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Software Engineer Resume

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Languages: JavaScript (Node.js, jQuery, AJAX), Shell Scripting, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3

Frameworks: Rails, AngularJS, Sinatra, ExpressJS

Methodologies: Agile Development, Objected - Oriented Design, Test-Driven Development, Event-Driven Development, RESTful Conventions, MVC Design, Continuous Integration­

Database: SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)


Testing Frameworks: Jasmine, RSpec

Version Control: Git

Other: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vagrant, TravisCI, CircleCI, Firebase, Heroku, Wireframing, Photoshop



Software Engineer


  • Built a Node.js app that provides an endpoint for an elastic load balancer (ELB) to query individual machines in Amazon Web Services (AWS) autoscaling groups.
  • This involved a thorough understanding of asynchronous programming and a deep dive into the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Developed a MySQL plugin for the Confidential Queue ( Confidential ) Library. In addition to 100% test coverage, I also wrote manual testing scripts to ensure that the plugin’s SQL queries were working as expected. I then rolled the manual testing scripts into the TravisCI build so they would no longer be manual (woo, automation ) Fixed a bug that was preventing the team from being able to ssh onto full boxes.
  • This involved a lot of log reading, digging into documentation related to PAM and dhclient, and editing several shell scripts.
  • Took the lead on updating the Jasmine-t­­est-helpers tool to work with jasmine-versions 2+, while remaining backwards compatible with earlier versions of Jasmine and the Jasmine-node library.
  • Produced version 2.0.0 of the Confidential Queue ( Confidential ) library.
  • This entailed refactoring code to remove redundancy and add clarity, updating documentation, and ensuring that the code was free of race conditions (something that had not been properly handled in version 1).


Head of Graphic Design


  • Demonstrated design capabilities to prospective clients to win new business.
  • Worked directly with clients to develop designs within time and cost constraints.
  • Built lasting relationships by delivering designs on time and within budget.
  • Produced original billboards, social media content, and seasonal marketing campaigns.

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