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Software Engineer Resume



  • 5+ years of progressive experience in developing, deploying and maintenance of Java/J2EE and Python, Hadoop based applications.
  • Worked on AWS Ecosystem on RDS, Lambda, Data Migration Service, SNS, SQS, Dynaomo DB, VPC, AWS Machine learning, Step function and Serverless architecture
  • Expertise in developing web applications using Servlets, JSP and AJAX.
  • Worked on Hadoop ecosystems concepts like MapReduce, HBase, Pig, Hive, Spark MLlib and Impala
  • Understanding on Apache Spark, Kafka and Cassandra
  • Experience in implementing Hadoop based applications using MapReduce, Hive, Pig and Apache Spark
  • Understanding on Automating jobs using Hadoop Ozzie and Cron Jobs
  • Used EJB, JMS and Java Mail in Implementing J2EE technology.
  • Expertise in implementing Scheduling services using Spring Pivotal and Quartz schedulers.
  • Experience with databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server for managing tables, views, functions, triggers and packages.
  • Worked on different Operating Systems like Windows 98/2k/NT/XP/7, UNIX, Linux.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong research, analytical, computing skills.
  • Ability to work independently and adapt quickly to emerging new technologies.


Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x, Jboss 5.x/7.x

Messaging Systems: JMS, MQ Series, ActiveMQ, AWS SNS, AWS SQS

Hadoop Technologies: MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Impala, Apache spark

Languages: Python, Java, SQL

IDE Tools: Pycharm, Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans

Internet Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP

Databases: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, MySQL, DynamoDB, AWS RDS

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP/2000/NT/98/95, UNIX, LINUX, Sun Solaris



Software Engineer


  • Define, design, build, test, deploy, and support Manufacturing System Applications using Java, Python, MySQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark
  • Build the data pipe line with various tools on AWS with many levels of data distributions and labelling with tracking at each level using cloud watch, cloud trail and lambda
  • Build trends for future prediction and analytics using AWS Machine learning API and custom built algorithms and analyze behavior of customer with manufacturing analytics
  • Worked with Python Django application and deployed on EC2 from GITHUB on Amazon Linux AMI
  • Worked with AWS DMS for moving data from legacy systems into AWS RDS and architecting the table structure, read & write throughput for DynamoDB
  • Integrated SNS & SQS with other Amazon native services and developed client tool to support the subscription and monitoring mechanism using boto3 API on Python Django application
  • Good understanding on various network architecture in AWS ecosystem like VPC, Subnets, Route Tables and Elastic IPs and deployed applications using Public and Private subnet using Virtual Internet Gateway with an Extension to our on premise network architecture
  • Worked on created server less architecture using Lambda, RDS, EC2, DynamoDB, SNS & SQS
  • Deploying to AWS resources using CloudFormation like EC2, EBS, S3, ELB, VPC and Lambda and monitoring health for AWS Resources using CloudTrail and CloudWatch
  • Changed the existing architecture to server - less model using Step-functions
  • Used Sqoop to extract and validate data from MySQL and Oracle databases to Hadoop cluster
  • Generated Parquet tables in Impala using Avro tables of Hive
  • Scheduled jobs like incremental data extraction using Control M and Ozzie
  • Preformed data analytics using Tableau using Parquet tables and generated reports used by client all across world
  • Developed HIVE queried and performed data portions in Hive
  • Developed Unix process shell script for handling the regular activities between Hive and Mysql
  • Installed and built applications on Hadoop ecosystem like Pig, Hive & Spark and linked it to data analysis tools like Tableau etc
  • Designed and implemented alerts using HBase Rest services on cluster and also used Impala to Scoop data out of cloud cluster to Tableau
  • Developed and implemented Cloud computing tool used for evaluating big data using statistical techniques through Tableau and other statistical tools.
  • Developed web services using Java Spring MVC framework
  • Developed trigger using Quartz scheduler which interacts with Middleware to retrieve Document URL
  • Consistently follow the specified Manufacturing Executive System methodology
  • Perform root cause analysis, technology evaluation, and design spikes
  • Involve in implementation of test plans, including the creation of test data and the verification of the test environment

