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Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • Over 5 years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle including analysis, design, development, deployment, documentation, implementation, integration and maintenance of web - based, distributed n-tier and client/server architecture software applications.
  • Experience in developing applications using JAVA with various J2EE technologies JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Beans, JNDI, JMS and Web Services.
  • Expertise on EJB (stateless Session EJB, MDB and Entity Beans) and frameworks like Struts 2.5.10/1, Spring 4.0, Serialization, Collection and Multithreading.
  • Experience in developing applications using various frameworks such as Struts Framework, Java Server Faces, Spring Framework and Hibernate.
  • Implemented Multithreading and collections in java code.
  • Expertise in developing Java Beans, POJO and Custom Tag libraries, providing client-side validations using JavaScript, JQuery and validation framework. Extensive experience in AJAX asynchronous data exchange with a server, and updating parts of a webpage without reloading.
  • Expertise with major databases such as Oracle 12c/11g, DB2, SQL Server 2000/05/16.
  • Experience with database persistence layer like Hibernate 5.0.
  • Expertise in developing Enterprise Applications, Web Applications and Web Services (REST/SOAP) in JAVA environment coupled with RDBMS exposure in n-tier applications.
  • Practical knowledge working with relational database systems (Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL.)
  • Proficiency in multiple databases like MongoDB, HBase, and MS SQL Server.
  • Migrated from oracle to MongoDB
  • Experience with System administration of UNIX Shared Services in Staging, Testing, Production and Development environment.
  • Excellent knowledge on Complete Cassandra architecture with in detail understanding of read, write and delete processes. Expert in benchmarking and load testing a Cassandra cluster using a Java-based stress testing utility called Cassandra-stress tool.
  • Experience in implementing projects using Eclipse 4.6/4.5/4.4 and IBM RAD 6/7 IDE.
  • Strong working skills in XML related technologies like XML, XSLT, WSDL, parsers like SAX, DOM, JAXP and JAX-RS.
  • Working knowledge of ANT/MAVEN for project build/test/deployment, Log4j for error loading and debugging.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Design (OOD) methodologies.
  • Self-motivated and goal oriented team player with strong analytical, organizational and problem solving skills.
  • Enthusiastic, creative, and willing to take up responsibilities.


Languages: Java 1.6/1.7/1.8, SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++

J 2EE Technologies: Collections,Multi-Threading, Datastructures, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, JSTL, JNDI, JMS, RMI.

Web Technologies: HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, XHTML, XML, XSD, XML Parsers, JQuery, JavaScript, REST Framework.

App/Web Servers: BEA Web Logic 8.x/7.x/6.x, IBM Web Sphere 8/6/5/4, Tomcat 8, JBoss 7

Frameworks: Struts 2.5.10/1.2/1.1, Spring 4/3/2.5/2, MVC, JSF, Hibernate 4.0, OSGI

SOA: Web Services (SOAP, WSDL)

Tools: Ant, Log4J, Rational Rose

IDEs: Eclipse 4.6/4.5/4.4, JDeveloper, Net Beans

Version Control: CVS, SVN, Clear Case, TFS.

