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Application Engineer Resume

Southfield, MI


  • Over 5+ years of Software Quality Assurance experience in all phases of Software product development including requirement analysis, test planning, scheduling, testing, defect tracking and reporting. Expertise in testing applications of various domains.
  • Well acquainted with Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life Cycle, and Bug Life Cycle.
  • Seeking an opportunity in a growing organization where I can utilize my skills and experiences and grow within the company and deliver quality products to consumers.
  • Proficient in Infotainment and Embedded Testing Environments
  • Strong knowledge and extensive experience in various phases of SDLC, STLC and Agile methodology.
  • Expertise in Business Analysis, Functional and System Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Creation of Test Plans, Test Strategies, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Scripts and Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Skilled in different levels of testing like Component Testing, Black box testing, Functional Testing, Integration testing, System testing, UAT, Regression testing, Smoke, Sanity, Database testing, Adhoc, Cross browser compatibility, Scalability, Usability, System testing, Emmc testing, Certification testing, HMI testing and Maintenance of the applications.
  • Proficient in Performing verification and validation of Vehicle Infotainment System technologies and skilled in different levels of testing like Component Testing, Black box testing, Functional Testing, Integration testing, System testing, UAT, Regression testing, Smoke, Sanity, Database testing, Ad - hoc, Cross browser compatibility, Scalability, Usability, Maintenance of the applications.
  • Hands on experience in Test Case Designs, Test Metrics, Defect reporting and tracking, analyzing and producing Test Results and Reports using tools like Quality Center (ALM), JIRA, Bugzilla and expertise in Impact Analysis and Root cause analysis and Problem solving like Bug triage meetings.
  • Worked with Development team closely in determining both medium and high severity defects that would potentially affect the downstream systems.
  • Knowledge of working with Mobile applications
  • Knowledge in performing data analysis using SQL Queries and Linux.
  • Experienced in using Tera Term and K2L viewer to capture and provide logs pertaining to observed defects for further analysis of root cause.
  • Ability to setup own bench and identify and related root cause issues which may prevent from bench bootup.


Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, XML, SQL, and Linux

OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista & Unix

Tools: Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, JIRA, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Vector CANoe, Blue Pirate2, MOCCA, ATS K2L Viewer, R&S signal Generator, Lab-Sat, PCTS Verifier, Smirf, Smite, Mimosa, Tera Term, ADB, Ubuntu.

Defect tools: Quality Center, Bugzilla & JIRA, SERENA, RTC

Platforms: MS-Windows, UNIX, Sun Solaris, Android, QNX

Browsers: IE, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome


Confidential - Southfield, MI

Application Engineer


  • Performed black box validation testing for Apps, Bluetooth connectivity, Tuner, bench testing, vehicle testing, and certification.
  • Performed bench testing using ATS K2L Viewer as the ring master to control the infotainment system and perform simulations such as Reverse Camera, LWC, Amplifier volume control, HVAC, Steering Wheel Switch Controls, Changing Gear Position (PRNDL), Vehicle Speed, collision detection, Invoking VR and many more.
  • Knowledge of utilizing K2L viewer to capture MOST (TX and RX) messages to identify potential issues relating to a specific ECU which can be the root cause of a defect which also helps knowing which supplier is responsible for fixing the issue.
  • Extensive knowledge of using tools such as K2L viewer, Tera Term, and ADB to capture required logs as well as analyze the logs to identify root cause of observed issues.
  • Experienced in obtaining CAN logs using K2L viewer and MOCCA OptoLyzer
  • Posses experience using Ubuntu to update software via fast boot method.
  • Experience using Android SDK for Automation testing.
  • Capable of performing backend testing to verify proper installation of various data such as apk files, maps, third party applications, status of system, modifying boot flag of USB, and other data within persistdata. pulling and modifying configuration file and various other purposes.
  • Tested page flow of various functions within Navigation App including simulation of routes to a desired POI and changing vehicle’s current location by updating gps.log file within the Navigation apk.
  • Held lead responsibility for FM/AM, SXM, USB, OTA, BT and to ensure these features are delivered per specs and maintain quality as expected.
  • Performed live GPS drive test In-Vehicle and simulation on bench for navigation as required.
  • Experienced in testing all functions of the system periodically in different cycles as assigned by lead.
  • Verified defects once status is updated to “Ready for Verification and/or followed up to provide additional support if required.
  • Determining and documenting testing risks and functional testing coverage.
  • Attended Daily Status Meetings, Pre and Post deployment meetings, Test Case review meeting, Defect Review meetings, and Knowledge Transfer Sessions (KTS).
  • Thorough knowledge of IV&V test activities.
  • Built test cases traced to system requirements and perform system level tests according to approved test plans.
  • Applied approved technical approaches to testing to ensure that the software applications are evaluated in an analytical and systematic manner
  • Identified software applications problems and discrepancies via functional testing.
  • Perform validation testing for various Domains such as Apps, Navigation, Wi-Fi, BT/Connectivity, Tuner, Audio sources, HMI, Meter, Fuel Economy, RES, Vehicle testing and Bench testing.
  • Wrote daily status reports on test accomplished activities, short term plan activities, and concerns/
  • Leading Certification for HD, SXM, and Android Auto to ensure product meets guidelines of Xperi/DTS, SXM, and Google.
  • Possess complete knowledge and experience of performing verification of product based on Certification entities which the end client (OEM) must meet to use the desired services.
  • Capable of setting up Certification environment required for performing related tasks of desired features such as HD, SXM, and Android Auto.
  • Experienced in communicating with PICs of each Certification companies to investigate and discuss concerns relating to a specific verification point or any concerns and queries to prevent any delays.
  • Possess experience discussing concerns such as waivers to Certification issues with responsible clients which may cause risk and delay launch of product.
  • Participating in meetings with various suppliers along with OEM to discuss status, issues, and concerns of Certification to ensure everyone understands the urgency and guidelines of meeting the client’s expectation to successfully pass their verification process.
  • DENSO has earned the privilege to lead complete Certification process so therefor we had complete authority to supervise all suppliers within the project who are responsible for the both software and hardware related to features which must meet Certification entities.

