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Sr. Java Production Support Analyst Resume

Warren, NJ


  • Over 8.3+ years of experience in analysis, design, documentation, implementation, testing and Operation/Production Support of web applications using Java/J2EE Technologies.
  • Advanced Skill in configuring and supporting software applications. Strong knowledge on writing complex SQL Queries
  • Advanced skill in creating and maintaining technical documentation. Strong software development and debug/troubleshooting skills.
  • Having great experience with all the stages of SDLC including designing, developing, testing and rolling out complex software's. Having experience in Agile and Scrum methodology.
  • Proficiency in developing secure web applications and server side development using AJAX, JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, CSS, HTML, Oracle, and various Design Patterns.
  • Good Knowledge on the Springs Framework to use with Annotations.
  • Experienced in Restful Web services
  • Hands on experience with databases including Oracle 10g, SQL Server,Sybase, MySQL and PL/SQL involving stored procedures, triggers, functions, indexes, and packages.
  • Working knowledge on XML Technologies JAXP DOM and SAX parsers.
  • Experience in IBM MQ series for transaction of Orders via xml.
  • Strong knowledge of Design including J2EE Design Patterns Singleton, MVC, DAO, Proxy, Adapter, Service Locator etc.
  • Around 2 years of experience in developing cloud computing applications.
  • Hands on the tools such as Eclipse, JDeveloper, Notepad, Editplus, Toad, Xml SPY, Linux VI editor, etc.
  • Worked extensively on various flavors of UNIX operating system like Linux, Solaris.
  • Experience in deploying applications on various web/application servers includes BEA WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Liberty Profile and IBM’s WebSphere.
  • Hands on experience in VPN, Putty, winSCP, VNCviewer, Filezilla, CoreFtp etc.
  • Involved in Writing the ANT and Maven scripts which helps to build and deploy the project.
  • Programming experience in UNIX Shell Script.
  • Programming experience in Export/Import flat files into Oracle database using SQLLOader.
  • Strong analytical skills with ability to quickly understand client's business needs.
  • Involved in meetings to gather information and Project requirements from the clients.
  • Experience in Tour Travel, Telecom Service Domains.
  • Experience with JUnit in performing unit testing.
  • Has an extensive experience in developing and implementing various Client/Server, Web and Enterprise Applications.
  • Work Experience with Tera Data base using Teradata Client 15.10
  • Strong Programming Skills in Core Java and J2EE Technologies.


Java/JEE technologies: Java, J2EE, Swing, RMI, Sockets, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, JSTL, JSF 1.x/2.x,Jakarta Struts, EJB, Spring 2.0/3.0, Hibernate, JTA, JMS, Web Services.

Languages: Java, Java Script, JQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX

Operating System: Unix (Sun Solaris), Linux, Windows

Application/Web Servers: WebSphere 8.5,Liberty Profile, Web logic Application server, JBOSS, J2EE Server 1.4,Apache Tomcat 4.1/5.1, IBM HTTP Server, and IIS.

Database: Oracle, Sybase, DB2,My SQL,MangoDb, TeraData

IDE Tools: Maven, Jenkin, Hudson, SVN, VSS, CVS, Jira, Bugzilla, WinMerge, WinScp, Putty, FileZilla, Eclipse, iRAD

Frameworks and libraries.: Spring(Spring ORM, Spring MVC, Spring Core), Hibernate, Ant, Maven

