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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • 8 years of experience in designing, developing and testing Enterprise Applications using Java/ J2EE platform, object oriented methodologies, Web services like SOAP, REST and SDLC approaches for software development.
  • Good Experience in developing front end applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, XML, XHTML, DHTML, SAAS, LESS, DOM, Ajax, and JSP.
  • Expertise in developing front end web applications using client - side JavaScript frameworks likeAngularJS, Backbone.Js, Ember.JS, Handlebar.JSto achieve MVC design flow.
  • Worked extensively with Angular 2.x/4. Xusing Type scripts, routers, custompipes, to achieve MVVM functionality.
  • Experienced in developing applications using React JS for view rendering and implementing React JS with Redux and Flux to achieve MVC design flow to the application.
  • Experience in working with view rendering JavaScript likeJquery with AJAX to make asynchronous calls.
  • Proficient in testing Angular applications using Karma, Jasmine, Protractor and React Applications with Mocha and Chai
  • Extensive knowledge in developing applications using core java concepts and experienced in working with Core Java SE 8 features like Lambda functions,Stream API, Time API, and Generics.
  • Good Hands-on experience in various spring framework modules like spring boot, spring AOP, spring security, spring cloud, spring data, spring batch, Spring IOC, spring Transactionmanagement
  • Good experience in developing applications using java web enterprise frameworks like Spring MVC, JSF, structs to connect with web container.
  • Expertise in developing Micro services using Spring Boot and Node JS to build more physically separated modular applications which will improve scalability, Availability, Agility of application.
  • Knowledge in implementation using Spring Cloud - Netflix OSS stack for microservices deployment and auto configurations like Eureka which is aService Discovery Server, Ribbon used for Dynamic Routing and Load Balancer, Hystrix Circuit Breaker, Zuul (Edge proxy) and centralized log analyses (ELK).
  • Developed RESTfulwebservices using JAX RS, Apache CXF, Jerseyframework, WSDL and SOAP services using JAX WS, Axis2, ApacheCXF and WSDLto implement service oriented architecture(SOA).
  • Experience in working with Message Queues services like Rabbit MQ, Apache Kafka, IBM MQfor communication between sender and listener.
  • Good Knowledge on working with OAUTH2.0 to provide authentication and authorization to Rest services by exchanging Access tokens.
  • Experience in using JSON Web Tokens(JWT) to securely communicate JSON Objects.
  • Experienced with Relational databases like MYSQL, ORACLE, POSTGRE,PL/SQL and NoSql Databases like MongoDb and Cassandra
  • Proficient in writing complex SQL queries and stored procedures.
  • Expertise in implementing ORM technologies like Hibernate, JPA, IBATISto connect withRDBMS and Mongoose connector,Cassandra Node Driver for NoSQL database.
  • Experienced in implementing unit testing using Junit, Mockito and Spock
  • Worked in implementing integration testing using selenium and cucumber.
  • Expertise in working with build tools like Maven, Gradle, ANT
  • Involved in working with Java script build tools like GRUNT, GULP, Webpack.
  • Worked with Jenkins and Bamboo to achieve Continuous integration(CI) and ContinuousDevelopment(CD).
  • Knowledge in working with Docker tool to create, deploy and run applications by using containers and it helps to save Disk space and RAM size.
  • Knowledge on Kubernetes to deploy containerized applications.
  • Experience in using Platform as service(PaaS) Cloud services like Pivotal Cloud Foundry to deploy applications on cloud.
  • Good Experience in using Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2 for Virtual Servers to deploy applications, S3 and Glacier for storing data, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Identity,Amazon EBS, Amazon SQS.
  • Worked in deployment and configuration of Application Servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS.
  • Experience in working withLog4J for logging, debugging and error tracing.
  • Expertise in working with Agile, Prototyping, Water Fall and RADMethodologies.
  • Knowledge in creating rules using Business Rules Engines: Drools, ILOG.
  • Good Knowledge in Batch processing using Quartz scheduler and also by writing Shell scripts and Unix scripts