Databases: Oracle 12c,11g,10g, DB2 9.x/8.x, SQL Server 2008 and MySQL 5

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in Requirements and Analysis Understanding the requirements of the client and the flow of the application as well as the application Framework.
  • Involved in designing, developing and testing of J2EE components like Java Beans, Java, XML, Collection Framework, JSP, Servlets, JMS, JDBC, and deployments in WebLogic Server.
  • Effectively developed Action classes, Action forms, JSP, JSF and other configuration files like struts-config.xml, web.xml.
  • Cassandra Cluster planning which includes Data sizing estimation, and identify hardware requirements based on the estimated data size and transaction volume
  • Used Eclipse as Java IDE tool for creating various J2EE artifacts like Servlets, JSP’s and XML.
  • Developed interactive and dynamic web pages using hand coded semantic HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS and Bootstrap.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Implemented back-end code using Spring MVC framework that handles application logic and makes calls to business objects.
  • Developed REST Web services using JAX-RS and Jersey to perform transactions from front end to our backend applications, response is sent in JSON format based on the use cases.
  • Used Spring, Hibernate module as an Object Relational Mapping tool for back end Operations over SQL database.
  • Provided Hibernate mapping files for mapping java objects with database tables.
  • Database development required creation of new tables, PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, views, indexes and constraints, triggers and required SQL tuning to reduce the response time in the application.
  • Created REST Web Services using Jersey to be consumed by other partner applications.
  • Worked in a fast-paced AGILE development environment while supporting requirements changes and clarifications. Design and work complex application solutions by following Sprint deliverables schedule.
  • Used Log4j for Logging various levels of information like error, info, debug into the log files.
  • Wrote unit testing codes using JUnit, resolved bugs and other defects using Firebug, JIRA and Eclipse's debugging tool.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Angular.JS, Postman, Web logic, JUnit, RESTful Web Services, Agile Methodology, Maven, Jetty Server, Jenkins, SVN, SVN Tortoise, Eclipse.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Understanding functional specifications and documenting technical design documents.
  • Developing sample implementations based out of finalized design patterns.
  • Developed Spring DAO templates to all type of CRUD operations.
  • Implementation of the modularity by using OSGI framework.
  • Used JIRA as an issue tracker tool to collaborate with testers and functional team as well as to track defects and change requests.
  • Web Logic 12c Installation and monitoring the status of the server.
  • Implemented Microservice Architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST, SOAP and Apache Kafka.
  • Implemented Micro services Registration and Discovery with Spring Cloud and Eureka.
  • Used Spring Boot Actuator to externalize application's configuration properties for different environments
  • Created Auto deploy jobs using Jenkins and Maven.
  • Used Jenkins continuous integration tool to make the build passes before deploying the code to other environments
  • Used Spring Rest Template to use the exposed Rest Web Services.
  • Designed and implemented No SQL Mongo DB key stores and column families.
  • Used Spring AOP in case of logging and security.
  • Used JMS (MQ Series) for sending out automated notification emails to respective users of the application.
  • Implementation of Elasticsearch using Spring in internal business applications.
  • Developed all the JUnit test cases for all the different layer implementations.
  • Used Hibernate Template and Core Hibernate 4.0 in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures using SQL query language in Oracle 12c.
  • Used JQuery and Ajax actively on the portal applications.
  • Used Log4J for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Extensively used Maven to build all the plugins and verify all the test cases which are part of the build.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for Unit Testing and functional testing for various modules and prepared Code Documentation for future reference and upgrades.
  • As part of another project I made use of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Interfaced with numerous 3rd party APIs (PayPal, Amazon Payments).
  • Used Subversion and TFS as a version control system.
  • Used agile pattern, attending scrums on regular basis with onsite and offshore teams.

Environment: Java 1.8, HTML5, XML, hibernate 4.0, Struts 2.5.10, Spring 4, JDBC Template, Eclipse 6, SOA, Agile, Oracle 12c, Ant, Ajax,Jenkins, EJB, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, SOAP, REST, Unix, Log4J, JUnit


Software Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, UAT and Production phases of the application.
  • Developed Form Beans and Action classes using Struts framework along with validation framework.
  • Used Struts, Tiles to provide a full-featured, robust framework for assembling presentation pages from component parts.
  • Developed JSP pages for the presentation and used JSP tags.
  • Developed the Business Delegate, Singleton, Service Locator, Session-Facade and DAO Layers.
  • Developed XML files, Schema’s and parsing them by using both SAX and DOM parser’s.
  • Designed and Developed XSL style sheets using XSLT to transform XML and display the information on the UI screens.
  • Developed Stateless Session Beans which will in turn call DAO’s to retrieve & update data into Database.
  • Wrote deployment scripts for implemented EJB’s using Ant.
  • Preparation of the Design document for the project that includes class diagrams, method level details and writing of the pseudo code.
  • Used various Core Java concepts such Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Used Log4j and commons-logging frameworks for logging the application flow.
  • Involved in Unit Testing using Junit and Integration of Use Cases.

Environment: Core Java, Struts, JSP, EJB, HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, JDBC, Jenkins, Junit, ANT, IBM Web Sphere Application Server, DB2, Windows.

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