Methodologies: Agile Scrum, Waterfall

Schedulers: Autosys, ESP,CA Tool, Cron

Defect Tracking: Jira,HP Application LiveCycle tool

Others: Scrum, Agile, SDLC, UML, JUnit


Confidential, Warren, NJ

Sr. Java Production support Analyst


  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Involved in the Core team grooming calls for new requirements and partnered with business analysts to analyze the user stories.
  • This is a middle tier SOA ESB application, Used Xml and Json for sending requests and receiving response from interfacing systems. Used XSLT for formatting xml’s as per Xsd’s provided by external systems.
  • This application is to communicate with various interfacing teams, handle business logics and sending only whatever is required to show on front end.
  • Consumed SOAP and Restful Web services from the interfacing systems such as billing, point of sale, data usage analysis etc.
  • Worked on a multithreaded application to schedule jobs for multiple lines in an account at the sametime.
  • Used Elastic Search noSQL DB for storing call stacks and logs.
  • Worked as a partial DevOps resource like writing Ant Build Scripts and Jenkins Configuration to build and upload on Artifactory.
  • Worked as a Release lead on monthly rotation basis, this includes trouble shooting environment issues staging code for release and validating JVMS after the deployment.
  • Worked on Application server migration from Web sphere Application Server to Liberty Profile and moving to AWS Cloud.
  • Worked on Spring Batch for Sending orders to internal work flow management, sending sms/emails to the customers on the suspend, reconnect and transfer of service requests.
  • Worked on Spring Boot Micro services, converting existing SOA to Micro services.
  • Used IBM Data Grid for large Business accounts and Reference data.
  • Used Accurev for Source control and merging branches.
  • Analyzed Production Issues and provided solutions.
  • Developed SQL Queries for retrieving data used to generate the reports and updating Data.
  • Used CA Technology Wily for SQL Script time, Service time, JVM utilization and traffic analysis.
  • Analyzed transaction count and service time between each release for major components to make sure average call handling time is low.
  • Performed unit and integration test cases for different driver scenarios.
  • Write Oracle Package, Stored procedure, Function, type, sequence, tables, view, Trigger for providing business development and Support.
  • Write Unix Shell Scripting and using SQLLoader load the data into database, Extract the data from the Oracle database and send the data to Data warehouse EDW Teradata for further processing.
  • Schedule the Unix job through ESP Scheduler and Cron Schedule
  • Monitor Daily Batch Job and provide the status if any issues report it .work on fixing defects on time
  • Enhance Unix Batch job Loading process for performance Improvement from 45 mins to 10 Min
  • Involved in SME and Code Reviews.

Environment: J2EE, Spring, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Hibernate 3.6, JMS, JSP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, AngularJS, XML, XSLT, JSON, Eclipse, Web Sphere Application Server 8.5, Liberty Profile, WSDL, SOAP, Restful Web Service, JAXP, JAXB, Oracle 11g, SQL, HP Quality Center, Ant, Amazon Web Services, JFrog Artifactory, HP Fortify, CA wily, MQ, Unix,Perl,Linux,CA WA workstation ESPX .


Java Developer and Production support Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gathered requirements from clients, finalise the design by working with Architecture team.
  • Developed end to end application that will facilitate pricing users to set up rules for generating pricing and to use many other utilities related to pricing.
  • Developed user interface for all DFP users.
  • Developed controller and middle layer to write business logic.
  • Developed job scheduler.
  • Enhance the performace of pricing engine using mutithreading.
  • Develop security layer to handle proper access for all pricing users.
  • Developed database queries and procedures.
  • Fine tune queries and procedures those are used for accessing large records from database tables and used for archival processes.
  • Deployments of applications war on WebLogic server on Cluster environment.
  • Co - ordinating onshore-offshore team.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Filters, Spring Reactor, Spring JAXB, noSQL(Orient DB), Java BeanIO, Jibx, Enterprise EDT, IBM MQ, JMS, JSF, Primefaces, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle, Sybase, Unix,Perl, Weblogic Application Server, Maven, Jenkin and Hudson.