Confidential - Troy, MI

SR. Infotainment Tester


  • Reviewing and Analyzing the Requirement Documents for User and Functional Specifications.
  • Interaction with business analysts and developers to resolve the technical issues to meet the client’s requirement for a quality software product.
  • Executed Use cases for regression testing after new release.
  • Responsibilities include regular software functional and system testing on Mazda Test Benches and vehicle.
  • Manual Sanity Testing experience working with CE or Automotive system or Embedded.
  • Performed local test activities pertaining to software projects primarily in the areas of infotainment and multimedia systems.
  • Executed black box validation for Apps, Navigation and WiFi, BT/Connectivity, Tuner, Sirius XM, FM HD, AM, Audio and Video Systems and Vehicle testing.
  • Work with the test lead, project management, and engineering teams to identify and resolve issues.
  • Re-Flashing CMU after crashing.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience using Tera Term and Blue Pirat for Test Execution Logging.
  • Extensive experience in using Jira for defect management.
  • Proficient in using JCI Connectivity Build System.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge using Vector Canoe for Simulation purposes.
  • Experienced using Serena to create Defect report.
  • Working alongside Developers and Software Engineers to identify the purpose of failed builds and retesting of the build after developers are complete with recoding.
  • Created Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) document once the test cases were baseline.

Confidential - Dearborn, MI

Infotainment Tester


  • Possess knowledge and experience in setting up full functional BENCH for BENCH TESTING.
  • Well experienced and knowledge in using Vector Canoe for simulation purposes in Bench Testing such as reverse camera and HVAC.
  • Develop testing programs that address areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability.
  • Performed manual Embedded Smoke, Sanity, and Functional testing to ensure quality of the product.
  • In-Vehicle and Bench testing with Ford-Sync to ensure all functions are performing based on expectations.
  • Testing the launch of new and enhanced vehicle connected services via mobile phone platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
  • Write, manage, and maintain test cases based on product use-cases and software specifications.
  • Defect creation, clarification, retesting, and verification producing clear, accurate and reproducible defect assessments from which a Developer Engineer can resolve defect
  • Produce daily metric of apps tested which includes pass/fail, new tickets, updated tickets
  • Management of defect reports and tracking, communicating to appropriate teams and management
  • Vehicle level telematics qualification planning, execution, triaging issues and status reporting.
  • Experience in setting up telematics test benches and vehicle setups to test telematics features like remote lock/unlock, remote start, Automatic Crash Notification, E-911 etc….
  • Analyzing customer and internal requirements and specifications provided by the design release engineers.
  • Participating in internal and customer driven design reviews throughout program with marketing & design release team

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