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Web Developer Resume

Lafayette, CO


  • 11 years in software development focusing on Frontend Development
  • 8 years working with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • 7 years developing within an agile environment. (Kanban and Scrum)
  • Experience working in server - side languages such as JSTL, ASPX, C#, and PHP to create UI interactions with jQuery, HTML5 WordPress, and MODX
  • Experience in responsive design developing for desktop sites, tablets and mobile devices using Bootstrap and Foundation and in cross-browser compatibility


Programming Technologies: ASPX, C#, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSPX, JSTL, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JSON, AJAX, Underscore, React, Angular

Frameworks and Tools: Node.js, Ruby Gems, Jenkins, Grunt, Bootstrap, Foundation, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, Git, Git Bash, Powershell, Eclipse(Spring STS), Visual Studio 2013, JIRA, Photoshop, Webpack, Babel, Jasmine, Composer, Slim

Databases: MySQL, MS SQL

Servers/Containers: IIS, Apache, Tomcat


Web Developer

Confidential,Lafayette, CO

  • Created new site utilizing Bootstrap as a CSS framework.
  • Utilized MODX for the content management system.
  • Used SEO techniques to gain a higher organic search ranking.
  • Utilized the JavaScript framework, Angular to build an overtime pay calculation for workers.

UI/UX Developer

Confidential,Boulder CO

  • Developed new UI features, and maintained the main mobile and desktop e-commerce site Confidential .
  • Utilized jQuery and jQuery Mobile library to build single page apps and build user functionality to enhance the mobile site. jQuery was the preferred code to handle form validation, accordions, modals, etc. My first challenge at Confidential was to build a single page checkout app that would replace our existing checkout process for mobile in three weeks. One of my accomplishments was that I built a JavaScript plugin for getting city and state based on zip code and AJAX results from a third-party plugin.
  • Work with Designers to ensure new features are not only built to specs but to help call out any UI/UX issue that may reside in new enhancements or changes. Some challenges include solving markup issues with CSS that designers want that will play well for a specific site but won’t break the platform template that other sites rely on.
  • Created sub sites (partner sites) for the Confidential brand using SQL scripts and our home grown CMS
  • Redesigned sites for A/B testing using Maxymiser and In-house A/B testing platforms. A very complex and challenging task which involved the task of only performing UI changes to markup via jQuery and JavaScript to redesign the page without hardcoding modifications to our templates. This involved using Maxyimiser to mask the page on load and running our code to change the markup and add classes to restyle the pages. This went from landing page to checkout. I was pulled from my task for the main mobile site to help code and redesign our NFL Shop site in which my work was showcased in a T.V commercial. My JavaScript


  • Created the entire site using MODX CMS.
  • Created database tables to support member’s information such as personal information, and family information (i.e. kids) using MySQL.
  • Created registration page, member’s profile update page, administration backend pages for updating/creating members, email forms
  • Utilized AJAX and JSON to retrieve and display information from the database.
  • Used PHP as the server-side language for backend development.
  • Front-end used CSS, HTML 5, vanilla JavaScript, and jQuery.

UI Developer

Confidential, PC

  • Contract Developer to build out a complete tax consulting website.
  • Developed site for SEO specifications.

UI Developer

  • Senior builder for Co-Registration offers utilizing html and css. Worked in PHP for some offers to connect to advertiser’s APIs either through soap or cURL (XML formatted submits). As well, used PHP to create special functionality for specific Co-Registration offers.
  • Developed landing pages from Photoshop PSDs, which I sliced and created images for the web pages using HTML, JSPX and styled using CSS/CSS3 and CSS3 PIE.
  • Worked with JSTL to get information from our backend coded in Java to add to page’s functionality.
  • Used jQuery/JavaScript for adding additional user interactivity and client side form validation as well as Ajax/JSON for REST API calls to our backend.
  • Worked with JavaScript to validate forms for adding additional client side security as well as user interactivity. These included coding in jQuery to displaying portions of pages based on user’s inputs, mainly utilized click event handlers to display prizes and prize details to users. Used Ajax/JSON for REST API calls to our backend for uses of getting back an address selection result and display to users based off of their address input. Tracked offer pages via Ajax to determine what types of offers to display using jQuery and JSTL.
  • Complexities include building landing pages in a fast timely manner based on needs of the business. Some landing pages required a bit of user interactivity, so masking parts of the page with jQuery and CSS was always a challenge especially working with a template that was used for other landing page types.
  • Worked with WordPress to create websites and created in-house plug-ins for in-house editors to use in building sites.
  • Began to get exposed to jQuery Mobile library for our mobile sites. Developed very little for mobile before my departure.
  • Updated admin systems using Backbone.js.
  • Determined and improved performances of web pages using YSlow and Show Slow.
  • Utilized subversion (TortoiseSVN), and development team worked in an agile work environment (Kanban) with daily meetings/standups. Also used JIRA ticketing system.
  • Responsible for building, deploying and releasing code twice a week using PuTTY at first then conformed to continuous integration using Bamboo.
  • Environments worked in (IDE): Eclipse/Spring STS

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