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Android Developer Resume

Woburn, MA


  • 4 years of total IT experience with 1+ years of Applications development and 2+ years with Android Development
  • Developed applications using Eclipse IDE, SQLite, JAVA, XML, Android SDK and ADT plug - in.
  • Expertise in use of popular public SDKs, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Excellent in troubleshooting and debugging software applications
  • Used Github as the source control and for collaboration
  • Designed, coded, and tested Android apps for deployment to the Android Marketplace
  • Integrated with Android Facebook Connect, Google Mapkit, and 3rd party services.
  • Worked with JSON and XML data exchange formats
  • Experience with location based apps
  • Worked on integrating Parse API to save data and receive data
  • Developed the common slider menu using third party libraries
  • Involved in full android lifecycle for developing applications


Programming and Scripting Languages: Java, Eclipse, C++, C, HTML, CSS

Operating Systems: Android, Linux, Windows

Database: SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft Access

Source Control: Github


Confidential, Woburn, MA

Android Developer

  • The native Shell Apps was built for Android platform that can take an XML at runtime, inflate it and generate an end user App.
  • The User Interface XML is downloaded from Confidential backend, based on the user/business that logged into the shell app.
  • The XML would first be originated from the Web UI that the businesses used to design the App and submit to Confidential server.
  • Did the coding, maintenance and enhancement of the App.
  • The coding was done in Java using Eclipse and Android SDK.
  • Worked in synch with the Web team to add new UI control. Every new XML tag had to be carefully parsed to generate a native UI control.
  • Clear and solid implementation of actions associated with UI controls.
  • Users can save/cache data, which was implemented in SQLite.

Technologies: Java, Android, SDK, Eclipse, API, XML, JSON, User Interface


  • Designed the user interface for the application.
  • An UI intensive app which is user friendly, intuitive, informative and easy to navigate
  • Performed all roles from UI design to implementation of code.
  • Extensive use of list views to display various data.
  • List view implementation with performance and smoothness (when scrolling).
  • Integrated to show Google Ads.
  • Ability to share businesses the user likes on various platforms such as,
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Dynamically provide search suggestions to the user based on time of day and current weather
  • Used Eclipse as the IDE and Java as the programming language.

Technologies: Java, Android, SDK, Eclipse, API, JSON, User Interface


  • Application to capture documents and submit to the backend for processing.
  • Being able to stabilize the camera during capture process was paramount.
  • Built custom camera activity for giving the user full control on stabilization.
  • Phone accelerometer was used to aid the user, when capturing.
  • It is a memory intensive app because many pictures can potentially be captured and exist in memory, while waiting to be sent.
  • Security was paramount - hence there was no caching or queuing of capture documents. If the app crashed or closed, there would be no footprint of any documents previously captured.
  • Implemented business logic and database structure of the project.

Technologies: Java, Android, SDK, Eclipse, API, JSON

Confidential, Bridgewater, MA

Computer Graphics

  • A project that uses OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) to create and draw 2D and 3D shapes in C++ programming.


  • A group project with C and Gameboy-based robot microcontroller. Used Lego to design the body and sensors such as IR sensors, light sensors and distance sensors to find the object under the light bulb in a maze.

Information Retrieval

  • VByteEncoderDecoder: Used VByte compression algorithm to encode 4-byte integers into one byte (8bits) for numbers 0 to 127. (Higher bit is a terminator bit and 7 bits are to count the numbers.) Numbers higher than 127, more bytes are used. Then the decoder works backward to decode integers back to original.
  • Crawler: Created an individual program using Java where I implemented the code from Galagosearch to write a program that crawl Webpages.

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