Java Developer and Production support Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understanding the requirements and Product functionalities
  • Analyzing Requirements and Designing the Functionality of the product, Transform requirements into High Level Design using UML diagrams like case diagrams, Class diagram and Sequence diagrams
  • Expertise in development, deployment and implementation of dynamic web applications using Application servers like Websphere, Apache tomcat in Windows and UNIX environments.
  • Develop the Batch Process in Core Java.
  • Write Business logic to Stored Procedures, functions,Sequences,Objects, Packages to upload the data into respective tables and to mitigate the business requirement
  • The batch process is also deployed on Unix Plat form which will do all business logic and send the file to Fleet Draft Payment Server through Secure sftp
  • Schedule the Batch job in crontab.
  • Developed and implemented various dynamic web based applications using JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.X, Java Script, Ajax, html, CSS.
  • Expertise in using IDE tools like Eclipse, Web Sphere Studio Application Developer WSAD 5.x and Rational Application Developer RAD 6.x/7.x, IntelliJ, Ant build.
  • Efficiently enhancement of applications with Web 2.0 features like AJAX for performance improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Development, deployment, configuration of the Java Messaging Services JMS on Websphere 7.
  • Creation, deployment and configuration of Enterprise Beans EJB 2.0 Container and Bean Managed Persistent, Message Driven Beans MDB .
  • Architecture Design experience.
  • Development and deployment of Service Oriented Architecture SOA such as WebServices including SOAP, WSDL

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Filters, Spring Reactor, Spring JAXB, noSQL(Orient DB), Java BeanIO, Jibx, Enterprise EDT, IBM MQ, JMS, JSF, Primefaces, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle, Sybase, Unix,Perl, Weblogic Application Server, Maven, Jenkin and Hudson.


Java Developer and Production support Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Coding, JavaScript Validations.
  • Business Component has been implemented using EJB Session Beans technology in order to provide a scalable, reliable, manageable, extensible, distributed and object-oriented framework.
  • Used SPRING to implement Business layer to Data access layer
  • Worked on XML Technologies like XML Parsers, JAXB for binding data to java objects.
  • Implemented various design patterns: Singleton, Data Access Object DAO, Command Design Pattern, Factory Method Design Pattern.
  • Used CVS as a version controlling for the source code check in and check outs.
  • Generated Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams with Microsoft Visio and RAD.
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL and stored procedures as part of database interaction.
  • Rebuilt highly fragmented indexes (which get fragmented fast due to the nature of the application) on the development databases and convinced Manager that application needs a periodic index rebuild (on most actively used indexes) and coordinated production implementation with the DBA team. Recovered 35 GB of free space from index rebuilt and thus weekly database maintenance improved by 2 hours.
  • Extensively used Hibernate for Object relational Mapping for data persistence.
  • Involved in JUnit testing, bug fixing in multiple environments DEV/INT/CERT/PROD and reproduce bugs for fixing and code review of individual modules in the application.
  • Monitor a small team of developers.
  • Propose a solution based on the functional requirement.
  • Prepare the technical design document, get it approved by the client and implement accordingly.
  • Bug fixes in the existing system
  • Understanding the requirements and Product functionalities
  • Involved in design and developing of various utility classes that support application.

Environment: Windows 2000, Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, Oracle 9IAS, Oracle 9i Database, Unix,Perl.


Java Production support Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible in fixing the production issues which are tagged to Releases.
  • Resolved some of the Critical and escalated issues which are part of Release.
  • Take up new initiatives to resolve production ticket quickly.
  • Prepared the Solution and Design docs for the ticket and shared the same with the team for future reference.
  • Created documentation on debug techniques for the application in analyzing the tickets quickly.
  • Used Eclipse Integrated Development Environment IDE in entire project development.
  • Responsible for identifying the root cause, investigate and provide a solution for the escalated and critical production tickets.
  • Created Project Implementation Plan for production releases and support production release checkouts.
  • Provided round the clock production support on issues. Whenever the issue rose in production and need to join the call immediately and work with all the application teams resolve.
  • Responsible for the supporting monitoring issues for the application and should respond immediately for any type of Server and Service Maintenance issues.
  • Handled all types of production tickets.
  • Managed Client relationship effectively by interacting with the business team directly.
  • Implemented process improvement tools in production support activities

Environment: C,Unix,Perl,Sybase,Power Builder,.Net,Excel Macros,Mainframe,, Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaScript, Oracle 9IAS, Oracle 9i Database.

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