Environment: Java1.7, IBM MQ, MS TFS 2010, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, Log4j, XML, Web Services, Hibernate 3.0, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML, HTML5, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SOAP, REST, Apache Tomcat, Sun Solaris, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Spark, Pig, Hive, Kafka, Cassandra, Impala Tableau, AWS Machine learning module

Confidential, LA

Software Engineer


  • Responsible for design and automation of Workforce Analytics ETL and reporting solutions for a diverse group of internal clients.
  • Developed an internal reporting tool for managing health data using Spring MVC and integrated with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • Lead product design and requirements gathering sessions in which client needs are evaluated and solutions provided and documented
  • Interface between clients and Kronos engineering and product management teams with prioritizing customer requirements to ensure client needs are exceeded
  • Design and implement custom solutions including ETL interfaces and customized reports

Environment: Java1.7, IBM MQ, MS TFS 2010, Spring 2.0/3.0, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, Log4j, XML, Web Services, Hibernate 3.0, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML, HTML5, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SOAP, REST, Apache Tomcat


Research Engineer


  • Designed testing framework and wrote Python scripts for real-time testing of hardware prototypes
  • Developed HMI for Analyzing Oil and Gas data using Neural Network Algorithm using Java Spring MVC and Python
  • Model, design, develop and test robotic controls and application models in MATLAB Coder, Simulink
  • Develop integrated validation and testing routines for Industrial Mobile applications using Android and Java programming
  • Install, Implement and maintain Manufacturing Software applications on various devices
  • Design, code, troubleshoot and fully document control logic for the Robotic controllers and a wide variety of industrial equipment using VBA and Matlab programming
  • Develop, implement, and unit test Android mobile application
  • Develop a robust, maintainable code in Microsoft VBA that performs well across a range of devices.
  • Development of Key-Value Driven Automation Framework for better user interaction and customization for users with python scripting knowledge

Environment: Java2, J2EE (Servlets, JSP), JavaScript, CSS, XML, Eclipse, Matlab, Spring MVC, Python, .NET, Microsoft VBA, Android Studio


Application Engineer


  • Responsible for implementation, Support, Development, Maintenance, Training & Process documentation of ERP
  • Developed an mobile application to capture shop floor activities and reporting purposes as part of value addition project using Java and Android
  • Worked on process integration for various manufacturing divisions
  • Involved in the software development for automating the shop floor to ware house activities
  • Created software applications like Warehouse Management System - WMS, Quality Management System- QMS, Manufacturing Execution System- MES, E commerce applications based on the user request for shop floor operators using Java
  • Implemented SCADA systems for Scotch tape operations as part of plant wide MES configuration for data collection and analysis
  • Trained and installed various software’s as part of system rebuilding project
  • Conducted unit testing and documentation of the Java Tags and business logic that displays messages associated with customers that used 3M web application.
  • Designed dynamic Java Tags to collect the user preferences that related to the vendors which gives the information about the frequencies of supply and storing their profile on the 3M Web application.

Environment: J2EE, Java, XML, JSP, JMS, HTML, JDBC, JavaScript, Log4j, JUnit, EJB 2.0, Hibernate 3.0, PL/SQL, DB2, Linux, Visual Basic 4.0


Software Developer


  • Provided IT support to quality assurance and manufacturing operations, with primary focus on process control systems.
  • Plan, Design and Implement the MES solution for various units using Excel Macros and VBA
  • Supported Bug fixes for various MES applications build using Java, Python and .NET
  • Developed web application using Java Spring frame work which acts as data repository for various teams inside the plant which involves data generation and analysis using web interface
  • Developed Reporting tool using Jasper Reports to record Quality, Production and yield data for various products

Environment: Python, J2EE, Java, XML, JSP, JMS, HTML, JDBC, JavaScript, Log4j, JUnit, EJB 2.0, Hibernate 3.0, PL/SQL, DB2, Linux, and Visual Basic 4.0

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