Confidential, Richmond Va

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in developing application using Spring Boot Microservice architecture with Front end using Angular4.0
  • Developed Single Page Applications(SPA) with multiple components for loading multiple views using Angular4.0
  • Implemented Angular Routersfor navigating between multiple views without rendering views every time from server which helps my application faster and efficient.
  • Developed Angularcustom pipesto build search baras per project requirements.
  • Observable Patterns are used for connecting to external API’s and subscribe to receive data with the help of RX/JSlibraries.
  • Angular guards were used for authentication to tell the router whether or not it should allow navigation to requested resource.
  • Angular @Input,@Output annotations are used to pass data from one component to another component and Event Emitter is used to emit the data.
  • Bootstrap is implemented in Angular templates which serves great look, responsiveness to adjust with devices like phones, tablets and desktops and cross browser compatibility.
  • Worked with both AngularTemplate driven forms andAngularModel driven forms for validations.
  • Typescript language is used to develop our Angular4.x applications which provides advanced features like auto completion, navigation, and refactoring.
  • @NgRx/store and @NgRx/effectsare usedfor storing and managing state of the data while navigating between the forms in application.
  • Node Package Manager(NPM) is used for managing dependencies in our Angular 4.0 application
  • Data driven applications was developed using React JS with Redux where data is rendered more frequently.
  • React JS is used to create multiple components and redux JS to maintain application state.
  • Karma and Jasmine is used for Angular unit testing and react applications testing with Mocha and Chai.
  • Spring Boot is used to remove broiler plate code which avoid code redundancy.
  • Spring Annotations are used extensively to inject dependencies and Spring IOC is used for life cycle management of a Bean.
  • Micro services were developed using spring boot where Micro service registration is done with spring cloud using Netflix Eureka, Ribbon is used for Load balancing and Hystrix circuit breaker for fault tolerance.
  • Spring framework is integrated with Hibernate ORM to connect DAO layer with relation databases for data retrieval.
  • MongoDB is used to query unstructured data and Mongooseconnector is used to make connections with Mongo DB.
  • Developed RESTServices by implementing JAX RS using Jersey framework.
  • Implemented OAUTH 2 (Rest service authentication) in our application in order to communicate securely with other protected resources by exchanging access tokens for authentication instead of using user name and passwords.
  • REST services were documented using swagger for clear understanding.
  • Unit test scripts were developed using Junit and Mockito.
  • APACHE KAFKA messaging queues are used for automatic transfer of messages between sender and listener.
  • Single Sign On(SSO) authentication is implemented using Spring security and Site Minder so that user can sign in to single site and browser will sign automatically to another cross domain.
  • Involved in Migrating our Production APIs and systems to AWS. EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk were used to move our application to cloud.
  • Kubernetes is used to deploy containerized applications and we used Replication controllers to maintain pod copies and for rolling copies.
  • Selenium is used to perform integration testing.
  • ImplementedDrools Business Logic Integration Platform which provides a unified and integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing.
  • Jenkins is used for CD/CI deployment and Maven is used as build tool.
  • Webpack is used for Angular and React applications build process.
  • Provided after deployment support to fix bugs in applications using CR management.

Environment: Angular 4.0,React JS, Type script,HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Bootstrap, Maven,Hibernate, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, OAuth 2, AWS, Rabbit MQ, RESTful, Swagger, GIT, Jenkins, MySQL, NoSQL, Mongo DB, Mocha, Chai, Mockito,Junit,Jasmine,Karma,Webpack, Spring security, Site minder.

Confidential, Boston

Senior Java Full Stack Developer


  • User interface is developed using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, AJAX, Es6 .
  • Developed application using React with Redux architecture.
  • Responsive Single Page Applications (SPA) were developed using ReactJS for faster rendering of data.
  • Designed modular and reusable React components using Redux Architecture and Material-UI.
  • React-Redux is used for state management and React-Router is used for programmatic navigation
  • JSX attributes were used in React JS to maintain unidirectional flow from parent to child components.
  • Applied React JScomponents, Forms, Events, Keys, Router,Animations, and Redux concept in developing our application.
  • Worked extensively with Props and States in React to manage data.
  • Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using React -Dragable.
  • ECMAACRIPT6 is used to develop react components in our application.
  • Developed Restful API using Node JS with Express JS.
  • Developed mobile, Tablet and desktop-based applications to run on server-sideNode JS Platform.
  • Node JS with Express JS is used in developing micro service components to attain Non-blocking event driven platform that interact with multiple data sources.
  • Node.js is used to route client requests to backend web services and stored user preferences and other data in a distributed database.
  • Worked withExpress JS which is fast, assertive, essential and moderate web framework of Node JS that helps manage a sever and routes.
  • Worked withExpress JS which respond to HTTP Requests and dynamically render HTML Pages based on passing arguments to templates. used Spring Boot micro service architectural patterns to develop some standalone Micro services spring Boot properties like actuators and healthcheckers are used to enhance micro service implementations.
  • Cassandra Database is used to handle un structured data and CassandraNodeDriver is used to connect with database.
  • RabbitMQmessage broker is used to transfer messages from our application to customers for payment confirmation details.
  • SPOCK and MOCKITO were used to write and run the unit testcases.
  • MOCHA and CHAI were used to test React application and Karma, Jasmine are used to Angular 2.0 applications.
  • Log4j tool is used to store logs and error tracing.
  • Application was installed on AWS EC2 instances and configured the storage on S3 buckets.
  • Microservices that were developed using Spring Boot are deployed on Amazon EC2 container services using AWS admin console.
  • DOCKER tool is used to build docker images from docker files where code and dependencies are placed and we created Docker containers by running these images which helps in managing storage issues. DockerHub is used later to store our images which acts as a repository.
  • Micro-Services are implemented using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Amazon Web Services.
  • GRADLE is used as build tool in our application and NPM is used to build our Node JS application which is a server-side java script application.
  • BABEL and Webpack is used to build and deploy the application.
  • GIT is used to maintain version control and Bamboo is used for CD/CI deployment.

