and deployed to AWS Cloud Application and developed cross browser and multi browser compatible web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.
  • Worked closely with QA team and fixed QA bugs with a quick turnaround time.
  • Focused on Test Driven Development; thereby creating detailed Unit tests for every single piece of functionality before actually writing the functionality.
  • Developed BDD tests using Cucumber by writing behaviour and step definitions & developed required Selenium support code in JAVA for Cucumber.
  • Involved in manual testing of various test cases with respective test scripts on Selenium and generate analysis report with Quality Center.
  • Assisted Manager by providing automation strategies, Selenium/Cucumber Automation
  • Implemented continuous deployment system with Jenkins, AWS: Code Deploy, Ops Works, and Packer for deployment of Java Applications.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining automation acceptance test suite using Selenium, Ruby and Cucumber framework.
  • Working experience with Rabbit MQ by connecting to the topic then fetching the messages and parsing the messages using multi-threading.
  • Created Quality and Production instances using AWS Console and CLI tool of AWS. Used Putty and WinSCP to login.
  • Used Rabbit MQ as a Message Oriented Middleware for integrating applications.
  • Created Web application using NodeJS, and Restful Services, and MongoDB.
  • Used Apache Maven for project management and building the application.
  • Expertise in working with cloud services like AWS and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, Mongo DB.
  • Used Log4j utility to generate run-time logs and used Clear Case for project management and version management.

Environment: J2EE, Java 1.7, Angular Js, Restful web services, Spring framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Postman, XML, JQuery, JavaScript, NodeJS, Websphere 8.5, Agile Methodology, Cucumber, Maven, Selinium, MongoDB, JUnit, Jasmine, HTML, Junit, XSLT, HTML/DHTML, Tomcat, Mockito

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ

Java Developer


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using AGILE methodology (SCRUM).
  • Used Rallydev to track business requirements to test planning and integrated it with Mercury tool suite.
  • Developed the web interface using Angular-JS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS Javascript and Jquery and designed according to the functional and technical requirements.
  • Developed Angular Controllers, Services, Modules, and Factories and used Angular-UI Bootstrap components for developing UI.
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core Angular JS.
  • Developed Angular-JS custom directives, filters that are used across the application and Integrated with backend by making Restful web service calls in Angular-JS.
  • Built a data-caching Angular service which provides all client-side persistence and user-session Angular service, which manages all client-side user state.
  • Used Jackson library to parse JSON response from Rest web service to java objects and bind to Angular JS model.
  • Developed REST WebServices clients to consume those Web Services as well other enterprise wide Web Services.
  • Created JAX-RS RESTful web services for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests. Used POSTMAN Rest client for chrome to test all the services.
  • Develop middle ware integration components using the Apache camel and Spring Boot.
  • Used Spring MVC REST for creating web services and involved in writing programs to consume the web services using SOA with Spring framework.
  • Developed Spring REST controllers to serve the data in XML and JSON format and configured the application using Gradle.
  • Created POC’s using MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node-JS) Stack and involved in enhancing existing components developed using Node-JS.
  • Involved in creating Mongo-db collections and documents and developed Mongoose Schema objects to perform CRUD operations.
  • Implemented Object-relation mapping in the persistence layer using Hibernate framework in conjunction with Spring functionality.
  • Worked on development of Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file and classes to interact with the database.
  • Used Hibernate named and criteria Queries in Java code to do select/update/delete depending upon the business requirement.
  • Worked as Splunk administrator by actively and accurately running and monitoring on the current infrastructure implementation.
  • Used UNIX commands to see the log files and troubleshoot production issues and resolving them.
  • Used XPATH to navigate through Attributes and Elements in an XML Document and used JAXB to marshal and un-marshal the xml-java object, java objects-xml.
  • Built Splunk dashboards using XML and Advanced XML as well as Created Scheduled Alerts for Application Teams for Real Time Monitoring.
  • Used Git as source control management giving a huge speed advantage on centralized systems that have to communicate with a server.
  • Developed Automation test scripts in Selenium for regression testing - Browse, Search, Add to Cart and Login & Checkout functionalities.
  • Work with Teams to create Acceptance Test Driven development (ATDD) test suite using Ruby and Cucumber.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining regression and smoke automation test scripts for end to end testing using Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNg, Cucumber, Gherkins, Eclipse. Working closely with developers and product owners to automate test cases.
  • Designed, configured and deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a multitude of applications utilizing the AWS
  • Setup MQ series on the AWS EC2 instance from AWS market place and was responsible for creating JMS queues.
  • Involved in application deployment to AWS using Jenkins and was responsible to setup cloud watch notifications using SES to the support team when the app is under high load.
  • Designed, built, and deployed a multitude applications utilizing almost all of the AWS stack including S3, RDS, DynamoDB.
  • Used Gradle as a build tool automating the building, testing, publishing and deployment loading all the dependencies from the nexus artifact repository.
  • Involved in Unit, Integration, bug fixing, acceptance testing with test cases, Code reviews. Used HP Quality Center (QC) as the test management tool.