Environment: Angular 2.0,React JS, Type script,HTML5, CSS3, JSON,, Bootstrap, Gradle, JPA, Node JS, Express JS, NPM, AWS, Docker, EC2, APACHE KAFKA, RESTful, WADL, GIT,Bamboo, Jenkins, ORACLE, NoSQL, Cassandra, Mocha, Chai, Mockito, Spoc, Jasmine, Karma,Webpack, Babel, Log4j,Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Confidential, Louisville, KY

Sr.Java/ UI Developer


  • UI Web pages were developed by using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS1.6
  • AngularJs 1.6 is used to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Angular Directives likeNg-Model, Ng-App, Ng-repeat e.t.c were used to develop views and data binding in our application.
  • Worked with built-in Angular Filters and developed custom Angular Filters in application as per business requirements.
  • Angular scopes($scopes) are used to glue View and controller to send data from controller to view.
  • Angular Routes were used to navigate through views in our application.
  • Angular Directives are used to develop customized components.
  • Rest API calls and data binding is done by using Angular JS
  • Spring MVC frame work is used to develop enterprise application and it helps to maintain loosely coupling. Spring IOC is used to inject dependencies and mange the life cycle of a bean.
  • Implemented Spring Annotations, Spring AOPto develop Business layer components.
  • Experienced with distributed transaction management with isolation levels with Spring JTA.
  • Exposed Stateless session beans as RESTful web services using JAX-RS.
  • Developed Restful web service using JaxRswithJersey framework.
  • Swagger is used to create interactive documentation of Rest API and to automate the test scripts.
  • OAUTH 2.0 authentication frame work is used to provide security to Restful web services by generating access token in order to access protected resources.
  • Spring security is used for authentication and authorization and to provide protection against attacks like session fixation, clickjacking and cross site request forgery.
  • Spring batch programming is executed by using quartz scheduler.
  • Test cases are developed and implemented using Junit testing.
  • Developed our application using Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Apache camel framework is used for message-oriented middleware with rule-based routing and mediation engine.
  • Apache camel framework is used for concrete implementations of Enterprise Integration Patternsand connectivity to great variety of transports and API’s
  • Messaging queues were developed using JMS frame work with IBM-MQ to communicate between applications by sending messages.
  • Maven is used as a build tool and SVN is used to maintain version control.
  • GULP is used to build Angular.js application and protractor for testing
  • Hibernate ORM is used to achieve persistence and make connections with MySql Database. HQL is used to retrieve data from database.
  • Hibernate EHcache is used at second level to boost the performance of application.
  • Backend interfaces are developed using stored procedures and PL/SQL packages.
  • Log4jand JIRAis used for logging and debugging.
  • Pivotal Cloud foundry is used to build and deploy applications

Environment: AngularJS 1.0, HTML5, CSS3, JSON,, Bootstrap, MAVEN, HIbernate,, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring cloud,, AWS, EHcache, Jax Rs, Jersey, Jax WS Apache CXF, Spring Batch, IBM-MQ,SVN,GULP,Protractor,1 Pivotal cloud foundry, Log4j, JIRA

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Java/ UI Developer


  • Developed Web pages in our application using HTML, CSS, AjaxandJQuery. jQuery is used for handling user events, webpage manipulation and fetching data from servers with cross browser compatibility.
  • Backbone.js components like View, Model, Router, Collections were used in our application.
  • Responsive UI modules are created using Backbone JS with hard coded dependency of Underscore JS in combination with Handlebar JS for templating.
  • Utilized HandleBar.js to create Views templates that could be reused and rendered to DOM multiple times.
  • Developed and supported REST API and UI for enterprise-level data migration platforms using Ember JS
  • Developed Enterprise application using Spring MVC to maintain loose coupling between layers.
  • SpringIOC container is used to manage life cycle of a bean and used core annotations like @autowired to inject dependencies in our application.
  • Configured Dispatcher servlet for processing requests and response and used View Resolver to map web pages.
  • Multithreading is implemented in our application to handle multiple requests to boost performance.
  • Collection frame work is used in business layer to retrieve multiple records, inserting records in database and implemented them according to business requirements.
  • Spring AOP module is used to handle cross cutting concerns like transaction management,logging and profiling.
  • Spring AOP is used for exception handing and user activity tracking.
  • Spring Security is used to provide comprehensive and extensible support for Authentication and Authorization.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQLStored Procedures in order to reduce number of calls sent to database which will enhance the performance.
  • Hibernate ORM is used to connect DAO layer to MYSQL database.
  • Implemented in-built CRUD operations provided by hibernate to retrieved data from database.
  • HQL is used to write complex queries for data retrieval.
  • Developed Data layer using Hibernate framework, configured XML mapping files, wrote POJO classes and PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • Junit is used to develop and run our test cases.

Environment: HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Backbone.js, Handlebar.js, Ember Js Spring MVC, Hibernate, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Junit, MySql, Hibernate, HQL, collections


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed Front End Web pages using HTML, CSS, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Jquery is used to load the content dynamically without reloading page by make use of AJAX and also to provide cross browser compatibility.
  • Developed UI using JSF&prime-faces components and utilized various AJAX features that is provided in Prime faces
  • JSF framework is used to develop User Interface using reusable UI components, Events, Listeners and Validators.
  • Prime faces are used with JSF to enrich web pages and AJAX validation done by Prime faces.
  • View pages are created by using components of prime faces in XHTML files and configured JSF framework.
  • Developedour application using Spring MVC framework and core annotations were used to inject dependencies.
  • Implemented Multithreading in our application to improve performance.
  • Spring AOP module is used to handle transaction management services for objects in any Spring-based application.
  • Hibernate ORM is used to make connection with MYSQL database and to make database transactions.
  • Developed optimized SQL queries to enhance the query performance and written store procedures in MYSQL database.
  • Developed SOAP web services by implementing JAX WS usingAxis 2 .
  • Load testing of SOAP Web Services is performed by using SOAP UI and Apache JMeter tools.
  • Created WSDL as per UI pages & generated client jars using JAX-WS.
  • UNIX Shell Scripts are developed for batch jobs to transfer the data on different servers.
  • Spring Batch is used to convert Xml files to database records using Quartz Scheduler.
  • Log 4j is used to record logs and for error tracing.
  • Maven is used for managing dependencies and to build our application.
  • Unit testing is performed using Junit.
  • Jenkins is used for continuous deployment and Continuous integration process.
  • Drools rules engine is used for defining business rules and Validations.

Environment: HTML, CSS, Ajax,JQuery,Primefaces , JSF Spring MVC, hibernate, MySQL, Multi-threading, SOAP web services, WSDL, Java Server Faces(JSF), Drools rule engine, Shell, Maven, Spring AOP, Spring Batch, UNIX shell scripts




  • The application is designed using J2EE design patterns and technologies based on MVC architecture.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile methodology is used for development of the application.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Value Object Pattern, Session Façade, Singleton, Factory and DAO.
  • Created Stored Procedures & Functions. Used JDBC to process database calls for Db2 Server database.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQLStored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Views for SQL database.
  • Developed back end interfaces using PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, functions, procedures, anonymous PL/SQL programs, Cursor management, Exception Handling in PL/SQL programs.
  • Implemented various features of Spring such as Dependency Injection, IOC, Annotations and Spring Integration with Struts.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages the classical Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Implemented persistence layer with iBATISORM.
  • Involved in designing the user interfaces using JSPs.
  • Developed JSTL custom tags to support custom user interfaces.
  • Used Eclipse for developing JSPs, Servlets, Struts and with IBM WEB SPHERE server in the development phase.
  • Used Spring Security framework to setup authentication and authorization for the application using firm wide single sign on.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services using SOAP with JAX-WS.
  • Used SOAP for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Involved in the development of underwriting process, which involves communications without side systems using IBM MQ & JMS.
  • Wrote Unit test cases using JUnit & Mockito framework.
  • Used ANT for automated build and deployment on IBM WebSphere.
  • Handled Java Multi-threading part in back-end component, one thread will be running for each user, which serves that user.

Environment: Db2, PL/SQL, Spring IOC, Struts, iBatis, JSP, JSTL, Spring Security, SOA, SOAP, JAX-WS, IBM MQ, JMS, JUnit, Mockito, ANT, IBM WebSphere, J2EE.

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