Environment: Java 1.7, Spring 4, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Angular JS, Bootstrap, JSON, Spring Data, Apache Camel, IOC, AOP, Security, Hibernate 4, REST Web Services, JMS, UML, Tomcat, Agile, JQuery, Ajax, Java Script, Junit, Gradle, GIT, Cucumber, AWS, Eclipse, Oracle 11g, UNIX.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Worked on Rally dev for define user stories, tasks and defects and carried out the project with Agile Scrum.
  • Developed dynamic responsive Web Application by integrating AngularJS with Bootstrap which is further integrated with RESTful Web Services.
  • Designed and developed UI applications for regulatory initiatives and participated in understanding of Angular JS technologies and development tasks.
  • Implemented custom UI components/widgets by using the directives (ng-repeat, ng- click, ng-model, ng-controller etc.) feature of Angular Js.
  • Worked on filtering the data comes from remote servers using Angular JS services by Angular JS filters like (Currency, Uppercases, and Orderby).
  • Implemented Single Page Design and customized directive and filter criteria by using Angular JS and used AngularJS MVC to build a cross-browser compliant application.
  • Designed and implemented XML parsing for the XML's that are sent and received from the SOAP web services.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by invoking multiple SOAP based Web Services and generating client using JAX-WS. Used SOAPUI to interact with other applications using SOAP and WSDL file.
  • Implemented REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Used RESTful network communication protocol to consume a web service, getting JSON response and parsing them to get the required information.
  • Used Web Service request -response validations using Advanced Rest Client and SOAP UI and consumed restful web services using apache Http Client for the data c­­­­­­­­­­­oming from external systems.
  • Developed the DAO layer for the application using Spring, Hibernate and developed various business logic and reports using HQL and Hibernate Criteria and responsible for mapping the database model into persistence objects using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Used Spring Validation framework to implement the server side validations and used Angular JS to get the data from the server asynchronously by using JSON objects.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML, file that contains declarations and business classes are wired-up to the frontend managed beans using Spring Web Flow and developing spring web MVC frame work for portals application and Spring tool suite in development and debugging the application.
  • Wrote extensive unit tests and integration tests using JUNIT to thoroughly test the code and maintain high code coverage.
  • Used Maven to build war and ear files to deploy on Weblogic Server and used Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Interacting with the offshore team to assist them in the development and help them understand the requirements and performed Code Reviews and coordinated with the build team in the deployment activities.
  • Reviewing the Database Schemas across the different domain. Worked on the Integration of the Code and deliver the build to UAT Team.
  • Used Maven3.1 for create the project archetype and build the interface modules for create war and ear files.
  • Involved in creation of automation test scripts in Selenium WebDriver using behavior driven approach like Cucumber.
  • Responsible for maintaining the code quality, coding and implementation standards by code reviews for the application.
  • Created various unit test cases and integration tests for the DAO, Service, and Controller components using jUnit and Spring Test support.

Environment: Java 1.7, Junit 4, Weblogic 12c, Oracle 10g, Angular JS, Spring MVC, Hibernate, HTML5 CSS3, Eclipse, Web services, Maven, Junit, log4j, JavaScript, Subversion.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Interacting with the business analysts to gather the requirements and understanding the functional design specifications for the requirements.
  • Followed the Java coding standards for scalability, reusability and ease of maintenance. Used Ext JS, Servlets, Maven, HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript to construct dynamic web pages.
  • Created XStream API to transfer data back and forth between Spring MVC and Ext JS, Developed the Web application using Html, JSP, ExtJS and JavaScript.
  • Wrote Ext-JS framework mvc models, stories, views and controllers for the mvc development, expertise in Advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Ext JS and Object oriented programming in JS.
  • Wrote ExtJS ui components to implement various functionalities, Coded for Various windows, panels, form and tree components, adding custom event on components and implementing their listeners for operation to be performed.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations and involved in developing JSPs for developing the view of the application.
  • Involved in the Data Access Object layer for storing, updating and loading the data using JPA-Hibernate and used container managed transactions.
  • Interacting with team members to understand the business domain and helping them for solving the technical problems.
  • Designed and developed JSP pages using Spring MVC framework and used Spring Security for Authentication and authorization extensively.
  • Implemented Cross cutting concerns like logging and declarative transaction management using Spring AOP.
  • Involved in complete SDLC management using Rational Unified Process - Requirements gathering, Design, Analysis, Development and Testing.
  • Developed front end modules and consumed various Web services in the business layer using protocols like REST in the application.
  • Responsible for unit testing and integration testing, bugs fixing, handling change requests and deployed components on jboss application server and wrote automation test cases using selenium.
  • Created XML Schema, XML template and XSL. Developed Web Services Application using SOAP and WS-Security.
  • Used Ant script for build and deploy process and deployed the application on Jboss server.
  • Developed and maintained elaborate services based architecture utilizing open source technologies like Hibernate ORM.

Environment: Java, JEE, Ext JS, JPA-Hibernate, Spring, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, MySQL, Jboss 7, Eclipse, Ant, Maven, JUnit, XML, JQuery.

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